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Red Ash - The Indelible Legend (Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends)

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Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man left Capcom back in 2010. Striking out on his own, he created his own company called Comcept, and since that time has showed how interested he is in bringing back the Mega Man genre in his recent games such as Azure Striker GUNVOLT and (more noticeably) Mighty No. 9. But he stated in an interview with US Gamer some time back that he was most interested in creating and finishing Mega Man Legends 3, which had been cancelled back when Inafune was still a member of Capcom.

“If somebody asked, even right now, what’s the game you want to create most? It’s still Legends 3,” Inafune said to the site. “I put so much effort into that game, so much passion into that game, but it didn’t happen. It’s always a regret in my mind. Even now…”
“We all know that’s not going to happen, though, as long as Capcom holds the IP,” Inafune continued. “But if they asked me to make that game, I could still gather most of the original team, even right now. Some of them have quit Capcom, some of them are still at Capcom, but I believe that team would be passionate enough to come back together and create that game. So… we’ll see what’s going to happen. You never know.”

As you may recall, Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled while Inafune was still an employee of Capcom. Since then, he has struck out on his own to help create spiritual successors to the Mega Man games in the form of Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt, in collaboration with Inti Creates, a studio that has worked on numerous Mega Man games.

Inafune added, “Let’s say that, if we have all seven Dragon Balls right here, right now, and Shen Long comes up and says, ‘What’s your wish?’ My wish would be, give me all the right tools, people, and environment to create Legends 3.”

Since Capcom holds the IP for the Legends series and Mega Man as a whole, Inafune has recently started a new project:

Red Ash - The Indelible Legend will be the same style game as Mega Man Legends: a 3D 3rd person action adventure shooter RPG. But rather than just create a game by itself, Comcept wants to create a movie to go alongside it. The worlds of both the animation and the game itself are considered "parallel worlds," but not much is known about how they will interact or if they will at all at this time. The animation is subtitled 'Magicicada' and is to be developed by STUDIO4℃. Both can be supported on their respective Kickstarter pages for the rest of the month of July 2015.

Here's the links to the Kickstarter pages:
Red Ash (Game)
Red Ash (Animation)

Not much is known about the game yet, but it follows the same vein as the majority of its Mega Man predecessors. Beck from Comcept's Mighty No. 9 may not be the very same Beck as the main character of Red Ash, but they share the same name. Likewise, the female character's name is Call, while the third character is named Tyger, and the smaller character is named Gofer.

Some bios describing the game have already been released, and these describe just a bit about the world of Red Ash:

As a result of the Robot World War, humanity is driven to the brink of extinction. Humanity has managed to persevere and survive, battling now feral robotic weapons at every turn in a world of nothing but wasteland and ruins...
With the advent of Lost Technology, precious legacies of a forgotten era, they have managed to rebuild their society. A wealthy class has emerged, helping to expand these newly formed cities and settlements and living in opulence as a result.

However, their livelihoods are supported by the brave fools who hunt the dangerous ruins and wastelands for Lost Technology. These people are known simply as Delvers.

Danger looms over hundreds of thousands who make the city of Great Slope their home. The Mobile Citadel "KalKanon" is currently on a crash course with this city. At this rate, a major disaster is all but unavoidable.

Gecko Company, one of the organizations central to Great Slope, has prepared a massive electromagnetic cannon christened "the Peacemaker" to combat this catastrophe. They announced their plan to destroy the massive Mobile Citadel before it reaches the settlement. Great Slope quickly switches from a city enveloped in panic, to one ready to sit back and enjoy the fireworks of the special, once-in-a-lifetime Burning Cannon Festival.

However, not everyone welcomes this announcement; particularly the young owner of the Bones Company, Call C. Bones. All Delvers have heard the famous folktale... that inside the belly of KalKanon rests the Legendary Legacy...
The game is slated for a release date of July 2017.
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