• Effective October 15th, all Youtube content threads that are posted within the creative media section will be subjected to being moderated before being displayed. Over the past year we've noticed lots of new members and a few old members that come here to advertise (obviously here since we're the largest Kingdom Hearts fan base community why wouldn't you) their Channel to promote new subscribers, likes, and displaying their media. However there is a huge difference between creative constructive media criticism, and borderline advertisement. So please, before you post here, understand how the creative media section works, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this change please reach out, we always like to hear ideas. Few might not like this idea, but it does help keep my section stay organized and not crazy looking, I would like to keep the traditional platform of what the section main purpose is for. It's to help build new and old artistry to an entire whole level.

    Here's how it will work :

    • If you post a thread within the creative media section that is youtube content related to your channel, it will be moved to the "Creative Media Youtube Showing Content thread", a sticky'd thread where members can all over discuss and see everyones content all at once rather than making it self promoting, by making your own thread, if you get my drift. The whole idea behind this is to get members involved in everyones media, and the purpose is to showcase your works, but not self advertisement right? Its all about the constructive criticism and giving everyone the same feedback and layout of how display and showcasing video media should look like.

    • If you have already posted a thread regarding your youtube content, you will not be affected by this change and your thread will be untouched and you can continue to post and discuss accordingly with your peers.

    Social Media Advertisement Content :​

    Now I know lots of new members (out of the blue suddenly became youtube friendly, you're not slick) be-aware that you cannot use the Creative Media section as a gateway to advertise your media without wanting, giving and receiving criticism from your forum family. The idea behind the Creative Media is to help showcase and help improve everyones work or arts, whether it's digital, traditional, etc. Not to promote then leave, it's not fair to the community.

Digital Media ► Please everybody, just asking for a moment of your time & one chance.



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Jan 22, 2017
Hello everybody! First off lemme introduce myself because I'm new to the forum but definitely not new to the series...my name is John but I also go by GRand, and I am an 18 year old producer. I abundantly LOVEEEEEEE Kingdom Hearts, I played the very first game when it came out and I've been a fan ever since. It will be forever be my favorite series (of any and all types of media) and I mean that.

Now, I'll get to the point of this post, lol. Like I mentioned before I'm a producer (I make beats) and post them on my YouTube channel. It's been pretty successful so far and I love it BUT please keep in mind, I do NOT make beats for any money or because I desire to be famous or anything to that same effect. I simply do it for the love of the music, in fact I give all my beats away for free (just as long as I get some credit as the creator, because that's just the respectful thing to do :]). One of the main sources of the samples for my beats is the Kingdom Hearts series. Now I've made a bunch of Kingdom Hearts beats, but I'm just asking you all to listen to the most recent one. My dream is to have one of my beats featured on some kind of official Kingdom Hearts trailer (or even better, a real game :O), if that happens, that will seriously be one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. So could you guys give this a listen and tell me what you think?! Thanks so much in advance, and "may your hearts be your guiding keys" XD
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