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Random theory about how Quadratum was created



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Jan 4, 2018
Perhaps this is going way off the walls here, but I was considering some old cut scenes the other day and was watching the part where Ansem the Wise uses the Encoder on Xehanort's KH until it ultimately explodes.

The Encoder always seemed like the most bizarre piece of technology (other than the machine they use to digitize the journal with in CoM Coded, thanks for catching my typo there, okhi12) because it seems a bit weird to have a device that can literally digitize anything it points at and pull it into its own confined digital universe. This isn't super delved into but I assume Ansem learned about this digitizing technology from the Tron world at some point, and must have used it in some way to make the transporter that sent Roxas into the false Twilight Town. This isn't actually claimed anywhere, but it must work as a similar concept.

We know that the Unreality is separate to the Data world, but part of me is now wondering if maybe when the Encoder exploded it might have caused some sort of...temporal disruption of some sort. We know the Encoder pulled some of the fake KH moon into it, then it exploded and all the hearts went everywhere so it is entirely possible that was just a dead end to that device. But what if somehow the act of warping the KH moon into data in whatever amount got in and subsequent explosion caused some sort of rift in reality that sent the KH data shooting off into its own alternate universe or something? Like...Quadratum? Or, even if the explosion didn't create the place-- I wonder if it has something to do with the reason why the two realities are linked.

Granted, creating Quadratum here probably wouldn't make sense if we are meant to assume that Luxord pre-nobody lived there from long before that event took place but we also don't necessarily know if both realities actually flow at the same time rate (or even if Luxord's somebody 100% came from there and when). It's entirely possible that, similar to what they have mentioned in Dark Road, that some worlds grow at a much faster rate than others. It is a bit of a long stretch, but KH seems to enjoy throwing weird time paradoxes at us. Luxord, also, actively manipulates time. If anyone could potentially be adept at going back in time from his own, established Quadratum universe back over to a different reality in order to see his own universe be created it would be someone with skills in time manipulation I would assume. But who knows even if Luxord IS from Quadratum there's no clear motive we know of as to why he even came over to KH reality. Or how.

Maybe it was an accident and he was actually stuck in KH universe until Quadratum was actually created. So until that point in time he was stuck muddling around. Maybe Luxord is the same as Sora and he messed with the power of waking or time too much so his own reality "self-corrected" and removed him to the KH reality.

Either way, this isn't anything I am considering too seriously but part of me does wonder if the whole "Encoder" device is actually going to return as some sort of plot device in the end. Not that Ansem dying in that scene really made any difference, as he managed to come back...ridiculously easily, but it would be a bit fun if in his last stand there he actually ended up doing something phenomenally important that we weren't even aware of at the time.
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Oct 22, 2018
The Encoder always seemed like the most bizarre piece of technology (other than the machine they use to digitize the journal with in CoM)
You mean Coded/Re:Coded

It's an interesting idea. I don't think the encoder explosion created Quadratum but maybe it warped reality allowing the two universes to be linked. I wonder if that somehow explains why The World That Never Was looks similar to Quadratum, or the other way around.
As you said, the Luxord paradox (if he's from Quadratum) can be explained as a distortion of time caused by the same incident or misuse of the power of waking.


Jan 29, 2015
Intresting thought! The Encoder always felt out of place for me, but comparing it to Tron's digitizing technology makes a lot of sense.

I believe Quadratum is as old as the KH universe, and they will have some kind of duality mechanic, like we had with the realm of light and realm of darkness before. If the Encoder did something related to Quadratum, I guess it opened a way to it, connected reality with fantasy. (And this might have also something to do with the Princesses, causing new ones to be selected, and maybe some of them are from Quadratom now).

Also, anything Luxord related could be possible, even if it seems paradoxial at first. Don't forget that everyone had an element in the original Organization, and his is Time. I guess this will be explored in ways other than justification for time based minigames.

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I like the idea of he Encoder device having more meaning but I agree with the previous post that Quadratum and 'Unreality' seem to be much older. Xehanort knew about this world 'on the other side' back in Radiant Garden and at the end of Melody of Memory Yen Sid surmises that this world may be related to the ancient Keyblade Masters' disappearance so it seems to have always been there since the Foretellers (wherever there is).