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Hello everyone, I'll be making one shots for the time being. So here is my first one requested from my good friend Mite.

Disclaimer: I don't own Durarara.

Durarara One-Shot

Wandering in the streets of Ikebukuro was Shizou and Celty.

"Fancy meeting you here of all places, Celty" said Shizou, having stepped out for a bit to get some fresh air.

Celty on her bike, whipped out her cellphone and typed rapidly to ask "Hi Shizou, don't you have work today?".

"No, Tom gave me the day off" said Shizou, placing both hands in his front pockets as he walked along side her.

Celty tilted her head to the side than typed away again to ask "Don't you like having a day off?".

Shizou gave a shrug of his shoulders and leaned back in thought.

"Yeah, just not today of all days" he replied, before quirking up an eyebrow in surprise when Celty showed him her phone again.

"Why not?".

"Don't you have to meet up with Shinra soon?" asked Shizuo, changing the subject.

Celty gave a small nod indicating she did when out of nowhere an all to familiar voice said "What's this? On a date Shizu-chan?".

"With the headless rider of all people. What would Shinra say?" continued Izaya, with a smirk on his face.

"Izaya! What are you doing here?" asked Shizou, whirling around to see Izaya leaning against a tree.

"We're not dating!" protested Celty, showing Izaya her cellphone.

Izaya waved his hand back and forth in disinterest before answering Shizou.

"Just stopping by to see if you were going to the reunion".

"Why the hell do you care, you flea!?" asked Shizou, getting awfully close to ripping a stop sign out of the ground.

"A Reunion?" asked Celty, looking at the both of them.

"Its been two months since our last fight and I've been bored out of my mind" said Izaya.

"So this reunion of ours was the perfect opportunity to come back and mess with you again, just like old times sake" said Izaya, whipping out his knife.

"Besides don't tell me you didn't miss me, Shizu-chan?" said Izaya, watching Shizuo tremble in rage.


Shizou gripped the stop sign hard that it ripped out of the ground and swung it at Izaya.

Izaya dodged it by jumping over it and slashing out with his switch knife.

Celty on the other hand, wasn't pleased with being ignored and with a gesture of her right hand, both were caught up in her shadows.

"Celty?" said Shizou, in surprise seeing he couldn't move except to look at her.

Celty quickly typed a new message asking "What's this about a reunion?! Explain!".

"I see you haven't lost your touch, my talented transporter" said Izaya, disappointed that he was stopped from having his way with Shizou.

"Yeah, Me an the Flea here, have a reunion to go too" said Shizou, adjusting his glasses.

"Will Shinra be going?"

"Since we were classmates, yeah" said Shizou.

"Speaking of Shinra, weren't you suppose to meet up with him awhile ago?" asked Izaya, seeing Celty check her phone.

Celty shadows withdrew instantly and she took off on her bike.

"Now that she's gone, let's pick up where we left off. Right Shizu-chan?" said Izaya, turning to face him only to see Shizou was walking away.

"Another time flea" said Shizou, heading home to get ready.

Izaya was left speechless before a smirk crossed his face.

"Sooner than you think, Shizu-chan" said Izaya, before his attention was drawn away by a familiar face.

"Hey Izaya, it's been awhile" said Kyohei, having been on his way to the reunion before spotting Izaya.

"It sure has Dotachin" said Izaya, falling into step besides him.

"Don't call me Dotachin" said Kyohei, folding his arms across his chest.

"So where's Walker, Erika and Saburo?" asked Izaya, not used to seeing Kyohei by himself.

"Saburo had to drop them off at some sale, for the release of a new manga Erika likes" said Kyohei.

"Some things never change" said Izaya, skipping excitedly ahead of him.

"So where have you been all this time, Izaya? Did you just come back for the reunion or are you back for good?" asked Kyohei.

"Underground mostly" answered Izaya, stopping to face him.

"For the reunion since Shizu-chan going to be their" said Izaya.

"Guess that hasn't changed either" said Kyohei, feeling somewhat bad for Shizou.

"Izaya! Is that really you!?" squealed Erika, coming out of Saburo's van.

"We thought you were kidnapped by aliens!" said Walker.

"The one and the same. Your very own info broker" said Izaya.

"Have you seen Shizou yet?" asked Erkia, excitedly.

"Here she goes again" said Walker, clamping a hand over her mouth.

"She still won't stop talking about the two of you having some sort of secret love for each other" muttered Kyohei.

"Yes, I've seen Shizu-chan. We'll be seeing a lot of each other at the reunion" said Izaya, drawing out the word on purpose.

Erika squealed excitedly before running back into Saburo's truck.

"You shouldn't encourage her, you know" said Kyohei, seeing the mischief glint in Izaya eye.

"I don't care. It's fun" said Izaya, casually with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile at Shinra's apartment.

"Aw Celty, your finally back! What took you so long?" said Shinra, poking his head out of his bedroom door while buttoning up his shirt.

"Sorry Shinra, got caught up with Shizou and Izaya" said Celty.

"Izaya here!?" exclaimed Shinra in surprise.

"Yeah and why didn't you tell me about your reunion?" asked Celty, helping Shinra with his shirt buttons before pulling him into a hug.

"I was going to Celty" said Shinra, being squeezed a bit to hard by Celty's hug.

"Celty cough need air" choked out Shinra.

"Sorry Shinra!" said Celty, letting go.

"It's alright Celty. Want to give me a ride there?" asked Shinra, adjusting his glasses with a smile on his face.

"How long will you be gone for?" asked Celty.

"About an hour then I'll head home" said Shinra, cheerfully.

"Okay, I'll give you a ride and pick you up afterwards" said Celty, feeling a bit down.

"Wish I could come too" Celty wrote before deleting it.

Shinra covered her hand in his.

"Celty I... I want you to come but I was afraid you would say no" said Shinra.

"You know I can't go" typed Celty, before gesturing to her lack of a head.

"I don't have to go! It's just a silly reunion" said Shinra, but Celty wouldn't have it.

"Alright fine, I'll go but only for an hour" said Shinra, after being grabbed by the ear painfully.

Together they made their way to Raira Academy.

Raira Academy Reunion

"Izaya! Your really here!" said Shinra, excitedly.

"Yeah-yeah, it's good to see you too Shinra" said Izaya, sitting on a desk.

"I heard you ran into Shizou earlier" said Shinra, taking a seat in a nearby chair.

"Still experimenting?" asked Izaya, feeling bored.

"Of course! What else would I be doing!?" asked Shinra.

"Looks like everyone's still the same" said Izaya, feeling somewhat glad about that.

"I think everyone's surprised to see your really here. After all you and Shizuo left quite an impression from graduation" said Shinra.

"Going to do an encore?" asked Kyohei, feeling bored too.

Before Izaya could answer Shizou cut him off by asking "What's this about an encore?".

"Shizou your finally here! It's just like back in high school with the three of us!" said Shinra.

"So you came after all Shizou" said Kyohei, feeling the tension in the air.

Shizou let out a few color full words over Shinra's exclamation about his time in high school before answering Kyohei.

"Yeah, I had nothing better to do on my day off".

"Speaking of that, weren't you on a date earlier Shizu-chan?" asked Izaya.

"On a date? With who?" asked Shinra, unable to mind his own business and just had to ask.

"With that dullahan of yours, of course" said Izaya, seeing Shinra pale.

"Don't listen to the flea bag, he's just trying to-" said Shizuo, being cut off by Shinra.

"Leave Celty out of this, unless of course you want to end up in my lab tonight" threaten Shinra, adjusting his glasses.

Kyohei was speechless.

"I don't remember you being so scary Shinra" said Izaya, surprised before letting out a chuckle of amusement.

"Just shut up Izaya" said Shizuo, feeling Izaya was getting on his nerves.

"It's almost as if I never left" said Izaya, getting up off the desk.

"Now what are you planning Flea?" asked Shizou, getting panic looks from everyone else within the room.

"You'll find out soon, Shizu-chan" said Izaya, taking off before Shizou could grab hold of him.

"Five bucks Shizou gets hit by that truck again" said Kyohei.

"Deal" said Shinra, both chasing after them.

I hope Shizuo gets in a few good swings, since Izaya messed with my Celty! thought Shinra.

Outside on the school grounds stood Izaya and Shizou

"Get back here Flea!" shouted Shizou, knocking over thugs who were in his way.

Good he's still have all of that inhuman strength thought Izaya, taking off down a nearby street with Shizou on his heels.

Oh no, I'm not falling for it again Izaya! This is the same place I got hit by that truck! thought Shizou, taking a different route to avoid getting hit by said truck.

Of course fate wasn't so kind and instead the truck driver changed lanes and end up crashing into Shizou.

"Pay up" said Kyohei, earning a groan from Shinra.

"WHERE IS HE? HE IS SO FREAKIN DEAD WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!" shouted Shizou, getting up despite his wounds.

"Right behind you!" said Izaya, coming at him with his knife.

From there everyone witness the never ending fight between Shizou Heiwajima and Izaya Orihara.

Of course Erika was delighted by this and began writing her own fanfic about the two of them together.

The End.
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hahahah hilarious xD izaya is such a troll~
lol dat truck~ what made me lol the most was the last sentence haha

our very own informant breaker
*3* i believe the term is info broker or am i wrong?


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You would be correct. Was having a hard time remembering how he said it so I'll fix that. Thanks for the reminder Gram! Glad you liked it!


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That was a great one-shot KK. Thanks for that. Alwayse good to to see Shizou and Izaya getting at each other.


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Akatsuki One-Sho

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Inside the hideout of the infamous Akatuski was Konan, Itachi, Pain, Deidara, Sasori, and lastly Tobi. Everyone else was currently on missions. Pain having no more assignments to give was expecting this day to be a relaxing one, since some of the loud mouth ninja's were gone on missions. Turns out he couldn't be more wrong.

In Pain's Office

"Let me see if I have this right Konan. Your asking me if we could have a baby?" said Pain, hearing her out.

"Pain, you and I both know we can't lose your bloodline" said Konan, with a cool expression on her face.

"Don't you think what your asking is a bit extreme?" asked Pain, sweating a bit at her proposal.

"Yes, but your the last of your line besides Naruto" pointed out Konan.

"I still don't understand why you think having a baby is a good idea" said Pain, letting out a sigh.

"After all, it's hard enough taking care of these idiots we call Akatuski members!" said Pain, trying to reason with her.

"You do have a point" said Konan, having already thought of a solution and felt a smirk cross her face.

"That's why, we're going to see how the others handle it when I show them this!" said Konan, cheerfully while bringing out a small bundle in her arms.

"You seriously didn't!?" exclaimed Pain, knocking over his chair as he stood up abruptly.

"C'mon Pain, the guys can handle taking care of a baby for a week" said Konan, meeting his gaze thoughtfully.

Why couldn't she have wanted a puppy? Does she have any idea what these guys will do to it!? I can already see Zetsu trying to eat it while Hidan tries sacrificing it to his god.

"Konan, you can't possibly be serious about this!" said Pain, cursing himself for being so weak willed around Konan.

If the circumstances were different, sure I wouldn't mind being a dad. But this is ridiculous! Theres no way I can let her go through with this!

"Now Konan, I want you to-" went Pain, only to feel a hand cover his mouth.

Konan set the baby aside while keeping her hand over his mouth and pushed him into the wall.

"Pain, do you remember what happen last time you refused me? You wouldn't want that again, now would you?" asked Konan, sweetly in his ear.

Pain eyes widen at the threat laced sweetly in her words while sweat dropping in fear.

That week was pure hell. Everyone in the Akatuski was terrified of her and nothing got done. I never heard the end of it for a month. Never again I said. All over something stupid. I can already hear their whining. How could I possibly be in my right mind for letting a girl join the Akatuski? Konan is scary on her time of the month.

Glancing to the calendar on his wall, Pain gulped knowing he was cornered.

Best let Konan have her way. Maybe she will realize just how bad of an idea this is.

Removing Konan's hand from his mouth, Pain begrudgingly said the words "Alright, we'll do it your way for a week then you return it".

"Thank you Pain!" said Konan, giving him a kiss on the cheek before running out of the room with the baby.

What have I done? thought Pain, collapsing in his seat with both hands on his head in despair.

Outside of the Office

"Tobi! Give those back un!" yelled Deidara, chasing Tobi down the hallway.

"Their for Sasori! It has his name on it!" said Tobi, gleefully while ignoring the furious look on Deidara's face.

"You can't give those to Sasori! Its embarrassing un!" said Deidara, leaping out to catch ahold of Tobi only for his hands to grasp at nothing but air.

"I think sempai has a crush on Sasori! I'll make sure to give these to him right away" said Tobi, watching Deidara crash into the floor painfully.

"When I get my hands on you, I'll KILL YOU!" shouted Deidara, getting up off the ground to resume the chase.

Itachi poked his head out of his bedroom door to see what all the shouting was about, only to see Deidara fuming with Tobi bouncing around the hallway excitedly.

Taking a step out into the hallway, Itachi grabbed hold of the back of Tobi's cloak and ripped the letters out his grip.

"Go outside, if your going to be this noisy" said Itachi, crossly.

Deidara face pale remarkably fast at Itachi's appearance.

This isn't happening! Itachi's going to humiliate me! I can't let him read them either! But he's to strong for me to- I'm doomed. It's over. I'll never hear the end of it! I'll be the laughing stock among the Akatuski members.

"Tobi was being a good boy. Tobi was trying to help sempai deliver these letters to Sasori" said Tobi.

Itachi let Tobi go while skimming the letters briefly before a smirk crossed his face.

"You misspelled like, Deidara" said Itachi, chuckling in amusement.

"Shut up!" said Deidara, turning beat red.

"I'll just hand these over to Sasori myself than" said Itachi, turning his back on the two of them.

Deidara tremble with rage, that in a matter of minutes he whipped out a kunai and held it to Itachi's throat.

"Give them back un!" threaten Deidara, knowing he was no match against Itachi but he wasn't going to let that stop him.

Without a moments hesitation, Itachi activated his sharingan eyes.

"Going to carry out that threat Deidara?" asked Itachi, no longer messing around.

Before either one could speak Konan was exiting out of Pain's office with a skip in her step.

"Hey guys, Pain wants all of us Akatsuki members to assemble for a meeting" said Konan, ignoring the situation before her.

The tension in the air evaporated, that both ninja's parted before something worse could happen.

"I'll go get Sasori" said Deidara, reluctantly withdrawing.

"Good, Itachi and Tobi accompany me to the living room" said Konan, turning on her heel and walking away.

"What's Itachi going to do with those letters?" asked Tobi, peering over Itachi's shoulder.

"I think I'll keep ahold of these awhile" said Itachi, with a smirk.

"Curse that Uchiha!" muttered Deidara, knocking on Sasori's door.

"I'll be right there!' called out a muffled voice through the door.

Two minutes later Sasori opened the door to see Deidara was waiting on him.

"Theirs a meeting all of us have to attend" said Deidara, knowing he must have interrupted something important from the look on Sasori's face.

"Better be important. Was working on a new addition to my collection of art" said Sasori, noticing something was bothering Deidara.

"Something the matter?" asked Sasori, not getting an answer.

"You normally argue with me the moment I mention my art" said Sasori, seeing a panicked look on Deidara's face.

"It's nothing un" said Deidara, trying to come up with a plan to get those letters back.

I can't let Sasori see them. I'll lose his respect if I do! Itachi is going down!

Entering the room where the meeting was taken place, both boys zoned in on the bundle in Konan's arms.

"Now that all of you are here, we can begin the meeting" said Pain, having the feeling a headache will be coming on in a matter of minutes.

"We'll have you fill in Hidan, Kazuku, Kisame and Zetzu when they get here tonight" said Konan, taking a seat while rocking the baby in her arms.

That isn't what I think it is? Thought everyone else within the room, besides Pain and Konan.

"Your new mission, is to take care of a baby for a week inside of the Akatuski hideout" ordered Pain.

"What's a baby?" asked Tobi, tiptoeing closer to Konan to get a look at it.

Everyone else turned to stone in shock.

"Your to make sure it doesn't get eaten or sacrificed either" continued Pain, eyeing everyone within the group.

"Is this Konan's?" asked Itachi, coming out of shock.

"Of course not, don't be silly Itachi!" said Konan, looking at the baby fondly as if it were her own.

"We're being order to babysit a BABY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME UN?" shouted Deidara, in dismay.

A kunai buried itself into the wall besides Deidara head, shutting him up effectively.

"Don't shout or else you'll make the baby cry" warned Konan, shooting a glare in his direction before softening into a smile at the baby.

"This shouldn't be a problem for any of you, it's just a week" said Pain, in complete understanding.

"We're rogue ninjas not babysitters" pointed out Sasori.

"Pretend it's a hostage that you have to keep alive in order to get what you want" said Pain, rubbing his head in thought.

"Does this mean we will be rewarded if we take care of it for a week?" asked Itachi.

"Yes" said Pain, tired of this discussion and wanting to retreat to his office.

"Then we'll do it" said Sasori.

"You can't be going along with this! We know nothing about babies!" said Deidara, loudly.

"I can make it worth your while" whispered Itachi, knowing fully well Deidara would do anything to get those letters back.

"Meeting over" said Pain, puffing out of the room in a substitution jutsu.

"Who wants to go first?" asked Konan, sweetly.

Tobi raised his hand but was smacked over the head by Deidara, while Itachi took the baby in his arms.

"I'll go first" said Itachi, retreating to his room with it.

"You idiot, your not responsible enough to take care of a baby" said Deidara, listening to Tobi whine about his head.

Konan walked out of the room but not before adding one last detail "If any harm comes to that baby you'll be dead".

The three of them shared a look than started discussing on what to feed babies.

Imagine they're surprise when Zetzu, Hidan, Kisame and Kazuku walked in on them.

"What in the hell are you three talking about?" asked Hidan, exhausted and covered in blood.

"Is there anything to eat?" asked Zetzu, opening the fridge.

"Who wants to tell them?" asked Sasori, sharing a look with Deidara and Tobi.

"Tell us what? Better be quick cause I have money to count" said Kazuku.

"We have to take care of a baby for a week" answered Tobi, cheerfully.

"My ears must have something in them, I could have sworn you just said a baby" said Hidan.

"We're not kidding un. Go see Itachi, if you don't believe us" said Deidara, stalking out of the room.

"Now this I have to see" said Kisame, grinning his shark tooth grin.

The four of them went to Itachi's room.

"Itachi I'm back" said Kisame, hearing the door unlock and swing open.

"You take it" said Itachi, handing the baby over quickly to Kisame before slamming the door in his face.

Kisame glanced up and down at the baby and door a few times that he almost dropped the baby in shock.

"The great Uchiha can't handle a baby" said Hidan, laughing his head off at the look on Kisame's face.

"Do you think Pain will let us feed it to Zetzu?" asked Kazuku.

"Feed me what?" asked Zetzu, appearing behind them looking somewhat hungry.

"Even think about feeding it to Zetzu and there will be hell to pay" threaten Konan, having heard the commotion of footsteps.

"Yes ma'am" they said in unison.

Throughout the next few days felt like hell for the Akatsuki members, but the week soon passed in a blink of an eye.

On the final day Konan sat in Pain's room while taking care of it.

"I wish we could keep you" said Konan, cuddling the baby closer to her.

"Konan, we have to return it" said Pain, placing a hand on her shoulder.

For everyone's sake thought Pain, knowing everyone was exhausted and looked worse for wear for dealing with a baby.

"But maybe someday when we have the nine tails, we can start our own family" said Pain, trying to cheer her up.

"You mean it?" asked Konan, looking up a him.

"Of course, for now let's just take care of those idiots we call family out there" said Pain.

"Alright" said Konan, making it disappear with a smile on her face.

Pain shouted in alarm than asked "It wasn't a real baby?".

"You could say that" said Konan, patting Pain on the shoulder for comfort before leaving the room.

"I'm keeping you to that promise" added in Konan, before disappearing.

If the Akatuski members learn of this it will not go well thought Pain, letting out a groan in dismay.


"It's finally over un" said Deidara, exhausted.

"You can have your papers back" said Itachi, having made them quite useful this week.

"What papers?" asked Hidan, curiously.

Diedara quickly burned them before anyone else could ask.

"Nothing at all" said Deidara, leaving the room.

Everyone else except Itachi had a look of confusion on their faces before letting it go as an after thought.

The End.
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Wow, I don't think I can look at the Akatsuki the same way ever again! xD Great job on another one KK.


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hahah that was good x'D especially the ending when she made it poof!


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Loved both of short stories EKK!
Shizou and Izaya and the truck were hilarious XD . Erika sounds really interesting two! I approve of her ShizouxIzaya obession! XD
And Konan wanting a baby and having the Akatuski take care of it was the best! But it wasn't real!? =0 Though I wonder what Deidara wrote in those letters and what Konan had done last time. X3

Can't wait to read more of your short stories EKK! =D

And sorry that I haven't been able to reply to you. Something is wrong with my Message thing and it won't let me send replies. =(


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Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom hearts

Kairi two-shot

The fate of the worlds was now left in Kairi's hands. Sora and Riku were defeated by Master Xehanort. Kairi herself couldn't believe it either, until she witness it herself through a corridor of light.

Outskirts of Castle Oblivion Crossroads

Sora shifted his Kingdomkey in an upward arch when he struck out at Xehanort while Riku backed him up from behind.

Xehanort anticipating this, dodged to the side by a mere few inches than swung out with his own Keyblade and knocked Sora away from him.

Riku seeing an opening flung WaytoDawn at Xehanort, only for Xehanort to capture it in his right hand.

"I would have expected more from a Keyblade Master" said Xehanort, cackling with laughter.

"Shut up" said Riku, grimacing at the smile on Xehanorts face and defenseless without WaytoDawn.

"Riku!" called out Sora, throwing a keyblade at him.

Riku caught hold of it without looking, keeping his eyes trained on Xehanort.

Only Riku didn't see a replica of Xehanort coming out of the darkness, Sora sped forward and shot out a beam of light, destroying it before Riku could be struck down by it.

"Thanks Sora" said Riku, knowing Sora had his back.

Xehanort shot out a beam of darkness straight for Sora's heart only for Riku to deflect it with a shield.

Out of the darkness more Xehanorts appeared, leaving Sora to deal with them while Riku countered every beam of darkness.

"Sora, we can't keep countering forever" said Riku, seeing Sora nod.

Sora taking the chance not engage with the replica Xehanorts was at Riku's back. Riku deflected once more with his shield before clasping his hand with Sora's. Together the two of them moved in unison.

Riku an Sora ran forward at Xehanort with their keyblades raised, Riku blocked everything Xehanort threw at them while giving Sora the chance to get close enough to strike down Xehanort.

Only to come up short when Xehanort made Kairi appear from the darkness and settled a hand over her shoulder.

"Kairi!? What are you doing here with Master Xehanort!?" said Sora, before feeling something strike through his chest.

"Kairi?" said Sora, eyes widening in shock from the smile on Kairi's face before clutching his chest in pain.

"Such a disappointment Sora. This here was just an illusion I created from the darkness" said Master Xehanort, pulling out his keyblade from Sora's chest.

"Sora!" screamed out Riku, watching Sora slump forward and burst into a bunch of particles of light.

Xehanort laughter rang through the empty fields that Riku tremble in rage.

The KingdomKey appeared in Riku's right hand while WaytoDawn occupied his left.

He's really gone thought Riku in horror.

"This is for SORA!" shouted Riku, racing forward and swinging both keyblades outward.

Xehanort deflected both then sent ariel beams at Riku.

Riku easily deflected them than struck out at Xehanort but it wasn't enough. Xehanort had no trouble over powering Riku, now that Sora was gone.

Kairi having felt something was wrong on the shores of Destiny Island, opened a corridor of light and appeared at the edge of the crossroads.

Rain was coming down all around her, the sky darkening with bits of lightning flashing through it. Through all the rain, Kairi could make out Riku getting knocked around by Xehanort and slipping up from the mud.

"Is that all you got!?" shouted Riku, calling on the darkness.

The two of them vanished from one spot to the next. Until Riku blasted a wave of darkness at Xehanort mixed in with light, that Xehanort simply stepped aside and got in Riku's personal space.

"Without Sora you won't be able to stop me" said Xehanort, watching fear enter Riku's eyes before using an orb of darkness to blast Riku away with.

"Riku!" cried out Kairi, watching him tumble onto the ground and skid to a stop.

The damage done to Riku was weighing down on him that he struggle to stand. Xehanort approached Riku than thought better of it and sent out slithering chains of darkness to wrap Riku up in.

"Submit to me or end up like Sora. Your choice Riku" said Xehanort, watching Riku struggle against the chains wrapped around him.

Both keyblades vanished from his hands, that Riku knew there was nothing left he could do.

"Never will I submit to you Xehanort" said Riku, a finality to his words before using his last resort.

"No! Don't do it Riku!" cried out Kairi, only to see Riku gaze meet hers and smile.

"Goodbye" he mouthed at her before smiling fiercely at Xehanort. Riku summon WaytoDawn and KingdomKey once more. Both appeared midair before settling around him.

"What is this?" asked Xehanort, watching them circle around the two of them.

"The end for both of us" said Riku, closing his eyes in acceptance.

Both keyblades shot out a beam of light and darkness. Enough to erupt an explosion and cause enough damage to the both of them. Even Xehanort couldn't stop it.

Kairi let out a scream while frozen to her spot. Trembling with shock she scrambled forward, slipping more then once in the mud before finally making her way to where she last saw Riku.

Desperately she called out "Riku! No! Please! Don't tell me your gone too!".

"K-Kairi" called out Riku, nearby among the rambles of rock.

Kairi hurried towards him before seeing the light that began to settle around Riku's body.

"Riku! Stay with me! Please!" said Kairi, getting down on her knees next to him and taking ahold of his hand.

"I'm...cough.. Sorry I could...cough couldn't save Sora" said Riku, his aquamarine eyes meeting her azure ones, filled with tears overflowing down her cheeks.

Kairi shook her head trying to bring a smile of comfort or reassurance to her face but all she could do was cry.

"Xehanort.. May have survived. You need to get out of here" said Riku, with little strength he had left.

"I can't leave you here!" protested Kairi, when she felt something pressed into her hands.

"Take this and go" said Riku, watching Kairi open her hands to see Sora's necklace in them.

Kairi looked up at him through her tears only to see he was vanishing before her in particles of light.

"Riku. Sora. Please tell me... This is just a dream" she whispered, clutching Sora's necklace in her hands and rocking back an forth in the rain.

"Kairi!" called out a voice within her.

Kairi jumped before looking up and watching Namine appeared right before her with tears in her eyes.

"Riku is right, Xehanort isn't gone for good. We need to leave" said Namine, urgently.

Together the two of them made they're way back to Destiny Island through a corridor of light.

The following days after, Kairi sat alone on the island watching the stars vanish from the sky once again. A letter from the King soon arrived.


I couldn't believe it when I was told from Master Yen Sid himself, that Sora and Riku both were defeated by Xehanort. The worlds are now in peril that I alone cannot stop Xehanort. The princesses of light are doing everything they can to prevent entry through the worlds they touch but it isn't enough. Soon they too will be overcome by the darkness unless you take up Riku's and Sora's legacy by becoming a keyblade master. Your light is strong enough to stop Xehanort. Please help all of us with your light,

Your friend Kind Mickey.

Kairi set the letter down after reading it for the fifteenth time and heard footsteps approach her.

"You know the King is right. We can't let Xehanort win" said Namine, now her own self.

"Namine, it doesn't matter anymore. Sora and Riku are gone" said Kairi, sitting on the sand while gazing up at the small part of the island the trio had once shared.

"Your our only hope left. If Marluxia or Larxene come back... Please you can't just sit here anymore!" said Namine, shaken at the thought of those two returning.

"I'm not a replacement. Even if I become a keyblade master, it's not enough" said Kairi.

"What if I said there's a few friends of ours waiting to be called on to help us?" asked Namine, pointing to her left where Lea was coming towards them.

"What's he doing here!" shouted Kairi, standing up and summoning KingdomKey without realizing it.

Namine stepped between the two of them then backed up a few steps while taking Lea's hands.

"Kairi, I'm not here to fight you. I wanted to tell you I'm sorry" said Lea, still wearing the organization 13 cloak.

"Axel, how is it possible your alive?" asked Kairi.

"He's no longer a nobody, much like myself" pointed out Namine.

Which is a mystery yet to be solved.

"It's true, the tattoos beneath my eyes are gone" said Lea, placing a gloved hand beneath one of his eyes to show there gone.

"If we gather everyone we can to fight, we can overcome Xehanort" said Namine.

"That is, if your willing to do it" she finished quietly.

Kairi backed up a step then a few more and broke out into a run.

"That went well" said Lea.

To be continued in part 2.
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Wow, Kairi sure did get a lot dropped on her. Hope she pulls through! Good job on another one KK.


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:O duuuuude you killed sora and riku....I LOVE IT! its emotional, it references lea's DDD thing and riku final attack was freaking awesome! nice job~
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Kairi Part Two

"Kairi doesn't realize it yet, does she Namine" said Lea, quietly.

The two of them stood there watching Kairi slip further away from them and disappear out of sight.

"No, I've tried to tell her but she refuses to listen" said Namine, feeling hurt and disappointed.

"Kairi is the key to our salvation. If she doesn't accept this soon were all going to suffer" said Lea, bitterly while looking off to the side.

"Lea, your sure they're all back?" asked Namine, trembling with fear.

"It pains me to say it, each and everyone of them has come back. There's no mistaking it" said Lea, knowing it was just a matter of time before they were discovered by old friends.

"We have to convince her! There's no other way around it, Lea!" said Namine, desperately before pulling away from him to stare up at him.

"Namine, I'll do everything in my power to protect you. I won't let them have you" said Lea, placing a hand on her trembling shoulder.

A few feet away to the shore came the sounds of clapping.

"What a touching speech Axel. Oh that's right your not a nobody anymore, you sound even more pathetic than I remembered" said an all too familiar voice.

Namine stiffen in fear and let out a gasp.

Lea stepped in front of Namine, shielding her from sight while summoning both chakrams and meeting Larxene's viscous smile with one of his own.

"You haven't changed a bit Larxene. Still sore from losing to Sora?" said Lea, expecting her to growl but instead was met with her laughter.

"Don't you know Axel? That pathetic brat is gone. That's right Namine, your precious Hero is gone" said Larxene, smiling.

"Where's Marluxia, Larxene?" asked Lea, glancing out of the corner of his eyes for him.

"He sent me ahead to keep you both busy" said Larxene.

Both Lea and Namine came to the same conclusion, that he heard her whisper "Kairi".

"Namine! Don't you dare leave my side! You listening to me!? They want you to separate from me. You'll play right into their hands if you do!" warned Lea.

"Save it Axel, you an I both know you would hand her over if your heart was at stake" said Larxene.

"You don't get it at all Larxene, the thing is I don't need this heart! You can have it!" said Lea, throwing out both arms protectively in front of Namine.

"Brave words of you Axel, shall we put it to the test?" asked Larxene, summoning her

"Well what do you know, the traitor survived after all" said Marluixa, interrupting their conversation and stepping out of a dark corridor behind Larxene.

"Marluxia" whispered Namine, her knees buckling in fear that all she could do to stay upright is hold onto the back of Lea's cloak.

"Ah how nice of you to grace us with your presence Namine" said Marluxia, summoning his scythe.

"What are you two really doing here?" asked Lea, keeping both of them in his sight.

"We've been given the orders to eliminate the both of you" said Marluxia.

"The princess of heart isn't much of a threat. You two on the other hand are" said Larxene, making the first move and striking out at Lea.

"Finding the two of you here, turned out to be a lot more easier than we thought" said Marluxia.

Blocking the blow with a chakram, Lea slashed out with his flames making Larxene back up a step or two.

Marluxia moved out of the corner of Lea's eye that he barely had enough time to whirl around to deflect the oncoming blow of his scythe.

"You can't fight the both of us, Axel" said Larxene, smirking.

"Watch me!" growled out Lea, pushing the both of them back and forming a barrier of fire around the three of them.

"That heart of yours Axel, has made you weak" said Marluixa.

"What do you know Marluixa!" spat out Lea.

"Plenty, we're not the only ones who want to eliminate you".

"In fact were putting on a show for them" said Larxene, gesturing past the flames where Xehanort, Saix, Braig, and Izeno stood off in the distance.

"That's right Axel, your surrounded" said Marluxia, taking pleasure from the look on Lea's face.

"What, afraid I'll escape? Is that why you called for them?" asked Lea, in a jokingly manner.

"So sorry Axel, you should have escaped when you had the chance. To bad this is the end for you BOTH!" said Larxene, throwing all of her daggers at once to electrify Lea.

Lea went to block them only for them to vanish in midair and strike him from behind, driving him to his knees.

Namine watched the flames surrounding the three of them evaporate instantly.

"Axel!" cried out Namine.

Lea's body spasmed constantly from being electrocuted all over and could barely stand from the amount of damage done to it.

"Namine, didnt I.. tell you to memorize my name?" asked Lea, laughing even though their was nothing funny about the situation at hand.

"Now you get to watch us deliver the final blow" said Marluixa, strolling over to Namine.

"But first" trailed off Larxene, grabbing ahold of Lea's hair and making him grunt in pain.

"You get to watch Namine suffer, Axel" she finished.

"Na-Namine run!" said Lea, grunting in pain from the elbow to his gut, making him double over before being knocked onto his back from a blow to the face.

"Don't give her any ideas Axel" said Larxene, glaring down at him.

Namine's eyes were trained on Lea, that she felt fear squeeze her heart as she watched him get knocked around before finally being driven into the sand by Larxene.

A gloved hand grasped her chin non to gently breaking her gaze from him.

"Are you afraid Namine?" asked Marluxia, smiling cruelly down at her.

"Get out of here!" shouted Lea, lifting his head barely off the ground before having his face shoved into the sand by Larxene.

"Shut it Axel" said Larxene, watching Braig sit atop of him.

"Are you going to let him watch or keep shoving his face into the sand, Larxene?" asked Braig.

"If he keeps it up I will. Be a good boy and watch, Axel" said Laxene, sweetly.

Marluixa vines shot out in all directions, that one of them wrapped around Namine's throat suspending her in midair.

"It's a shame that your no longer any use to us, Namine" said Marluxia, watching her struggle.

On the other side of Destiny Island

Kairi finally came to a stop after running so hard that she bended over for air.

"You are the Princess of Heart, correct?" asked Izeno, approaching her.

"Who are you?" asked Kairi, jerking up right to look at him.

Instead of answering Izeno created an illusion before her and observed.

Their before Kairi's eyes was Sora and Riku.

"Sora! Riku! Your really here!?" exclaimed Kairi, running to hug them both but was shoved away by Sora.

"Kairi, why didn't you do something?" asked Riku, taking a step forward.

"You could have stopped him from defeating us" said Sora, seeing the look of disbelief on Kairi's face.

"I..I wanted too! But the both of you told me to stay here and wait for you!" said Kairi, getting back up off the sand.

"That's a lie! You could have used your light to stop Xehanort, instead you watched me die" accused Riku.

"Stop" said Kairi, her heart breaking in two.

"You want us to stop? Why should we?" asked Sora.

"This isn't real! You wouldn't say those things!" said Kairi, trying to block it out with her ears.

Kairi, you have to break through this illusion.

We're counting on you.

Kairi looked up but knew it wasn't the Sora or Riku before her speaking to her.

You can do it Kairi!

We'll always be in your heart! Your not alone!

Kairi wiped the tears away from her cheeks and felt a smile break out on her face for the first time in days.

"I won't let you down" she whispered, a bright light formed around her before blasting everything away.

Izeno illusion shattered to pieces and backed up in fear as Kairi strolled forward.

In her right hand was KingdomKey and in her left was WaytoDawn.

"Tell Xehanort this is just the beginning" said Kairi, pointing WaytoDawn at him.

"You can tell him yourself, he's watching your friends die as we speak" said Izeno.

Kairi took off running in the opposite direction and using the short cut in time to see Namine struggling in midair.

Kairi summoned two more Keyblades that appeared in midair around her.

Gripping the two already in both of her hands, Kairi leapt out into a spiral of light cutting through the vines that held Namine up.

Namine fell to the ground choking for air while Kairi's feet touched the ground and whirled around to face Marluxia.

Throwing both WaytoDawn and KingdomKey at Marluxia, Kairi raced forward gripping OathKeeper in her right hand and struck out at Larxene.

Larxene barley had enough time to counter and was kicked in the stomach, sending her flying across the air.

While Oblivion shot out at Braig, knocking him off of Lea.

Kairi vanished at the speed of light deflecting blows from Marluxia and caught ahold of Oblivion in midair than she sped forward doing a combination of blows with both Keyblades in her hands.

"So the princess thinks she can take on all of us at once?" said Larxene, pissed off and crackling with electricity.

Kairi threw all four Keyblades into the ground, creating pillars of light around her and with her in the center the X-blade appeared.

Grabbing ahold of it, Kairi was covered in white armor from head to toe.

"That's not possible" said Izeno, showing up in a dark corridor besides Braig.

"Namine, take ahold of my left hand" said Kairi, keeping her eyes on all of them.

Namine slowly made her way over to Kairi but was stopped by Marluxia in a rain of petals.

"Your not going anywhere" said Marluixa, scythe pointed directly at her.

Kairi eyes narrowed in annoyance before vanishing from her spot and knocking Marluxia feet out from under him.

Lea having been watching all of this felt a smile come across his face and felt strength returning to him thanks to the Keyblade hovering over him casting Cura down upon him.

Together the three of them stood in the center of light facing all of them.

"You've finally woken up, Princess of Heart" said Xehanort, at last.

"I want you off my Island Xehanort. Your not welcomed here" said Kairi.

"Than so be it, but I'll be waiting for you in the darkness while doubt lingers in your heart" said Xehanort.

"When you come back to face me for the final battle, we'll see how much of your light can with stand my darkness" he finished, before vanishing.

Almost everyone vanished except for Larxene and Marluixa.

"We'll be back for you Axel" said Larxene, disappearing.

"You may be safe now Namine, but you won't be forever" said Marluxia, disappearing after her.

"You know what this means Kairi?" asked Lea, gazing down at her.

"I do" said Kairi, softly.

"Together the three of us will end this" she said at last.

Namine shared a smile as if knowing what Kairi was really thinking inside of her head.

I'm going to finish what Sora and Riku started and end Xehanort permanently.

The End.
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I liked the fighting in this one. Good job KK!

Also I noticed you use the word "their" for all forms of the word "there."
For instance these lines should read:
"Lea, your sure they're all back?" asked Namine
There's no mistaking it" said Lea


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i too liked the fighting here especially the quad-wielding i mean 4 AT ONCE!?
and you always due the marluxia, larxene, namine moments so well to~

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Wow KK you really dropped a bomb on Kairi with Sora and Riku's deaths but your showed us she can totally handle it. Nice job.