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Princesses of Heart and Sleeping Keyholes



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Oct 4, 2009
Hi there. Long time no see!

I've been having these wierd thoughts lately. Can we discuss them?

For once we know that there are many sleeping keyholes. I do believe that there are only seven in order to gain the power of waking, but onde you set foot in the sleeping realm, you can creat one to travel (Mickey and riku use the power of waking to get to the Realm of Darkness).

So I got to thinking: what if the princesses of heart and the seven keyholes are connected? And then another thought came to me: in kh3 we know that the pure lights switched hearts (every one except for Kairi's).

So I went to do some research

Sora and Riku unlock these Sleeping keyholes:
  • Destiny Islands;
  • Traverse Town (twice);
  • La Cité des Cloches;
  • The Grid;
  • Prankster's Paradise;
  • Country of the Musketeers;
  • Symphony of Sorcery;
  • Dive to the Heart (Riku - after leaving the sleeping worlds in order to save Sora)
Yen Sid puts Sora and Riku in Destiny Islands so that they can enter the Sleeping Realm. They could just easily gotten into the Dark Realm but they managed to open a Sleeping Keyhole. (Mickey used a portal do get into the realm of darkness when a world got consumed)

Let's go with each world then:

In Destiny Islands, after defeating Ursula, Sora and Riku gets the oportunity to open a sleeping keyhole. I do not believe that this is one of the seven sleeping keyholes, since Distiny Islands returns from darkness after kh1. We do know that Ursula got there because of Ansem SoD, who has the power to time travel thanks to his younger self.

What I believe happened next was this: both Sora and Riku's keyblades shot a beam to the keyhole of sleep. This one serves as an entrance. We do know that Riku 'sensed' the danger and dove into Sora's dream. So I believe that Sora's beam opened the entrance to the Sleeping Realm and Riku's beam opened the entrance to Sora's Dream.

In Traverse Town, both Sora and Riku open a Sleeping Keyhole in the end of their first visit. I believe this is the first true sleeping keyhole that they open.

In La Cité des Cloches, Sora and Riku close their second sleeping keyhole.

The same happens in Pranksters Paradise. (3 down)

Then the fun parts kicks in. In The Grid we have this gem from Young Xehanort: "Data does not dream, cannot dream". I do believe that since Sora got into this world outside the Sleeping Realm. I believe he continued with is Dream Eaters powers because Riku was still inside his dreams. This puts Sora outside a sleeping world, but Riku is still in a Sleeping World: the version inside Sora's dream is indead a dream and is indead inside a real of sleep, Sora's sleep. I believe that Sora does not open a Sleeping keyhole to wake a world, but Riku does, inside Sora. If this is true, then Sora has opened 3 and Riku 4. Please, just continue reading.

They then go to Traverse Town that I do believe it's not a dreaming world again (well, it is, but it isn't since they wake it from sleep in their first visit, but Joshua still need it, so TT stays in the sleeping realm).

The Country of the Musketeers come after. Here Sora seals his 4th sleeping keyhole and Riku seals his 5th.

Synphony of Sorcery it's Sora's 5th and Riku's 6th.

Then they arrive at The World that Never Was. Sora counts 7 sleeping keyholes unlock. I do believe he count The Grid. Riku is a little more clever and realises that he had opened seven keyholes. And I think he is right. Since Traverse Town existis in two planes of existence, it counts as two worlds. If this is true, then Sora's count goes up to 6 and Riku's to 7.

I do not believe that Sora ever unlocks a 7th sleeping keyhole. So how does he get the power of waking? Well, Riku unlocks the seven ,and he is inside Sora's dream. I believe that Riku gets the Power of Waking ant Sora gets it via Riku, but inside his dreams (and I believe that's why Ventus says that I didn't lost the Pwoer of Waking, it just sleeps inside him).

In Summary: I believe they both have the power of waking because Riku opened the seven keyholes inside Sora's dream. Sora lost his powers but not the power of waking, it stayed assleep inside him.

What as this anything to do with the princesses of heart?

Yen Sid says this: As there are seven pure lights, there are seven "Sleeping Keyholes".

I do believe that unlocking a true Sleeping Keyhole is the reason that a pure light change heart, and I do believe they are connected. If any of this makes sense (probably not) Sora only unlocked 6 sleeping keyholes therefore affecting the light of 6 princesses of heart, every each one except for Kairi.

Why did Sora's keyholes did that and Riku's didn't? Why, because Sora was inside the Sleeping Realm but Riku was inside a Sleeping Sleeping Realm. Sora change the light from one princess to another (6 times) and Riku unlocked the Power of Waking to both him and Sora.

Sorry, english is not my native language, so there are a lot os mistakes (probably? ahah).

What do you thinks?