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Fanfiction ► Pirates of the Caribbean ~*Endless Road*~

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Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 1: The Beginning

“I can help you,” his stench of a breath huffed out.

“You can?” I asked him, the innocence of my voice rang out of my little body.

“If that is what your heart truly desires, then yes I can lassie,” he smiled his yellow and ugly teeth down at me. He gave me his dirty hand, waiting for me to take it, waiting for me to trust him. I hesitated for a moment, before taking it. And changing my life forever.


That was the memory that would never leave me. I chose the path I've been walking in for the past ten years. That memory, ten years ago . . . would haunt me at night once a month. It bothered me a little bit, but I've learned to deal with it.

“Captain Sparrow?” my cabin boy, Damon called me.

I slightly moved my head to his direction, but not look at him. “What is it?” I asked him coldly, cold as the ice in the Arctic.

“We've reached land, Captain,” he answered me.

“Thank you very much,” I moved away from the side of my ship and to the the bow. I looked ahead to our destination over the horizon. Our destination was . . . my home. In Tortuga.

“It won't take us long. The wind is on our side today, possibly twenty-five knots,” I called to my men.

“It's actually close to forty knots, Captain,” Chris told me.

“I just said that,” I said, eying him before walking away to the wheel. While I was on my way there, I tripped on the steps and fell on my chest. Everyone of my men looked over to see if I wasn't wounded, but they didn't see me get on my feet when I got there. “I'm okay,” I called.

I took the wheel from Thomas, my driver that I'd use whenever I had to turn in. I took control of the ship, sailing forward to Tortuga.

We got there not long, at least not as long that the sun didn't beat us to land before it did. “Watch the ship,” I told Damon.

“Aye Lady Sparrow,” he called.

“It's Captain,” I corrected him, sarcastically.

“I'm sorry Captain,” Damon bowed.

“Damon . . .” I smiled to him, coming over to him and lifting his head. He looked up at me, a little confusingly. “You don't need to bow. I'm not the queen of England. I've known you since childhood, you don't have to treat me differently. I'm still the same Anna Sparrow. And besides, I was joking about calling me 'Captain.' Call me like you've always called me,” I told him.

“But Ca—”

“Eh!” I interrupted him. “Anna . . .” I poked his nose. “Only you, can call me Anna. Just because you're that special to me,” I smiled. “And you know what. Forget it, come along with us. Harold!” I called.

“Yes Captain?” he answered to me.

“You get over here!” I demanded.

Harold comes over to me and stops a foot away from me. “Yes?”

“You stay and watch the ship, while Damon comes along with the group. We'll bring a whole lot of carts . . . of rum. For all of us,” I smiled mischievously to him.

He smiled, looking excited. “Yes, Captain. I'll do that,” he rang cheerfully.

I took Damon's hand and pulled him forward to the death trap that everyone called Tortuga. We passed many pirates fighting each other, as drunk as they were, fighting over nothing. Woman running after one another, pirates throwing each other off the second floor window, or trying to drown the mayor in the well. Everyone that was new to my crew and have never been to Tortuga before this. Damon and I have been there plenty of times, so it didn't phase us.

We all walked into the bar casually. Once we stepped through the door, Damon and I squat down a little bit, to prevent our heads from being hit by flying rum bottles. People who have been in my crew for a few years did the same, the new comers didn't know what we were doing until a rum bottle hit their heads. It was funny though.

Damon and I were the first to reach the bar, we took our seats while everyone else took tables or the stairs to drink to their heart's desire. I looked at all of them confusingly, every time I brought Damon along, they always seemed to give us space. I never got why though.
“Thanks for letting me tag along . . .” Damon said cheerfully, stopping his sentence to where it was.

“Anna . . . you're allowed to call me Anna. No one's going to kill you for it. I forbid it,” I said as I ordered two pints of rum.

“Right . . .” he mumbled, he then smiled before he said “Anna.”

The rum came along, I then took the pint and then gulped it down. Not all of it, but at least half. “Hm? Yes?” I asked.

“Do you ever wonder why the crew never sits near us whenever I'm around you?” Damon asked.

“All the time. How come?” I asked him.

“Well . . . I know why,” he answered.

“Really?” I took a small sip. “Why?”

He stared at me for a while. “Anna, I—”

The music in the background interrupted him. The fiddle became so loud that I couldn't hear him. I cried to him “What?”

He rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I'll tell you later!” he screamed and took my hand. “Would you like to dance Captain Anna Sparrow?” Damon smiled to me.

I smiled back at him. “I would love to,” I changed my voice to something more enthusiastic and hoarse like. He laughed with me from my change of character and pulled me forward to the middle of the room.

That entire time was full of fun. Damon and I dodged everyone and everything that was thrown around as we danced in the middle. I haven't had that much fun since Damon and I celebrated our freedom when we escaped from the Black Pearl.

When one of the musicians was knocked out, everything went silent. Everyone was staring at the same direction. Damon and I turned to whatever was causing the commotion. Our eyes then widened.

The same being . . . the same being was standing right there, looking around everyone in the room. He slowly walked, searching for something. Why was he here?

“I'm looking for two certain people,” Barbosa called calmly. Damon placed his hand on my head and lowered me to the ground slowly. He had his index finger over his lips to tell me to stay silent. Damon then led me around everyone's feet, looking for everyone of our crew. This will take forever, and we will get caught for sure.

“How about we split up, meet you at the middle when you get everyone out of here,” I whispered.

“One of them is a lad, tall, dark skinned, and short black hair. He's always with a girl, a few inches shorter than him, mid-back length dark brown hair, she wears black boots that has belts on it, she also has the family mark of the Sparrow's on her lower back,” Barbosa hissed as he walked around everyone, searching for Damon and I. “They've stolen everything valuable that was a part of my ship and then sold them to buy themselves a ship.”

That entire speech Barbosa was speaking, Damon and I got most of the crew out of the bar. When he was done with his description of what we did, we got everyone.

Damon stole a bandanna for both of us and tied the bandanna over my head and face. When then stood up and began walking slowly to the door. “I think I've seen someone of those description,” someone called out.

I saw from the corner of my eye that Barbosa was grinning. “I think I have too,” he hissed. He then took out two of his pistols and pointed at Damon and I, we then froze at our spot. “Nice to see you again . . . Mr. McArthur and Ms. Sparrow,” Barbosa smirked.

Damon and I looked over at him and then moved our bandannas away from our eyes. I then smiled at him, trying to trick him that I was happy to see him but it didn't fully reach my brain. “It's good to see ya again Barbosa,” I said to him.

“Good to see me? That didn't reach your face, wasn't even close lassie . . . now give me your ship that you payed for with my values,” Barbosa hissed at us.

“We ran away from you for a reason you know . . .” Damon defended. I took a bomb out of my back pouch, showing Damon what I was planning. The long string was a sign that we had time to talk calmly and casually, before escaping again out of Barbosa's grasp. I took a match out and lit the string. We had only a few minutes.

“You all ran off all of a sudden, stealing all the loot. Now why did you do such a pirate act?” Barbosa came closer to us.

“We're pirates . . .” I smiled.

“Yes, but you're older now. You call yourselves pirates now. But why then?”

“We didn't like how you treated us and you didn't help Anna reach her goal that her heart desired. You promised to her that you would. She's been in your crew for eight years and you didn't give any sign that you wanted to help her once,” Damon scolded.

“Oh, you two were just children. I could treat you whatever I wanted. And I was going to help her, but you two ran off,” Barbosa smiled and clinched my face with his thumb and index finger.

I shook my head away from his grasp. I then heard a gun shot from behind me. A fight began after that shot. Flying bottles hit the walls, people thrown around the place, and punching each other till their teeth flew out. I took out my sword and fought my way to the door.

“Anna!” Damon yelled.

I looked behind me, Barbosa was there, his sword over his head, aiming at my head. I swung my sword and clashed his sword to mine. It was the same routine, he and I fought for no reason, either that or I made him mad and is now trying to kill me. The bomb's string was about to reach the end.

“Wait!” I yelled, my hands crossed, telling Barbosa to stop. Damon ran to me. “So . . .” Barbosa was confused from us ceasing. “How have you been?”

“Fine, but why stop? You were enjoying the fight, yes?” he asked, his yellow eyes staring at me.

“Just because . . .” I then dropped the bomb on purpose. All three of us looked down at the bomb then to each other. “Oops,” I said innocently with a smile after that.

Damon then took my waist and cut a rope that held the candle chandelier up. Damon took the rope, and we were flying over everyone. Damon let go of the rope and let us drop to the second floor before the string hit the tip of the bomb. We all then began running off when the bomb destroyed the bar. Damon and I looked back. “There goes the rum,” I said sadly before running.

I heard Damon laughing next to me, I looked over him, he was laughing. “What's so funny?” I asked.

“Its just . . . this escape plan of your's was more fun then the last time we ran off on Barbosa,” he chuckled.

My face began to form a smile and then I began laughing with him. “I guess you're right. It was more fun,” I laughed. We then stopped running and hugged. “I'm glad I brought you along with me when we ran away from the Black Pearl. I wouldn't have this kind of experience, and I wouldn't have gotten out of there without you,” I said to him.

“I wanted to stay in the Black Pearl to tell them lies about where you were, all to protect you. But the thought of me never seeing you again hurt me,” Damon whispered in my ear.

I looked at Damon. “You're speaking romantically to me, are you ok?” I teased.

“You were speaking romantically too, I thought I should keep the mood,” Damon smiled.

I grinned back at him before pushing him away playfully. He laughed after teasing him. He walked back to me and placed his arm around my neck. “Wanna steal more rum?” I asked.

“The crew probably got more rum while we were stuck in there. But more won't hurt,” he shrugged.


“Yo ho yo ho, A pirates life for me. We extort, we pilfer, we're really bad eggs,” takes a drink out of rum. “Drink up me hearties yo ho.”

“Captain, I just went to the bar. It's gone,” a man said.

“What? What are you talking about Gibbs? Rum shouldn't be gone,” he said to Gibbs.

“I just went there, and its gone. All I heard from the people outside, was that there was a girl and a boy that ran out of the building before it blew up,” Gibbs said. “And the girl looked a lot like Anna Maria.”

“Oh, Anna Maria. I haven't seen her in years. How is she?” he asked.

“I don't know . . . how about you ask her? She ran to the docks,” Gibbs said sarcastically.

The man used his index finger and thought for a while. “I say not. I 'promised' her months ago that I'd come back to her the next day. If I sees her now, then she'd come up and attack,” he flailed his arms in a way like he was a demented bird.

“Don't you want to scold her is she was the one that blew up the bar?” Gibbs pointed out.

He then took a gulp of rum before swallowing it too fast. “To Anna Maria!” he screamed.



“Are you sure you're alright carrying all those boxes? I could carry a few,” Damon asked with worry in his voice.

“I'm fine Damon. I'm not gonna die until the Kraken decides to eat me,” I joked.

“Even if you say you're fine, I'm still taking some boxes,” Damon said, taking two more boxes from me. Damon was carrying four boxes of rum while I carried only two.

“Is that getting heavy?” I asked him, my eye brow raised with worry.

“I'm fine. A lady shouldn't carry something heavy,” Damon said behind the boxes in front of his face.

“You know I'm not much of a lady if I know how to fight and is a pirate,” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, you are to me and a few of the crew,” Damon defended.

“We're here,” I said to Damon. “Watch your step,” I called to him.

Too late, he tripped and I had to catch a few of the boxes to prevent them from crashing.

“I swear I should take you out without tripping on anything and nearly killing yourself,” I said to him as I walked up to my ship.

“Says you!” he yells catching up to me. “You trip on everything, that should have been something I would say,” he flicked the back of my head.
“Don't talk to me,” I changed my voice to something a little more elegant that the queen of England would sound like. “I don't know you.”

He sighed. “Fine,” Damon gave up. He walked down the stairs to the rum room I don't know what it's called, but whatever XP. When Damon placed the bottles in empty spaces on of the men came up to him. “So what did you guys do?” he asked.

“Nothing, whats it to you?” Damon asked.

“You already told nearly everyone of the crew that you liked her for the longest time. When are you going to tell her?” he asked Damon.

“Chris, I know you like her too. She just not interested right now. She's too into reaching her goal. She pushed everything away out of her heart,” Damon said, throwing the boxes out to the docks.

“Okay . . . but you better hurry. One of us is going to get to her first,” Chris smiled before leaving him.

Damon began running up the stairs and up to the surface of the ship. Damon was looking around, searching. “Anna?” he called to me.

“Hey . . . um, Captain?” he heard Chris's voice.

“Yes?” I answered him. I poked my head out from my room.

Damon turned around to the both of us. “I was just wondering . . .” he had an evil smile that I didn't notice.

“Yes? I'm waiting. Besides, I'm tired. I want to sleep,” I told him.

“Okay . . . I love you, will you marry me?” Chris asked swiftly.

“Sorry, not interested,” I answered quickly before shutting the door. Chris stood there and then turned to Damon.

“Go on laugh at me,” Chris called.

“I'll laugh at you later,” Damon said before going into my room. “Anna?”

“Yes?” I answered.

“Hey, do you want me to get anything for you?” he asked me.

“Nope, you're free tonight,” I answered as I was tying a string from my black corset. Damon nodded before walking to the door.

“Damon . . .” I called.

Damon looked back to me. “Yes?” he answered to me.

“Why did you choose to be a cabin boy? I asked you to be my right hand man, but you chose something a lot lower than a right hand man. Why?” I asked.

Damon stayed silent for a while. “I just thought that I'm not fit for something at a high class like that. I mean, you're well suited for a captain, but for me . . . I should work my way.”

“You are great for the spot though, it just confused me of why you chose something that low,” I said to him.

He smiled at me. “You don't need to worry, you can tell me when I've moved up a level when I've done well,” Damon told me before he walked out. He stopped to the starboard side and stared at the stars as the ship sailed under the blanket of the night. “My answer wasn't true . . . I chose it because I want to take care of you, and watch over you if anything ever happened to you. I love you and always have,” he whispered.


A few miles away from Anna Sparrow's ship, the Night Star, a ship was just searching through the seas.

The Captain of the ship was looking at locket with a picture of a beautiful woman. “Captain?” an old man called to him.

“Father, you don't need to call me that. You can call me by my name,” he told the man.

“Yes, well . . . I just remembered something that should have been Davy Jone's duty. There was a child that was born when Jack's ship was given to him. Jack's child was born on the thirteenth day on the thirteenth our of a day. The child was supposed to be killed by the time she was thirteen. And she should be in the world of the dead by now. But I just heard news that she escaped from Tortuga when she blew up a building,” he said to him.

“So . . . you want me to kill her?” the captain asked.

“You're supposed to. She's going to be the cause of war if her soul isn't sent to the underworld. You have to find the Sparrow girl,” Bootstrap said.

“Bootstrap . . . if that was supposed to be the duty, then I'll try doing that,” he said. “Where is she?”

“Thank you Will. She's not far from here, just a few miles away from us and north from Tortuga,” Bootstrap said, pointing over the horizon to the moon.


Mar 27, 2007
I think that its a great start so far very rich in details xD.


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Dec 28, 2006
Fantastic! Extremely damn long, but worth the read. This is the first PotC fanfic I've seen so far, so I like the originality. 9/10


Aug 2, 2005
in my room, where else?
Chapter 2: A Kiss and the Truth

“Come with me,” I told him. I took his hand and looked into his eyes. “Come with me . . . we can roam the seven seas in our own free wills. We can do whatever we want without a care in the world if we go together,” I pleaded.

“Anna . . . I'm not sure. What if they find us? You need someone to try and throw them off when they find information about us. I'll stay,” Damon said to me.

“Damon . . . please.”

“I can't . . . just go off without me,” he denied.

I stared at him for another minute, I knew I wasn't going to see him after this. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. “I'll be waiting for you to come then,” I whispered before lowering myself down to the ocean. Damon watched me as I lowered myself and I watched him back.

He sighed. “This will be the stupidest thing I'll ever do,” he mumbled something I couldn't hear. I was already rowing myself away from the Black Pearl before I heard him call me. “Anna!”

I looked back swiftly to him. He jumped off the side and dove to the ocean. “Damon!” I called. I rowed myself back to him as he swam as fast as he could to me. When he reached me, he took my hand and I pulled him up onto the row boat. I laughed as I gave him my jacket. “I thought you wanted to stay,” I giggled.

“Well . . . all for one and one for all,” he smiled.

I smiled back at him as I helped him dry his hair.

“Take what you can . . .” he mumbled.

I raised an eyebrow as I looked at him. “What?”

“Take what you can . . .” he repeated.

I grinned at him and said “give nothing back.”


That memory was when Damon and I were fourteen, that happy memory of when he and I got away and roam wherever we pleased. “Take what you can . . . give nothing back,” I whispered as I took a large gulp of rum. I looked down at the map, searching around the lands of the map that I've never explored. I then took a broken arrow with a sharp rock on it and spun it around. “No compass, no help,” I mumbled. I waited for the arrow to slow down . . . I then realized I spun it too fast. I rolled my eyes and walked out of my office and outside to the deck. I took a deep breath of the salty air and looked up to the stars. It could take a while for the arrow, so I walked to the ropes of the sails and began climbing upward.

I reached to the sails at the very top of the Night Star, on the mainmast. I took a seat on the wooden support used for searching for what was up ahead from miles away and looked up. I lost myself as the stars hypnotized me. “Liking the view?” a voice called out. I fell off the support and nearly fell face forward down to the deck when I heard the voice, but I caught myself with the ropes below me . . . sorta. My foot got caught in the ropes, so I was hanging upside down.

“Who said that?” I asked.

He laughed as he came downward to me from above. I looked up . . . or down to the voice, and there was Damon, smiling at me. “Still as clumsy as ever,” he laughed.

I glared at him. “Shut up, help me?” I asked him.

He chuckled before giving me a hand. He pulled me towards me and helped me untangle myself. When the rope was off, he looked at the part of my foot that was binded by the ropes. “Does it hurt?” Damon asked.

“I'm fine Damon. It didn't hurt like hell,” I answered grimly. He was silent, his face unemotional. He then lower his lips to my foot and kissed the part of it that stung. “Ow!” I huffed. I pulled my foot away from Damon.

He looked at me with worry. “I'm sorry. I hurt you—”

“No it's ok . . . you just caught me off guard with that kiss there,” I hesitated, my face was turning red from embarrassment . . . at least that was what I thought. “I need to rest,” I made the excuse. I took a loose rope that dangled away from the net I was sitting on and swung down to the deck.

Damon followed me but his pace was faster than mine. “Anna, hold on,” he called.

I stopped before opening the door to my office and turned to him. “Damon what is it? You're not acting like yourself. Did any of the crew members do something to you?” I asked.

He then stretched his arms out and placed his hands next to my shoulders, cornering me to the door as he stared down at me. “None of them did anything to me. Just teased me about my feelings, like I teased them about their's,” he answered.

“You mean like how Chris was telling me he loved me and how he wanted to marry me?” I asked Damon as he and I made eye contact. He looked into my eyes deeply as I looked into his as deeply.

“Exactly. Everyone of the crew is at least our age or up to their early twenties, all of them show their affections towards you, but you ignore them all,” he told me. His voice was so serious that it scared me of where this conversation was taking us. “You have no idea what kind of effect you have on them.”

“I don't know them as well and they don't know anything about me. They probably just see me as a girl that they could look at,” my voice cracked in despair.

“True . . . they don't know you, and they do see you something like that. But not as a girl, but as a fair woman,” he said.

I looked down and kept silent, thinking of all the men that were a part of my crew. It then hit me. I looked back up to him. “And you? How do you see me?” I asked.

He stayed quiet and stared at me seriously. His face came closer to mine, I was frozen, paralyzed. My mind went blank, but my arms were able to move. I pushed him away and swiftly opened the door behind me before slamming it when I got inside. My hand was on my face, wiping the sweat off my face from that moment.

My breathing was deep. I kept sighing as I walked over to my map and looked down at the arrow. The arrow had stopped, pointing at a small island, many miles to the east.
Why? Why wasn't I phased about finding more goods to sell? Why wasn't I excited to sail the rest of the seas to search . . . for my father I've never met before? Why?

Damon came into my head from questioning myself. I covered my face with my hands and placed my elbows on the table. “Whats happening to me?” I mumbled to myself. “Why am I feeling this about him? I've only thought of him as a friend . . . a brother. But why have those feelings changed today? Am I ill?” I kept asking.

I was never taught how to love. No one ever taught me what love felt like. At least, I know how to love in friendship. But I've never been in love before, it was all a mystery to me. I kept wondering to myself why I was feeling odd around Damon. All I know is . . . that he was acting romantically around me, he thinks of my differently of how I thought of him . . . this entire time he never felt a friendship connection. He's been crushing on me since I was boob-less. I'm not even sure if what I felt was real . . . all I know is that I'm never going to look at Damon the same way again

The next morning, I woke up in my bed, on my stomach, and in a different nightdress. I sighed in disbelief. “Damon . . .” I hissed.

I got out of bed and changed into my regular wear and put my effects on. I walked through my doors, the sun intruding my sight. The crew looks over at me, there was no expression on them this time. I looked at each of them “What?” I snapped at them.

They all looked away and back to work. I began searching for him. “Damon!” I snarled loudly.

“Yes,” his head poked out from below. I turned around and glared at him. I grabbed him by his arm and pulled him to my room.
“Why did you try to do that?” I asked him.

He stayed quiet but he was hesitating. “I . . . I really don't know. But you know I'd never do that to you, I mean . . . you're like my sister,” Damon said. Lie . . . I love you and always will. I just wish you can see that, Damon thought to himself.

I kept my stare at him, I didn't know whether to believe him or to go against him of how he felt. I shouldn't though. He has his own rights, I'm not the boss of his emotions. I sighed and looked away. “I'm not sure if I believe that, but . . . I can't. I just don't have that kind of feeling towards you. I've always loved you like you were a brother. If you were loving me differently as I love you the way I do now, I'm sorry . . . but we can't be together,” I mumbled under my breath.

Why? I've rejected half of my crew that told me they loved me. Damon didn't really say it though, but his attempt the night before gave me evidence of how he felt. But why? Why is Damon the one I felt guilty to reject? Why only him?

“I know we can't. You're too busy looking for your father in your mind, while you're stealing goods from people,” Damon looked to the side and spoke darkly.
I snapped my head back to him and glared at him. “I don't have information about him! If I did, I would have found him.”

Damon slowly turned his head toward me. “No . . . your mind is saying that, but your heart is saying something else. You are looking for him. But all I can see right now is that you use finding Jack as an excuse to avoid falling in love. You're afraid to fall in love,” Damon said to me unemotionally.

My eyes widened, I looked down and bit my lip. “No . . . no I'm not afraid of falling in love. I'm not,” I spoke under my breath.

Damon lifted up my chin so he could look at me. “Just admit it . . . you're afraid.”

“I'm not . . . afraid!” I yelled.

“Prove it then!”

“I can't!”

“Just admit it already,” his voice became quieter. He was trying to calm himself down so he wouldn't lose control over himself. Whenever he got angry, he'd lose himself in his anger that he'd do anything regrettable.

“You want me to admit it then? Fine!” I snarled before grabbing his face and pressing my lips to his lips. I separated my lips away from him and looked into his eyes. “I don't love you like how a married couple would. I only love you like a brother, like I said. Happy now?” I sounded irritated.

Damon looked like he was in shock from what just happened. He gave a short sigh of disbelief. “Was that another way of shutting me up?” he asked.

“I wasn't thinking about it, but now that you said is, yes I did do that to shut you up,” I answered. “You're free to roam and around and do whatever you want,” I told him. I opened the door to the deck and looked over to him. He then bolted out of the room quick enough that I couldn't call to him immediately.


“So she left?” the drunk man asked.

“I heard she's been gone since last night. She left not long after the explosion,” Gibbs answered.

“Do you know . . .” he then nearly burped, “which direction that she went to?” he asked.

“People think that she followed the moon,” Gibbs looked at him funny, meaning that Gibbs was speaking to loony people who speak of nature HIPPIES XP!!.

The drunk man looked up, staring at the sun for a while and then a different spot in the sky. “The moon was . . .that way direction!” he pointed out to the north.


“It won't take us long. We commideered a fast ship, we're not sure how fast Anna Maria's ship is, but we'll catch up to her,” Jack said.

“Catch up to who?” a woman's voice asked.

Jack turned to the voice and his eyes then widened.

“Anna Maria!?” he screamed in confusion.

“Why were you searching for me?” Anna Maria asked.

“I . . . I was. But you're here. Why did you blow up the bar?” Jack immediately asked him, giving her the stink eye.

“I didn't blow it up. I was nowhere near the bar of that hour when it exploded.”

“People were saying that they saw you walking out with a boy when the bomb went off. Unless do you have a twin?” Jack asked.

“I don't think she has a twin Jack,” Gibbs loudly whispered to Jack.

“Who else would like dear Anna Maria then? She can't have a daughter,” Jack shrugged and stretched his arms out in a way of pointing out to Anna Maria.

“I actually did . . .” Anna Maria said coldly. “You had a daughter.”

“Had? What do you mean had?” Jack asked. “I had a child?”

“She was born sixteen years ago, when Davy Jones brought the Black Pearl from the depths of the sea of hell at midnight. Anna went missing when she was six. I've then believed her to be dead,” Anna Maria explained to him.

Jack was about to say something but then closed his mouth, “Oh,” was all he could say.

“Well Jack,” Gibbs stopped, Anna Maria and Jack then turned to him. “I've heard from the townsfolk that the Anna they saw looked like Anna by face but looked mostly like you. The men were saying she was very beautiful.”

Jack and Anna Maria then look at one another, they realized that I, Annabelle Sparrow am alive.


Will sailed through the sun, looking at the clouds, thinking of Elizabeth. He was also thinking of whether to kill me or not, he didn't know what Jack's reaction might have been once Jack found out that the daughter he never knew about was dead.

“Mr. Turner,” Will called.

Bootstrap walks up to Will. “Yes William?”

“If I don't kill Jack's daughter, what kind of war would happen?”

“A war between you and her. Her sould is cursed, she was supposed to be eaten by the Kraken three years ago and sent to Davy Jone's locker. Her soul is the cause of the souls leaking through the underworld and she's the reason why the gates of Hades are closed. She houses the soul of the Grim Reaper,” Bootstrap answered.

Will looks at his father. “She's the Grim Reaper?”

“But the Sparrow girl doesn't know that. The Reaper has been asleep inside her for years. Davy Jones cursed her when she was born, he meant to curse Jack, but apparently the blood that runs in Jacks and the girl's veins actually went to the girl. Because they share the same blood. The Reaper will soon awaken. Thats why the girl was supposed to be dead three years ago, the Reaper will awaken and steal every soul of pirates. She would be the next Davy Jones. You have to kill her,” Bootstrap said.


Damon and I haven't spoke to each other in a while. Ever since I kissed him out of anger, he's been avoiding me. It has been a few days since that time, he wouldn't come inside my office anymore to see me or ask me if I needed anything. And slowly as the days past by, I was beginning to miss him, and very slowly, its not entirely possible, but I was falling in love with him. He's become like rum to me, he's been a part of my life for years that I desperately needed him.

One the seventh day, I walked up to him and forcefully turned him to look at me. “How long are we going to pretend that it never happened? How long are you willing to ignore me?” I asked. He turned his head to the boys he was speaking to and then to me.

“Anna . . . you said that we can't be together. You already proved that you're not afraid to fall in love . . . kinda. But I'm just doing what you think is right.”

“Damon . . . I've felt alone in my office for the past few days that you never came. Since you've been away from me for a week, I've wanted to see you and hear your voice. I need you,” I nearly whispered.

Damon stared at me. He then took my hands and pulled me to his office. “Anna . . . what are you trying to say?” he asked.

“I'm not even sure. Its just been miserable without hearing you speak to me. I've wanted to apologize to you about my anger from days ago. I'm sorry for acting like a wench,” I apologized and bowed my head.

He liften my chin, gently like that time. “You don't have to bow . . .” he said calmly and sweetly.

“Damon . . . why is it you're not afraid to fall in love?”

“I look into the bright side, knowing that the person I love would trust me and allow me to protect her. I'm not afraid that she'd reject me, I just want her to be happy with her life. I want to see her smile and laugh when she can. I hate it when she cries and . . .” he stopped there and looked into my eyes. “I don't want to be the cause of her misery.” He then hugged me closely. “If I wasn't a childhood friend and if you weren't so set up on searching for Jack, would you love me if I told you I loved you?” he whispered into my ear.

I stayed quiet, my mind went blank, and my heart was racing. “I'm not sure,” I answered. “I'm not sure if I would love you if you did say it. What happened just happened. It's been written in stone of our past, we can't go back in time and change it,” I said.

I can't tell him yet. I wasn't in tune with my emotions entirely, but I know in my heart, that my feelings for Damon were changing. I knew that once was sure of my love, he'd be over me and he'd move on.

“I can't ask you to love me back, but I can ask you to be happy with the man you'll soon be in love with,” Damon said as his hand slid to my cheek. “Be sure he is the right one for you,” he mumbled under his breath before turning around.

Don't walk away . . . just tell it to me. Tell me you love me, I thought to myself as I watched him walk through his door. I couldn't take it, my heart felt like it was about to break. Just seeing him talk about someone else I might love made my heart sink into the bottom of the ocean. I ran to Damon, the crew turned to me and watched me run to him. Few had smiles on their faces, like they were waiting for me to chase him. Like they knew I would soon love him back.

I threw myself at Damon that I nearly pushed him to the ground, but his reflexes saved him from falling. When I threw myself at him, I hugged him from behind tightly. “Just say it . . . just tell me you love me,” I whispered.

“Anna . . .”

“You had no idea how sad I was when I rejected you, I felt guilty, I felt like tying my feet to a cannon and drowning myself to the sea. My feelings have changed. I want to hear you say it,” I said to him, holding the tears that wanted to pour out.

Damon gently pushed my arms away and turned around toward me. He soflty placed his hands on both shoulders and kept his eyes on me. “So you saying that you're not sure if you'd love me back if I said it was a lie?” Damon asked seriously.

“It was hafly the truth. I'm not sure what my heart is trying to tell me, but half of me believed my emotions have changed . . . for you,” I answered.

“You won't feel odd about?”

“Just say it so you can feel better and not hold your secret from me anymore,” I told him calmly.

He hugged me close to him, his lips next to my ear, his arms around me like he was protecting me. “I love you.”

“I . . . I love you too,” I answered.

“I have always loved you. Will you marry me?”

Wait what . . .!? What should I answer!?


Mar 27, 2007
Very nice update it was well worth the time and effort that it seems you put into it.


Aug 2, 2005
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Chapter 3:
I was only a child when we played a wedding game. Girls at my age back then dreamed of getting married all the time, I dreamed about it too. I would steal a white dress from one of my friends and pretend to be a bride.

I remember once when my friends were having a party like that and invited me. It was my turn to be the bride and set me up with a boy I've never met. I can't remember his face, but all I know is that I felt nothing when I was pretending to get married.

After the childish marriage, the boy I married came up to me and took my hand. “Did you have fun?” he asked me.
“It was interesting,” I answered.

The boy leaned in and kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, “When we're older, I'll make you my bride. And we'll live happy together.”
That little line kept me smiling on my way home, I was happy at that time, but knew it wouldn't last and that the boy wouldn't love me anymore by the time we were of age.


That was the memory I thought of when Damon proposed to me. That memory was about a year before I was taken by Barbossa and became a crew member of the Black Pearl. I couldn't remember the boy's face for the past few years. The boy's face didn't become clear until I realized I loved Damon. I realized the boy I childishly married was the one that just proposed to me just now. It was Damon. Did he love me that long ago? Or did he say just to make a girl happy? I wasn't sure, we were children, we think differently now than back then. How could I answer him when he asked me a question like that already? I mean, I just learned that I loved him back, and now he proposed. What should my answer be?
“Damon . . . I—” a ship then appeared from the sea and interrupted us. Good timing too. I was happy to be interrupted, but the happiness was gone when I realized that the ship was the Flying Dutchman. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

“Captain?” Thomas called as the rest of the crew was staring at our doom.

“Fight. We can't escape and it's most likely that we're going to die. But it's better to die proud and with pride than die with fear, ready the cannons!” I screamed. “Wield your swords and your pistols. Be sure that not one of Davy Jones' crew takes our lives once they step foot on my ship!”

“Aye Captain,” they all saluted as they scrambled around to get their weapons. I walked by all of them calmly, no fear was in my eyes.

“Anna!” Damon called and grabbed a hold of my wrist. I turned to him, no emotion was shown on my face. “So what is your answer?”

I kept silence as I stared at him. “Nows not the time,” I told him quietly as I gently slid my hand away from him and walked away. “Load the cannons and hold fire until I call,” I yelled to everyone seriously.

The Flying Dutchman sailed closer next us. Fear was showing on nearly every man on my crew, few of them silently mumbled they're prayers.

“Sparrow! Your judgment is coming to an end!” the captain called to me. I turned to the voice and met the gaze of a man that had the most handsome face I have ever seen. I didn't feel anything when I saw him though, I only felt the emotion of fear and death.

“Screw you old man!” I screamed.

Why am I doing this? This is Jack's child. What will he think? Will thought. He looked at me with competition and sadness in his eyes.

“Anna . . .” Damon called to me. I turned to him, there was sadness in his eyes, it was too obvious to see it. “I want to fight beside you. I want to protect you. Like you said, we are most likely to die here and now, I want to be there when our judgment has ended,” Damon told me seriously.

“Damon . . . stay in my office. You'll be safer there,” I said in concern.

“No! I'm going to fight with you. This may be the last time I see your face,” he said as he cherished my cheek. He leaned in closer to me and softly kissed me on the lips. His lips parted from mine, as our foreheads touched. “I just want to let you know that I have always wanted to tell you that I loved you and that I wanted to do that before I died.”

A tear had dropped from my eye. I looked at him and felt utter sadness consuming me. I wasn't going to see him again, that was the truth of fighting against the Flying Dutchman. No one survives if they fought against Davy Jones' ship. “Damon,” I whispered and kissed him back. Damon kissed me more passionately that last time.

“Captain?” I heard someone's voice from my crew. I looked toward the voice and then to the Dutchman.

“Oh right,” I stopped hugging Damon and began walking by every man that had their guns ready. “Get yourself a pistol and a sword Damon, you're fighting with us,” I said as I took out my sword.

“Right,” Damon called as he walked off into my office to retrieve a sword I've been saving for him for years. He took the sword and stood next to me.
“Fire!” I screamed.

“Fire!” the captain of the Flying Dutchman screamed.

And in the next minute of the fight, the only thing everyone could hear were agonizing yelps of pain, wood being broken as it hit every part of both ships, and exploding noises of burning gunpowder. I've lost only few men and the Flying Dutchman seemed to not lose one soul. We are going to die, that was the thought that haunted me as the fight went on. No one of the Flying Dutchman is going to die, they're all immortal.

Half the crew of Davy Jone's swung their ropes to reach our ship. “Kill every weakling you see!” someone of his crew called. They all landed at different times and pointed their swords at us. I lunged forward at whoever was closest and fought my way to the side to kick them off my ship.

I fought with all the strength I had, all to survive, and all to reach my goal. Suddenly, I felt someone's back touch mine, it was Damon's. One enemy was in front of each of us. “How are you doing?” he asked me.

“Well, besides being attacked by Davy Jone's crew, my men dying, and my arm bleeding, I think I'm doing okay, you?” I answered.

Damon laughed. “Just a scratch on my cheek and a deep one on my leg. Its nothing too terrible,” he replied as he stabbed a member of the enemy and kicked him sideways to the ocean. But that didn't seem to do the trick. More enemies kept on lurking towards us, our blades clashing against each other's following a high-pitched ringing sound. We fought as hard as we could, but Damon and I could still spoke to each other in the process.

“Anna! If we survive, will you marry me?” he asked me once more.

“I'm not sure. Would you rather have a wife thats an outlaw instead of live a normal life?” I asked him.

“Hey, I asked first,” Damon pouted in a playful way.

“Well, answer mine and then I'll answer your's!” I screamed as I high kicked someone's face and then stabbing his throat.

“Even if you were a normal woman, I'd marry you either way. Pirate or not, I'll always love you and ask you to marry me countless times until you accept,” Damon answered me.
“Then yes. I'll marry you . . . if we survive that is,” I said sarcastically on that last part. I lunged again and stabbed someone's leg, another being's back, and then another person's head.

“Cease your sword Sparrow,” a voice called out to me. “Every being here stop!” he screamed. Everyone stopped and turned to the voice. I turned as well and saw who I thought was Davy Jones, holding Damon by the neck while Damon was facing me and a sword pointing at Damon's chest. “Now you don't want him to die will you?” he darkly asked me.
I was about to demand the captain to release him, but nothing came from my throat.

“Nothing? Well then, I guess you don't care about this boy if nothing comes from your tongue,” he grimly smiled and stretched out his arm and thrusts the sword toward Damon.
“No!” I cried out, I covered my mouth. He stopped his sword just a quarter of an inch away from stabbing Damon's heart. The captain looks over at me slowly, staring at me as the tears appeared and poured uncontrollably.

“So, you do call out to him in fear,” he chuckled.

“Don't hurt him or I swear I'm going to kill you,” I snarled at him, trying to anger up my face as possible, pretending to be fearless.

“If you don't want me to hurt him or anybody else of your crew, come over to my ship. We've taken over the Night Star, so you're our prisoners now,” he smiled.

“Buggar . . .” I growled.

“Just doing my job,” he gracefully smiled to me.


“Anna,” Damon called me as we walked to the Flying Dutchman.

“We'll be okay Damon. You won't need to worry,” I tried to sooth him.

“It's not that. I'm worried about what the captain is going to do to you. The captain of the ship that has lost always goes to the winning ship. I'm worried about what he may do to you,” Damon told me in concern. He took my hand and gave it a squeeze.

I smiled from his way of concern and smiled at him. “Damon. Don't worry about me. I can care for myself. Who do you think I am? I'm Captain Annabelle Sparrow,” I giggled.
Damon still looked at me with concern. I kissed him on the cheek before they separated him from me. “I'll be okay,” I told him with a slight smile. He kept looking at me over his shoulder until he couldn't turn his neck any further and when he was out of my site.

After a while a crew member of the Flying Dutchman came up to me with no emotion in his face. “The captain wishes to see you Ms. Sparrow,” he told me. The being that was watching me and holding onto my shoulders pushed me roughly towards the captain's office. All the three of us walked in silence as they led me into the captain's quarters.

We got there in about two minutes or so, the leader looked through the glass window of the door and nodded. “He will see you now,” he said as he opened the door and then I was pushed in there roughly that I nearly fell to the floor.

“Welcome to my ship,” I heard. I looked up to him when my balance came back to me. The man I thought had a gorgeous face was the captain, who would have though, I sarcastically asked myself. “Make yourself at home,” he kindly told me. I raised an eyebrow at him before looking around and taking a seat a few feet away from him. “You remind me of him already . . .” he smiled.

I looked to him again. “Who?” I asked, I was clueless of who he was speaking of.

“I was told that you may be the cause of war if you don't surrender yourself,” he said, getting off his seat and walking to nice looking glass containers filled with rum.

“I don't understand,” I said seriously as I took an apple from a fruit bowl and resting my feet on the table.

“It is odd how Barbossa never told you, he loves breaking bad news to people,” he said as he poured two glasses of rum in goblets.

“Okay mate, you're just confusing me. What are you trying to explain?” I asked when my mouth had a little apple in it.

“What I'm trying to explain, is that you house a soul that shouldn't even a part of this world,” he said to me darkly as he gave me one of the goblets.

“I'm kind of getting it, but it still sounds a bit off,” I said as I took the goblet aggressively. I wasn't going to forgive him for nearly killing Damon, even if he was trying to be as nice to me as possible. I took a whole swallow of the rum all in one, finishing the drink already.

“You remind me of him. You're not entirely like him, just the way you act and your movement reminds me of him,” he said under his breath.

“I'm still trying to think of you were speaking of. Mind if you give me a hint?” I asked as I gave him the goblet back. He walked back to the rum glass and took his sip of the rum. He placed his goblet next to the clean ones and walked back to me with the rum glass and my goblet. He poured more rum into it and handed it back to me, patiently waiting for me to take it.

I took the rum glass instead and took a big swallow of it. “I'm just making sure that I'm not mistaking you for anyone else. You are Anna Sparrow, yes?” he asked me.

“I am,” I answered with a mischievous smile. “I've heard about my father having a lot of luck surviving, especially him escaping from Davy Jones' locker. Am I correct?”

“You are. I helped rescue him from his terrible fate. And he's the reason why I'm like this,” he answered.

“He's the reason why you have a job like this?” I asked as I took another swallow.

“Yes. He saved me though. It's a terrible fate to have since I got married on the same day and so I won't see my wife for another seven years,” he answered me.

“You already know my name, what's your's? Since all I can see here is that everyone in your crew are human looking immortals. I'm guessing that Davy Jones has been killed and you've taken his place now, savvy?” I played with him.

“Yes, your father was the one that killed him. The myth of the person who kills Davy Jones is true, your father killed him, but it was me that stabbed his heart by my own hand, so it was me that killed him,” he tried to explain thoroughly.

I was confused and tried to rephrase it in my mind. “So . . . what your saying is, that my father was really the one that killed him, even though you were already dying, my father chose to save you, so he got to use your hand and help you as a way to kill him, so it was you that killed him?”

“Yes, thats what I was trying to say,” he smiled.

“And your name?”

“It's Will Turner,” Will answered me.

“Hm . . . strong name. And I'm guessing this, but when you said I reminded you of him, were you speaking of my father, Jack Sparrow?” I asked him.

“Captain!” he rephrased. “Captain Jack Sparrow, and yes, I was referring to him,” Will answered.

“Okay Will. We're steering to the wrong sea road of why I'm here. All I know is that I may be the cause of some war and that I house an unwanted soul that should be shunned away from the living world right?” I asked as I tried to put all my understandings in one sentence.

“Yes, that's what we were getting at. And I'm giving you a choice,” he said, he took a seat at his desk and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Either I surrender my soul or postpone the judgment, yes?” my voice cracked in fear.

“No actually . . . since you're Jack's daughter, I'm giving you a different choice. I'm letting you live longer. You're choices are to give me your crew and let them serve me another hundred of years as exchange to let you live longer or to refuse and start a war against the both of us and our crew,” Will said.

“What!? I'm not giving you my crew! I'd rather die than give up my crew to you,” I yelled at him.

“So you'd rather start a war and die then?” he raised an eyebrow.

“Yes! I'd rather start war and die than give up people I put compassion into. Sure, they're all annoying as hell, but I love them like a family. Every crew should feel that way. I'll never surrender to you or give up on all of them to you,” I growled.

He got off his seat and slowly walked to me as I glowered at him. He came to me, his face an inch from mine and staring into my eyes. “You're brave enough to do this, I'll give you that. You already know that there's no way of surviving once our war begins . . . Ms. Grim Reaper?”

“I already know that, at least I'll die with pride for fighting you instead of die with self-loathing for running away,” I told him in anger. I then shook my head in confusion and raised an eyebrow at him. “Grim Reaper? What?”

“The soul you house is that of the Grim Reapers. That's the reason why you have to surrender yourself and why you'll be the cause of war. When Davy Jones and I do our job, the Grim Reaper does his job of sending the souls to wherever they belong. You've been gone too long, your soul has been absent for the past sixteen years, you should have died three years ago. But somehow, you survived. That storm that drowned the Isla de Muerta should have given you a terrible illness and killed you a few days later. How did you survive if your judgment day was then?” he wondered.

“I actually had a crew that cared for me. I did get ill that day, but I had men that wanted me to get better. And one of them that mattered to me most put every drop of worry on me and nearly broke his back healing me to health. I may be the cold-hearted Grim Reaper, but in this human flesh, I'm human like everyone else. I know what love is. You're human too, you still love the woman that waits for you on a rock. She's in here,” I said as I pressed my hand onto his chest.

He grabbed my wrist and threw it back at me. “We're enemies until you die. You will go back to where you came from and you will certainly not win this war, Captain Anna Sparrow,” Will growled at me as the same crew member took me by my arms and pulled me to the brig.

War has begun between us. This war will be both frightening . . . and fun.


Mar 27, 2007
Another great and entertaining chapter, and btw Elphaba_1 I couldn't PM you back because of your PM settings.


Aug 2, 2005
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Chapter 4:

“Anna . . . you'll get better soon, you'll see,” a voice kept telling me. I was terribly ill, there was a violent storm that I stayed up through to control where the ship was going. I was worried about the ship crashing into something and sinking to the bottom of the sea. I became ill the next day.

“Her fever his tremendously high. Someone get cold water,” someone called. I couldn't see who was around me, all I heard were voices all around me, crowding me.

“Anna . . . you're going to make it,” the soothing voice spoke out and kissed my forehead. I'm going to die, that was all I knew.

“You're judgment is coming,” a terrifying voice spoke out from the abyss of the darkness. I opened my eyes, I was underwater and I was drowning. Save me . . . someone save me, I screamed. I tried to swim to surface, but I couldn't seem to move. I looked down at myself and saw the most frightening thing I hoped to never see in my life time . . . the Kraken. The Kraken was swimming towards me, its tentacles was spread out everywhere around me, its mouth opening and sucking me in. I couldn't move, I was paralyzed. The Kraken sucked me in, swallowing me whole.

I woke up with cold sweat dripping down my cheeks. I was sitting up, looking around and my sunlight lit room. I looked down at my bedside, watching Damon sleep in peace next to me. He was sitting by my side the whole night I was ill. I smiled and slid my fingers through his hair. “Thank you,” I whispered under my breath before going back to sleep.

That dream was soothing, I lived to see the next sunrise, I didn't die that night.


My memory of my illness came back to me. I was going to die at that time. But Damon messed with fate and saved my life. I was grateful that he saved my life, but now I have to go through fight Will Turner, the new Davy Jones and fight his immortal crew.

Nearly everyone of my crew was mumbling, shivering, praying, nearly everything out of fear. I didn't tell anybody of what Will wanted and I'd rather keep it to myself. The only thing that went through my head was a plan to escape from this prison of this murky brig.

Damon came to my side and held my hand. “What did he want?” he whispered to me.

I looked at him with no worry or any emotion that was shown on my face. “You know how Davy Jones would ask everyone that was close to death if they feared death?” I asked.

“Yes . . . did he ask you that? The new Davy Jones?” Damon wondered leaning closer to my face.

“No. He's allowing me to live longer,” I answered.

“Live longer? Were you supposed to be dead?” he asked.

“Will said that I was supposed to die three years ago, that storm was supposed to be the cause of my killing,” I said as I turned my head to the wall.

“But you're here. He must have been wrong,” he said, giving my hand a squeeze.

“I was supposed to die at that time. I felt cold . . . I felt death approaching me each minute that the illness took over. I felt my soul lifting out of my body. But you were there, you nursed me to health. You were my guardian angel,” I whispered.

He stared at me and gave me a compassionate hug. He rocked me soothingly. “I knew you were ill, just not ill enough that you were dying. I was so worried about you, the thought of you being so weak for so long just broke my heart. What else did he say to you?”

“He said . . . that I had a choice, to either start a war against him or to give up my crew to him for all of you to serve him for one hundred years and postpone the judgment,” I answered.

“And you chose to start a war?” Damon said under his breath.


“Why did you do that? You would live longer if you gave us up, what were you thinking?” his whispering voice became louder, but not loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Because . . . I'd rather die than give you men up. I'm not much of a captain if I started a war against the most feared being of the seas and not take the bargain of running away and live longer, but I'd rather not flee from fear and leave my crew behind,” I answered.

“Anna . . . once again, you are an idiotic woman with a kind heart,” Damon smiled and shook his head.

I slightly smiled and looked around. I saw Buck, one of my crew members in a corner, shivering violently, his hands covering his mouth and his eyes wide open. I came over to him to comfort him and soothed him by massaging his shoulder. “Hey, things will turn out right. You'll see,” I said to him. He wasn't listening to me. “Buck were you listening to me?” I asked.

“Leave me alone . . . shiny . . . shiny pin,” he said. He moved his hand down, revealing a terrifying smile and a silver pin in his hand. I had forgotten that Buck was one of my crazy older members of my crew who was crazy over anything that was shiny or sparkled.

I rolled my eyes out of disbelief that he wouldn't be scared, but would be crazy over something as shiny as a pin. I looked around to find a way to get us out of this prison cell, searching the ground for something small enough to get into a little hole. I then realized that pin, plus lock, equaled a way out . . . why didn't I think of that earlier.

I went up to Buck and took then pin out of his hand. “Hey!” he screamed. He got off his behind and wrestled me to the ground, trying to get the pin back. “Give back my pin!” he screamed.

“No, I need it,” I spoke calmly back to him.

“Give it! I need it?”

“To do what? Praise it?” I asked.

“Give it—”

“Hey Buck!” Damon called out to him. Buck and I turned our heads toward Damon. “Don't you want this instead?” Damon asked, showing off a shiny golden coin. Buck marveled at it, slowly got off of me, and walked to Damon and the coin in slow motion that snails seemed to be faster than him. Buck took the coin, threw the shiny pin, ran to his corner, and stared at the coin.

I smiled at Damon and kissed him. “Thank you,” I said before walking to the door and trying to unlock the lock.

Damon smiled a prideful smile and said “You're welcome.”

I took my time before reaching the lever that broke the lock. “Okay, I got the lock, now lets get out of here,” I said to everyone. Everyone looked up to me and got off their butts and ran out the cell.

“Only you could get us out of situations,” Damon said, taking my hand and pulling to the stairs.

“I'm no Jack Sparrow, but I can get us out of cells when it comes to trying to save lives or ourselves,” I smiled as we ran up the stairs. Part of the crew men already had a few rowboats ready for everyone. Damon took me to one that was all ready for us, picked me up, and carried me in the boat. “Damon!” I silently screamed.

Damon covered my mouth, but kept his eyes on me. “Kept quiet so no one can hear us. I won't drop you,” he said as he took a seat and placed me next to him. He and I kept our eyes on each other until the boat landed softly on the waters. “We're safe for now,” Damon said under his breath. He was rowing us to the Night Star as fast as he could, anything to keep us away from the waters, to protect me, and to be alone with me.

When we got to the ship, we waited patiently for the rest of the crew to come, watching them row their way to the ship. “Are you sure you want it to happen?” I asked.

“What?” he asked in cluelessness.

“The marriage. Are you sure it's me that you want to marry?” I asked.

“Anna . . . it is you I want to wed. No other woman has ever attracted me the way you have. Other girls don't appeal to me like you do. I have always loved you and always will love you,” Damon said to me as he took my shoulders and gazed into my eyes.

“I'm just not sure if you want me for a wife. I'm not exactly the wife-type of woman that I appear,” I told him.

“I do want you as my wife though,” he said, he ignored everyone of the crew walking by as they listened to our every word. They began sailing the ship without my command, the sun rising in the background as Damon and I kept our eyes one each other. “You know you have always dreamed of becoming a bride, don't deny it, you know you've always wanted to feel loved by someone else you loved back. Inside you knew you loved me . . . didn't you?” Damon's face came closer to me that his forehead was on my forehead.

“I did . . . my heart kept telling me that I've loved you since we were little, but I ignored it to find Jack. And I'm sorry,” I apologized.

“No need to apologize,” he smiled and then kissed me softly.

The sun rose as we set sail away from the Flying Dutchman. The Flying Dutchman became smaller and smaller as the wind took us away from the evil fate that the ship cast upon us. The ship was over the horizon when I looked back at the enemy that I started war against. I do regret for putting my crew in danger, but it was all to keep them from serving something as evil as Will's soul has become.

As we sailed over the horizon, the trail that my ship had made was already gone by then, but by the horizon where the sun was rising, Bootstrap Bill saw us sailing and ran to Will about our escape.

“Captain, the prisoners have escaped. What will your command be?” Bootstrap asked Will.

Will slowly opened his eyes, his fingers crossed to one another, nearly sleeping at his desk when his elbows were resting on the surface of the wood. “Give them a little time to live, before we set out for the search for the soul that will eat away the world. You may call the Kraken to search for them, but not destroy,” Will answered.
“Aye Captain.”


“We did a fine job taking this ship here, Jack,” Gibbs said proudly.

“You think so?” Jack asked sarcastically before taking the wheel.

The winds took them far enough from Tortuga, found themselves a crew that was willing to search for more treasure and death. But secretly Jack was on the look out for my ship so he could look for me. Even though Jack had absolutely no idea what my ship looked like and what exactly I looked like either. But he had my mother, Annamaria to help him look for me. She has an image of what I might look like now, since she hasn't seen me since before I went missing at age six.

“Do we have a heading?” Gibbs asked Jack.

Jack took out his compass and watched the arrow spin from one direction to another, until it pointed up to the west. “We go there, that way direction,” he pointed and closed the lid of the compass.

“Do you know exactly what we are searching for?” Gibbs asked.

“Yes, something very valuable,” Jack answered a little lie, but at the same time, the truth. I seemed valuable to him, to everyone else they could care less. I was just a woman, a woman they could mess around with if I was easy. “Set sails to the west, let the winds take us at top speed!” Jack called to everyone. “I want no man to sleep in this journey!” he yelled.


I was eating a piece of bread as I was watching the sun set from my quarter's window. Nearly everyone was asleep and I was the only one awake enough to watch the ship and sail our way through the sea. I was about to rest my eyes when I felt something cold on my face. “Ahh!” I screamed and fell off my seat.

I looked up and glared at Damon, laughing away as he knelt down and gave me a bottle of rum. I rolled my eyes and took the bottle. I bit the stopper off to open the rum bottle and spat it back out. “Take what you can?” Damon asked, giving me a hint of what he was trying to say.

I rolled my eyes with a smile, “Give nothing back,” I replied. We clacked our bottles together before taking a drink. I sighed after taking a drink and looked at Damon with a smile, he stared back at me after he took a drink. “What are you thinking?” I whispered to him.

“I'm thinking of how lucky I am to be with the prettiest woman alive. Sitting next to me, staring back at me, and the girl loving me back for the past few years I've patiently waited for,” he answered with a mischievous smile.

I looked at him from under my eyelashes and kept that look for another few minutes before smiling at him. He might have gotten the idea, since he moved towards me, cupped the back of my neck with one hand and held me by my waist with the other as he kissed me. He leaned in so close that he fell on top of me as he kissed me passionately. I kissed him back with compassion as my hands sliding through his hair softly.

It was a dream, thats all I knew and thought. I never imagined that Damon . . . would be the one I'd make love to. I just imagined him to be my friend for life, but when I realized I did love him, I still never thought that he and I would happen. The way he was in bed was unbelievably pleasurable. I loved each minute of it. I was hoping that I wasn't drunk and that I wasn't doing anything regrettable. I wanted it to happen, I wanted someone I loved to make me feel happy and feel like I was wanted by only him.

That night was something I would never forget, even if it wasn't right to do before marriage, I don't regret it. I was happy that Damon was the one. Even if I did imagine to marry someone else, why couldn't I realize that someone I loved dearly could be right in front of me, taking great care of me, watching over me as I ignore his feelings of how he felt for me for all these years. I do regret never noticing his way he was showing how much he cared, loathing myself that I didn't notice how he felt.

I didn't feel the pain that a woman would feel when it's her first time. I've always heard that it would hurt the first time it happened. I felt no such pain. All I could concentrate on was the feel of Damon's hot flesh, the feeling of the pleasure, and the beating of my heart against my rib cage. Time seemed to go by fast. I never regret that night, I never will.

I woke up the next morning, the sun was out and raying on my eyelids. Damon was still asleep, still holding me from behind as close as he could. I sat up and looked down at him as he kept on sleeping. He looked as happy as a lamb finding a playmate in a field of grass, I swore that he seemed to be smiling when I kept my gaze at him. I smiled at him and messed with his hair a little bit before getting out of bed and getting dressed.

When I was fully dressed, I covered the rest of his skin that was exposed before walking out of my quarters and out into the world of the next day.

Everyone turned their heads to me and kept their stare at me as I walked my way to the wheel. “What?” I asked as I looked back at everyone. “Do I have something in my teeth?” I teased as I picked my teeth in front of the men. “Okay fine, we might as well get this over with. So I made love with Damon! So what? I regret nothing! And for the men that confessed their love to me a while ago or a long time ago, I'm sorry. I was distracted with finding Jack and somewhere inside my heart I knew I loved Damon. You couldn't do anything about it and you all can't go back in time to change what we did!” I announced to everyone of the crew that I knew heard and listened to our moaning of what Damon and I did in the night before that morning.

Every being of my crew looked away and went back to their posts as I took the wheel. “Did you really think that?” I heard Damon's voice from behind me. I looked back and saw his head staring at me from the opening of where my room was below me. “Do you really not regret ever doing what we did last night?” he asked me.

I smiled at him, walked towards him, and knelt down as I slid my hand on his face. “Yes, I regret nothing. I enjoyed what we did last night and I'll never forget it. We'll make it a little memory before our wedding comes,” I spoke to him softly.

He grinned back and kissed me gently then inserted his tongue into my mouth. I did the same he did for a while before I heard a sharp and aggressive voice that said “Captain. We're approaching land,” from Daniel.

I looked over at him and spoke back “Thank you Daniel, as you were.” He nodded his head before walking away. I looked back down at Damon. “Put your clothes back on so you can go back to your posts. And you've been promoted as my first hand chief,” I said.

He chuckled before saying “So do I have to sleep with you to become captain?” he joked.

“No, I'm only promoting you because I'm that nice and because you deserve it,” I answered quickly before pushing his head down the opening and closing it shut. I looked straight ahead to the spit of land that we approached. There was something about the island that gave me a hint that I would get valuable information from someone.

I got off the ship and walked around for a little while. I told the entire crew to stay at the ship but to allow Damon to come with me. There were grunts and growls from everyone one of them, some calling him names, but Damon just walked by as if they never existed.

“I'm sorry,” I apologized.

“What are you apologizing for?” he asked.

“That the crew is being nasty to you. Because of me, every one of them is being rude to you,” I said as we took a basket of fruit and boxes of rum.

“I don't care. I'm happy and all I need is happiness. I'm even full of joy that I could call you my wife already, even if we aren't legally wedded,” Damon said as he chose a bushel of apples.

“I know, but you know all I can do is think that they might do things that I know I'd shoot them for.”

“Don't worry about it. If they did, I'd come to you since I'm you're first hand chief. Or if I was thrown off the boat, you'd know,” he said as he took my hand and led me into a bakery shop. We approached the front and ordered a few bags of bread and pastries.

“I know that. Now that I think about it, I'm worried about my crew going up against us and siding with Will Turner once we get in a fight with him and when the war begins. I'm worried that they'd all kill you all at once and then come after me,” I said to him, waiting patiently.

“Did you say “Will Turner?” ” the woman asked us.

We looked back at her in confusion. “Yes,” we both answered.

She seemed to laugh in relief as she stared at both of us. I never realized until she smiled that she was beautiful. She had chestnut colored hair that reached to the middle of her back, wrapped in a bandanna, she was a tad taller than me, her face thinner than mine and slightly covered with dirt with flour, she was wearing what peasant women would wear, but somehow looked elegant and strong at the same time. “I can't believe it, he's still among this earth,” she spoke.

“How do you know Will?” I asked her.

She looked around before moving her head towards me. “I'm his wife, Elizabeth Swan. May I ask you all a question?” she asked us.

“Yes, shoot,” I answered.

“Are you pirates?”

I looked around to see it was safe. No one was around so it was safe to answer. “Yes we are.”

Her face came closer to ours and said “To people who have traveled with me, I'm also known as the Pirate King.”

My eyes widened when I realized this was the woman Will spoke of, that the King of the Pirates the helped released Calypso whispered in my ear, and that I was still alive to meet her. She was the feeling I had when I saw this island. Elizabeth was my way of knowing how to beat Will and to keep me alive for a while longer.


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Another great and entertaining chapter, keep up the great work.


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Chapter 5:

“You wench! You'll pay for beating me!” the captain screamed at me as I pointed my sword at him.

“Maybe . . . what if I don't want to pay? And what if my way of paying is stealing everything that is your's as my payment?” I teased while everyone of my crew was stealing the goods of the ship we've taken over.

“I will find you evil lassie! I will chase you down to the ends of the sea for doing what you've done today,” he spoke out.

“Then I'll make sure that it wouldn't happen, now would I? Men!” I called out. All of the strongest men of my crew came to me and took everyone of the ship's crew and tied them all together on the largest wooden pole that balanced the sails. “May Day Jones have mercy on you,” I laughed as I took a rowboat and left the boat.

I got to my boat and watched the ship. “How many more seconds until it blows up?” I asked a second before the ship blew up. I smiled “never mind.”

“Captain? What shall we do now?” Chris asked me.

“Lets sail to the next island, buy us more rum, and more food,” I answered, walking myself to my quarters.

“Anna?” a voice called to me.

“Hm?” I turned and found Damon standing next to the door with bandages and alcohol.

“Are you injured?” he asked me as he walked over to me and was looking all around me.

“Not really,” I answered. He lifted my arm and rolled up my bloody white sleeves, looking at my almost infected cut.

“What do you call this then?” Damon raised an eyebrow and poured the alcohol on the cut. The stinging came along as he dabbed the cut with cloth before wrapping it up with the bandage.

“You shouldn't lie to me whenever you get an injury. You always get one or more of them whenever you're about to steal more gold and silver from another ship,” he said.

“You can't stop who I am. I can't always be invincible, I can get away with a cut. Be happy I didn't lose an arm then like Daniel did. You have more to clean on him,” I answered. Damon smiled when he tightened the knot on my wrapping before I spoke “Thank you.”

I touched the bandage that Damon used to heal my injury about a year ago. When I was planning on taking the bandage off that year ago, something was telling me that I should keep that bandage. There was something about that bandage that made Damon and I come closer to one another. The bandage was still on my scar from that time and it's special to me that the bandage was a symbol of how Damon cared for me.

I looked at Elizabeth in amazement. “You're his wife that Will spoke of . . .” I said to her.

“He spoke of me?” she wondered.

“Yes. While he took me and my crew as prisoner, he and I were asking questions about one another, and he then got to the part of how he became the way is now and told me about you two getting married the same day,” I answered.

“Yes. A man saved his life though, that man was a good friend of mine,” Elizabeth said.
“You mean my father, Jack right?” I asked him.

She looked up at me in amazement. “He . . . he has a daughter? He never mentioned you before,” Elizabeth told me.

“He doesn't know about me. And I don't think my mother mentioned me either. Jack doesn't know about my existence and my mother thinks I've been dead for ten years,” I said to her, looking into her eyes.

“Why does your mother think you're dead?” Elizabeth asked me.

“It's because Anna went off with Barbossa to find Jack and never told her mother when she was six. Since then, Anna is known to be dead,” Damon answered for me.

“Mummy!” a child's voice called.

Elizabeth turned to the voice. A child then ran towards us, Elizabeth picked up the child and smiled. “What is it William?” she asked the boy.

“May I go down to the cliffs to watch the sunset?” William asked.

“Hold on,” Elizabeth put the boy down and gave Damon the bags of the pastry and bread we asked for. “Why don't we all go down there. Most of the people around here aren't coming into the shop,” Elizabeth answered her son and began walking towards the doors.

“When you say “we,” do you also mean us, Elizabeth?” I asked her.

“Why yes, come along or you'll miss the sunset,” she said.

Damon and I followed her out in silence, looking around the home she chose and the life that she has picked out of a hat from fate.

It was silent, but it was peaceful. Listening to little William laugh as he skipped toward the cliffs happily. The music of his childish laughter made me feel warm inside and made me think of having children one day. I never thought of having children because I was too set up on finding Jack that the thought never occurred to me until now. And now that Damon has captured my heart, I knew he'd make a wonderful father and that I'd love to have sons or daughters with him.

“So . . . is this Will's son?” I shyly asked Elizabeth.

Elizabeth looked back at me and smiled after looking at my pink face from the question I gave her. “Yes, William is Will's first child,” she answered as she looked at her son.

“Um . . . are you really willing to wait for Will every ten years? Since he's only able to walk on land for one day every ten years. Don't you ever miss him?” I asked.

“I'm willing to wait for him. I can only see him for one day before he leaves again for another ten years. I'll always miss him and he'll be here again in the next seven years,” she answered. We finally got to the cliffs. The wind was blowing gently, the sun sailing to the horizon of the sea, the light becoming redder and the sky becoming darker. William took a seat at the edge of the cliffs and hummed to himself as he watched the sunset. Elizabeth took a deep breath and spoke “He told me . . . “when you find a place to live in peace, wait close to the sea. I'll find you there, watch the horizon and wait for me if you still desire me.” Thats what he told me.

So every other day or whenever my son asks to watch the sunset here, I always come here and watch the sunset. I'd hope that the laws of his curse have changed and that he'd appear once the sun has disappeared and that the green light I've seen will appear, showing his ship sailing towards here,” Elizabeth told us.

It was lovely, watching the sunset. It had a certain magic to it. And just looking at Elizabeth with the sun shining against her dirty skin, I could see what Will saw in her besides her beauty. I was looking through Will's point of view, it gave me the thought that Will and I were in some sort of spiritual connection. I closed my eyes and gave a smile. “We have to leave now, before one of the townsfolk tells your governor here that pirates have come and pretending to be normal fisherman,” Damon said. “Thank you for being kind to us lady Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth looks back at us and smiles. “It's my pleasure. You are permitted to come back if you wish,” she said to us.

We both smiled at her. “Thank you very much miss,” I said before walking away as the sun's last few rays was shining on my back.

“Jack, can't we rest yet?” Gibbs complained. “It's been weeks since we started this voyage, and we have no headings of where the blood hell's we're going.”
“I have a good feeling though . . . I have a feeling that it's close,” Jack said as he watched his compass spin to the west.

“Jack . . . I have a feeling in here,” he points at his head, “that you've been lying to us that we're looking for something shiny and worth of value,” Gibbs said.

“We are finding something valuable . . . to mostly me . . . or actually to me,” Jack said quietly under his breath. “Okay, so it's something that is not worth of anything to ye lads. But she is to me, and I'm finding her,” Jack said triumphantly.


“We're finding my little girl that I never knew was a part of this world until we found out the bar was destroyed . . . by her doing,” Jack said. “We're sailing to the west Cotton!”

“Squawk, sailing with the wind,” the parrot squawked in Jack's command.

“So um . . . Anna,” Damon hesitated.
“Yes Damon?” I answered as I was looking over the dark horizon, looking up to the stars and steering the ship.

“After being with Elizabeth and her son, did you get the connection and feeling that we . . .” he stopped there. I could hear the shyness and hesitation in his voice, even if I wasn't looking at him.

“I'm not sure what you're getting at,” as I was a little too busy as it is, so I wasn't using my mind as I was looking out for enemy ships.

“After seeing how happy Elizabeth looked. I was just drawing to the line that, maybe if you were up for it, that we could have children of our own as well,” Damon blushed.

My arms froze where they were when I took a turn. I turned my head toward him and eyed him. “You had that same feeling too?”

“Yes, it occurred to my head that I want to have babies with you and I want to be a father and help care for the children with you. I wasn't at all phased with children, but just looking at you now, I know you'd make a wonderful mother,” Damon complemented.

I smiled and blushed from the thought. “You think I'd make a wonderful mother?” I asked again in a teasing way as I couldn't stop smiling.

“Yes,” he answer as he wrapped his arms around my waist as I placed my hands on his chest, while one of my feet was on the steering wheel. “I know you'd make a great mother. You're a wonderful woman and you have a tender, loving, and warm heart. There's no way that you'd be terrible,” he said to me.
I giggled as I slide my hands around his neck. “Since we don't regret what we did last night, you want to give it another go?” I teased.

He grinned back and nuzzled his nose on my playfully. “If you really want to try parenting, then I'm willing to try anything with you,” he giggled.

I bit my lip, exposing a little bit of teeth after failing not to show my smiling at him. “Thomas, your turn to take the post,” I called. Damon took me by my wrist gently and playfully, not willing to be patient and wait for Thomas to take my place.

We came into my quarters again and landed on the bed softly before kissing each other passionately. Once we undressed ourselves, the passionate night took control of us once again.

Once I woke up, I stared at Damon for a long moment, not wanting to leave him alone again after what I did the morning before that morning. I smiled at the thought of last night and bit my lip to restrain myself from showing him me in a giggly mood. I then heard a knock on the door, I slammed my head onto the pillow, pretending I was asleep.

“Captain!” Chris called, entering my room without even asking permission to come in. Even though he thought I was asleep, he came in anyways. “Captain,” he repeated.

I grunted and slightly moved my legs in telling showing in my body language that he just woke me up and that I was stretching out my legs to regain consciousness. I lifted my head with one eye open, looking angry that he awoke me. “What do you want?” I asked him in my angry morning voice.

“There is a ship approaching us. And she's gaining fast,” he answered, running out of my quarters and slamming the door behind him.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes before looking down at Damon and kissing his cheek. “Time to wake up, there's a ship full of goods we have to steal. I'll buy you a crown if you help me with the loads,” I playfully teased, whispering to him.

He smiled and answered “I'd rather load you up with my cannon,” he chuckled. I then slapped a pillow over his face before getting out of bed and putting my dressing and effects on. “So do you think it's possible?” Damon asked.

I looked over at him and smiled. “After last night, its most likely going to happen,” I said before getting out of the quarters and onto deck. “So where is she?” I called out.

“She's gaining on us from the east in front of us,” someone answered me. I looked towards the eastern skies and saw a ship gaining on us. The ship had white sails, it looked like it was made of strong oak, painted in two coats of shining pine, and it looked as big as the Night Star.

“Load the cannons men. We're stealing loot today!” I yelled as I took out my sword. Everyone else followed me and yelled their battle cries. “This shall be fun,” I chuckled mischievously.

“Um Captain . . . it might take the ship another ten minutes to get here,” Daniel told me.

“Oh,” I sighed in embarrassment. I put my sword down, crossed my legs, and sat down at the spot I stood at. Everyone else did the same. Few took dice out and used their pints. They were gambling again, using the money or rum they had as a bet. I would play it once in a while, I'd win most of the time, but I decided not to. Stealing money was more fun than gambling.

After a few minutes of playing cards with Damon and a few of the other men, nine minutes have passed before the other ship was a few knots close to us.

“Bring this ship down and strip it from every inch to find as much goods as you can,” the raspy voice of their captain yelled. I got to my feet and looked into the face of my next victim. “If you want, why don't you surrender lassie!” he yelled to me.

“If you think I'm just a lassie that likes pirates, think again. I'm the captain of this ship. So why don't you surrender you drunken, beat-up, sad excuse for a pirate!” I screamed over to him.

“You leave me no choice lassie. Fire!” he yelled. Cannons were shot from every spot of both ships. Men from both of the ships jumped out of the way when the cannons hit the ships, or the blast from the cannons pushed them all away.

“Get to their ship, kill as many as you can and bring us their loot!” I called out. Half of the crew swung on ropes to the other side, the other ship did the same and all landed on deck. I took my sword out and began fighting as hard as I could. I then saw the captain swinging over to my ship. I then got angry and took out my other sword, wielding now a sword in each hand.

I ran to the captain once he took his step on my deck and wielded his sword sword. Our swords clanged onto each other, nothing but blood and the sound of swords were around the sea.

The captain wore a brown hat, a red bandanna, beads on his hair, his hair was a dark brown and a few strands were like a snake, his beard was braided and also had beads in it. He wore heavy looking effects on him, heavy boots, and a dark brown jacket. It was hard to believe that he'd wear anything like that in a fight and still stood in front of me.

I high kicked him in the face, he staggered back and lunged forward towards me, failing at his attempt to stab my stomach. He and I took the stairs down to the rum room, forgetting where we were going at. The only thing that was in our thoughts was the thought of surviving and killing the captain to get the goods we could get to keep and sell. Once he and I kept blocking one another from left to right, bottom to the top, I took the blunt of his blade and pushed it down while my other sword was pointing at his neck. He and I stood there staring at one another in silence. Our faces and eyes serious. My eyes then shifted to the rum around us and then to the captain.

“Take a break for a little while and drink rum?” I asked politely.

He nodded. “Aye, a bit of rum won't kill us. Unless are you going to stab me while I'm drinking?” he asked suspiciously.

I laughed and took two bottles, one in front of him. “It's not fun or fair if I stabbed an enemy while caught off guard,” I said.

He took the rum and opened the stopper. We both then leaned back as we were going to take a drink, but not one drop touched our tongues. I then looked at the bottle in confusion and jabbed the open a few times, realizing there was no more rum in my bottle.

“Why is the rum always gone?” we both asked.

I then turned my head towards him. “No rum in your bottle?” I asked.

“Where did you hear that saying lass?” he asked me.

I laughed. “I remember my mother told me a few stories about my father. Whenever he'd finish a bottle, he'd always say that. There were times I'd think that I am becoming my father just by stealing his words,” I answered him as I knelt down and took two more bottles, rattling them to make sure there was more rum. I handed it to him and he took it from my hand.

“Have you ever met your father?” he asked me.

“No, I'm searching for him though. I've been on two ships searching for him. The first ship didn't do much good, so I left and started my own crew. I left my mother when I was six to go out and search for him,” I smiled before taking a sip of my rum.

“I think . . . your search is over,” he whispered.


“I remember that a woman told me her child went missing when her little girl was just six. By any chance were you born in Tortuga sixteen years ago?” he asked me.

I looked at him in confusion. “Yes, why? And what are you saying about my search being over? Do you mean to say that you know my father?”

He grinned. “Is your last name Sparrow?”

I raised an eyebrow. “Yes.”

“Your search is over. Your father you've never seen in your life that you were so set up on searching for is the “drunken, beat-up, sad excuse for a pirate” that you were just fighting and drinking rum with right now,” he chuckled.

I slightly cocked my head as my my eyebrow was still in the same position. “Jack . . . Sparrow?”

“Captain Jack Sparrow, to you lass,” Jack pointed out before taking a drink.

I then laughed a little bit. “Well this is awkward, I've been fighting my father for a while without even knowing it,” I chuckled.

He smiled at me and stretched his arms out. “Why don't you give your ol' dad a hug.”

I gave him a crooked smile before giving him a little hug. “We should get our crew to stop fighting,” I said.

“Why? Seeing men fight pointlessly is actually quit fun.”

I rolled my eyes and ran up the stairs.
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