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greatest of the ungratest
Jun 14, 2004
well basically me and 2 of my friends/ ex friends got into a petty argument and now its caused major division among all my friends that know them

the argument was over something really pathetic aswell, i had a party and due to them not being able to come to it (and me not willing to change it to another day that suits them) , they got angry at me about it rather than simply state "we can't make it"

now one of them in particular, matt began abusing me, calling me an idiot, a douche etc

and the other one nick is more or less his follower and only sees matts opinion in all arguments (no matter what matt has done, he does not care) being that nick has had few friends in life, and matt is one of his only ones from years back

so i got angry and banned/blocked matt , which all of a sudden i was accused of not letting him "defend himself" by matt (he sent this through e-mail)

i called nick an "a$$ kisser* when he didn't let it go aswell

now even though they started it, i even apologized which didn't turn out so well from both ends (both times i ended up blocked on msn, which i still currently am)

but as i said this has caused division among my other friends, now they understand im more or less right and i've atleast attempted to stop the argument

but the other 2 are going around making lies behind my back and using my other friends to pass on messages/e-mail me stuff to complain about what i do, what i've said (they "monitor" my blog looking for any excuse to complain , always asking my other friends what im doing etc)

yet ironically i get the hell blasted out of me from the two of them if i dare do the reverse (send messages through friends or e-mail them when i apologized a second time)

its unfortunate that we know the same friends, but this has just become ridiculous

so basically does anyone have any ideas of solving this, stopping it full stop or resolving the case?

i've had enough of the argument, yet unfortunately due to common friends can't get out of it in a way i can think of

even reading over this , it sounds extremely stupid considering age (all of us are 20 or older :closedeyes: )


New member
Aug 1, 2007
omg i had friends like that. i had an abusive friend before and my most helpful advice is, dump that friend. Emotional abuse can have it's toll on you... like it can do really weird things, believe me. I've been in an emotionally abusive relationship and I became suicidal.
For your other issue, just tell them how you feel. Tell them that this is becoming ridiculous and a friendship shouldn't be lost over petty arguments. Just tell them that and see what they say. I hope this helps and good luck.~~


Koudelka's Servant
Jul 14, 2007
In the world of Shadow Hearts
this happened to me, i just ignored it cuz then they dont get a reaction, and tell your friends that if they want to say something to you say it to your face, and then if they do dont react, i know its hard not to react but it works
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