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Fanfiction ► Rain (A Riku/Xion fic)

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Feb 8, 2009
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A one shot fanfic. Title inspired by Rain (now Smile) who also makes very good Rion fics and is creator of the Xion FC. :love:


The waves swirled in from the sea, each crashing against the rocky outcrop, disintegrating into a cascade of water droplets.

Above, sitting atop a lopsided tree, the girl waited, waiting for nothing in particular. It was actually kind of soothing just sitting here waiting for nothing, she supposed.

Yet another wave crashed against the rock face, the sea spray splashing high up onto the rock face, showering the girl in a deluge of salt water.

An offshore wind blew in, the light breeze flowing by, barely acknowledging the existence of this girl, sitting as a lone watcher to the turbulent seas, the waves floundering in the ocean. She shivered. The cold was starting to get to her. To top it off, she was getting hungry. But she did not want to return. Not yet. Not ever.

"You're going to get sick, sitting around like this."

Indeed. The storm clouds were brewing in the distance, swept inland by the gales that propelled it forward through the sky. But she still chose to remain silent, sitting there, a quiet spectator to this scene.

A sigh. She felt a towel being draped over her back, providing her with some comfort against the chill. The footsteps receded back into the distance. Once more, she was alone.

Above, the clouds seemingly exploded, breaking open, releasing its full capacity, subjecting the land beneath to an endless tide of water. As each heavy drop fell on her, she could feel the cold spreading through her huddled frame, the freezing touch of each chilling her to the core.

The patter of the rain upon her head abruptly stopped. Leaning back, her slim body collided with another, and she quickly spun around.

A person awaited her sight, wearing a coat similar in all aspects to hers, eyes covered by a black strap of cloth, the ends flapping through the endless gusts of wind, his hair soaked thoroughly in the rain, the white strands hanging limply down, dripping water from their ends. In his right hand, he carried an umbrella, held open above her, the rain simply bouncing off it.

Despite the relief from the rain, it soon became apparent to her that he was getting drenched just to cover her with the small umbrella.

"Why?" She asked.

"You know what? I really don't know?"

Plucking the umbrella from his hands, she tossed it into the oncoming wind, watching as the force of the gale tore the umbrella apart.

"If you are getting wet just to help me, I'll rather we both face the rain together."

He smiled, the replied, "So be it."

A minute of silence passed. Another wave smashed against the rock, the resounding thunderous boom echoing across the area.

"So, you aren't going to leave?"

Jumping over the trunk, he settled down, leaning aginst the tree trunk, like a stoic guardian of the sea watching the tide come in.

"Nope. I'm staying with you until you go."

The rain continued falling, a blind observer to the spectacle below. A violent gust blew a fruit off the tree which they were on. She leaned backwards, catching it by the tip of her fingers.

Biting into the yellow, star shaped fruit, she marvelled at the taste. Sweet, yet at the same time, bitter. She did not know which sense to trust. But at least, it made her feel warm, as though a small flame had ignited within her.

A huge wave collided with the rock face, dousing the person before her with water. He shivered uncontrollably, before he realised he was, and stopped himself.

Tapping him gently on his shoulder, she called out.

"Here, eat this. You'll feel better."

Passing the half-eaten fruit to him, she saw that he noticably hesitated for some reason, the he took it, biting into the succelent flesh.

All too soon, the cascade of rain thinned into a light drizzle, the clouds parting to make way for the warm rays of the sun that it had concealed behind. The tide began ebbing, the calm ripple of the waves a repititive motion, almost hypnotising.

She leapt off the tree trunk. Her time was up. She had little choice but to leave now.

"Goodbye, Riku."

Holding her palm before her, a surge of darkness exploded from the ground, as a corridor of pure darkness sprouted. As the darkness slowly wisped away, there was left with almost no trace that she had ever been there at all.

In his palm, he held a few leaves, remnants of the fruit that they had shared together, in such a bleak moment. He would remember it forever.

Turning back, he skulked off into the distance, returning back to the darkness of his other life.


Yeah, it's nowhere as good as Smile's Rion fics, but I suppose it's the best I can do. My writing skills are very very bad. :36::36:


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Jul 22, 2008
This is pretty good, better than mine.i have written about 5 and have chucked them all out:lol::lol::lol:


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Feb 4, 2009
It was super cute :DDDD
And it wasn't bad at all!
Xion rocks, and so does Rion♥
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