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Jan 8, 2015
Since there doesn't appear to be a thread talking about this amazing series, I figured I might as well make one myself.

Red Rising is a dsytopian sci-fi trilogy by Pierce Brown in which mankind has colonized and terraformed the entire solar system, and society has reorganized into a color-coded caste system based around a person's role in society. The cast system originally started out as regular division of labor in the years when humanity was colonizing Earth's moon, but after rebelling against Earth, the original aristocracy spread their hierarchy across their new empire and used eugenics and genetic manipulation to make the different Colors are physically and genetically different enough that they're almost separate species. Each individual's hair and eye color matches their caste (Red has red hair and red eyes, Gold has gold hair and gold eyes, etc.), with a few exceptions (Violets are permitted to dye their hair however they want, Blues are bald and have TRON-style circuitry tattoos all over their body, Obsidians have black eyes and white hair, etc)

-Golds are the ruling aristocracy of society at the top of the pyramid.
-Silvers are bankers, accountants, and other financial workers
-Coppers are bureaucrats and administrators that keep everything running
-Whites are priests and other religious/ritual roles in society
-Blues are pilots and navigators
-Greens are programmers, technicians, IT experts, etc.
-Yellows are doctors and scientists
-Violets are artists
-Oranges are engineers and architects
-Grays are police officers and soldiers
-Pinks are prostitutes, massage artists, and other professions involving physical pleasure
-Obsidians are a race of slave soldiers genetically engineered to be unstoppable killing machines (think a cross between Thor and The Hulk and you've got a pretty good idea of what they look like)
-Browns are cooks and other household servants
-Reds are at the bottom of the pyramid and function as slave labor, generally used for mining and other forms of manual labor.

The series follows Darrow, a 16-year old Red living in the mines beneath the surface of Mars working to harvest the minerals and gases needed to finish terraforming the planets and how he ends up joining the resistance movement known as the Sons of Ares

-Red Rising, the first book, came out in 2014
-Golden Son, book 2, came out in 2015
-Morning Star, the final book, came out in 2016.

A sequel series titled Iron Gold begins this August, with a prequel comic about the origins of the Sons of Ares coming out later this year.

The series is like a cross between Harry Potter (boarding school with different houses), The Hunger Games (teenagers being forced to try to kill each other), and Game of Thrones (inter-house rivalries and dynastic politics combined with large scale warfare) in space, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to everyone I can. I'm mainly posting the thread because I've been looking for fellow fans to talk about it with, hoping to discuss the series more.