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Fanfiction ► Pokemon: Skylar's Adventure

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Jul 17, 2006
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I noticed there weren't too many Pokemon fan-fics...so I thought I would try my luck at one :) Don't comments would be appreciated...and I already have other chapters, but just wanted to start you guys off on the journey.

Chapter 1: The Beginning
Skylar woke up earlier in the morning then usual. It was time for his morning jog. He has been training the past few months for a huge kick-boxing tournament, that would allow him to enter the Final Countdown Tournament, held in Flybinge City. This is where the best of the best come to show their skills and hope to win it all.
Skylar was a young teen, not much older then 15. He had black hair the covered up his eyes and went past his ears. He usually wore a headband to pull some of it up above his eyes. He wore sweat pants and was almost always seen with a bright red hoodie, holding a Pokeball in the middle of it. He was very strong for his age, but was very timid and shy. This is why he had few friends.

As he walked down the stairs, his dad stopped him. His dad was about the same height as Skylar, but had grey hair and a grey moustache to match. "Son, I know you have been training for this...but don't you want to follow in my steps. You could be a great Gym Leader like me." Skylar looked at his dad. "Dad, I really want to be a Pokemon Master, but I don't think I am cut out for it. I want to be physically and mentally prepared for my journey. I am not ready yet, but soon...very soon." With those words, Skylar walked out of the house, and left his dad watcing him run down the street.

Skylar opened the door with his sweaty hand. "I'm home." "Welcome home munchkin," said his mom. "Lunch is on the table." His mom walked through the doorway, holding a pan with bacon in it. She was slightly shorter then Skylar's father, but was decent height for a lady. She wore a long green dress and had a green ribbon in her hair.
Skylar sat there, eating his food, and thinking about what his father said. It is true, I want to be a Pokemon Master. I want to catch them all. Maybe I am ready. I have waited for so long. Yes, it is time. "Father, I am ready." Skylar looked up at his father's glowing, smiling face. "Ok son, I am glad. Skylar, tomorrow we will get your first Pokemon. I have the perfect one in mind for you."
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