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[R3-B2] Alaude Drenxta vs. Prophet

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Nov 27, 2009
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Scenario: You are both members of rival organizations, assassins sent out to do their bosses' dirty work. You are both friends outside of your jobs, and neither of you know the other's true line of work-- but the organizations know, and they fear you may be betraying information to their competitors through them. Therefore, they have both decided to give you a new mission, one to test your loyalty: Kill your friend, or be killed yourself.

Arena: A normal metropolitan city-- skyscrapers, cars, pedestrians, anything you'd find in a normal city. Use your surroundings to your advantage. You may hide in crowds or move to a more abandoned area to fight freely while avoiding detection.

Special Conditions: You can't cause too much chaos or alert the authorities, or you risk jeopardizing the mission. Kill your target as quickly and discreetly as possible, but be aware, your target will be hunting you as well.

Restrictions: No cheap shots, no giant guns, no headshots. Vehicles and smaller weapons are allowed.

The battle may begin as soon as both combatants have posted their templates. Sorry this took so long to put up.


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Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...
Enter password
Access Granted



Birth Name
Wei Liang Chow

Current Alias
Matthew Dao


Pale Horse





Eye Color
Dark brown

Natural Hair Color
Black (natural red streak in the forward, right hair follicles)


170 lbs

Notable Features
Pale complexion, high cheekbones, somewhat gaunt look. No markings or tattoos. Hair is often a 4-6 inches long, hangs in long strands.

The man known as Wei Liang Chow was born son of a poor Chinese peasant woman in the mountains of slums of Malaysia. Father unknown, although likely American based on the genetic evidence. It seems like the woman attempted to raise him at first, but the dishonor cast upon her by having a fatherless child proved too much. She was exiled by her immediately family, and the child was abandoned at age six to the Malaysian countryside.

Records indicate the boy managed to survive up until age eight by living off scraps on the street. Stealing, living quietly, there is only so much information. At age eight, he was caught stealing, and was sentenced to labor, like many of his motherless peers. In the sweatshop where he worked, the child was worked hard. The only solace he gained was from a few scraps of literature he managed to retrieve with the meager pay he was given. A single elder of the sweatshop took pity on him and taught him to read. The boy became well versed in Daoist and Confucian teachings, leading the elder to give him the name ‘Wei Liang’ (Great Philosopher in native Cantonese).

The teachings had the unfortunate side effects of teaching Wei Liang hope. One day, he ran from the sweatshop, bursting with desire to understand more.

When he was found by the organization, he was 16, and preaching in the streets of Malaysia. He was a young, wiry boy, with a gift for speaking and a strong understanding of philosophy. He was street-wise, capable of evading guards and authorities that would come after them. He resonated strong with the people, who referred to him as the ‘Street Confucius.’ He preached rebellion and strength for the peasantry of Malaysia for three years, until he was arrested and thrown in jail at on the eve of his 17th birthday. It was here, that he was retrieved.

For the SEVEN SEALS, Wei Liang was seen with interesting potential. He seemed very adept to self survival and held no traceable ties to any pre-established organizations or families. His philosophical studies were self-reflecting, and could make him a strong candidate for training.

Wei Liang was trained hard. His health, which had always been malnourished, was increased. He was trained to develop his natural instincts of self-preservation and escapism. Mental endurance was fortified with extensively exhausting training. His willingness to be trained was brought along with a series of extensive education in Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Judaic, and assorted other philosophies and religious traditions. Wei Liang wanted to understand the human mind. The SEVEN SEALS provided him with the physicality and resources to understand this.

Wei Liang was released into active duty. After a series of highly successful stealth and recon missions, he was promoted into actual assassinations. Wei Liang quickly was able to adapt, using his physical and philosophical knowledge. He grew interested in the human body as well as the mind, reading extensive physiological textbooks as well as becoming more versed in psychoanalysis. He become well versed in subtle deaths, and by the time he was 24, had advanced up into higher targets. At his current age of 32, Wei Liang holds one of the four top spots in the SEVEN SEALS assassins program.

His current status in question.

Psychological Profile
Wei Liang is an avid learner. He possesses vast knowledge of human philosophy and religion, having studied major and minor theologies and texts of Western and Eastern thought. He is incredibly well read in psychology and human physiology, having an almost obsessive desire to understand the human mind and body. He is described by many of his peers as ‘wise.’ It is interesting. He almost wise to a sociopathic degree; he is not moved by emotion, nor by ethics or morals, and yet he can completely understand how the human reacts, including himself. His self-awareness and self-analysis are bettered only by his understanding of those around him. Even as I take these notes, he sits in front of me, commenting casually on my thought and observations.

Relationships- He deals with relationships on an almost psychopathic standpoint. He is polite and respectful, to authority as well as his peers. He looks out for them, as if he cares. And yet, he expresses no remorse upon death or upon situations usually meriting an emotional response. MRI reveals little actual brain activity in the emotional facilities of the brain. Any activity is immediately countered by the ‘super-ego’ as Freud would have named it. It appears as if Wei Liang has a great deal of control over governing his own conscious and unconsciousness. If not control, at least awareness.

Wei Liang seems to rely much on compartmentalizing. When he is off duty, he can relax, read philosophy, study anatomy, etc. When he is on assignment, he buries this deep and brings out only what he has too, to serve the mission. That focus is put away once the mission is over, and seems can be brought out in a flash if need be. I have witnessed Wei Liang shift in perspectives in a matter of seconds. He is constantly aware of what he needs to be.

He is not talkative, except when commenting on philosophy or human action. Otherwise, he is contemplative and thoughtful. He speaks words very carefully.

Escapism- Wei Liang is highly flexible and a master of parkour. He is highly adept at long distance, high speed running and climbing unconventional surfaces. He has developed incredibly high stamina, and despite having a slim frame, is deceptively strong.

Combat- Wei Liang is well versed in various forms of quick, direct combat. While not trained in any particular art, he has developed some form of self-defense and assault from Krav Maga and Hapkido. His knowledge of the human body and innate psychology enables him to end physical confrontation as quickly as he possibly can.

Knowledge- Wei Liang biggest asset is perhaps his incredibly innate understanding of the human mind and action. His knowledge of philosophy, religion, psychology, and physiology give him an incredibly accurate way of understanding people. Coupled with his knack for observing people and putting the pieces together, it makes his deductive wisdom his biggest weapon of all.

As the Fourth in the elite team of assassins of SEVEN SEALS, Wei Liang employs a variety of means to eliminate a target. His preferred means are to assume an identity, get close to a target, and then kill based on circumstance. Wei Liang is a man of subtlety however, and does not prefer high-grade weaponry or long ranged kills. For Wei Liang, it is about the beauty of the personal interaction. While he is constantly trying new and different things, and often carries a myriad of lethal items on his person, he is known for utilizing poisons of various sorts, chemicals, manipulating others in the situation somehow, and once again, his impeccable understanding of human behavior.

Additional Notes
-Enjoys poker, chess, and other games which involve opponent-analysis
-Has inoculated himself and built up resistance to most major neurotoxins, diseases, and poisons, to avoid accidental self-affliction
-Currently rents apartment in New York City under assumed name, Matthew Dao

Mission Logs
Rank granted- Angel status confirmed
Angel- Recon mission- success
Angel- Recon mission- success
Angel- Recon mission- success
Angel- Recon mission- success
Promoted- Archangel status confirmed
Archangel- Infiltration and retrieval- success [Target Blocked]
Archangel- Infiltration and retrieval- success [Target Blocked]
Archangel- Infiltration and retrieval- success [Target Blocked]
Archangel- Infiltration and retrieval- success [Target Blocked]
[Mission logs encrypted, further clearance required]
[password?: ***********]
Access Granted
Promoted- Plague status confirmed
Plague Mission- assassination- success [William R. Kingsley]
Plague Mission- assassination- success [Arnold Wentford]
Plague Mission- assassination- success [Mila Poraman]
************* [file accessed[
Promoted- Horsemen status confirmed
Horseman IV- Codenamed: Pale Horse
Pale Horse- assassination and cover- success [James Garfield]
Pale Horse- removal of threat- success [Stephen Hawking]
Pale Horse- assassination and cover- success [Target Blocked]
Pale Horse- assassination and cover- in process... [Target Blocked...]


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Sep 17, 2007
Gonna give Prophet a win, but only a single point be cause Alaude has disappeared.
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