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Fanfiction ► Ragnorok: the second coming


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Mar 6, 2008
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Coming back from crazy world.
(I’ll just skip right to the exciting part, the story is original so....

Warning: This Fan-fic will cross over into various video-game and anime worlds;May contain spoilers;Read at your own risk)

Level 0: Forced Departure

“Your lucky Sora…looks like my summer vacation…is over.”
As the sky darkened, so did the situation of the teenager running to the entrance of a black church. The doors of the church was covered in green vines that seemed unearthly, and even worse, it was growing by the second, increasing in mass and covering more of the church. Around the church, the only other sound that could be heard other than the teens heavy steps was the sound of his heavy breaths. As he reached the door of the church, he unsheathed his swords and cut the vines that were covering the entrance to the church into little parts that were no bigger than little thumbtacks, and fell to his knees taking deep breaths. After a short moment he stood up again and kicked the doors of the church open. As the doors swung and hit the wall it was attached to, he charged in holding his weapons tightly heading straight for the altar, which was also colored black and covered in vines. As he reached the altar he stopped and looked up at a figure dragging what appeared to be a young girl in blue armor that was injured badly, and was holding a red broadsword in his free hand.
“Don’t do it! Give her back to me!”
As these words were spoken, the figure diverted its gaze to the teenage boy standing on the red carpet below the altar, glaring into his eyes before speaking.
“Only after this can I become whole once more.”
“You don’t know what your doing.”
“I do know what I’m doing. Now begone, you have been a thorn in my side for far too long.”
As the figure said these words, he lifted one of his arms to point towards the teenage boy, and almost instantaneously, a ball of pure black energy emitted from his palm, shooting straight for the boy with immense speed. As an instant result the teenager attempted to lift his weapons to block the attack, but moved to slowly and was engulfed in the attack. As his body was disintegrating, he managed to catch one last look at the black figure and noticed that his face now had the expression of an evil smile as he turned his red eyes back onto the girl and lifted his broadsword and began to swing his arm.
“Maybe...this really is the end.”

The first sound of what was peaceful day had now been interrupted by the maniacal screaming of a teenage boy who had just woken up from a dream, or better defined as a nightmare.
“It was all a dream? It…it felt so real,” he thought to himself as he got out of bed and started to get ready for another day. His black, spiky hair glistened as he started to look through his wardrobe trying to find something respectable to wear. His blue eyes narrowing down each selection of outfits that he had until he turned around to leave his room and go to the much neater kitchen, which didn’t include any clothes thrown about on the floor and wasn’t what could be defined as a pig sty. As the tall teenage boy started to head to the kitchen in his pajamas, he peered over at his alarm clock to see what time it was, and to his bewilderment it was nine o’clock.
“What am I going to do? School started an hour ago, which means that the teacher is going to lecture me this time. Guess I’ll just have to hurry to school,” he said as he put on his shoes and backpack, and ran out the door in his pajamas.

As he kept running the three mile length he had to cross to reach the school, he passed various buildings and a few familiar faces that attempted to say hello, but failed in their attempts.
“For a sixteen-year old, Chrono sure can move fast.”
A couple of moments later, Chrono ran across a sidewalk, and because he was looking down instead of straight, he crashed into a schoolgirl who apparently had missed school just like he had and was running in an attempt to get there on time.
“Oww. What did I hit,” Chrono whispered to himself as he looked up to see a seven year old girl with blue hair and eyes rubbing her head. As he stared the girls attention redirected to Chrono, and she stood up looking at him with her hands curled into fists.
“What do you call this lump on my head?”
“Look I’m sorry I wasn’t paying atten- ,” Chrono said as he was unable to finish his sentence the moment her fist made contact with his face.
“Serves you right bully,” she said as she picked up her things and started to walk away from where Chrono laid on the ground twitching. After a couple of steps she turned around to face Chrono before looking at the ground as her face began to turn bright red.
‘He’s kind of cute,’ she thought to herself before asking, “Excuse me, but what’s your name?” Hearing this Chrono quickly got up into a defensive pose looking at her before choosing to reply to what he found as a psychopath.
“I’m not sure if I should tell you,” he said as he stood up and started to run away before stopping to turn around and look at the girl, whose hands were now holding a brick tightly.
‘She’s crazy. I better just answer her question,’ he thought before opening his mouth to speak to the girl.
“My names Chrono, what is yours,” he asked looking closely at her now. She started to grin as angel wings materialized on her back and her eyes narrowed on Chrono.
“Finally we found you Chrono, after all of these years. My name is Tina, and if you don’t remember we met once before.”
“What do you mean you finally found me,” he asked as she soared straight at him, tackling him hard enough to hurl him backwards into the side of a building and knock him out cold.
“This virtual world was his creation to keep you imprisoned and suppress who you really are, which means that the longer you’re here, the more danger you’re in. Goodbye Chrono, your never going to control your body again.” Tina said walking up to where Chrono lay unconscious, and kneeling very slowly, kissed him on the cheek. After a few moments, a symbol that appeared to resemble that of a yin yang symbol appeared on his cheek, with one half blood red and the other pure gold. After standing back up, Tina grabbed Chrono’s arms and dragged him into a portal that she had opened in a nearby wall, engulfing both of them in a pure white light, making them disappear from a virtual Twilight town. As they left the portal closed behind them, leaving no evidence of what had happened.

“This is the Twilight town news report.Two boys whose names are Roxas and Chrono have gone missing from Twilight town. If you have any information regarding what happened to them...”

End Level: 0

(Any comments on anything that I might need to change?)
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