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Re:Mind DLC on Sale



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May 9, 2007
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For anyone who doesn't want to hear the ranting stories of an old man, here's the important part: KH3 Re:Mind DLC is on sale for about 15 bucks on Gamestop's website.

Now, ahem, for anyone who cares.
So I think I was one of the few, but I did not in fact buy the Re:Mind DLC when it came out. I was very excited about it, but my heart dropped when I saw the price. As avid a Kingdom Hearts fan as I am, as I have been since I got the first game and my PS2 on that magical Christmas day in elementary school, I just couldn't justify the price tag.

Gaming has changed a lot since back in those PS2 days, and the advent of consoles going online and DLC has changed the game for better and worse. Patches being released to fix problems in games can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse when games feel like they release incomplete because they have the ability of just throwing out a day 1 patch.

Patches aside, we get DLC. It's not odd for Kingdom Hearts games to get expansions, as KH1, KH2, and Birth By Sleep all saw Final Mix releases in Japan (and eventually everywhere else) that added new content such as bosses, cutscenes, challenges, etc. Without the ease of downloads and DLC on PS2 (and such a thing still being new with the PSP), rather than being a DLC, people just rebought the entire games with the new stuff added to the discs.

So here we are now, the first new major Kingdom Hearts game on an HD console, and rather than a physical Final Mix we got a DLC expansion. And I'm okay with that. What I wasn't okay with was the $30 price tag for what sounded to be roughly 3-4 hours of added story content.

The value of DLC and their price tags are different for everyone. I'm not here to debate if the $30 price tag was justified or not. If it was worth $30 for you, that's awesome, I'm glad the game and the expansion saw your support. For me though, charging half the price of the game for what was here just wasn't cutting it for me, and from the beginning I said I didn't think I'd be comfortable paying more than $15 for it. With this sale, I'm finally getting the chance to pay what I wanted and get to give this DLC a go, although now I've already had Yozora and so many other aspects of it spoiled for me, such is the risk of waiting.