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Sep 16, 2013
Hello and welcome to the continuation of Pokémon βeta Version! It took a while but with college and all that jazz I decided to hold the story and focus on my studies. Luckily now I have some spare to dedicate to this story.

Chapter 17: Trainer Infi

“Now accessing Sector Route 5.” Announced the computer’s voice. Infi was currently traveling through the Terminal to rescue Blue. Despite being the first Program, she still hadn’t gotten use to using Terminals since they made her feel dizzy. Her body was rapidly vibrating through the tube as she was being transported to Route 5. Even though it was common to feel discomfort when using Terminals, Infi was feeling the full effects due to her having the most compacted Data.

“Steady.” Infi grunted through clenched teeth. She could feel herself slipping away but luckily a blinding light enveloped her. She had arrived at Route 5.
“Breathe.” She reminded herself, pacing through the dirt road. She couldn’t stop now, they were both now at risk, so it was imperative to hurry. Her steps were quick and shaky, she could barely manage from falling over. A beeping sounded inside her head.

“Infi? Infi? Infi are you there?” Asked a worried Joey. Infi nodded to herself.

“I’m here. I am currently following Blue’s tracks.” She responded out of breath. Joey immediately noticed her distress.

“The Terminal took its toll on you. Take it easy, I will warn you of any approaching threats.” He reassured. Infi whispered a thank you as she continued on.


“Alert. Key Program has left the Center.” Announced a soothing female voice. Aspen immediately stopped typing.

“Repeat that again.” He demanded with concern. He had been so busy going over tile work for the Legacy System he hadn’t paid attention to the Center’s activity.

“Key Program has left the Center.” Repeated the voice. Aspen’s eye grew wide.

“Locate IT now!” He hissed through gritted teeth.


Infi slowly trudged down the slanting route to find Blue’s unconscious body near a patch of tall grass. She immediately ran to his side, slowly reaching under him to try and lift him up. Infi managed to get a good hold of him, but she heard something rustle in the grass. It was a Wild Pokémon.

“Oh no.” She groaned. The patch of grass began to violently shake. Infi heaved him in one go and quickly tried to make a go for it. She could still hear the loud rustling behind her, the Pokémon was following.
“Lady Infi?” Asked a familiar voice.

“Dexio?” Infi asked startled. She had forgotten about Dexio. He was still in Blue’s pocket, safe from damage.

“My lady my sensors indicate a Wild Pokémon is approaching. However since you possess no Pokémon it will not attack…The same cannot be said for Blue.” Dexio explained. It made sense, there was no way a Pokémon Battle could happen without a Pokémon, but still…

“Blue’s unconscious, he should have been transported to the nearest Pokémon Center unless… he was attacked by”

“A Glitch.” Dexio finished. Now it all makes sense. Only a Glitch’s attack can intervene with White Out protocols. A Glitch’s presence can also affect scripts, which included Wild Encounters. There’s no way they’ll make it back to the Route Terminal without at least one Battle. Infi laid Blue down and searched through his bag.

“Lady Infi? What’re you looking for? The Pokémon is still stalking us!” Dexio yelled. Infi finally found what she was looking for: A Poke Ball.

“My lady those are Blue’s. They will not obey you!” He reasoned as the Tall Grass behind them began to growl. Infi closed her eyes, trying to gather what little strength she had and focused it towards the Poke Ball. The capsule began to faintly glow.

“Let’s do this.”

“Wild Pokémon is attacking!” Dexio yelled as a black figure leaped from the patch of grass.


“Wild Raticate has appeared! It’s high leveled, proceed with caution.” He warned.

“Go Poke Ball!” She yelled, throwing the capsule. The Poke Ball split in the middle releasing the red streak of energy. The energy took the shape of a flying Pokémon.

“It’s Blue’s Pidgeotto.” Dexio clarified. Infi gave a curt nod then turned to face the huge rat Pokémon. This would be her first battle. As Key Program, Infi wasn’t allowed to leave the Center so there was no need to learn how to battle. Infi swallowed hard as she looked to Pidgeotto for reassurance, who in turn nodded curtly. The Raticate decided to attack first with a Super Fang as it charged towards the avian Pokémon.

“Take to the skies Pidgeotto!” Infi commanded, and Pidgeotto did just that. The bird Pokémon flapped its wings as it evaded the charging attack. The Raticate now had its back turned to Pidgeotto.

“Pidgeotto lets take this opportunity! Use Hurricane!” She exclaimed. Pidgeotto turned to Infi confused. The Raticate turned and slammed itself against Pidgeotto with a Tackle attack.

“My lady I’m afraid that Pidgeotto doesn’t have that Move.” Dexio explained. Infi was embarrassed, in her eager and excited state she assumed Pidgeotto’s move set.

“Pidgeotto’s move set includes; Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust and Quick Attack. I should also mention its Ability is Keen Eye, so reduction of accuracy should not be a problem.” Dexio clarified. The Raticate’s fang began to glow brighter, charging a different move. Infi narrowed her eyes at it, it was Hyper Fang. If that moved landed they would be in big trouble. The rat Pokemon dashed towards Pidgeotto with its gaping mouth; they needed to counterattack.

“Pidgeotto use Sand Attack!” Infi commanded. Without sparing a second, Pidgeotto descended and began to flap its wing, letting loose a flurry of sand onto Radicate’s face. The Wild Pokémon was taken aback, its Hyper Fang no longer charged. Now was the perfect time to strike.

“Now Pidgeotto use Gust!” The Pokémon rose above the opponent and unleashed a strong gust of wind that knocked Radicate off its feet. The sand was now cleared from its irritated eyes.

“Pidgeotto take to the sky once more.” Infi yelled. With just one flap, Pidgeotto ascended several feet above the battlefield. The Radicate sprinted towards Pidgeotto’s shadow, its body rapidly glowing as it went faster. It was Quick Attack!

“Time to finish this! Pidgeotto counter it with your Quick Attack!” Infi shouted. Pidgeotto tucked its wings and swiftly dove towards the upcoming Raticate. Both their bodies were now glistening with energy and speed as they neared each other. With a hiss and caw, both Pokémon struck each other causing a heavy impact. A cloud of dust exploded around them.

Slowly the cloud dissipated, revealing the Pokémon. Infi gasped at the scene before her, Pidgeotto was standing over the unconscious Raticate. They had won!

“Great Battle lady Infi!” Dexio congratulated. Infi could only nod with a shy smile in return. The Wild Pokémon disappeared from under Pidgeotto, signaling the Battle was over. Following suit, Infi called back Blue’s Pidgeotto to its Poke Ball.

“We have to get back, I don’t to wish to try my odds against another Wild Pokémon.” Infi breathed as she heaved Blue over her back again. Luckily, the company made it back to the Center in one piece, where they met with the tired Professor.

“Oh thank the heavens! I was fearing the conversation I would have had with Aspen over losing two ATI’s!” Joey sighed in relief. Ignoring him, Infi placed Blue on the table to inspect any damage done. She pulled some machines over him to scan his body. Joey approached the table with a worried face.

"Well? Will he be alright?" He asked. Infi nodded.

"Whew...That's good, that's good." He breathed in relief. Infi removed the machinery and emptied the contents of Blue's pack, she was searching for something. Joey raised a brow at her.

"Something you need in there?" He asked with a judging stare. Infi rummaged through the contents until she pulled something.

"This." She deadpanned, showing off Blue's D[vice]. It was turned off, probably because of low battery. Joey's eyes widened in understanding.

"Dexio should know what happened to Blue."


Director’s Report 12

It wasn’t Linden. He didn’t even know the files were stolen which means the culprit is still out there. The rest of the staff doesn’t have the capabilities to pull off such a heist, and Olive didn’t know anything about the incident. It doesn’t matter now, I told Linden to increase the security on the Vault and to report any problems. I need to focus and begin to sow the seeds of corruption into the system. Infi will be offline for a few days, enough time to let them in unnoticed. Soon the empire that was the Pokémon franchise will crumble, from its ashes nothing will rise but shame.





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Been such a long time since you're last update! Nice to see you're back! C: Infi did well against a wild pokemon. I'm surprised it obeyed her, but perhaps the pidgetto was concerned for Blue and his wellbeing. In any case, nice to see Aspen upset for a change instead of getting away with whatever his schemes may be. And I can't wait for the next chapter!