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Fanfiction ► Planning stories for Kingdom Hearts spin off-game

Feb 23, 2020
So, I'm planning on writing some more fan fiction about Kingdom Hearts, and my current idea is Kingdom Hearts Horizon of Growth
The events take place 3 years after the Keyblade War. Kairi, Riku and all their friends have slowly tried learning to live without having Sora around anymore. But eventually, Kairi finds the motivation to go travel on her own, searching her own strength so she can make the best of the new chance in life Sora gave her. And one of her main goals is to find the remaining 3 of the new Princesses of Heart.
I have some decisions already made, starting from the next Disney world for Kairi to visit. But if someone here would be interested to do some brainstorm about all of this, any effort would be much appreciated. This game series has brought me so much positive feelings in life, not to mention something to always look forward.