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Plague of Nightmares



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Jan 13, 2018
The following theory contains Union X Japan spoilers:

We now know that the new Union leaders are assigning Spirits to wielders in order to consume their bad dreams/memories of the Keyblade War. As the story of Union Cross progresses, I think more and more Nightmares will begin to appear.

Eventually, either these Nightmares will begin consuming the dreams/memories of the Keyblade Wielders or the Spirits will inadvertently do so in their efforts to ward off the Nightmares. As a result, not only will they lose their memories, but their ability to wield the Keyblade.

(maryadavies pointed out that in Japanese culture, the Baku are Spirits that consume Nightmares. However, when used too frequently, they can also consume ones hopes and desires, leaving the person empty. I can definitely see this inspiring the Dream Eaters.)

The main characters I think will suffer this fate are Ventus and Lauriam. As chaos takes hold in the Unchained Realm, likely intentionally seeded by Lauriam and/or Blaine, the Dandelions will begin to forget their purpose. They may even fall into the same coma state as Sora in DDD.

Somehow, Ventus and Lauriam will be returned to the Realm of Light around the time of BBS. However, Ventus will have no recollection of the past due to his dreams being almost entirely consumed. This may apply to Lauriam as well. But I’m not sure. At the least, he’ll have lost his Keyblade too.

Either way, it sets them up for their roles in the Xehanort Saga.

Now they are many pieces to fill in. What happens to Ephemer, Skuld, and Blaine? With Blaine, he could also suffer a similar fate if you believe he’s Ienzo or Braig.

As for the other two, could they still be trapped in the Unchained Realm, overrun by Nightmares? Are they awaiting Ventus’ return to awaken them? If they are indeed in comas somewhere in the RoL, could they be used as Xehanort vessels?

Only time will tell. But let me know what you think of this concept on the potential Nightmare conflict and the fates of Ventus and Lauriam.


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Sep 5, 2015
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Kirabook thought of the theory that Brain is Luxu. If that's the case, that would mean that the Master of Masters was right, and that there was a traitor in the forteller group. It just so happened to be the Dandelion Union leaders.

People may say that Luxu's role was not to interfere with the Fortellers, however, knowing the Master of Masters and his lax nature with legislature, pretty sure that rule does not apply to the new Union leaders. After all, Luxu was to survive beyond The Keyblade War and the Unchained Realm is technically beyond the Keyblade War.