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Fanfiction ► Reminiscence

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Jul 12, 2007
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Author: Sora788
Title: Reminiscence
Rating: K
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts.


Almost there, almost there, almost there…

The loud sounds of his running footsteps echoed in the vast Oblivion Castle with each step he desperately took. Clutching the Keyblade in hand, he pushed himself forward up the endless spiral stairs. They seemed to be going on forever, with no end, stair after stair. His skin began to get hotter and hotter with each fleeting moment, his face soaked with perspiration. His heart beat hard against his chest; he could hear their deafening pound.

Water gathered in his eyes, making his vision blurry and unclear. One wipe with his backhand and everything was clear once more. Cry? No, he must resist. Taking a deep breath as he continued to run, he could not let exhaustion stop him.

Hundreds of Heartless appeared in his path, vermin creatures. He cut his Keyblade through their empty bodies and they vanished into a smoky dust. He kept going, killing any Heartless in his way.

Can’t give up, can’t give up, can’t give up…

A large white door came into his view at the top of the stairway, a thin crease of light shone through the middle, creating a dreamy atmosphere. It was as if the light came from the Heavens. Hope and anticipation endured his eager heart, was it this what he was looking for?

Faster, faster, faster…

He gripped onto his Keyblade harder and thrust the doors open with his hands. Rays of light blinded his sapphire eyes for a second, but regained stability the next. A white room, that’s all it was, a screeching white room, nothing but white. His eyes scanned the place, a platinum haired girl sat quietly in a chair in the corner.

A neat sketchbook was grasped firmly in her frail hands along with a blue pencil. Her identical blue eyes lined with Sora’s, her face sullen. She glanced at the drawing she drew of him being enclosed in a shell object in her sketchbook, then looked once more at him.

The next instant, a flower like pod swallowed him completely, he was trapped inside of it. The flower-like petals burst into all directions beneath him. He looked down and up, he couldn’t get out. A thin flimsy case engulfed him. He reached out in front of him, his hands interlocked with the glass. His eyes narrowed to uncertainty and perplexity. Naminé sat undisturbed as she watched him looking at her for help. She did nothing, nothing at all but watched. Her lips moved, but no words came out.

His mind went into a blackout state, all consciousness was lost. He felt his body fall backwards, lifelessly into the air. He fell back into nothingness. His soul flew above the sparkling, blue ocean. The cloudy sky shone above as he flew faster. His arms limped helplessly to his sides, his head hung back and his eyes were closed tightly. Thousands of pallid flower petals brushed past him as he went towards the island while the strong wind rustled his clothes.

He was then holding on tightly to Kairi’s hand, along with Riku’s as the trio lay down peacefully onto the warm sand underneath them on their island as they all were in an unconscious state of mind. All was still, the waves were hushed and the trees did not sway. The sand under them caved in, collapsing the three together into a blonde haired boy, who floated down aimlessly into a foreign place.

As he got closer to the bottom, he regained balance. He took a step forward; a huge stain glass-like painting of the Keyblade Wielder appeared below him. He shielded his eyes from the light as the ground dispersed quickly. Doves shot from the separating ground, flew around him, and then scurried ahead in the distance.

He stood in awe as he watched them vanish.


Roxas jerked up in his bed, his head began to hurt. "Whoa...what a dream..." He looked out beyond in the open window infront of him, the suns welcoming rays shone on his face.

- The End-

So basically, this is a scene near the ending in the opening of Kingdom Hearts 2, Passion/Sanctuary. I liked that scene, so here's my writting of it. I hope it's not confusing, but I did my best. I hope that you all realize that since the scene in the game was very similar to this (Riku/Sora/Kairi becoming Roxas in the end, as he floated down somewhere and looked at the doves flying away made sense).

Please, please, review. Thanks.

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Mar 27, 2007
Very discriptive and well planned out I thought overall you did a great job.
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