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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
I've seen pics of White/Black Mushroom cards. Are they real? If so, how do I get them?

Also, how do you do everything in Pooh's world? (Get Slights, spells, etc.)


A Picasso Reality
May 15, 2005
Bald Mountain
100 Acre Wood walkthrough:

In here, Sora will meet up with Winnie the Pooh, who seems to have lost his
friends and cannot find them. He's also hungry, but if he tries to eat, he
will be unable to search. Sora will offer to help him search, having been
trying to look for his own friends, and Pooh will happily accept.

To complete 100 Acre Wood, you don't have to go through any bosses or anything
of the sort. Instead, you'll have to lead Pooh around using the R button to
find his friends, and at the end, you'll obtain the Bambi Summon Card. To make
things easy for you, I'll do stuff in a step by step process. Just remember
not to stray too far from Pooh, or he'll stop.

- First head down and call Pooh to the bucket of honey next to the vegetables
growing that Rabbit is harvesting. After that's done, take him to the cart
that's next to Rabbit (the empty one), and jump in, then call Pooh in. This
will cause one of the wheels to fall off.

- Next, bring Pooh down to contact with Piglet. Piglet wants to stay out of
Pooh's attention, and in his odd state, declines Pooh's request to come
along with him and look for their friends. Piglet however will give us the
Confuse ability, though he still won't go along.

- Preceding that, go down and bring Pooh to the large cluster of balloons.
Grabbing them, he'll float up, and Owl will come and bring him down. Pooh
comments he could do that every day, and Sora suggests using a balloon to
find his friends. However, Owl will contradict him, giving a few words of
wisdom. Owl will then give us the Spellbinder ability.

- Go down and grab some of the honey. After that's done, bring Pooh down and
into the hole that has tracks before it. Pooh will float up, but this time
will come up with Roo. Roo explains he fell in while looking for Tigger, and
decided to stay to surprise Tigger. Sora suggests that instead of waiting,
he goes and finds Tigger instead. Roo will take the idea, and then give Sora
an Elixir.

- Bring Pooh down to another pot of honey. Go ahead down with Pooh and talk
to Eeyore, who explains he's lost his tail...again....Now, bring Pooh down
a bit more until you see four stumps in a square shape next to a sign. Call
Pooh up onto one of the stumps, and have him jump counterclockwise like
Tigger was earlier. After a full rotation, Tigger comes in, and compliments
Pooh on his jumping, but tells him that he's got to try all types of
bouncing. Sora then explains they wanted him to notice, and Tigger will put
on a performance. Tigger will leave, but he leaves behind the Idyll Romp

- Now, do you see the beehive up a bit to the north on the right side of the
field? Bring Pooh up to it, and a bunch of bees will suddenly start chasing
him. He'll run around a bit and hit the tree holding Eeyore's tail, and it
will fall down. Eeyore will claim his tail, and thanks Pooh, even if it was
an accident that Pooh helped him out. Eeyore then grants Sora the Bind

- Now take Pooh down past the small stumps and grab some more honey. After
that's done, leave him there, then go and hit the 7 pillars that are around
with your keyblade. Once they're all in the ground, go down a bit and hit
the other 5 pillars. Now, go back to Pooh. How this works is that you want
to have him weave a path between the pillars. After, a bunch of cabbage will
come falling down. Hit them, and once you hit 14, Rabbit will come and
give you a reward.

- Once you reach the end, Pooh will thank Sora, and give him the Bambi Summon
Card. Now head back to Castle Oblivion.
White Mushroom (Hyper Healing)
Restore some HP every time you use a friend card.

Duration: 3 reloads

Black Fungus (Random Flush)
Activate a random enemy card effect.

Duration: 1 reload.
All from Gamefaqs.

I'm not 100% sure where u get them from, but there are door cards 4 the mushrooms, if u remember the KH1 things the mushrooms do (light for thunder etc.)...then it should be OK