Pixlr layers keep moving, HALP!



Jan 16, 2012
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I'm trying to work on something I need to get done before Saturday and wanted to color it on Pixlr like I always do, but all of a sudden whenever I color on a layer the layer will move, putting things out of whack. Even previous layers I've done in the past couple days are weird now even though they were perfectly fine before!

Does anyone have any clue why this is happening?

After panicking about the days now wasted on this, I did notice the first color layer seems to be okay, so I might resort to redoing all shading and whatnot on that instead of making it separate, but I'm still fuming over this. :(

EDIT: Okay, I'm at least able to cut and paste the layers bit by bit into the first layer so everything is in place. Still really weird.

EDIT: I finished the thing I was working on, but I'm still baffled over this. XD
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