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Fanfiction ► Project Riku

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Sep 1, 2005
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Chapter 19: Twilight Project Riku

All of the PR rams into Riku.. Then Riku falls to the floor and can barely move.
Cloud grabs Riku and goes back to Sora..
Project Riku: No… I’m tired of following you.. I have my own mind now… You can’t control me now! Twilight Storm!

Lots of giant Twlight element balls flew at the unknowns.
Vexen: Oh no… RUN!
The org runs away from the blast.
Sora’s party jumps away and lands safely.

Time Clock: 0:05
PR magically teleports away.. The Heartless and Dusks go away.


In 4 years………

Mog: Kupo! I’m the Narrator! My name is Mog the Moogle! Kupo!
You may know me from Final Fantasy 3! Or Final Fantasy 6! It doesn’t matter, because Final Fantasy 3 and 6 are the same! Kupo! Let’s continue the story, but first.. I have to shower, drink my Moogle Coffee, eat breakfast.. Be right back!

Chapter 20: Riku
Sep 1, 2005
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Chapter 20: Riku

Mog: Ok Kupo, we’re back with the story! Ok…

Back in the book

Sora and his friends flies to Destiny Islands on a Gummi Ship, then Cloud’s Party takes a vacation while Sora and Co puts Riku in his bed.
Sora: Rest Riku.
Sora walked out of Riku’s House..
Kairi: Hey Sora, hows Riku?
Sora: Why do you ask that? I just put him in the bed.
Kairi: Well……. Never mind.

Back in Midgar..

Axel: You idiots! I told you not to touch my wheels!
Vexen: Uh, Axel… Get on the topic…
Axel: Er….. Fine.
Vexen: It seems that.. the ICN only works if the body doesn’t go near the heart.
Larxene: Vexen did more research on the ICN.
Vexen: We have to make another one… But different…. We’ll use Devin.
Demyx: What’s Devin?
Vexen: Devin is like Mako… But different. It’s not the life of the planet… It was made by the waters that heal Geosimga. It was a gift from the planet.. One drop means 50 hours of energy. It’s really useful.
Xaldin: I see… Vexen… Go build the robot.. Demyx and Axel go find Devin.
Axel: let’s go…
Axel and Demyx walk out the door…

Two days later…
Back in Destiny Islands...

Sora: This is not looking good.. Riku is suffering from his wounds..
Kairi: Well, find another way to heal him. It seems his bones hurt.
Sora: alright…
Sora goes to Cloud’s Tent..
Cloud: What do you want?
Sora: Is there another way to heal Riku?
Cloud: Yes.. But its in Midgar.. Go there and buy 3 potions, elixirs, and 4 Linacure Roots. Mix them put them in a freezer and then melt it and it should work.
Sora: Thanks…
Sora runs to the Gummi Ship with his co..
Goofy: Hey Sora, do you know where is Midgar?
Sora: Hm…. I remember that it was uh…. Uh oh… I forgot!
Goofy: Doh…
Donald: Maybe it’s east?
Sora: Nah I’m not taking that chance.
Vincent: May I help?
Sora: What? How did you get in here?
Vincent: I quietly got aboard.. Your gummi ship is big…
Vincent: I’m going to set the cooderaties.. I’m gonna set it to the safe path to Midgar… Now if you excuse me… Lemme off this ship!
Sora: oh sorry…

Chapter 21: Midgar
Sep 1, 2005
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Chapter 21: Midgar

Sora and co arrives at Midgar…
Sora: Where’s the shop…. Hmm….
Axel: hey..
Axel falls from the sky and in front of Sora..
Axel: You will not pass.
Sora: I will get pass you though!
Axel: Fine, so be it.
Sora uses Trinity Limit followed by Ars Arcaum and Blizzaga, and Ragnorak.
Axel: Argh….
Sora: Wow, you’re weaker than before..
Sora runs past Axel.. and into the shop.

Item Shop

Thief: Hey, wanna buy some Linacure Roots?
Thief: Uh no.. I’m not Ansem… He sounds cool.. And a good person to fit in my dark abyss… Oh crap.
Sora: How’s it going Ansem?
Ansem: Uh.. BYE!
Ansem throws a smoke ball and smoke fills the room and disappears
Ansem gets stuck in the window.
Ansem: HELP!!
Sora: ok!
Ansem: Wait—NO DON’T HELP!
Sora pushes ansem out of the window
Sora: That Ansem, he always screams…
Shop Keeper: KUPO KUPO KUPO!!!
Sora: What? Oh great the store keeper is a moogle..

Mog: HALT!! This part of the story is really important.. That moogle is my sister.. She died when she got killed by sora which you will later see…

Sora: Hello?
Shop Keeper: Kupo Kupo? Do you want elixir potion and linacure roots? HERE YA GO FOR FREE YOU F*CKING SORA OF A B**CH that once sh**ed in my pants that was da*ned!
Sora: O_O…
Sora walked out of the shop with blood on his key. SEE HE’S A MURDERER!! GOOD THING THAT NORUMA CANCELED KINGDOM HEARTS 3!

Sora: Now I got the potion… Oh wait.. ya freeze the piece of crap…
20 minutes later…
Sora: NOW I GOT THE POTION… Let’s go back to Destiny Islands..

Chapter 22: Ruins of Destiny Islands
Sep 1, 2005
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Project Riku is back with a bit of Project Riku!

Chapter 22: Ruins of Destiny Islands

Sora returns to Destiny Islands
But he notices that it was a bit different………
Sora lands and sees that the sky is full of red clouds, no sun, full of shadows… Fire around sora glowed with bright lights…
Sora: Who…. Did this?
Vincent: Riku…
Sora turns around and sees Vincent..
Sora: Riku?
Vincent: He somehow got up from his wounds, he pushed away people as he went to the mayor’s house… The mayor is dead, and Destiny Islands is in ruins…… The island is going to split apart… You should leave… Riku kidnapped Kairi and went into space..
Sora: ………….
Vincent: GO NOW!
Sora: Where will you go?
Vincent: I’ll be fine.. I have my own vessel..
Sora: Ok…………
The island splits apart and then Vincent disappears.
Sora runs to the gummi ship, but the ground splits apart between the gummi ship and sora. It was about to be too wide for sora to jump across… Sora jumped and grabbed the edge. Below him was rushing water, if he fell. He would surely drown, sora couldn’t stand the rumbling… Suddenly, something knocked sora’s hands off the ground and sora plunged into the roaring water.
Goofy & Donald: SORA!
Donald: We must save him!
Goofy: How?
Donald: I don’t know…
Goofy: If we jump in there we’ll die…
Donald: hmmm… good point…

Sora was unconscious in the deep sea, he then opened his eyes.. He sank faster and faster, he then saw Destiny Islands and what it looked like… Riku was in the water, Sora shouts out to him, and tries to rescue him, then he notices the shore water was moving towards the ocean. Sora looks up and sees a big wave in front of Riku. Riku turns around, but it wasn’t riku when he turned around… The background changed into a dark abyss, and riku turned into ansem. Then the background turned into Castle oblivion, Ansem was now Axel… The background changed once again and this time it was the end of the world place.
In front of him was Ansem… And then he turned into Darkside..
The background turned into pitch black…. Darkside then upgraded himself into new armor and more powerful. Sora fights Dark Crusader….

Chapter 23: Where am I?

Sora jumps at Dark Crusader with his key in his hand, but then Sora wakes up. He then sees that he was on a Island. It was deserted, or so Sora thought.
Sora runs around and searches for the indigents for making a raft. He finds lots of long and strong branches for a raft. He then finds some wet rope, he finds some firewood. Then he finds flint. He dries the wet rope with the campfire, he ties the rift together, he finds some cloth for a sail.
He then gets ambushed by heartless. He gets out his key..
Sora: Oh no..
A shadow leapt at him, sora dodge rolled, and then slashes the heartless.
Sora, then uses trinity limit, the heartless vanished with a ray of bright light.
He then sits down and rests…

Chapter 24: Kairi & Riku
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