The Scotsman
Jun 1, 2008
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So for starters, I feel like I am going girl insane. So many failed and or potential relationships sneaking up on me at one time. Not fun. So first: Got a friend at school I thought I had the feels for, she doesn't feel the same, but it's all good. We got over that stumbling block. I often end up giving her sound relationship advice and stuff, because I know that ain't happening. Or she won't let it.

Next: My best friend (before she graduated two years ago) is coming back to town. Single. Wants to see me, because the town festival is coming up. Haven't seen her in a while either, so it'll be a happy reunion. Except that I know I have had latent feelings for her. I pray I don't mess anything up. Just got to keep my cool and not do anything stupid, right?

Third? Well my ex, whom did nothing to wrong me, keeps creeping into my mind frame. I feel such remorse for how I treated her without her knowledge. I lusted the crap out of her, I was wanting to kiss her badly, so I kept bringing it up and making her nervous. At prom, well, she didn't know me THAT well, and I sort of took advantage of the situation, kind of got carried away by my lust, and was kissing her bare shoulders and stuff. I feel so douchy looking back. She has forgiven me and stuff, but I hate it. I hate how I was.

Anyway, we started talking again, trying to start over. I also have a renewed mind frame because of my bolstered faith in God. I want to keep it at a friend level for a while yet. I really wanna keep it slow, for her sake, and mine for that matter. She will also be at the town festival. So. I kind of may have to pick between her or Sam (my old friend). Hopefully I can hang with one, then the other? Just thoughts, on this. Thanks guys.