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Digital Media ► PKXIII - Should I Stay (feat. SquigglyDigg, Out of Pocket, and Cyril the Wolf)



New member
Mar 17, 2017
Greetings all,

I am EXTREMELY HYPED to finally release this! This video and song is the culmination of literal MONTHS of tireless effort, punctuated by lots of sweat, lots of sleepless nights, research, and a bunch of sessions, etc., FINALLY realized into this beautiful mammouth of a track that honestly, could be one of my greatest works yet. A lot of love and passion went into this one and I can’t thank all the artists, Patrons, and the many people involved enough for making this production a reality. For every Kingdom Hearts fan, this is truly an experience to remember.
Please, sit back and enjoy,
“Should I Stay”!


â–¶ Download and Stream: PROJECT KINGDOM XIII

Written By
Jamaal Ephriam
Austin Davidson
Uzochi Onyejuruwa
Myles Robinson

Engineered, Mixed, and Produced By
Jamaal Ephriam

Recorded at
Enigma Studios, Miramar FL
Jaguar Studios Hollywood FL

Mastering by
Dan Coutant of Sun Room

Audio Background Vocals by
Chris ThurmanTrufe,
Jamaal Ephriam
Mighty D

Additional Guitars by
Austin J. Green

Special thanks to
The Patreon Supporters
Matthew Hocking
The Pixel Mixers community
The Bootleg Brigade community
The KH13.com Community
Mordock of Press Start to Continue
Ryoma I.

Project Kingdom XIII is now fully being supported by the Key Jay Patreon. Details can be found at http://patreon.com/keyjayhd. ***************

This production is not endorsed or affiliated with Disney or Square Enix. Production Contains elements of Simple and Clean written by Utada Hikaru, published by Walt Disney Music Company and elements of Sanctuary written by Utada Hikaru, published by EMI April Music Inc and Walt Disney Music Company. All rights reserved.
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