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Radiant Garden's destruction

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Jul 20, 2008
um i am SO confused on radiant gardens destruction.

i know the basics.
xehanort destroyed it and maleficent but this is what i dont understand.

every world has a heart, correct? now each time a heart of that world is taken that world disappears and is destroyed but i dont understand on how everything of radiant garden looks completely fine when xehanort speaks to ansem

all right
first xehanort opens the door to the heart of radiant garden
Ansem Report 5
It had a large keyhole, but didn't seem to be locked. So I opened the door. What I saw on the other side mystified me. What was that powerful mass of energy? That night I observed a great meteor shower in the sky. Could it be related to the door that I have opened?

after this xehanort then went to speak to ansem the wise on the experiments
YouTube - Xehanort - Apprentice

you can tell this was AFTER xehanort opened the door to radiant garden because mickey is here and came via gummi ship so that means radiant gardens wall barrier was destroyed and allowed mickey to come in and this is after xehanort creates the heartless because ansem speaks about the heartless in that scene

"the doors that hav appeared"
"the place the heartless seek"

but WTF?!?!? if you open a door to the worlds heart that world would be completely destroyed. how wasnt radiant garden in shambles at that point? look at destiny islands. riku opened the door to the heart of destiny islands -and ye its been confirmed that riku opened it- and it was destroyed in a matter of seconds but not radiant garden at all. it doesnt even seem like it has a scratch! hell ansem the wise doesn't even notice.

i dont get it...
if taking the worlds heart wasnt enough to destroy radiant garden wtf made it become in shambles?

freaking plotholes and so confusing.


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Jun 28, 2008

A situation, in a soap opera or similar serial fiction, in which a new story line explains or changes a previous event or attaches a new significance to it

Tetsuya Nomura on the universe of Kingdom Hearts.


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Jan 27, 2010
in your heart, breaking it
Yeah it's confusing, but I think it's because in destiny Islands, Ansem was already there before the door was opened. So perhaps when Riku opened the door, ansem just had more time to do something about it and bombarded the word an it's heart with darkness. Radiant Garden was probably a much slower process since there was no one to speed up the process.

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Oct 14, 2008
Opening the door to a world's heart doesn't necessarily cause the world to be destroyed. In KH1, it was explained that a world is destroyed when something messes with the world's heart.

KH1 said:
Leon: The Heartless enter through the Keyhole and do something to the world's core.

Sora: What happens to the world?

Aeirth: In the end, it disappears.

In KH1, the Heartless needed to track down the Keyholes and rob the worlds of their hearts. However, stealing a world's heart is said to be a process that takes some time.

Ansem Reports said:
The cause of a world's wall collapsing is the appearance of the Heartless, but finding a world's door takes time. And robbing a world of its heart is a similar case.

Therefore, it's possible that even though Xehanort and the Heartless located the heart to Radiant Garden early on, the world could continue to exist in a normal state for some time since snatching a world's heart may take some time. Plus the Heartless were created just recently before the heart was located, so I doubt the Heartless were strong enough yet to quickly take a world's heart.


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Dec 22, 2007
As Ansem SoD once said, "It's really quite simple.." *adds my own lines* Radiant Garden/ Hollow Bastion held the key to the DtD, right? You know? The one that required all seven Princesses of Heart in order to open? Personally, I think that because of that and the fact it wasn't opened until post-Riku final, the world could never fall completely to darkness. That and I think that Maleficent might of had a hand in that. After all, she did find the means to control the heartless for a good while. Maybe she kept away from devouring Hollow Bastion's heart or maybe Hollow Bastion is that was left, once the world start falling to darkness. However, like it was said before, maybe the fact the emblems were relatively new, along with the pure ones created by the experiments also had something to do with it.
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