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Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza



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Dec 21, 2012
Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

Hello guys, you may know me from the Rate The World's Chances thread, and yes in case you are wondering, that has been discontinued with the sizable lack of people rating each world and concept. But now I come back with E3 hype in the corner hoping for some substantial news regarding Kingdom Hearts 3, specifically on which world gets announced for E3. At best, I expect one new world and footage of the Big Hero 6 world. For today, I will share my predictions on what Disney films could be featured as worlds in E3. It is going to be a long one, one that I worked hard on. Here are some of the confirmed worlds as of now:

Confirmed Disney Worlds:
1. Mysterious Tower (Fantasia)
2. Olympus Coliseum (Hercules)
3. Kingdom of Corona (Tangled)
4. San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6)

Here is everything we know about how Nomura chooses worlds for Kingdom Hearts 3, thanks to Audo for all of the information:
- There will be worlds made for story purposes.
- Wants to include a fair number of surprising worlds in KH3.
- There are certain restrictions and rules to using the
Marvel/LucasArts properties that Disney would have to go through.
- Are not limited to films released prior to development, allowed to consider films being created by Disney in the future, some future Disney films are already being considered. (at the time of the interview, July 2013)
- Lots of new worlds are being added in.
- For worlds that previously appeared in the KH franchise and newer worlds, locations/visuals will be different from the previous appearance, locations never experienced before.

- Currently preparing more worlds for KH3 than KHII, but some may be cut due to time constraints.

Knowing this, I believe the general consensus is that newer Disney films will be getting the bigger focus for world additions in KH3. Nomura's statement is very evident with worlds like Tangled and Big Hero 6 worlds being included. And it makes sense, there are LOTS of recent Disney flicks that have been giving Disney its comeback as the top movie company, enough to equal the amount of Disney Worlds included in KH2.

And he has said that there will be more worlds than KH2. We have seen worlds cut from the game due to space restrictions (Jungle Book, Fantasia 2000, Prankster's Paradise in DDD). With the amount of storage today's generation
console has, we could see worlds that amount to 20, at best. I believe that having an very interesting environment design and story is the key factor for Nomura to consider the world in the game. And every recent Disney flick I have seen has very interesting enough environments and stories to make it into KH3. Due to this, I do believe that older Disney flicks that have never got the world treatment will have a less likely chance to be included.

In the case of Marvel/LucasArts/Pixar, I do not think they will be getting the world treatment due to certain licensing issues and Marvel/LucasArts story and world being too expansive. I have covered on how these properties could be implemented in this thread here. (Although this is moreso about Marvel/LucasArts than Pixar)

For returning worlds, I believe there are just a few worlds left that have more to explore in terms of story. Some worlds like Nightmare Before Christmas, Pinocchio, and Snow White have already fully explored their story and do not need to be added in KH3. On the contrary, there are veteran worlds that have more to expand in terms of story, and that is due to those particular Disney IPs having sequels.

There is some other tidbits I would like to cover before starting my predictions:
-I believe that a world that has similar themes, story, and environment will not be included for the sake of diversity. Having both Big Hero 6 and Avengers world for example, having similar heroic themes and city like environments that could make for a repetitive experience for players.
-Even if Pixar allowed their IPs to be used in KH3, I think they still will not be included. Due to, again, there being enough big, recent Disney films to fill an entire game.
-I will not be covering original worlds, since its difficult to predict what the story will unfold into. Obviously, I bet there will be one original world made for the end game. As for the name, I have no clue.
-I am not one who fully understands the entire KH story, so I apologize if I make any small mistakes.

With that said, let us finally begin:



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Dec 21, 2012
Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza


1. Arendelle (Frozen)

This is by far one of the most obvious choices for a world pick. It is one of Disney's most successful films well known for its songs and story about sisterly bond. If you told a person if they seen Frozen, chances are they will know. There is not much to say about Frozen other than it has lots of positives of getting in. The question is should the film have its own unique story or should it be the same story? Honestly, watching the film several times on a car trip, I feel like the original story is the best way to go, I love the conflict between Elsa and Anna and how they grow as characters in the film.

2. Zootopia (Zootopia)

Yes, despite being one of the most recent films, I flat out believe this is getting in. I have had large uncertainty before because I felt the beginning of 2016 was the year where they would stop considering worlds for KH3. But after seeing that Zootopia becoming one of the must successful animated films of all time that beat Frozen out of the park AND seeing Zootopia medals in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, I am convinced that Disney is pushing Square Enix to make Zootopia a world in KH3 despite its recent debut. The film has incredible imagination with its world surrounding animal citizens, and would be worth the last minute world addition.

When it does happen, I could DEFINITELY see Zootopia having its own original story. The story will likely surround the Heartless controlling predators, with Judy and Nick figuring out why predators are going crazy again. Among all the animated animal-centered films Disney made, I feel this is the most likely to get in.

3. New Orleans (Princess and the Frog)

Yet another recent film I see making it in because of its success and the film becoming Disney's turning point in making great Disney films again. You have a story surrounding a princess trying to become a chef of her own restaurant, who ends up turning into a frog because of an devious witch doctor. Along with its New Orleans tone, that would make for a very unique experience Nomura is looking for in worlds. I think there is not much to say about the film's chances because there is no particular problem that would stop a Princess and the Frog world from happening.

4. Game Central (Wreck-it-Ralph)

A world that is based on a game in a game? One of Disney's successful and recent films, Wreck-it Ralph revolves around a villain in an arcade game who starts hating being the bad guy in his game. Ralph explores other arcade games that make him feel like the good guy, while Fix-it Felix looks for him to return his original game. The idea of Sora being transported into a video game has been done before with Tron, but the way the world works with the plug cabinet connecting to other arcade worlds is a freaking awesome, different idea.

The major concern for other people is that you would have to license lots of video game properties in order for the world to work. But you do not really need to have them, as there are a LOT of original video game characters created like ones from Fix it Felix, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, and some of the ones you see walking across Game Central. (the hub connecting all arcade machines.) It does not rule out the possibility that we could see a few videogame IPs licensed, it just depends on the circumstances. At the least, we will probably just see Square characters in the central with Square Enix taking in charge of KH3. Perhaps Dragon Quest monsters maybe? That would be cool.

5. Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean)

This one of the FIRST veteran worlds I see returning in Kingdom Hearts 3. And that is because of the three sequels that include more adventures with Captain Jack Sparrow (another Pirates movie is coming in later in 2017 called Dead Men Tell No Tales). It is one of Disney's most marketed properties. The second and third films introduce Davy Jones, the Flying Dutchman, and the Kraken. How cool would it be to fight those as bosses with Jack Sparrow, going on another trip to the sea to find treasure again. (Although, truth be told, I have only seen the first and fourth film, haha!)

6. 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh)

Yes, I definitely see this coming back as a world again​. Could the world have its own unique story like in KH2, or will it be based on the recent Winnie the Pooh film (2011) where they set out to rescue Christopher from "Backsoon". I do not believe we have seen Sora and Christopher meet each other yet, I do not think Christopher has ever appeared in Kingdom Hearts. It would make for an interesting character relationship that would give players a reason to come back to 100 Acre Wood. (Do not forget the fun minigames too!)

7. Agrabah (Aladdin)

Yes, we are probably going to see this world again despite people getting seriously worn out on Agrabah, I believe this world has become one of the most frequent worlds seen in most KH games. There IS one more sequel of Aladdin that has yet to be explored, and that sequel actually got decent praise unlike most other Disney animated sequels. I have not seen the film myself yet, but I do know from Disney fans that the story takes place in a completely different environment, and island where thieves live if I recall.

Although, the lack of Genie's English voice actor (Robin Williams) could ultimately cut the world of Agrabah. (Although I am uncertain whether or not Robin did voice Genie at all in KH) But I am certain there will be a replacement actor who could play the Genie as well as Robin.

8. Land of Oz (The Great and Powerful)

I believe that Oz the Great and Powerful has a great chance to be in KH3? Well first, this recent Disney film managed to pull a decent success in the box office. Second, there is actually a sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful that was approved by Disney (In a similar way with Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland), showing that the movie was a big enough success to warrant another film. Most importantly, the world of Oz would be an incredible, classic place to explore. Especially when you consider the possibility of the King of Oz joining your team. I believe this will be one of the surprise picks that Nomura will choose to make for an unique and interesting world.


9. Hawaii (Lilo and Stitch)

​Yes, you are probably wondering why this did not make it into the likely list. And yes, while Stitch's cameo in KH2 and Deep Space being in Birth By Sleep help foreshadow Hawaii in Kingdom Hearts 3, story-wise Nomura could easily just let Stitch have the same role as in KH2 and save it for a future game, with Stitch still looking for a world to conquer. We'll definitely see Stitch visit Lilo sometime, but it is a matter of when will we see it happen. Now or later? It is not certain yet.

I will go into details about Lilo and Stitch later in another world I will discuss, but for now I place Lilo and Stitch among the worlds with a decent chance.

10. Symphony of Sorcery 2000 (Fantasia 2000)

​If a Fantasia 2000 were ever to come into fruition, this world be MOST APPROPRIATE for Kairi's Mark of Master Exam if Kairi is playable. Fantasia 2000 has a seriously imaginative world that should be explored, but the question is whether or not Kairi is playable in Kingdom Hearts 3. This was a world originally made for Riku's exam in Dream Drop Distance, but was cut for space restrictions. Symphony of Sorcery 2000 would make an excellent addition to KH's growing library of worlds.

(*From this point on there won't be movie title logos due to the 10 image limit.


11. Land of the Wind (Pocahontas)

This is the only older Disney film to make it into my predictions, and it is a very well known Disney film yet to be seen in KH. ​I have heard the controversies about the film not being accurate and insulting to Native American history. Could it have an effect on a Pocahontas world being in, maybe. But that's only if Nomura delved further into the history of Pocahontas, I find it a bit unlikely that he will actually care. Setting the issue aside, the world and story would be a fantastic place to explore. Delving into story of war between Native Americans and Americans makes for an interesting situation Sora could get into.

12. La Cite de Cloches (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

So you are probably wondering, why is this world being predicted in KH3? Didn't Dream Drop Distance essentially capitalize the whole story of the Hunchback perfectly? That's the thing, I personally think the world was executed badly. The world felt so lifeless and the story rushed, which made the world
like a boring experience the whole way through. A poor explanation of the Gypsies, little time to introduce Esmeralda, and no Frollo boss fight felt like a huge bummer. This was one of the most demanded worlds in Kingdom Hearts, and I feel that the world could have been executed better.

That is why I think it will reappear as a world in KH3 whether it be the same story told, an original story, the story based on the sequel (which was critically panned). In a nutshell, I feel Nomura bring back the world again to improve the story and have the world bring more life, but he could easily just not add it because the story in DDD is perfectly fine as it is.

These are Disney Worlds I feel could make it due to their interesting world and lore, but I generally feel skeptical about them. These worlds are not on my prediction list. Only the above 12 are.

1. Oceania (Moana)

​This is one of Disney's upcoming films that set to be in theaters in November 2016. We have seen Zootopia featured in Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, one of Disney's recent flicks this year. It makes you question, do you think they will push Square Enix to put in Moana in KH3 for marketing purposes? Possibly, but I do see several problems.

If Disney were to push Square into adding Moana, I feel like it would be too late because I believe films after Alice Looking Through the Glass will not get in because it is likely around that time that Square finalizes its world list. And even if Moana is being considered, there is another possible world with similar visual island themes that could make Moana seem a bit redundant for the final game. That in particular is Lilo and Stitch. In my opinion, it is either you include Moana or Lilo and Stitch, and the latter is much more likely to happen. But you never know.

2. New Holland (Frankenweenie)

​I was actually considering this for a brief moment as a surprise pick, as it is one of Tim Burton's recent Disney animated films since Nightmare Before Christmas. I do believe the film being associated with Nightmare Before Christmas could influence Nomura's decision to add Frankenweenie in the game, since NBC's story is essentially complete and adding a world with a similar theme yet different story would be refreshing. Not to mention the film is actually black and white, so it would add a Timeless River flavor into KH3 that would be cool to have.

3. Tomorrowland (Tomorrowland)

​This was actually part of my predictions list earlier, but I realized I was kind of biased and this recent film itself did pretty poorly in the box office to be considered. Why is it a runner up? Well it is simply because of the outstanding imagination with the world of Tomorrowland. THAT IS A PLACE I WOULD SERIOUSLY LOVE TO TRAVEL TO, where the world is futuristic and dreamers/inventors push on to create stunning technology. Tomorrowland being in KH would be a great idea, but that is only its biggest positive, and there is not much else going for it.

4. Land of the West (The Lone Ranger)

​Yet another film with a pretty original idea, story, and world, but did poorly in the box office despite massive marketing. This film revolves around a cowboy and native American bringing justice to the American Old West. How cool would it be have the Lone Ranger as your partner, riding on trains to beat up bad guys. Although, the idea is kind of redundant with my prediction list having Pocahontas having a story revolved around Native Americans as well. In my opinion, I think either Pocahontas or the Lone Ranger could be chosen, but based on the bigger success, I think Pocahontas will get in first.

Barsoom (John Carter)

​This is the last recent Disney film that BOMBED the hardest and caused financial issues for Disney. This film alongside The Lone Ranger were the two films that cause a huge mark to Disney's image. But like the other runner ups, the world is filled with amazing ideas. How cool would it be feel super human and jump around Mars like in Dream Drop Distance, but to a much bigger degree. It would be so cool beating up the Sab Than and helping Carter get back to his home world. It is actually one of my favorite Disney films solely for the ideas the world offers, but I do not have much faith in seeing it in KH3.

And those are all of my predictions, what do you think? Do you agree with the list? Honestly, I think I have a very good idea on what films could make in the game and how Nomura decides worlds for this installment. I'm hoping I got most right when I look back.

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Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

Whoo! So I'm going to respond to the full list later but I wanted to address Aladdin now before I forgot.

Genie was never voiced by Robin Williams in Kingdom Hearts, sadly. He was voiced by Dan Castellaneta up until 2014 when Jim Meskimen replaced him. Jim Meskimen was already the official voice of Genie at Disney Parks and Resorts for awhile, so I think to was done to keep things consistent.


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Jan 25, 2016
Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

I'm going to go through your list, and give my thoughts on your choices.

  1. Frozen: I believe Nomura stated he wanted to do Frozen during an interview. Seems extremely likely to me.
  2. Zootopia: You've over-estimated this one. No one could have predicted that it would be a runaway hit while KH3 was in development. The setting is interesting, but it would have to include a new model for Sora, which takes a lot of time to animate. It's too much work for too risky of a gamble. I give it about a 10% chance of getting in.
  3. The Princess and the Frog: How exactly would this world work? The main characters spend a majority of their times as frogs. To match this, would Sora also have to become a frog? I suppose they could pull a Ventus and just make Sora tiny, but that's not a great fix. Plus, the movie was only a mediocre hit. I would put it around 45%.
  4. Wreck-It Ralph: It's an awesome world concept, and one that I support. I wouldn't put it at 80% chance, but I think it is a solid 65%.
  5. Port Royal: The world wasn't liked very much in Kingdom Hearts II, but that's its only issue. It seems very likely to return, and I'm hoping they can make it blend more with the style of Kingdom Hearts.
  6. 100 Acre Woods: There's been rumors of voice actors returning, so it seems very likely to me.
  7. Agrabah: While it is true that it's been in the games several times, I don't think that merits special attention. I don't know anyone who's actually seen the third movie. It is still possible, but I don't find it that likely. I give it a 40% chance.
  8. Land of Oz: It's a wild card pick. It did decent at the box office, but I don't see any fan support for this world. In addition, it's live action, which makes it hard to consider putting in. Add in it's recency, and I can see it easily being skipped. I only give it a 20% chance.
  9. Hawaii: It's hard to imagine it as a world, but it is a seriously dangling plot thread. It would leave a bad taste in people's mouths just to ignore it. They could also combine this with Destiny Islands, but that opens up a whole new can of worms. I think there's a 60% chance it's a seperate world, and a 10% chance that it is combined with Destiny Islands.
  10. Symphony of Sorcery: I love this as a world idea, but it's hard to fashion a plot from a movie that has none. I put it at about 50% chance.
  11. Pocahontas: I don't have any disagreements with your rating. It's in a weird position because of its historical inaccuracies, but it does have a good deal of nostalgia. The other issue is that it takes place in a generic forest. It might not be unique enough to include.
  12. La Cite de Cloches: The story is already done! The only time we've revisited a world after the movie's story is done was Halloween Town, and that was after fan demand. I only put it at around a 15% chance of being in.
  13. Oceania: Too similar to Hawaii and too far in the future.
  14. New Holland: It's an oddball choice, but it might be too recent.
  15. Tomorrow-land: It bombed in the box office. While it may look cool, it's also another live action film. I don't think we'll be seeing this one.
  16. The Lone Ranger: Another box office bomb, that also might have rights issue. I don't think they're going to touch this one.
  17. Barsoom: Yet another live-action flop. The setting is interesting, but that's all that can be said about this movie.

In regards to the list as a whole, you include a lot of recent movies, but little older movies. I suspect there will be a few older movies to help balance out all of the recent films. Kingdom Hearts uses nostalgia to its advantage, so there should be some nostalgic worlds.

In addition, you discounted the possibility of Pixar. While there are issues with Star Wars and Marvel, I don't see those issues for Pixar. It's been with Disney for more than 10 years. In addition, Nomura has wanted to add Pixar stuff for a while. In concept art for KH1, there was a Toy Story world, and in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, there were models for a Woody and Buzz summon. With all that in mind, I feel like a Toy Story or at least a Pixar world is highly likely. It would be something different, while still tugging on people's heart strings.


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Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

Hmm very interesting list. I noticed that you picked a lot of newer worlds. I think worlds like Frozen are guaranteed, and worlds like a Wreck-it-Ralph arcade machine are very likely, but worlds like Oz and the other live action worlds don't seem very likely to me at all. Each of those films would offer interesting settings to be sure, but I don't think there is a high chance for any of them to make it into KH3 outside of Port Royal, and that's only because Pirates of the Caribbean is the most successful one out of that bunch and the only one that's already gotten the KH treatment.

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Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

I honestly can't see Princess and the Frog being there because of the story of that movie. It could go the route of having Sora and company exist in the world as bugs/small creatures and they run into Tiana and move forward from there, but then why would the heartless be small sized only? Also I just feel like it won't fit into KH very well.

FROZEN I kind of have the same sentiments. Unless they do a story after the movie or alter the movie's plot. The world (the icy parts) will be pretty interesting to explore, the same can be said about the swamps of New Orleans, but I'm just not sure how they can fit into the game narrative wise.

ZOOTOPIA... see above.

WRECK-IT RALPH definitely can work in KH. The world can easily be broken up into different game worlds and the plot (or if they choose to not copy the movie's plot) works for a KH game.

Port Royal I would rather not go back to, personally. I never liked it in KH2. But with the Johnny Depp allegations, I'm not sure if DISNEY will want to associate with Johnny Depp right now, so that lowers the chances of this world appearing in my eyes.

100 Acre Wood is probably going to be there, I would be shocked if it weren't there.

Agrabah needs to return and give us Jafar in snake form.

OZ will probably not be in KH. The world could work, I suppose, it just feels like OZ has too much of its own lore to be a world in KH.

Hawaii should appear. We've seen a lot of Stitch. Also there is a wealth of material to go with. The only thing that will make this world not likely is that it is similar to Destiny Islands. If we see the beach and more of the town/mountains, I think it can work.

FANTASIA 2000 wouldn't work for a main title game. It's way too trippy for a main title game. Its very existence was because it was a sleeping world, but I doubt we will ever go back there.

Pocahontas can work, I know people are very against it. There's such an easy way to deal with this... don't follow the movie's plot at all. Make it before the movie and have Pocahontas as a partner. KH definitely needs more female party members and Pocahontas would be amazing.



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Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

I think that most of those world would work perfectly if they were handled KH1-style, where the world's narrative doesn't really follow the movie's plot, and sometimes takes a completely different direction altogether.

I mean, KH1 Halloween Town completely forgoes the whole "Halloween handles Christmas" plot thread that made up the bulk of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Why can't something like that happen again, with other worlds?


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Jun 9, 2016
Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

"Olympus Colosseum" will be more of Hercules' world than just the Colosseum this time around from what I've gathered from trailers.


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Dec 21, 2012
Re: My KH3 Disney World Prediction List Extravaganza

Well, the reason I chose a lot of the newer worlds is because, again, the worlds the recent films contain have a lot of imagination put into it. Each world with a unique story to tell. They have far more engaging worlds than any of Disney's older movies (before 1980)
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