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Punishment and an annoying little sister



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Dec 15, 2009
Punishment and an Annoying Sister
One-shot by xiolio_tiessa628
Kairi sat on the porch swing outside of a brick house with a blue roof. Riku and Sora were headed towards the house. Kairi smiled and waved at them. Sora smirked and looked at Riku, “First one to Kairi wins.”
Riku chuckled, “Same old Sora.”
They began running towards the house. Sora jumped onto the oak porch and stood in front of Kairi. He looked back at Riku and chuckled, “I guess I’m the winner.”
Riku finally stepped onto the porch. “I guess, you have to do my homework that I missed for the pass year,” Sora said with a confident smirk.
Riku crossed his arms and laughed, “Yeah, but Sora, your mom, dad and little sister, Skyla are here.”
Sora replied, “Don’t be silly, Riku, I’m sure they have forgotten about me.”
“Ahem,” came a gruff voice.
Sora turned around to see three people standing behind him in the doorway. One was a man with tan skin, dark brown hair that was as spikey as Sora’s with a brown beard and brown eyes that would make anyone quake. He was dressed up like someone that worked in an office. The second was a female that looked a lot like Aerith, except her hair was blonde and not brown and her eyes were aqua-blue. She was dressed up in a pink sundress and had a giant pink bow in her fine hair. Last, the third figure was a little girl about six that held tightly onto a giant pink bunny. She had the same color hair as Sora’s, but she had brown eyes like the man. The girl was dressed up in a pink dress like the woman was.
“Mom, dad, Skyla, it’s been awhile,” Sora said innocently.
“Sora, you can play with your little friends later, but you have to catch up on all the chores you’ve missed,” the woman said.
“Ruth, don’t forget to tell him that he’s also grounded for running off,” the man added.
“Yeah and since Big Brother Sora are back, me and Mr. Tumbles now have someone to play with,” Skyla giggled.
Sora sighed, while Riku and Kairi chuckled and waved him goodbye, “Guys, you can’t leave me here!”
Skyla, the little girl grabbed her older brother by the hand and rushed him into the house. As the day passed out on, Sora was stuck doing thousands of papers that he had missed while on his journey to fight Heartless, Nobodies and evil Disney villains. He ended up getting a makeover from his sister. When his parents finally let him out, Sora came out of his house wearing a Princess Tutu, pink dress, blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and pink blush. Riku came out to visit Sora and he nearly fell on his butt laughing.