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Poems O_O

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Sakura Angel

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Jul 31, 2010
Well I love to write although for now my grammer and spelling sucks but no worries I'll work on that so the people who notice don't hate D:

Comment if you like~ Advise is welcome! I'd love to get help so I can be better! :3

Take me away
Show me your world
Take me my love
And show me the ways of your life
Let me see through your eyes
Give me your mind
Give me your soul
all just for a moment
just so I can take a peek into your world
Let me see your trials
let me feel your pain
just one peek into your mind
and I shall take all your pain away

My heart cries out in pain
The one I love has forgotten my name
He has found another in his life
But why cant I do the same?
He says he loves me
But I know its a lie
I just stay so I dont break out and cry
In my heart you will always be mine
But I know in your heart I have died....

The moon light is bright
I stare with wonder what you are doing
Are you thinking of me?
Or are you sleeping tightly
Or are you looking at the same moon I am?
I wonder so much about you
I wonder if you ever wonder of me
I close my window and go to bed
I say my prayers then I said
"I wonder what you are doing"

Im sitting alone under a tree
Looking at the leafs on the tree's sway back and forth
I hear the birds cherping
People weezing after a run
Seeing a dog flop on the ground as the family has fun
I lay back on the grass looking at the sky
falling asleep as I listen to the children run by

This night is long...
This night is painfull...
This Night is nothing but lies
My tears for you
Are only for you
But yet you dont understand
The love I feel
The pain I feel
Wich one will take the win?
The lies you tell
The things you do
The pain has taken the win.
You dont understand
But you say you do
Which do you expect me to choose?
I know your lies
You say no truth
why do you think I should choose?
The truth are lies
I know thats true
Why should I listen to you?
You know I love you
That is true
But I mean nothing to you
So go away stay away
I want nothing to do with you

Colors are like emotions
The swirl together to make difrent colors
Black is deep and sadding
Gray is down and depressing
Blue is happy
Light blue is happy with a good spirit
Purple is layed back
Green is a mellow mood.
What color am I?
I'm deep and sad
Im down and depressing
Why must I be the dark colors?
Im never like blue
Im never green
Im aways gray and black
What does gray and black make?
A deprssing girl who is always sad and unhappy
If you mix the to colors you get nothing but black

The sun is out
The day is bright
There is a calm breeze
And it feels like night
I walk around in the open areas
looking at the tree's
And the flowers
This day seems to good to be true
So I fear its a dream
I walk around some more
And a boy walks my way
I look over to see him look back at me
I look into his eyes
A nice blue color
Calm and deep as the ocean
My cheeks turn light pink
My feet wont move
The boy comes closer
and asks
"How are you"
I smile and tell him im happy
He looks in my eyes and says
"they are more beautiful than the moon"
This day cant be real
I smile at him again
He takes me hand and walks me around
All of a sudden a huge wind hits
Now its pitch black
I look at the boy
He is fadeing away
"Whats going on!" I yell
The boy frowns and lets go
Im blown away by the wind
When it stops im bleeding and hurt
My eyes open
I look at myself
It was all a dream
I told my self.
I get up out of bed
I go outside
Its dark and gloomy
I look at my arms and I was bleeding
"Was it really a dream" I asked myself

If I shall die tomrrow
please dont be filled with sorrow
for I have left somthing behind for you
I leave you my heart
I leave you my soul
I leave you the love I had for you
But even if dead it shall grow
You weep in your bed
for how I am dead
but dont weep long my angel
we shall meet again
Maybe not in this life
but we will in the next
I can hold you in my arms
and we can be put to rest
but until then my love
stay strong and move on
for you life has many promises
and many dreams
so step out into the breeze my love
and look at the tree's
and if you still love me
then please stare at the sky to honnor me

I know they arnt the best in the world but im proud of myself for a few of them hope you enjoyed them =^^=
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