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Aug 14, 2007
Title: Power Rangers Dino Assault
Author: navyninja87
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: I do not own Super Sentai, Power Rangers, storyline of The Incredibles or the translations of Nossan’s lame jokes. They belong respectively to Toei, Saban, Disney/Pixar and Over-Time. I just own my characters and whatever you don’t recognize.
Inspired by: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger
Story Category: Power Rangers
Author’s note: Thanks to Tony Rizzo, who I asked to help with this and my besties, Aprildawn Hale for helping me figure out the timeline logistics so I wouldn’t be erasing whole teams from Ranger history and Frank Brown for suggesting the scene with Tyranno.

Chapter 1:
Ancient Power, New Attitude
Part One​

January 14, 2054

After all this time, one would think that Billy Cranston would not be surprised by the new villains’ entrance. The 79 year old was a former blue ranger, fighting Rita as well as Lord Zedd. He’d also seen the arrival of the Machine Empire after his days as the blue ranger were over. So when Ren popped in and said that it was time to summon the teenagers he’d chosen, Billy was unable to hide the shock in his expression.

“It’s time to choose the newest generation of five overbearing and over-emotional humans.” Billy commented to himself as he channeled his old mentor, Zordon. The interdimensional being’s sacrifice was a large blow to both sets of the Mighty Morphin team, since they were the first two sets of teams he mentored and they all considered him as a father figure in their lives. Billy picked up the phone and dialed Adam Park’s phone number. Adam was the only replacement for Zack when Zack left with Trini and Jason to go to a peace conference in Switzerland.

“Thank you for calling Jurassic Park. This is Adam speaking, how may I help you today?” Billy snorted. Since Park was Adam’s last name, it spawned a lot of Park related jokes.

“Adam, that joke is seriously old.” Billy remarked. “You better not let your wife hear that one or she’ll never let you hear the end of it.” Brianna Park (neé Hart) hated the Park related jokes and often told Adam to cool it.

“Sorry, Billy. I couldn’t resist for old times’ sake.” Adam apologized. Billy grinned as he looked at the family picture his daughter sent him for Christmas last year. “What can I help you with?”

“Adam…Its time. Ren came and told me that the Strife army is rising again.” Billy announced. Silence fell between the two former rangers. Both felt the need to defend the Earth but knew their era was already gone. “Are you sure that you want to co-mentor the team with me?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I told you we would be in this together. Once a ranger, always a ranger.” The coined phrase made Billy smile.

Declan Montgomery was looking over the set of songs that his choir class was supposed to sing for the town's Valentine's Day festival in February when he saw Crispin Holloway disappear down one of their school's unused hallways. He put away his music sheets and caught up with Crispin. “What are you doing? You know that you'll get a detention if you're caught down there.” He lectured.

“Don't be a buzz kill, Monty. Geez, I think you actually enjoy destroying other people's idea of fun.” Crispin snapped before he sighed and turned around to face Declan. “Didn’t you get Dr. Cranston’s note about wanting to meet us after school in homeroom?”

“No, the substitute erased the board before I spotted my name.” Declan answered, frowning as he heard footsteps coming closer and closer. “We are going to get into trouble if a teacher catches us down here again.”

“No, we won’t.” Declan frowned and raised his eyebrow but then he heard Dr. Cranston, the history teacher, coming down the hallway.

“Whatever, Dr. Cranston's coming.” Declan remarked, folding his arms in irritation.

“Declan, Dr. Cranston is cool with it. He's...” However, Declan saw the horror in his classmate's eyes and knew that the older man had caught up to them.

“In charge of the group you are bordering on being tardy for, Mister Holloway.” A voice interrupted Crispin. Declan turned to face his history teacher with a sheepish smile. “We have special guests today so in the future, Mr. Montgomery, my classroom rules still apply. If you are not in the classroom by the time I get there, you are tardy.”

“And that's another detention with Dr. Cranston. Thanks, Crispin.” Declan snapped. Crispin beamed at Declan.

“Actually, since I'm not in the classroom, it's not a detention but I would advise you to hurry.” Dr. Cranston corrected softly. Both boys looked at each other and then made a headlong dash for the unused classroom. They heard their teacher chuckle just before they entered the classroom to find three other kids sitting with confused looks on their faces and eleven adults standing in the front in various poses of rest. The most alert was the younger guy in red. His brown eyes assessed Declan in a way that made him slightly uncomfortable. He didn't have any time to mull it over because Dr. Cranston walked in, bringing the adult count to twelve.

“Okay, I'm sure all of you are wondering why Dr. Cranston has chosen you to come here.” An Asian guy wearing a black shirt with green stripes announced. “Have you ever heard of the Power Rangers?”

“They're widely considered to be urban legend, myths.” One of the guys blurted out. Declan recognized him as Eiji Kimura, the captain of the school's karate team.

“Power Rangers a myth? What does your school teach those kids, Billy?” The older red asked. It sounded like he didn't like the idea of being regarded as a myth.

“The normal subjects, Jason.” Dr. Cranston said tiredly and looked at the Asian man who had spoken.

“I assure you that the Power Rangers are real. We've never revealed our civilian identities because of the space rangers being accused of grand theft.” Adam said calmly. “I am Adam Park.”

“Mr. Park, you sound like you speak from experience.” Declan spoke up. Adam smiled at him.

“I am. I took over from Zack,” When Adam said 'Zack', an African American man near the door raised his hand with a grin on his face.

“That's great and all, but what does that have to do with us?” Ramon, the only one who wasn't in high school asked. He was a previous graduate, however.

“Our planet is in deep trouble.” The younger red spoke. “Earth needs a team of Power Rangers again.”

“So why can't you gather every last ranger on the planet?” The new girl asked. Declan thought her name was Eileen or something similar.

“Our time to protect the earth has passed. A new team needs to take up the mantle and I chose you guys to perform that duty.” Dr. Cranston announced. “These Rangers are here at my request to help you with your decisions. Declan, you’ll be speaking with Jason Scott and Casey Rhodes.” The two reds swept him into the hallway while Dr. Cranston assigned the rest of the adults to the kids.

“So let's start with fears. That should be a good topic, right, Casey?” The younger red nodded. “What fears do you have related to rangering?”

“Isn't the red ranger usually the leader? I can't lead. I've never led anyth-” Declan started to protest the idea of his being the leader. He was nowhere near the amount of leader material that these guys were at. Casey, in particular, because he looked like he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Hey, I was a cub when I was made the red ranger.” Casey pointed out. At Declan's confused look, Casey added, “Pai Zhuq speak for rookies. My point is every red ranger learns how to be a good leader during their service.” Jason nodded in agreement with Casey’s sentiment.

“Casey's right. Zordon pulled my team out of a restaurant when Rita Repulsa attacked the Earth for the first time. Leading a ranger team isn't as bad as it sounds. You have to follow your instincts but more importantly, listen to your teammates when you make a decision. I have faith in you and so does Casey.” Jason said with a smile.

“What if we fail?” Declan asked softly.

“The only way we'd be disappointed is if you didn't put up a good fight, Declan.” Casey replied. "You have the spirit of the leopard, like my girlfriend. She's a natural born leader when I’m not around. I see the same in you." That was high praise from a former red ranger.

“Give being the red ranger a little time and you'll see it's where you belong.” Jason added. Declan nodded.

Flynn Mc Alistair and Ethan James weren’t sure of what to think about the young man Billy chose for their successor. For one, he was overly excited about meeting former power rangers. “Och, we’re here t’ talk about ye, Crispin. No’ us.” Flynn chided.

“Flynn’s right.” Ethan said as he massaged his temples. “You need to be willing to be Stego’s partner.”

“I am willing, Mr. James!” Crispin enthusiastically replied. “I’ve always wanted to be a power ranger!” Both Ethan and Flynn shared a look.

“I say we let Stego decide about whether or not he’s willing to serve with an overly excitable partner.” Ethan whispered to Flynn.

“Aye, since what we’re saying to him isn’t sinking in.” Flynn agreed.

Jasmine Kandou and Evelyn Cranston sat down. “Aren’t pinks supposed to be damsels in distress?” was the first thing out of Aileen’s mouth. Both former pinks looked at the other with amused expressions. “Because I can’t do that.” Both blinked.

“Most of the pinks prefer to solve their own problems, Aileen.” Evelyn answered. “I certainly was not a damsel in distress during my tenure as a ranger.”

“Neither was I. If I was, I certainly wouldn’t be serving as a go between for Casey and my brother when they get into one of their arguments.” Aileen chortled at her predecessor’s example. “Sierra, Flynn’s wife, wouldn’t let any of the Rangers on her team serve when they were sick, herself included.”

“I think what Jasmine is trying to say is that most pinks tend to want to stand on their own two feet rather than have their Ranger significant other solve everything.” Evelyn clarified. Aileen nodded. Both these women seemed to be strong pinks and Aileen knew she wanted to be that sort of pink.

“Then that is the kind of pink I want to be.” Aileen decided while Evelyn and Jasmine grinned at each other, knowing that Aileen would turn out to be a great pink ranger.

“Do you want to become a ranger?” Cam asked. Eiji shrugged. Throughout the whole conversation, Eiji said very little to the former greens and both green samurai rangers were getting very irritated with him.

“If I have to, I will.” Eiji said suddenly, surprising the men. “With the earth in desperate times, how can I not take the mantle?” The question utterly baffled both rangers. It sounded like Eiji didn’t want to be a ranger.

“Eiji…you sound a bit reluctant.” Mike pointed out.

“I am but I am also willing to become a ranger.” Eiji replied. Cam nodded.

“Let me cut to the chase,” Ramon started as Zack and Tommy sat down. “I have no interest of being a ranger.” Both rangers looked at each other. They were shocked that Ramon would be the toughest to crack, the others being relatively easy to figure out from what the older rangers were overhearing.

“Billy would give us the difficult one.” Tommy muttered to himself.

“Ramon please, man. We don’t have time to search for another black ranger candidate.” Zack tried to convince Ramon to join their cause.

“Not my problem.” Ramon replied, stubbornly folding his arms.

“Ramon, would you please listen to us? As it turns out, I was just like you when I started my ranger career. I wasn't asked by Zordon to join the team - Rita ensorcelled me to destroy the other Rangers. After Jason broke the spell, I was afraid of being rejected by the other rangers but instead, they pulled me into the fold.” Tommy explained while Ramon impatiently listened.

“Ramon, there is only one chance to take the right stance. We are giving you that chance to make a difference as we once did.” Adam commented as he came over. Ramon rolled his eyes.

“A chance to keep the Power alive.” A familiar voice to Tommy said. Ramon's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe that the soccer coach was a former ranger.

“No way...You, a Power Ranger, Coach McKnight?” The coach kindly smiled at Ramon.

“Yes way. I was the red dino thunder ranger. Dr. O was my mentor. You would be wise to listen to his experiences, Ramon as well as listening to these other two black rangers. Zack was the first and Adam was the second.” Conner replied, hoping that Billy and Evelyn’s assessment of Ramon was correct – that listening to him was exactly what Ramon needed.
“Okay. So you don't have time to search for a replacement for me?” Ramon asked. Tommy and Zack nodded. “I'm on board, then.”

Jason, Casey and Declan reentered the classrooms. Billy looked expectantly at the kids like they were supposed to make a decision once Declan sat down at his desk. However, Declan spoke first. “If you will have me, I will stay as red.” He announced to his future teammates.

“I'll be behind you a hundred percent, bro.” Crispin commented, standing up. Crispin was Declan's first friend that he'd made at Silver Firs High. Crispin picked Declan to pair up with him on a science experiment and the two, despite all their differences, became the best of friends.

“As will I.” Eiji said, standing up. Eiji was very softspoken and his hard demeanor intimidated Declan to no end, so it surprised Declan that Eiji was willing to accept him as leader material.

“You can count on me.” Both Ramon and Aileen said in unison. It was unanimous. Declan nodded at his team, accepting their confidence as his own. He would make sure that they succeeded in what Dr. Cranston chose them for.

“Wonderful, it's unanimous amongst the humans. Now, you just need to gain the permission of your respective Zord.” Billy announced.

“What?!” All the teens exclaimed at once, making the former rangers grin.

It was decided that Jason and Cole would teleport to Hawaii with Declan to gain the approval of Tyranno. They told him Tyranno really wasn't that bad once someone got to know him. They didn't prepare him for the fact that Tyranno was huge, however. The Dino zord had to bend its head down to look and sniff at Declan, which Declan thought was odd. He screeched and then looked at Declan.

"He says that he is very pleased with you." Cole translated. The Dino zord affectionately nudged Declan which shocked him.
"Well, Tyranno, we have to go." Jason told the Zord. Tyranno hung its head and whined. "Did Tyranno just whine, Cole?" Jason asked the former red.

"Yes. Tyranno thinks it’s a dog." Cole replied, arching an eyebrow. "Interesting Zord, Declan." Declan idly wondered if that was good or bad.

"Is that a good interesting or a bad interesting?" Declan asked.

"It's good where a sentient zord is concerned." Cole explained. "My lion zord never let me forget that it was a wild cat zord." The image, Declan had to admit, was hilarious. Who would treat a big lion zord as a house pet? Tyranno certainly wasn't one and Declan didn't think Tyranno would get into his house at his present size.

"My Tyranno wasn't sentient." Jason explained softly. "Seriously, though, whose idea was it to program it as a dog?" Declan snorted. His inkling that Tyranno hated Jason’s comment was very strong.

Tyranno blinked, stunned at the comment, stunned at the comment. Silence reigned for five minutes before Tyranno added in heavily accented English, “Can I eat him…please?!” Declan now shook with laughter at the dinosaur’s threat.

“We do not eat former rangers, no matter how obnoxious they may be Tyranno.” Cole softly told the zord.

“That wasn’t brave, that was…stupid.” Tyranno added, still blinking out of shock. “Why on earth one of my comrades was paired with him, I’ll never know.” Jason raised an eyebrow.

“Are you saying you don’t approve of me?” Jason asked.

“No, I’m saying that between you and Declan if I were given a choice, I would always pick Declan over you.” Tyranno explained. “He’s brave.”

“Thank god Zordon never made our zords sentient…” Declan thought he heard the older red say as they teleported back to the classroom.

A\N2: I’m going to stop here for now. I will write the rest into a separate chapter.


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Definitely off to a great start. I like all of the personalities from the new generation of power rangers and some of humor thrown into it as well. :) I used to be a big fan of the power rangers when I was really little. I like hearing the part about uniting as a power, because they can't do it alone and need a group to fight together and get stronger against their foes. Well done for your first chapter.