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Fanfiction ► Poem on war.

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Darkness Princess

Paper Bag Heaven
Aug 24, 2004
St. John's
hey i wrote this poem a while ago abt war.... well enjoy n plz tell me wut u think of it...
A call to the fighter.

War and peace.
Everyone wants it.
We all say we’ll do something about it.
But that’s just all talk.

People are still dying.
Mothers and children are all crying.
Brothers, cousins, fathers, friends and lovers.
All lost to meaningless garbage.

Tell me, do you see a difference?
Same world, same air, same sky.
What’s the reason?! Just tell me why?
Why do we always have to fight?

You say you’re dying for you country.
What about your kids, your wives, your family?
When you’re gone how do you think they feel?
Do they say well we lost him because he fought for his country?

How can you pick up that gun?
When you know you’re only using it to kill.
You’re using it to kill your own brother.
You’re fighting to hurt your own race.

It’s true that you are a soldier.
But you aren’t fighting your own battle.
But a battle for the greedy.
Whom seek only power.

You fight for the politicians.
You’re fighting for their power.
A power, which they have no right to.
They still want it, they still get it.

After the war ends.
Who are the ones who suffer?
Who are the ones who feel all the pain?
The soldiers, the innocent all hurt all killed.

What about the ones who started the war?
They just sit at home and wait.
They wait for the money and power.
They don’t earn it but they still get it.

What about the soldier?
Well they go home, at least the ones who have survived do.
The ones who have survived are forever stuck with nothing but nightmares of war.
Nightmares filled with horror and pain.

The soldier who doesn’t survive.
Well his body gets sent back home.
To be mourned by his family.
To be cried for.

What about the innocent?
The civilians who are nothing but pawns in this war?
They end up homeless, hurt penniless or dead.
Alone trapped in a war they have nothing to do with.

This is just my call.
Listen to my words.
To all my brothers and sisters planning on being the soldier.
Just remember whose war you’re fighting.
Who’s going to suffer in the end?
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