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Fanfiction ► Reality Ain't Pretty, Sora!

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Errr, are you SURE? Cuz ppl are like what the hell, its too long blah blah blah....

But, when you read the story, is it exciting or makes you want to read it? Cuz i dont know about the interest level to continue it. I have ch 4 almost done though.

So long as the thing's not in one gigantic paragraph that kills the eyes, and it's not, then it's fine.

And yeah, it definitely makes me want to read it.

EDIT: Just rated the thread a 5, if that helps at all.


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Ok, i guess i will keep the chapter sizes the way they are :)

Thanks! Im happy to hear that the story isnt boring lolz.

I have the 4th Chapter ready, so tell me what you think about it!

Oh and I see people post chapters as a reply or whatever, so i guess I will do that 2. Is that easier?! Not sure, but the 1st post is getting lonng, so i think this is better?!


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So sorry for the late update. Thanks a lot for waiting. It would mean so much to me if you review. It's so encouraging :
Hope you like my story. I promise you, it will get better as the story progresses!!!

Reality Ain't Pretty, Sora!

Chapter 4

“Sora, why are we here?” Riku asked his friend with great curiosity as the two stood in front of a small, dainty home before them.

After hearing Sora’s “fool proof” plan, he was quite nervous on how it would all work out. Most of the time, Riku was dragged into Sora’s crazy schemes. This, unfortunately, would be one of them.

“Aerith--” Sora mumbled under his breath, “Don’t you remember the whole Tifa-Aerith-Cloud triangle? I’m pretty sure that Cloud may have written some love letters to her, even to Tifa.

If we get one of those love letters, then we can edit it to give to Tifa, telling her that Cloud is going to go to her house tonight maybe. She’ll fall for it, then bam! Axel gets Tifa and off my back.”

“I don’t get it. Why can’t we fake a letter?” Riku pondered over the possibilities.

He liked doing things the easy way instead of making everything so complicated like his friend tends to do. Sora sighed. He didn’t like to explain certain things over and over again for it to make perfect sense for other people.

“We need Cloud’s signature, without it, she’ll know it’ll be fake.” He rang the doorbell and waited for someone to let them in.

No one came.

This time, Riku rang the doorbell again and knocked loudly on the red door. A few moments, a tall and pretty woman flung the door open. “Hello Sora! Riku! Come on it, so sorry it took me so long.” She stepped aside and the two entered her cozy home. Aerith lead them to the kitchen, where she was cooking, and asked them to have a seat at her dinning table.

“You’re just in time for lunch!” Aerith exclaimed gaily, taking out three plates from the cupboard and setting them before her friends.

She then hovered over the stove, finishing whatever she was cooking. Sora and Riku exchanged confused glances. They were not expecting Aerith to give them lunch, in fact, they didn’t want to stay for lunch. “Uh…Aerith, that won’t be necessary! We just wanted to ask a favor from you.”

“Please. You must stay. I’d hate to send you home hungry. We can chat while we’re eating” Aerith poured the rice and chicken from the pots into a glass container and placed it with the plates on the table.

Sora hit his head with his hand and felt like banging his head on the table. Aerith had not even asked them their reason for visiting, she just forced them to eat with her. Reluctantly, the two dumped food on their plates and began shoving it down their throats.

“So, Sora, tell me what is it that you came for?” Aerith began, eyeing them closely.

“I…was wondering, if you had any letters written by Cloud?” Sora asked with and note of hope in his voice.

Aerith stopped eating, gradually bringing her fork down to her plate. A look of anger came over her attractive face. “Why would you want that?”

Riku sensed disaster on the way. He gave Sora the “this-isn’t-working-out-let’s-go-now” look, but Sora didn’t care. He wasn’t going to leave until he got what he came for.

“Umm, we need it for an important reason. We just need one.” Sora assured, praying she would co-operate with him. “I can’t really tell you why…”

To their surprise, the girl broke down. “Why did he have to leave me for Tifa?! It’s not fair, I thought we had something special!! It’s just not fair!” Tears streamed down her face and dripped onto her lap.

Sora leaned towards Riku and whispered in his ear, “Can you go upstairs and try to look for them by any chance?”

“I’m not going to do that! Why don’t you do it!” Riku whispered back with frustration.

“Come on!”


“Come on!”




“I’m begging you!”

“Ugh, fine…gosh.”

“I can’t believe he’d do something like that to me!” The heart-broken girl sobbed as she watched at the two bicker silently.

“Yeah, I don’t know.” Sora got up from his seat and walked over to her, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. “Please stop crying, he isn’t worth it.”

Aerith tried her tears with a napkin and cooled down somewhat. Looking up at Sora, she said. “I’m sorry. I cannot give you the letters.”

“Are you sure? If he doesn’t talk to you anyway, what’s the point of keeping the old ones?”

She went back to crying on the table at his unneeded remark. To her understanding, Cloud had left her for Tifa a few years ago. Cloud had always written letters to her when he was away looking for his dark side, Sephorith, until one day, he wrote to her saying that it was ‘over’.

Since Sora knew this had happened, he thought that maybe he could forge a letter to Tifa saying that ‘Cloud’ wanted to take her out for dinner somewhere, when it would actually be Axel coming to her house instead of Cloud himself.

Under pressure, Tifa may go with Axel…sounds logical enough? To Sora, it made all the ‘sense’ in the world. He was the one who had gotten himself in his odd predicament, so it was up to him to try to fix it. Riku waited for his chance to go upstairs into her room. He casually got up from his chair and quietly passed by Aerith.

Quickly going into her room, he began opening drawers frantically searching for what they needed. His dung into a small drawer from her dresser, felt something and pulled it out. He wore a disgusted expression as he looked at what he held: a piece of red lingerie.

“It’s definitely not in there!” he tossed the underwear back it it’s original place.

He had almost given up until a thought came to mind. He walked over to her bedside table and pulled at the bottom drawers. Nothing but books. Tossing them to the side, he spotted a bundle of papers held together tightly fastened with string.

A smile reached his face, was this what he was searching for? He untied the package and sorted what he had: loose papers, folded envelopes, and some dried flowers. Taking an envelope, he carefully opened it, not wanting to ruin it. His eyes scanned the paper to see if it was suitable for what Sora wanted to do with it. Tucking it in his pocket, he hastily put everything back together and closed the drawer, then went back to the kitchen to meet Sora.

Riku saw Sora trying his best to calm down the heartbroken girl, who was still crying her heart out. “Come on, Sora!”, he whispered from behind.

“Well, I’m sorry for all of this. Riku and I will be going now—” Sora said to Aerith, who did not show any signs of quieting down. Leaving the distraught girl to cry her worries away, the two snuck out of the house.

“Ok…that was strange.” Sora said bluntly, heading away from the house. “I can’t believe that went completely wrong.”

Riku rolled his aquamarine eyes in disbelief and chuckled. “You expectedthat to go well?! That is probably the lamest plan you ever came up with, Sora! Regardless, I went in her room and got what you wanted.” Pulling out a folded piece of paper from the pocket of his jeans, he handed it to Sora.

“What! You mean you got it!” His eyes widened, taking the item from Riku. Reading the letter, he smiled. “This is perfect!! Yes, yes, yes! Let’s go to the Kinkos, that paper store place, now!”

“Your welcome” Riku emphasized, watching his best friend run of. Shoving his hands in his pockets, he followed.

Upon entering the store, Sora thought of how he was going to make an edited version of the letter.

“What’s this for, Sora?” Riku asked as he watched his friend taking a bottle of white out from the counter and handing it to him. “I want you to take out Aerith’s name and the date with that. Then I’m going to find a really good pen to write in Tifa’s name and the current date. Then, we’ll run it through the copy machine and print it out using a similar paper used for the letter. So hurry up, I’ll be right back.” Saying that, Sora went in search of the needed items.

Riku sighed. He didn’t think that this would work at all. In fact, he didn’t understand what was happening at all to begin with. Since he wanted to help out his friend, he slowly uncapped the bottle to reveal the small brush attached to the cap, then began painting over the unnecessary words. When he had finished, he reached for the bottle to recap it, but by mistake he knocked it over the piece of stationary. A huge puddle of whiteout soaked the fragile paper, the liquid traveled all the way to the other end of the letter.

“So how’s it going?” Sora called from behind him. Biting his lip, he stepped aside to show the damage that had been done.

“WHAT DID YOU DO?” Sora yelled. He dropped the pen and paper that he held in his hand and rushed to the letter. It was ruined. Whiteout completely covered it top to bottom. The words that had once been written were now perished and blurry. “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to spill it. I just wasn’t looking where I was—” Riku tried his best to explain the problem, but Sora didn’t bother to understand. He was to furious with all the trouble they had gone through to get this far.

“Do you see what you did? Look!” Sora grabbed the letter and smacked right onto Riku’s face. The whiteout that had once been on the letter, was now all over Riku’s face.

Peeling the paper off of his face, he used it to wipe the mess from him, then crushed it into a ball and threw it on the counter beside them. “I don’t know why I bother to help you anyways…”

Riku’s eyes remained emotionless, he walked out. Sora stood where he was, not understanding what he had done.

What did I do? But, he deserved it right?

His thoughts were interrupted when his cell phone ringing. “Hello?”

“Sora, did you ask--” Axel’s voice on the other line was filled with anxiousness.

“Uh. Well, no. But--”, he mumbled trembling slightly.

“You have tomorrow to do so, and that’s it. Got it memorized?”


The hope that once lived inside him, had just shattered. Deciding to think of doing something about his problem tomorrow, he reluctantly returned home.

“Sora! You’re home! Hurry up, we have to go to your school right now!” his mother’s faint voice bellowed from her room when she heard the front door open. She appeared on the stairs and stared down at her son. “Are you alright, you look upset?”

“Let’s just go.” He removed his work apron and tossed it onto the floor. Sora headed for his mother’s car and sat comfortably in the back seat while his mother sat in the driver’s seat.

“Why are we going to my school?” His hand traveled to his pocket to retrieve his ipod to drain out the rest of the world.

“Teacher parent conference. It was supposed to be on Wednesday, but we rescheduled it. Your dad was supposed to come, but he couldn’t”, she mentioned as she turned a corner.

“Ok” Worrying about the trouble he had caused earlier didn’t bother him, he was used to things like that. Besides, his heart felt guilty and sorry for what he did to his best friend.


Sora was asked to sit in the chair outside the principle’s office while his mom alone would talk to her first. The volume on his ipod was on full volume. His eyes were closed, head laid back in his chair, and he breath slowly as he waited patiently.

The office door opened as his mother summoned him. “She’d like to talk to you now, Sora.”

Unwillingly, he sat in the chair that his mother pointed at, then she left. “So…”

“Hello Sora!” greeted the optimistic principle who was nicknamed ‘Ms. Torture’ without her knowing. Sora glanced at her then out the window where thin strands of sunlight entered the room.

“What are you looking at?” She peered over to the window as well, then bore her stern brown eyes into his blue ones.


Her high heels softly clunked against the scarlet colored carpet as she approached the window and took an occasional glance at Sora. “Do you care about passing high school? Or, rather where do you see yourself in life?”

“Sure…I guess. I don’t know.” Sora still had his earphones on with the music volume lower.

Her face worsened as she spotted the wire dangling from his left ear. “Take those off!” she snapped, “Listen when I am talking to you!”

Letting out a depressed sigh, he slowly removed the telltale earphones from his ears and shoved them his jean pocket.

Sitting back in her chair, she leaned forward and embraced her hands together. “I have decided to send you to boarding school – all boys boarding school - this summer. You can get your needed credits from there…since without them, you are endangered to repeating the twelfth grade. Now, do you want that?”

“I don’t want to go to an all boys boarding school. I’m not going.” His voice changed from a dull tone to being annoyed.

“I have talked to your mother about it and she agreed on the idea as well. If you rather stay in high school for another year-”

“It’s worst than summer school!!” Sora complained. “Going to a school with just guys and no girls is like a love movie without all the sappy love-romance!”

“Maybe you should have thought about that when you were busy not graduating! And stop whining. You are going to go within the next week or two. So pack your bags because you will be there for the whole summer.” The unmerciful principle leaned back into her chair as a smile formed on her face.

Getting up roughly, he slammed the door behind him as he departed.

“It does good to serve justice…” she said as the angry boy was out of ear shot.


It was silent as the Sora and his mother ate dinner together. The TV was turned off and all that could be heard was the occasional sound of a car passing by. “Mom, are you mad at me?”

No answer.

“Kairi wanted me to go to France with her for some singing thing that she wants to pursue. So can I go?” He was hoping that his mother would say ‘yes’ so that he could have a chance to spend time with Kairi.

“You’re not going anywhere.” Her disappointed eyes could not look at her corrupted son.

“Please! It’s only going to be for a little bit. I can go to that nuthouse place when I come back!”

“Sora I said no! You don’t deserve to go anywhere unless you straighten up!” She rose, getting ready to leave him. “I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Ah! It’s not fair.

He was alone at the dinner table. The sound of his father’s car arriving made him go to his bedroom. Thinking about the scolding from his other parent rested in his mind as he sat on the floor of his bedroom.

His father’s muffled conversation between him and his mother could be heard clearly to Sora. Eavesdropping maybe?

“I don’t think you should kick him out of our house as you were suggesting earlier!” his mom countered.

“Why not? It would have helped. I was once like him and my parents did that to me. Look at where I am now…”

Sora’s heart sank in deeply. His father, his own father wanted to kick him out? Getting upset, Sora slammed his door hard, making some of the posters on his wall sway.

Sora only hung his head low at the remark.

“My dad hates me” was what Sora whispered, getting into his bed. The music from his ipod drained out his surroundings, soothing him as he fell asleep.
Did you like it? Did you? Please review!! I know that not too much happened in this chapter, but I have something special in mind for the future! Thank you so much to all of my reviewers, you guys are my enouragement!!!
Poor Sora, he has to go to an all boys school- no girls, no Kairi!!! What's he going to do now?! Stay tuned!!



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I dunno. Professionally, this is a top class story (In this forum), simply attractive.
Personally? I felt like tearing someone apart, either the author or this fake Sora in my dream, because... of... AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FRUSTATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! THIS VERSION OF SORA IS JUST TO UNBEARABLE! HE'S SMOKING AND DRINKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thank you for all of your thoughts and to those who have stuck with this story this far!! Thanks! Here's chapter 5. Comments appreciated. This isnt a long chapter.

Reality Ain’t Pretty, Sora!

Chapter 5

“Boarding school?” Roxas asked in surprise as he placed his skateboard down on the dark pavement. “What did you do?”

Hopping onto his black skateboard, Sora murmured, “I failed school or something, it’s not that big of a deal”

Roxas, his close cousin, was one of the people that Sora felt comfortable talking to. Since he lived in Twilight Town, he had to take the train to come to him. That 500 munny for the ticket better be worth it because he doesn’t have that much money left with him. And obviously, his parents are smart enough not to just give it to him any.

The two were alone at the skate park in Twilight Town. “Well, I guess it’s good for you. No girls, no distractions. Right?” Roxas clasped his helmet together over his pointed light-colored hair.

“Shut up” Sora advised, chuckling forcefully. “I don’t want to be too far away from Kairi. What if she finds someone else?”

“You don’t even know if she likes you, Sora. So just let it go,” he suggested as he did an ollie . “How about you ask Riku if she likes you…”

“Riku—” Sora thought about what he did to his friend the previous day. “He’s mad at me right now I think and I’m still mad at him.”

“Sora, you’re a fool. He’s your friend, whatever happened, I’m sure it can be resolved.” His cousin began to skate circles around him.

Sora stood in the middle, whirling around to Roxas. “What should I do?”

“You could apologize to him. What happened anyways?” Roxas turned to Sora, halting his board to a complete stop.

“Oh…nothing much.” He refused to show how much of a bad tempered jerk he was, didn’t want to admit it either.

“How come you aren’t at work?” Roxas eyed his cousin suspiciously. “Don’t you work at that comic book place?”

“I’m off for now, or until Wednesday.” Sora lazily followed his cousin. “Kairi wants me to join some silly band of hers. You want to be in it too?”

“A band?” a brow furrowed up on Roxas’ face. “I guess I can play something.”

Sora smiled, “Thanks. I don’t know why Kairi’s all over this idea, but if it makes her happy. I was hoping you can take my place since I am going to be gone for the summer.”

“When are you going to talk to Riku?”

“What do you mean me? I think that we are going to talk to him together!!” Sora dreaded the thought of facing his friend by himself. Sorta dumb, right?! He was afraid of what Riku might say to him, or turn his apology down.

“Why do I have to come with you? I don’t see the point at all!” Roxas grunted as he hoisted his board behind his head.

“No! You’re coming with me and I don’t care what you say!” Sora gripped his cousin’s wrist tightly and broke into a run, heading for Riku’s house to ask for forgiveness.


Saying ‘sorry’ wasn’t an easy thing for Sora to say, that is, if he meant it. His little episode with Riku yesterday had him wondering just why the heck did he do something so stupid. It wasn’t Riku’s fault that he by mistake spilled whiteout all over the letter, or maybe it was.

Not too far away, Sora found Riku sitting on his doorstep scribbling something in a notebook of his. Beside him was his companion. Sora squinted his eyes to make out the boy’s face. It was Tommy! Wait, what? Tommy? What is he doing sitting next to Riku?

What the hell!?

“What you doing there, Riku?” Sora waved feebly, with Roxas reluctantly trailing behind, and placed himself beside Riku, with Tommy by his side. He peered over at the notebook, trying to read what was written, but before he could get a proper glimpse, Riku had already closed it.

“Don’t read that.” Riku clamored, glaring angrily at Sora.

“I didn’t know you where into poetry!” Sora noticed the style that Riku had wrote in and came to the conclusion that Riku wrote poems. A shock to him? Perhaps.

“So what?” he encountered, trying not to turn red from embarrassment.

“Ew, it’s Sora! I hate you!” Tommy insulted with a tone of hatred in his voice.

“Shut up kid!” Sora spat back harshly. Tommy backed behind Riku and remained silent.

“Listen I’m really sor-sor-sorr” His words stumbled over each other, it felt like it was hard to get just two simple syllables out of his mouth that say ‘sorry’. Sora tried again. “I’m really sor-sor” No use.

Roxas punched Sora’s back real hard so that he could stop sounding like a broken record. The words popped right out, about time it did!!

“I’m sorry!” Sora blurted at the moment Roxas hit him.

Riku didn’t say anything, he was quiet, thinking about if Sora really meant it or not. After a moment or so, he forgave him. Something so small just couldn’t ruin their friendship. It plainly wasn’t worth it. “Nah. It’s fine. Don’t worry too much about it.”

It was as if a heavy load had just lifted off of Sora’s shoulders. He said sorry; with help sadly, his friend forgave him, it was all good. “Thanks. I wasn’t thinking.”

“No problem. I helped you out with your dilemma anyways though. Tommy helped too.”

“What? How?” He couldn’t believe that Riku decided to help him out even though they were mad each other. What are best friends for? Riku is the kinda guy whose always there for his friends no matter what happens. But, how did Riku help Sora out?

“I asked Tommy to tell Tifa that Cloud will come tonight at seven-ish and take her out to dinner somewhere or whatever. Since she trusts Tommy, I think she believed him. I promised Tommy that if he did this, then I would take him to my father’s house.”

“Your father’s house? What for? Isn’t this your house right here?” Sora pointed at the house behind them. “And isn’t your dad living in it?”

“No, my parents are divorced. I didn’t tell you, or anyone really, that I live in two different homes. My dad lives in a larger house far, but not too far from here.

My dad’s rich, so I told Tommy that he can come over and play at my house with my things or whatever.” Riku couldn’t help but to suppress a smile. He loved playing with children, well, depends on who they are. “Tommy told me what you did to his ball, so I thought that I could cheer him up.”

All this time, Tommy had not spoken a word after Sora had told him to ‘shut up’, he was busy reading the poems that Riku had in his book. He admired Riku’s writing talent, his words expressed what he felt through whatever he was going through. Most of his poems where about his loneliness, or how he longed for someone he could feel close to. A bit personal? Suppose. Not too many people know about his dark, lonely side. Yet, he looked like nothing was wrong. Or was there something even wrong?

“Roxas joined the band that Kairi made up.” Sora added in. “He’s gonna take my place for a while.”

“Really? How come?” he questioned “I thought that you—”

Roxas interrupted him, “Sora boy here is going to an all boys boarding school for the summer because he’s too stupid for school. He didn’t want to let Kairi-wairi down, so he asked me---OW!”

Sora nudged him hard on his arm to shut up. Roxas placed a hand over the sore spot and refrained from uttering another word about the matter.

They didn’t have to say more than what they had already said. Riku understood what and how it all happened. In his heart, he felt slightly blameworthy. He was the one who was aware of Sora’s bad habits, he was the one who knew that what Sora was doing wasn’t the ‘way to go’, and lastly, he felt that he could have simply been a better friend. The only thing that he may not know about Sora was his ‘addiction’ to drugs and alcohol. If he found out, he’d be crushed more than he is now. It wasn’t easy for him to see his best friend suffer.

“I hope all goes well with you, Sora. Maybe after this you can stop hurting yourself!” Riku cracked.

“What do you mean I ruined myself? I didn’t ruin myself!!” Sora countered. Apparently, he’s in denial because if he can’t see what he’s doing and doesn’t want to admit it, then this all boy boarding school better work!


Riku’s father had just arrived and stopped his Mercedes at the side of the curb. Pssh, show off…Out of all the cars he owns, he had to bring his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

“Do you guys want to come with us?” Riku asked politely, shooting a glance at the two. “It’s no problem. Roxas can come too.”

“Sure, why not?” Sora and Roxas agreed. “I’m not really going to be doing anything anyways.”


“Axel, everything’s all set for you.” Sora spoke into his cell phone to Axel in a bush near Tifa’s home, hoping that all would follow through.

“Finally you do something right!” Axel replied gleefully. “I’ll be right over.”

Sora ended the conversation and looked through his binoculars in the murky night to see what Tifa was doing. Riku and Roxas were huddled next to him in behind the prickly bush as well.

“He’s coming soon. Are you sure that Tommy told Tifa that ‘Cloud’ was coming tonight?” Sora pondered worriedly. If something went wrong, who knows what psycho Axel will do to him.

“Yeah I’m sure. He told her to dress all fancy and whatnot. Can you see her?” Riku scanned through the windows for any sign of the girl.

“Up there!” Roxas pointed a finger at a window on the upper level of the house. “There she is spraying perfume on herself – how sad, getting all worked up for a loser. I think she fell for your scheme!!”

“Good. Now all we have to do is watch---AH!” Sora felt a sharp pain formed on his forearm. There were several pointy thorns attached to his arms that were clashing with the spiky bushes in front of him. A thin trail of blood ran down his skin, a patch of scars were left on his skin also.

“You ok?” Riku turned his arm around to see what had happened.

Ignoring the pain, Sora assured easily lowering his binoculars, “I’m fine.”

Approximately forty-five minutes has gone by and still no sign of Axel. “I guess Tifa got stood up” Roxas laughed at his joke and stifled a yawn. Sora glanced at his watch, it was already a quarter past seven.

“That fool better show up!” Sora bellowed madly. “I’m wasting my time here!”

Riku noticed a car approaching in the drive way. “Shh! Look I think it’s him!” The trio hushed themselves, watching attentively from their hiding spot.

“Wait, what happened to his car?!” Riku stared in awe at the car that Axel was getting out from. “And what did he do to himself?”

Axel’s yellow convertible was now colored a rosy red shade. It also looked as if it had on a fresh coat of wax. As for Axel, he had on one of his expensive suits: a black tux and tie. His bright red hair was actually brushed and a whole lot of sheen. Well, that’s something you don’t see everyday.

“Whoa, look at that red-headed moron. He looks weirder than he ever did…He doesn’t even look good!” Roxas commented, shaking his head in disbelief. “I feel bad for Tifa. You people hooked her up with a playa!”

Riku hit him in the back of his head with his hand and whispered quietly, “Enough with your trash talk. Now be quiet before he hears us!”

Axel took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He held a bouquet of attractive pink roses in one hand and a small white box, wrapped in a golden ribbon, in the other. He rang the doorbell nervously with an unsteady hand.

The front door creaked open within seconds revealing Tifa as she stood before him in a beautiful sapphire dress that was cut a little below her knees. Her diamond earrings glistened and her pendant glowered in the crisp night. Her dark hair flowed with the faint breeze and her eyes gleamed delightfully, gazing at the stranger.


How did you like it so far? The next chapter will focus more on Axel and Tifa's date --> if there is going to be one!!!


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wow this is a pretty awesome story!
ahh it's soo funny ^^
and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the length.
can't wait for the next chapter!

my 99th post! ^_^


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Thank you for the comments :)

Here's Chapter 6

Hey everyone! Sorry for the late update. I hope you guys like this chapter, please review it means a lot to me :D Axel and Tifa's date, wonder what will happen.

Reality Ain't Pretty, Sora!

Chapter 6

Axel gulped in the night air and with difficulty he tried to say hi. Didn’t think that it would be so hard for a guy like him to do so. “H-h-hi!” He quickly handed her the roses and the box because he didn’t know what else to do after that. Inexperience.

Tifa was dumbfounded, this wasn’t Cloud at all. Not a chance. Cloud didn’t have blazing ruby hair, or jade colored diamond shapes underneath his eyes. “Sorry, but I didn’t call for a magician or…a clown. Bye!” Hurriedly she slammed the door, but Axel held it back. Smooth…

"Wait, I think that you have mistaken me!"

"Yeah, Axel, you're defiantly not Cloud and I am waiting for him." She refused to believe that Axel was here for her instead of Cloud. That's not what Tommy told her. Did she waste her time for this?

“I don’t think that Cloud will be coming here for a hell of a long time now, and I would hate to tell myself that I came to you for nothing!” He hissed with a tone of angry, but a touch of anxiousness. “So will you please?”

Giving a hand out to her, he waited to see what her reaction would be. Having Tifa freak out wasn’t what he had in mind. Evidently, he wasn’t going to give up now because he stood firmly at her doorstep. Nice Axel, creep the girl out with your stubbornness, that will make her want to come with you even more now.

The heartbroken girl frowned at Axel sadly. She knew that Cloud wouldn’t be coming after all. Hurting Axel’s feelings wasn’t going to help anything either. “Since you’re out now and I’m all dressed up, I guess we can go somewhere…”

She interlocked her hand with his, a smile came across his face. Axel led her to his polished car and opened the door for her. Hesitantly, she seated herself as Axel got in from the other side. “You like the car?” he asked with eagerness.

No answer.

“That went well!” Sora remarked, standing up from hiding. He watched the car go until the back lights were specks from the distance.

Roxas yawned loudly, flinging his arms around making Riku irritated. “Stop that!” Riku hollered as he lowered his friend’s arms down.

“That was the so boring!” Roxas complained, not liking the fact that Sora dragged him with them. “So you think that she’d be back?”

“I doubt it!” Riku replied shrugging carelessly.

Chuckling, Roxas said, “I couldn’t agree more.”

“Of course she will!” Sora opposed, “What makes you think she won’t?” If Tifa didn’t come back, what would happen? Sora thought it better not to think about such things.

“Let’s go back to my house. I bet I can beat the both of you on my new Playstation 3!”, exclaimed Riku.

“No you can’t!”, argued Roxas. “I’m better than you!”

“Well let us see shall we!” Riku cried. “You’re just a loser and you don’t want to admit it!”


The two had ridden in complete silence for the first twenty minutes of the drive. Axel’s emerald eyes were glued to the road steadily while Tifa twisted a lock of hair around her finger tensely. Breaking the quietness, Axel commented on her clothes. “I like you’re dress.” Stupid thing to say, could have told her something else, but no. He just had to say the obvious.

“Thanks”, she muttered, glancing at him for a moment. “Where are we going anyhow?” Might as well find out where the guy is taking you, don’t want any further surprises.

“Castle Oblivion”, was his straightforward answer. “I thought that we can hang out at my place.”

Of all the places in the world, why Castle Oblivion? Why not a fancy dinner or something? Axel, Axel, Axel…what are we to do with you?

“Oh” Tifa sighed, she didn’t want to go to his house, let alone have dinner with him. Noticing the radio, she turned the dial for music to pass time away. This was no fun. The only thing in her heart was Cloud. Not Axel, not Castle Oblivion, just Cloud.

“Here we are!” Axel pulled his car over to the curb in the gloomy atmosphere. Tifa climbed out and observed her surroundings.

Ew, this place is a dump.

Green fog and mist engulfed the awkward building. A bizarre ‘dimension’ drifted behind it while a freezing breeze rushed by. “What do you think?” Axel nudged her slightly and grinned. To him, the place was perfect. To her, well, not so much.

“Err, it’s…romantic!” Of course it wasn’t, there was nothing romantic about it. She faked a smile, then when he turned forward, that smile faded away.

Where am I? I want to go home!!!

Axel lead her to the old, pallid castle and to the dining room. A large dining table with fourteen elegant chairs were in the middle of the spacious room, covered with velvet place mats. Axel tried to be a ‘gentleman’ and pulled a chair for her and sat beside her.

“Demyx!”, he hollered for his voice to be heard. “C’mon, we’re here!”

Slouching back in her chair, she sighed heavily, in a rude way actually. Suddenly, a tall man came in dressed in a waiters outfit. Demyx’s dirty blonde hair looked neat and his face looked warming as he held a pitcher and two long glasses.

“Hello Tifa! Would you like some water?” Without waiting for an answer, he poured crystal clear water into a long vase-like wineglass and handed it to her gently.

Axel rolled his eyes and shook his head for Demyx to see. “Oh, I’m sorry, let me take that back. I think champagne would be better.” He snatched the glass back and hastened back to the kitchen.

Forging a laugh, he stated, “That Demyx, he’s a klutz, always thinking about water! He plays some water sitar thing, so I think the water went to his head.”

“I see.” The night couldn’t have been any more boring than it was now. Demyx entered the room again, this time with two glasses of sparkling wine. “Here you go!”

He set two long and skinny identical crème colored candles on top of the velvet table cloth and fumbled with matches to light them. “Let me do it!” Axel brushed Demyx’s hands away and snapped. A flicker of light appeared from his finger, slowly lighting the candles by himself, hoping to impress Tifa.

“This is a, a large table for two people, don’t you think?” Tifa crossed her arms and waited for an answer, ignoring the fact that Axel could play with fire without getting burnt.

“That’s because there are twelve people living here.” Demyx replied, setting a few more plates in front. “Here they come now!”

A crowd of ten more people, all dressed alike in black robes, filed in taking a seat with the couple. Axel shot Demyx a dirty look and yanked him to his side by his blue tie, almost choking him. “What are they doing here?! Didn’t you tell them to not be here tonight?”

The clumsy boy bit his lip in regret. “I’m sorry. I forgot to tell!”

Grunting, Axel watched unenthusiastically as his housemates sat with them for dinner. Vexen, number four of the group, noticed Tifa. “Axel! Whose you’re friend there?” He edged closer to the two, wanting to get a better look at the new comer.

“Back off, Vexen!” Axel growled under his breath as he pushed him away. Shrugging, Vexen took a seat across from them.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us, Axel? Don’t be rude now!” Saix remarked, sitting next to Vexen and Xigbar.

“Yes, Axel, please explain to me why this girl is here before me? What is her reason to be here?” Xemnas, the Superior, questioned with unfriendly eyes.

“Let’s make her do all the chores instead of me!” Larxene, number twelve, suggested fervently, who loitered by him. “I’m tired of doing everything by myself!”

Xemnas gave her the ‘shut-up-and-sit-down’ look, not liking her ideas. He took the seat at the far end of the table, the chair assigned to him and him only. He crossed his fingers, waiting for Axel to talk.

“You see, she’s here for…dinner…I invited her myself!” Axel hoped that Xemnas would concur with him, but the Superior was already occupied with Demyx’s attire.

“What are you wearing and why?” Zexion, number six, asked amusingly as he looked at Demyx top to bottom. He couldn’t refrain from laughing his ass off.

“What?! Axel made me wear this dumb thing. He said that he couldn’t afford going to a restaurant somewhere, so he asked me to look like a waiter and I…” Demyx stopped talking when Axel jabbed his arm. “Stop talking dim-wit!”

Tifa giggled at the stupidity she was witnessing. Twelve people living in a large castle doing the most stupidest things made her laugh. “If it’s a burden, I don’t mind leaving!” She began to hoist herself up, but Axel held her wrist firmly and tugged her down violently. “NO! You’re not a burden, just stay where you are!”

Taken aback, Tifa stayed put. She could have beaten up Axel with a breeze since he was shoving her around, but she chose not to. Why cause drama? Twelve against one wouldn’t be pleasant. Besides, why would she want to corrupt her gorgeous blue dress for these loons? She figured the faster she goes along with the charade, she’d be back in her home watching sad soap operas about men who left their loved ones as she waited for Cloud.

Marluxia, number eleven, sat close to her. “I’m Marluxia. What’s yours?”

“Tifa Lockheart.”

He pulled a creamy pink rose out of thin air and offered it to her. “This is for you!” He winked at her slickly and put on the best smile he could ever give. He fastened his eyes into her brown ones, not looking away for a second.

Taking the flower, she thanked him. “It’s pretty!” She took note of it’s peculiar features. It wasn’t an ordinary rose, it gave off an enchanting radiance and had a pleasing aroma.

Axel snatched the rose from Tifa’s hold and set it on fire within a second, then he threw it aggressively on the marble floor. He stamped on his as hard as he could with his shoe. “No, no, no, no, no!” Jealousy arose inside him. He didn’t want ‘expert’ Marluxia getting Tifa’s attention.

Tifa gaped in astonishment. “Axel! Stop that! A sweet rose gone to waste! It was so beautiful!”

“Pipe down woman! I had bought you a whole bouquet of perfect roses! Be happy with that!” Axel pointed an accusing finger at her madly. Pushing it aside, Tifa opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. This man couldn’t get any more ruder…or could he?


Sora watched his two friends exchange insults at each other as they played their game console. He fumbled with his shoelace as he sat on Riku’s king sized bed. When Riku said that his father was rich, he wasn’t kidding.

They were loaded, had about everything he ever wanted to have. A swimming pool in the backyard with a tennis and basketball court beside it, a great house with every room mega sized, white marble floors, plasma screens, and more. He couldn’t believe that Riku never bothered telling him. Was he not worthy enough to know? Whatever it was, it hassled Sora a bit.

“Sora, you want a try?” Riku asked gleefully for he had just beaten Roxas in a racing game. His cousin sat on the floor, dealing with defeat.

“Nah. I’m fine. Thanks”

“What?” Roxas got up. “You never turn down a chance to play!” He stood in front of his cousin, face-to-face.

“I was just thinking…about Kairi.” Sora bit his lip at his friend’s reactions.

Riku rolled his eyes and diverted his attention to the screen, mouthing the words ‘Here we go again’. Roxas grunted loudly and threw a pillow at Sora, aiming at his head. “No, not that. Anything, anything but that!”

“Huh?” Sora looked a tad bit confused. He raised an eye brow and held onto the pillow that had just been thrown at him. “What ya mean, ‘not that’?”

“I don’t know, maybe it’s because you’re always fretting about some stupid girl that couldn’t care less about you!” Roxas replied angrily.

“No I don’t!”

“Yeah you do!”

“How would you know!”

“Because you’re always yapping about her!” Roxas laughed aloud as he mocked Kairi. “Oh look at me, I’m Kairi! I don’t like Sora and I never will!” He fluttered his eye lashes and fiddled with a blonde strand of hair.

“Roxas, give it a rest.” Riku chuckled, glaring at Sora; he didn’t look too happy to see his friends getting annoyed by him. Did he really talk to them about Kairi that often? No, he couldn’t. That’s not what he thought.

“What’s on your mind, Sora?” Riku paused his game and lied down onto his bed. “What is it about Kairi that’s bugging you?” Even though he didn’t like discussing about the girl that he may like, he didn’t want to ignore his friend.

“That dumb dance is coming soon and I haven’t asked Kairi to it yet” Sora said in a low tone, for Roxas to not hear. He was still mocking Kairi from across the room.

“Oh…” Riku didn’t know what to say. “Maybe you should tonight?”

Sora gulped, “Are you crazy I’m not going to do that!” Roxas came over and laughed in Sora’s face. “You’re never going to get a girl. Just admit it!”

Placing a hand under his chin, Sora thought deeply to himself. “How about I practice asking Kairi by one of you posing as her?”

Roxas was the first to volunteer as Kairi. “I’ll be Kairi!” He brought about his own cell phone and waited for Sora to get his out. Stepping back, he stayed still until Sora opened his phone.

Here I go.

“Ring, ring, ring” Sora imitated the phone as he stared at Roxas looking at himself in the mirror that hung loosely on the door. “I said ‘Ring, ring, ring!’”

In a very high-pitched girly voice, Roxas spoke into his phone. “Hello?” He pretended to put on an imaginary lip gloss as he talked, glaring at his reflection.

Rolling his eyes, Sora talked back. “Hey Kairi! It’s Sora.”

“Oh my God! Sora?! No way!” he exclaimed in his girly tone. “Hold on!”

Roxas made a pretend phone with his free hand and squealed, “Naminé, Ollete, Selphie! Sora is on the other line! Isn’t he so fine? He’s like the hottest thing I have ever seen in my life! Ok bye!”

Sora’s mouth was open wide, not understanding the craziness he was witnessing. Roxas switched to his cell phone and resumed the imitation. “So, Sora, what did you want to talk about?” Roxas paced himself across the room and to one of the open windows as he peered over at the dim lighted pool in the backyard.

“Will you go to the dance with me?” Sure, it was easy to ask the fake ‘Kairi’ the question, but would he be able to ask her in person? “I would really like for you to go with me.”

Roxas snorted inappropriately. “Of course not! I am going with Roxas. Sorry!” Roxas closed his phone, turned around and smiled at Sora joyfully.

“Idiot. You’re useless…” Sighing disappointedly, Sora threw his shoe at his cousin, but missed.


“Let me introduce you to everyone since bone-headed Axel won’t do it!” Marluxia stood up and pointed to each person as he said their name. He started with Xemnas, the Superior of the group. “That’s Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexeaus, Zexion, Demyx, Saix, bipolar Axel, Luxord, sexy me, and Larxene. Together, we’re known as Organization XIII”

He sat back down, feeling worthy of himself, as if he had done something so accomplishing. Tifa acknowledged each greeting and gesture that every person gave her.

“I think you should be called Organization Dozen” Tifa took a sip of her drink and stared at the empty seat at the table. “There are only twelve of you.”

“Oh…Roxas. He left us. He was Number Thirteen.” Axel answered immediately, before Marluxia could speak.

A wave of astonishment came across her. She didn’t know Roxas personally, but she never thought that he was a part of an organization, especially this crappy one. She felt relived that he left them.

Demyx served them all dinner the moment things began to settle down. The dinner was all home-made, made by his two hands. It wasn’t very tasty when Tifa took a bite into her steak and whatever else was on the plate, things she couldn’t tell what in the world it was. Over burnt, dull, and bland. The aftertaste remained in her throat even after drinking all of the wine in her glass.

“How is it?” Demyx asked as he passed by her, in high hopes for her praise.

“It’s…it’s….it’s wonderful. Thank you.” She lied again, this night is full of lies. Hurting his feelings about his terrible cooking skills wasn’t something she wanted to do. Instead, she thought of another idea that may help him. “Would you like me to teach you how to cook a few things here and there?” She gave him a smile and hoped he’d agree. His cooking needed an S.O.S.

“No, I don’t think he would.” Axel bud in, forcing her head towards him with this hand. “Now stop talking to these people!”

The rest of the Organization continued with their side conversations and chatter, not paying any attention to Tifa, except for Marluxia and Demyx. Axel hadn’t even tried making conversation with his guest. Tifa didn’t mind either, she liked it better when he didn’t talk to her. He was too pissed at the way things were going so far.

“Time for desert!” Demyx called as he gathered the empty plates and cleared the table. He brought out several plates with strawberry cheesecake and set a plate before Tifa with a soft clunk. “I made this also.”

Just what Tifa needed, a badly made desert. Marluxia cut a piece of her cheesecake with his fork and held it in front of Tifa’s mouth. She began to lean forward to bite it, until Axel held her back. “She can feed herself, Marluxia!”

Not giving up, Marluxia fought to his defense. “You’re not even talking to her! Besides, if she didn’t me to ‘feed’ her, why do you think she was about to eat it?”

Axel was taken aback. He didn’t know what to say, let alone give a good come back to make Marluxia stop flirting with Tifa.

“Listen, I think that you two are taking this a bit to far…” Tifa pushed Axel away from Marluxia, as he was coming in closer to him. Axel shot an angry glare.

“Let’s not fight now.” Tifa rolled her eyes at the foolishness and got up from her seat. “I’ll be back.” Hastily, she made her way to find the bathroom. She needed to be away from the craziness for a while.

“Great dumb-ass you drove her away!!” Marluxia cried, making a face at Axel. Neither of the two wished to give up making contact with Tifa.

“Your stupid flowers did that, not me bitch.” Axel turned away from his nemesis. Marluxia said casually, “I’m going to go see if she needs any help in the bathroom” He was about to raise, when Axel pushed him down to the floor. “No bitch, she doesn’t need help from a girly man – I mean boy- with pink hair, one who possesses crappy plastic flowers!”

“My flowers aren’t plastic crap, they’re real!” Marluxia fought back, not liking Axel’s remarks about his flowers, the things that meant almost everything to him. “At least I don’t look like some freak with anger issues.”

“What the hell…” Before any more of the bickering was heard, Tifa had already left the room and began combing the maze like castle to the bathroom. She didn’t really need to go to the bathroom, any quiet room would do. Her heart felt broken, dysfunctional. Cloud was the only person who could have made her happy right now, she was very disappointed not to see him today, or for the past months or so.

There were endless doors in the various hallways. Which one to chose, she did not know. The first door to the right caught her attention first, she cracked it open a hair and peered inside.

Emptiness. Nothing. Next door.

Most of the rooms she had checked looked identical. Some had cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, and whatnot. Another door lead to a vast rose garden, one she assumed belonged to Marluxia. The last room she raked over had a bizarre and odd stench to it, it was too dark to make out any of the contents. On front of the door had a lousy made sign that said: “Axel’s stuff. Don’t touch!”
A delicate hand searched the wall on the side for a switch. Once she found one, the room illuminated brilliantly. Whirling around, a gasp escaped her mouth at what she saw: drugs and alcoholic beverages in large sums scattered around.

Axel’s a drug dealer!


I didn't want to over-do anything, but i really hope you all like it!!! Roxas is being stupid lolz. hehe.

I promise you, this story will get better, something you won't expect lolz!! So, do you like it so far?! I think that Sora will have a lot of trouble with Kairi! Not to mention, he can't dance hehe. BTW, Cloud will appear in the story, but when the time is right. :D Please review, it encourages me to write more!!


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lolz, thank you for the comment!!! hehe yeah, she didnt expect that at all.

I am hoping to get something unexpected going in CH9 or something, but I hope this story turns out good. I dont know about the pace, is it too fast or slow? I am going to revise it a bit before posting anything more up, but in order for me to write the Second/Third book for this, i have to get this one finished. lolz, i already wrote the first chapter of Book 3 to see it would fit.

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Heheh hilarious!
Ahh Roxas is the best!

Just a couple of little things... ^_^
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And when Marluxia introduces the organization to Tifa, he left out Demyx.
That's it (but don't worry about them too much!)

Anyways, I loved it! Keep up the great work!
My fave bit was Roxas pretending to be Kairi. Classic


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I really enjoy your writing. It's really funny and the story line is really neat. Can't wait until the next chapter!:thumbsup:
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