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Which animal is your favorite?

  • Rabbit

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  • Fish

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  • Hamster

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  • Mouse

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  • Pig

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  • Chinchilla

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  • Gerbil

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New member
Apr 7, 2019
I have both a cat and a dog but dogs are my favorite animals. I've found my dog on the street and when I saw Astra for the first time she was very exhausted and hungry... Her fur was covered with fleas and it was a very terrible sight. We had to try a lot of methods of flea treatment and other medication to make her healthy again. Now she lives with me for more than 5 years she is the most loyal friend to me, unlike my lazy cat :)


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Aug 7, 2013
Somewhere in Germany
  • Master of Monologues
I love dogs the most. Until 2015 we also had one dog (which I grew up with) that died at the age of 17. That hit me so hard that I swore to never get a dog again. (My parents too were hit hard) Now after some years I just miss it. I just miss the unconditional love of them. The silliness of their behaviour. And they also forced me to go out more often, no matter the weather.

Sadly if I get a fulltime job I wont be able to get a dog since I dont want to have him be alone the whole day. So I will probably buy myself some cats which I also like.

But I still prefer dogs because they are more often more loyal and nice to you, while cats can have quite the attitude and there is always the risk of them destroying your items.

The pets I like the least are exotic ones like spiders. And even though I find rabbits and the smaller ones really cute I would not buy them either, since most of the time they want to be left in peace.
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