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Oct 28, 2007
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I’ve seen in another forum a cool “game” that actually is a quiz concerning all about (and I mean anything at all) games. The games happens this way:
1) someone makes any question about any game at all for any console (from the old Ness ‘till PS3, PC and portable are also include);
2) the other have to answer it and are allowed to check the internet in order to find the answer;
3) the question lasts - at maximum - 48 hours, if no one finds the answer, then the person who posted the current question answers it and someone (and I mean anyone at all) gets to start with another question and so on;
4) if someone finds the answer, then it’s his (or her) turn to start a new question and so on;
5) if after 24 hours, the person in charge of a new “contest” still didn’t make a question, then someone else (like in 3, anyone at all) may post a new question;
6) if more than one person gives the right answer, then the first one to post “is the victor” and is in charge of a new question;
7) if the person doesn’t want to make a question, they can pass their turn to someone or let it open for anyone;
8) the contents are allowed to ask for some clues from the starter, in that case the starter types “Clue” and gives something. There is only one limitation - 5 clues at maximum.

It’s just for fun, don’t take too serious okay.
When someone comes here, then they can also post their question (I'm letting anyone start it because I don't know if, I start, there will be people here, so anyone start it).
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