PSX experience countdown

Nov 11, 2014
  • 15th Anniversary
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX
Hello guy's. Next Saturday and Sunday is the big PSX experience. This won't be a topic of list of games I want to see, but a discussion what we can expect. I do think we have a chance for ff7 remake since shinji said we were getting news this year. It's December. It's time we get some info at leats, and remember Tetsuya said ff7 remake will have massive info dumps unlike KH3. Seems very plausible that it will make a PSX experience. (2)Now I have played bloodborne. Really amazing game, and always loved the dungeon with the lore. Now due to the ending, it seems unlikely. But due to it being a hit game, fromsoftware should take the moment and give a teaser trailer. Nothing less or nothing more. Just give a confirmation that the game is in development. (3)Spider-Man PS4 is my most anticipated superhero game ever. The graphics, the combat, and going into lesser known spiderman villians is a big stuff. The one thing I hope they announce is the main villian. Because it was confirmed that DR. Negative isn't the main villian. The next thing is announcing a sysmboite appearance(venom, or carnage). The one thing I do hope is a possibility of the spiderverse being introduced. I would like to play other spiderman other than peter, and miles. (4) God of War ps4. Honestly I believe 99% sure we will get a release date. Other than that, I hope we get to see a physical appearance of a Norse God. Hopefully loki, or even thor. I am very excited for this game, and hopefully we will get a new story trailer.

Tell me what you expect is gonna happen, and what could be the next internet breaking announcement.