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Questions for Kingdom Hearts fans!!


TD Twilight

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Oct 18, 2016
Cape Cod MA
[FONT=&quot]Hey whats up its Jordan here and i'm just here to update you guys on something very special that has been in the works for many months. In December I will be launching a youtube page where my main focus will be Kingdom Hearts topics. Types of videos i plan to have on my channel include top 5/10's, theories and discussions, easter eggs, tips, predictions, challenges and more! I have a lot planned for the channel already, but One of my big goals to stand out amongst other youtube'rs is to find different ways to get you guys directly involved with my videos. One of the ways im gonna start that is by having Viewer Challenges at the end of my videos; simple tasks like get under 8 seconds on the Twilight Town skateboard job, or combo high scores, And there will be a specific place that you can contact me and send me a screenshot or a picture of the score you got and The following video I will announce everyone who beat the challenge! Eventually when I get more established i will do Prize Giveaways to the top contestants. Is there any other topics or ideas you guys had that you wanted to see covered in youtube? Make sure to comment any comments or suggestions, all criticism is constructive to me ^_^[/FONT]