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Fanfiction ► Peace in time May Come

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Jul 14, 2005
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Okay peoples, this is my first fanfic, and it does have to do a little bit with Disney and other things, but it's mostly my own . XP

Peace in Time May Come
Now I can tell these memories are all wrong. I even said so out loud, and a voice asked me how. I pointed frantically toward the wall opposite of me. “Those clocks used to be white, now they’re blood red. And where did the other twenty-four clocks go?” the last remaining were three little round clocks I knew were meant to represent the past, present, and future. “Weren’t the others for the twenty-four hours of the day? But here still lie yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

“Exactly. The white was neutral, now all three have been both effected and affected by death. With the amount of blood spilling in each time they all now run on the same time. There is no difference between the hours anymore.” It was a guy’s voice, I had noticed after gaining full consciousness. And he seemed to try and sound human when he could as if this was forced upon him like a job and he wanted to act normal. “Don’t worry, your memories aren’t wrong.”

“Tell me then, does anyone else know of this place?” I tried to be calm, but as a result of having a good idea of what the answer would be, shaking had become inevitable.

He sighed, then louder, “Only the other ones standing near me right now. But we only know some idea of what it looks like, you are the one person to have entered this particular room.” He paused for a moment so that both of us could fully believe the facts. “What shocks the others the most, though, is that you have been in this room before on your own terms. It was when most things were in order, and in a dream, was it not?”

“Yes,” I answered just a little above a whisper.

I had the oddest feeling that the head of the voice was nodding calmly to the others, whoever they were. “Now it’s my turn to ask a question. How did you know what each of the clocks were for? Are there any signs in there?”

“There never were any signs, I just knew. Each type of clock had its own style, except for these three that are in front of me. These few always looked as if they were the clocks that would give out facts but would never be made by human hands simply because we do not usually have the know-how.” It quickly came to me that I must be more important than I already was to enter a room like this and know everything about it. So automatically I knew that I was to embark on a journey that would most likely go through time. Kind of obvious, isn’t it?

But wait. Why should I have to do this? I have a life to keep up and by doing this there’s a sure possibility I could die. I even became so frantic that I had to ask a question to which I already knew what the voice would say. “How do I get out?”

“We can’t let you go at the moment.” Then he said something I hadn’t expected. “”We’re still looking for your followers.”


Please let me know how you like it ;D
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Jul 14, 2005
in a little room where walls are bright swirling c
see, the thing was that I wanted to hopefully intrigue people, and it was the best place to stop it at the time.

Okay, these next few installments are going to be a little longer than the first, only because it's hard to find places where it's best to have some form of a pause.

“My followers? What’s going on? I thought I was doing this alone!” I looked up towards the plain white ceiling, seeing for the first time the planted-in light bulb that’s buzzing never skipped a beat.

“Milady, we are not about to let you go by yourself when you are the most important. Your magic is powerful enough that when concentrating you could protect hundreds, maybe even a thousand. Your sense of truth and justice is outstanding. And they tell me that you’re keen on dropping into different times, and well at it. Someone like you is always important. We’re not letting you out onto the battlefront yet.”

My brain wouldn’t think anymore. In the few moments he had been talking, I had become extremely frustrated, and for some odd reason tired. But, I knew that I shouldn’t, and wouldn’t fall asleep, for shortly after a guy and a girl just randomly appeared in front of my face.

“Jess,” announced the voice. “Meet Roxie and Stefan. No, they didn’t get in here by themselves, but they are obviously worthy of the task at hand. She is your general of the future, and he of the past. We’re still looking for the present.” He sounded a little annoyed and the two in front of me were still dumbfounded.

“I’ll take the present. I need to start taking in the reality of today,” I blurted. It was all I could think of for an excuse to get out of here.

Roxie gave a questioning look. Her red-streaked raven-black hair seemed to back itself behind her ears as she turned to fully face me. Brown eyes looked outward through well-done mascara and eyeliner, and only practiced eyes could see that she was frightened to be here. Her posture was only slightly hunched over and her clothes were colorful, but they had a dimness to them.

Stefan on the other hand was still studying the white walls of the room, probably wondering how to get out. Everything about him made him seem mortal, the simple designer jeans and shirt, a practically falling apart pair of shoes, and he was even wearing glasses (No offense but that he could have asked for someone to change that if he wanted). Everything except for the fact that he was trying to use magic to escape. Therefore, I could only make one guess; he was a wizard.

Not that being a wizard is a bad thing. It’s just around here it means someone that isn’t mortal but couldn’t tap into their magic until they were trained. That is, depending on how they use their magic. If they don’t have anything to help them use magic, even if it’s only for a few things, they have a magical background. But, if they need something like a wand for everything they do, then most would say they were mortal before they learned.

Another man’s voice called into the room. “I’m afraid we cannot allow that, milady. Besides, I think we’ve found your third general.” My emotion shifted only a little as another guy popped into the room.

All he had to say was, “Idiots,” and I recognized him instantly.

“You’re the one I’ve been talking to all this time!”

“Bingo. Now before they say anything, call me Xavier. They were about to give my first name, which I clearly don’t like.

“So now that that’s covered let’s go over the important crap. You, Jess, are our commander, and we three have twenty-four soldiers to command each. At most times you will be in the protection of the council and this room is our meeting place. All of you got it?” I nodded numbly. Every thing was going too fast for my brain to keep up.

“Wait a second. Are the three of you going as soon as everything is explained?” yup, definitely not thinking straight right now.

He nodded. “We need to stop this problem as soon as possible. If we don’t get out there quick, everything will be going into extinction.”

“You say that so calmly,” I replied with my own bit of sarcasm.

“I can’t help it. If everything goes right the first time, then this should be over in less than a week. Moving on, all we have to do is stop time, find the center of the problem, take off the stop on everywhere else, control that first, then attack the center out of the time stop with everyone attacking it at the precise moment in every time. It may seem troublesome, but they chose us for a reason. And they have awesome weapons waiting for us.”

“Can you repeat that, like, in English?” Stefan had a point. Xavier must have accidentally switched to a language originally called Pyrairterlo, meaning fire, air, earth, and water, because everyone at one time could speak it. “Or at least slow down, I’m still having trouble understanding some of it.”

And so Xavier talked a little slower for Stefan to practice, while I walked to a corner to examine the room for once. I had been expecting to have a moment to think by myself, but apparently not.

“I’m not ready for this either. I mean I had a feeling that something like this would happen, just, not so soon.” I turned to see Roxie studying her shoes. “You know, like, when we’re twenty-one, not sixteen.”

A part of me froze for almost half a second. These people expected me to tell someone who’s older than me what to do? What if they were all older than me? Even if it’s just a year, they’re still older. And even if some council said I had whatever they said I had, that whatever never included great leadership.
I let out a nervous laugh, “Yeah, well I guess we’re SOL on that one.”


“Sheet Out of Luck.” She nodded and smiled a little. She finally stared me right in the eye, then paused.

“Hold on, don’t I know you from somewhere?”
dun dun dun! hope you all like it XD


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Jul 14, 2005
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Okay, I understand, it's prolly really boring right now, but what can I say? Beginnnings are beginnings.

And this is where I felt like borrowing into a little hole, but instead looked over towards Xavier to see if they were finished. Somehow whatever they were talking about before turned into a slight quarrel. And not wanting to bother with that either, stayed put.

“That’s right! You’re Prince Damian’s older twin sister!” Obviously, she had said it loud enough for the other two to hear, because they were looking at her as if she were stupid.

Also at her time of fully recognizing me, I winced, for it reminded me only more of the skills I lacked for my position. “Yeah, and I rather that he was the one to get the crown.” Out of the two of us, Damian was the one who was better with people altogether, knowing exactly what to say, and how to say it. I, however, ended up being the heir simply because I’m the older twin.

And before Roxie could say anything more on the subject, I said, “You know what, let’s drop the matter and see if the boys are finished.” She agreed quietly and trudged on ahead of me, while I sighed and slumped more than a princess should. Then again, I’m not your typical princess.

Right when I came over to the group, fourteen weapons appeared onto a table. Altogether, there were eight different guns (we each took two), and three daggers and three swords (I already had my own).

Out of all of us, I think that Stefan had the most frightened look upon seeing the guns, Xavier’s look was extremely devilish, and Roxie was the most nonchalant about it. So much for not being ready.

The only reason I didn’t grumble out loud was because the two closest to me were revolvers (my favorite). But other than revolvers, I hate guns.

The disembodied voice caught our attention again with a cough. “Alright, now that you all have your assigned fighting pieces, I will further explain. In each gun, are silver bullets, which can kill almost anything that you will going up against.” And my interruptions recommenced.

“Sure, silver bullets will kill almost anything that doesn’t have a force field. And that’s when you need someone who’s well-trained in that area so they can decide which type it is and how to break it.” Really. Did they not think that force fields would be put into play?

“We know, Jess, that is why we have these particular daggers. They’ve been made specially to break through force fields. Since you yourself have been trained in this specific art, you may test them as you see fit, all right?” And the voice fell silent.

“Fine, I’ll take that suggestion. Anyone willing?” I set up one that would be considered at an intermediate’s level. Xavier jumped in a flash at the greenish dome around me and easily sliced through it. I nodded and put up a more complicated one. He did have a little trouble, but he still got through.

I frowned a bit then automatically turned it into a smile as I put up a final field. No matter how hard any of them tried, I knew they wouldn’t get through.

“You’re lucky nobody knows that one,” I said being more relaxed at that moment than I had been all day.

The voice came on again, “Why? What happened?”

I smiled as I was about to say, “Don’t worry, the daggers work fine,” But Xavier said the exact same thing before I could get it out.

I wanted to glare at him, but I couldn’t. We just stared at each other. His blue-green eyes had almost put me under a spell when I actually understood.

Against his will I broke my gaze, which I could tell shocked him, and slowly moved to the point where I was beside him. But instead of facing the same way as him, I looked at the three clocks.

“It’s not fair that you tease me with head games when I miss being around real vampires.” I myself got a good kick out of that.

Xavier, on the other hand, didn’t appreciate the joke. “If I bit you right now you’d think twice about saying that again,” I almost wanted to say it again so I could see fangs, but the way he whispered it made chills go both ways from the middle of my spine. And that was proof enough for me.

The annoying voice from out of nowhere came back for a final word. "Since you all seem to be taking this so well I'd might as well finish. Each of the swords that you have been given have been fitted to your size and fighting style, and shouldn't break. That is all, so good luck." That time something sounded as if the speaker the voice had turned off as well.

Xavier's voice changed as he called to everyone in a louder tone, “Okay, let’s pack it up! Roxie, take the clock on the right and Stefan, the one on the left. And you,” he said to me while placing his hands on my shoulders. “You get to wait for the council to call on you,” and he moved me to directly under the light bulb.

“Bu-” But my protest was too late. Before I could get the “t” out, he had kissed my cheek and vanished with the middle clock in his hands.

About a minute after that happened I snapped out of it. “Crap.”


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Jul 14, 2005
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you people leave me no choice, I'm doing a double-length chapter, maybe then this story might go places *wishes with all of heart*

Fourth and fifth installment of Peace in Time May Come

After being stuck with a bunch of old fogies for five minutes, things got really boring. All they would do was sit in font of these televisions that were set in the clocks so they could see how my three generals were doing. And they wouldn’t even let me have a peep!

“Aww, come on Barbados, you’re the only one who’s ever met me before today. You know what I’m like, especially when I’m bored. Please!” Barbados, the one I’m whining to right now, is the father of my Elvish friend Kevin. I met them both on the same night at one of Damian’s parties. Both father and son are very different from the rest of the Elves I know.

“I’m sorry Jess, I can’t.”

I threw my arms up wildly in question. “Well why not?”

“I cannot let you look at any of the screens because the chief councilman believes that if you do you’ll do something stupid.”

I roll my eyes first before I stare at him in disbelief. “Like that hasn’t happened already.” My sarcasm really comes out when I’m angry, or agitated.

“Besides, how did you get to be apart of this?” I pointed toward the crowd of old men hanging around the screens.

He almost didn’t say anything, then decided that it wouldn’t hurt to say it. “Well, some guys were asking around if anybody knew a girl with your description and I said I had met you once, and knew the rest from what Kevin tells me.”

“Then why isn’t he here?”

“They said he liked to kill too much.”

“True.” That guy would strangle anyone on command, except most of my family. Ahem.

I stood there for a moment thinking of what I could do to pass the time. As usual a great idea hit me (yeah, like thinking of a great idea happens often for me).

“Barbados, what if you told them that keeping me away from glancing at the screens will make me do something extremely stupid anyway?”

“Then I would help you get a sneak peek, but only because you’re the only witch to not have fallen in love with Kevin upon first meeting him.” All of a sudden Barbados reminded me of my Uncle Fred, who came from a different breed of vampires than the ones you’d normally expect to see.

“Okay,” I said as I started up again. “What if I were to do something that would seem stupid no matter whether I saw any of the screens or not?”

He got a really shocked look on his face. “Then you better do it while I’m not looking, or at least make sure I can’t tell, so I don’t have to get kicked out.”

I smiled mischievously. “Already done.” He blinked and stared.

“What did you do?”

“You’ll see,” I answered before I started to giggle quietly.

And then the fun began. “BARBADOS! What is going on? I thought you were supposed to be watching…-” The council member’s words trailed off. Right behind him came two more people of the council just as furious and then as confused.

All three stared at me intently while Barbados and I took turns glancing at each other to the old people. I did it in amusement; he did it out of confusion.

One of them finally spoke. “But how can you be in two places at once?” Then the two others stared at him.

And the two in complete unison, “How did you know she was on my screen?” This is the point as to where Barbados automatically understood.

“Oh,” he quietly mumbled. “Why aren’t you shorter then?” He asked and I showed him the two-inch heels I was wearing.

“Just what exactly is going on?” I think it was the first one to yell at Barbados who asked.

“Well, with the jobs I usually have to do in one day, this trick kinda helps the day go faster,” I replied completely calm.

-------Some place that's not the room of the council------

“I told you already! I split up into the four different bloods that I have in me. One part mortal, one part normal witch, one part vampire, and the fourth is from the royalty in me.” Stefan was thinking this thing over way too much.

And the poor boy was still confused. “Then which one are you again?”

I sighed for the third time being in stuck in the past with Stefan. I could tell that he was smart on most occasions, and this wasn’t one of them. “The average witch. I am different from the royal witch.” The guy is starting to push the wrong buttons. Particularly this button.

“Oh yeah, how?”

“Because I’m not CURSED like she is!” I noticed what I had said far too late to stop it. And now that the damage was done, nothing could change it.

He silenced himself automatically because of my screaming. Now everyone knew, the council, the other three knew I spilt the beans, so that left only two peopleto not know: Xavier and Roxie.

Fortunately we split up the best way possible. The mortal Jess stayed with council so that way she’d be in safe hands because she has no powers of her own. Xavier got the vampire because we don’t need him reading our minds and they understand each other better. The royalty of us went into the future since her curse would actually be to her advantage then. And I got stuck in the past because I do have powers like the two others, but I die easier than those two as well.

Stefan apparently doesn’t like silence. “So, do you want to talk about it?”

I shot him a death glare if there ever was one. Then I talked right into the clock he was holding. “I’m sorry, I know no one is supposed to know outside of the family, but nothing can change what I said and I don’t need him forgetting the mission.”

I stood back up straight, and looked at our surroundings. Odd enough, we were still traveling through time. “And when exactly is our destination?”

“The beginning of time,” Stefan replied quietly.

I let out a short laugh. “Just to let you know, we still got a while before we get there then.”

He nodded. “I know,” He said in a whispery voice. And so we waited.

-----------------The Future-----------------
Roxie was actually quieter than I expected, which made this worse for the fact I’m not good with one-on-one conversations. So you can probably imagine one of those times when no one is really ready to start a conversation, but everyone would feel awkward if someone didn’t.

And just hearing the other Jess accidentally talk about the curse made talking more of a nightmare. “So, to the end of time huh?”

“Yeah, but I highly doubt that there is one, unless it’s connected to the beginning somehow.”

“Really? Why do you think?” I honestly had never thought that before.

Guess that both of us were getting more comfortable with this conversation. “Well, if you think about it, except for in the mortal universe, everywhere you go, there can be more made of almost anything. Which goes for time as well. But there also had to be a beginning of that idea of creating. So one would think the same goes for time. Part one of this theory would then be: there is a beginning of time."

“As for the present day, it seems that history likes to repeat itself. Or in other words, the three main places of time, present, past, and future, are most likely connected. How? Possibly through loopholes, I’m not sure of that yet. But part two would be that time is connected to itself in all sorts of places.” Roxie took a few moments before she went on to finish.

“But proving the third side of this is the hardest. Because the only way for something to end is if it began. And usually things do end sooner or later, it’s just that it’s hard to ever tell when something will die out, especially if it’s the only of its kind.”

“Like a dynasty,” I solemnly whispered.

The other nodded. “Your dynasty. Your family has the longest running dynasty known to faeries, and everyone believes it’s also the best ruling family to ever come to power.”

In my mind I thought of telling her not to remind me, and quickly killed it because there was an easier way to get out of it. “Second longest should be the main fairies rule right now,” And I thought I would be safe saying that but…

“Actually the Pythons are tied with them for that spot.”

Who knew that it came from my own mouth this next part. “Yeah, with Arthagrius next to take power. Wait a minute.” Now all the wheels in my head were spinning effectively. “His whole name is Arthagrius Xav- and he’s only part- so that’s why his gaze wasn’t as strong,” I wanted to gasp, but couldn’t.

“Jess, what are you doing?” Roxie asked, apparently thinking I was crazy. (Sure, like I’m not.)

“I think I know who Xavier is,” I answered, my shock turning into a smile.

Honestly, people, comment and tell me if you like it or not. don't just read it and not comment if it's bad, tell me and let me know if there's any way to fix it. Just never leave a writer-in-training hanging without any direction.
Thank you.
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Jul 14, 2005
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Well, since Iknow that there is someone out there who does like this but just can't comment yet, I'll keep going.
These are sixth and seventh right here, peoples.

----------------somewhere in the present------------------
I know they had good reason for putting a vampire with another vampire, so no one else had to worry about that whole seductive gaze and voice idea. But it can be hard to act like a normal vampire when you’re connected to three other brains, with all four having the same name. It can give you a headache every now and then. Especially right about now.

Xavier and I also arrived sooner than the others, being we didn’t have to travel through time, and could see all the bloodshed that had happened since I was pulled into that white room. It was hard to restrain myself since I’m not like a normal vampire, but I’m the same type as my Uncle Frederick, and our kind don’t usually drink blood. We just prefer meat to other foods and are extremely zealous in whatever cause we believe in.

So seeing blood wouldn’t phase me on a normal day. Then again, this day and the few after won’t be normal. Another thing that added to the pile was that the Jess in the future figured out for us that Xavier's actually Arthagrius, the prince of the Python line. To put it in other words: he’s the prince of assassins/royal guards trained to kill anyone they’re told to. Meaning most of his subjects protect my family. What a small infinite amount of space this is.

“Hey Jess, you can stop staring at the carcasses like you’ve never seen one before,” He said mockingly. Unlike the other two, Xavier didn’t need explaining, because just like Barbados, he’s heard of me doing this before. And could tell which one I was by looking at my paler-than-most skin. Therefore leaving me without a single idea of what to do.

“Sorry, Art. But when I found out it’s right near my home it’s kinda-,” His right hand shot up into my face.

“What did you call me?” Somebody didn’t take their chill pill this morning.

“Art. It’s better than being called Arthagrius, isn’t it?”

“How did you-,” My turn to but in.

“Know? Just because we’re separated doesn’t mean our minds can’t connect. Thought you of all people would know something like that.” I quietly sniggered to myself. I didn’t want him to see how much pleasure this gave me.

“By the way, where are your soldiers?” Now he did his whole glare that always would make me smile.

He squinted even more before answering, “In another universe.”

I nodded in mock understanding. “Any universe in particular?”

“Disney’s.” I just now realized that he was getting frustrated with me and my happiness at hearing that word.

Unconsciously I went into a happy dance. I disregarded the entire fact that people were dead all around me and that it was all right in front of my home. My house could take it; it was strong enough. Particularly since it’s a castle that almost as old as my family.

Even better than that, I wouldn’t have to see it for much longer because he snatched my arm right before opening a portal that would lead straight to the universe that contained mostly Disney, except for the connection to another universe it recently obtained.

The portal happened to have opened right in front of the Disney Castle, but I knew that something was wrong the second I looked. Clouds were rolling fast overhead and threatened to have lightning strike down on us at any given time. So both of us having practical minds basically did a flying run for the doors.

Of course they had to be locked. And since I didn’t feel like doing any magic I pulled out one of the revolvers and shot one of the doors open. I gestured for him to go first but he refused.

“Ladies first,” He quoted with a light bow.

“Have it your way then.” So in we finally went.

*Still the present*

My senses elevated as I entered through the door, because if it had been yesterday the castle halls would be buzzing with its normal routines. Today, however, showed its power and practically sucked the life that seemed to fill the building. The large entrance was cold and drafty, with a dimness worse than the one that hung around Roxie.

Xavier came up beside me, with his left hand on one of his guns, and in his right was the field-breaking dagger. “And you were happy to come here why?”
I was about to insult him back when we both heard some form of a war cry coming from above us.

After glancing at each other to make sure we were thinking the same idea, we ran up the first staircase we found. Shortly after the yell, metal hitting metal sounded four doors ahead of us. Both of our bodies slammed into the doors not caring if it was locked or not. The two people who were fighting barely noticed we had even entered.

“I’ll kill you if you ever say that again! And I’ll make sure you die with shaaame,” the girl’s voice rang through my head. Her katana was still forced against another girl’s English sword, which had engravings that I kept trying to focus on. But, they seemed to move about by their own free will.

It took me a second after trying to stop looking at the sword to realize that the girl who was attacking was also being held back by a boy that should have easily stopped her from even getting close to the other. So much for that assumption.
Anyway, when Xavier noticed I wasn’t about to do anything, he nudged my arm with a hard blow from his elbow. “Ow,” and it sucks to say that it didn’t really hurt because I get hurt more in pass-it-on games.

I looked at him, pretending that I was angry at him for even hitting me, but he just glared back at me and then whispered, “ you should talk to them.”

“Yeah, sure, like that’s a real smart thing to do. Knowing me, I’ll probably make it angrier,” meaning the girl, not particularly wanting to use “her”.

The yelling that had been happening in the background silenced immediately. Both of us turned to see the one being held back giving the death-glare to me now. “Told ya,” I retorted.

Her voice had become quieter, but that didn’t stop it from being colder than what it took to freeze mercury. “Who are you?”

I didn’t mind giving out my name, except for the fact that the question didn’t really feel pointed toward me.


“We know who you are, my lady,” The girl said as she shrugged off the guy and pulled back her short brown hair. “I’m asking him,” she finished by nodding her head toward Xavier. And when she looked at him, he shifted from being forced into the conversation with a rampaging brunette.

He coughed before answering, “Just call me Xavier.” In less than an instant he had become more like a gentleman than I’ve ever known him to be. His vampirian (my word) features had faded away, and took instantly after his father (being his mother is the vampire of the family), which made his jet-black hair stand out more.
As his family naturally did, he tilted his head slightly to the left, and he positioned it exactly so if he were to be wearing glasses, he would be able to just see over the rims. I knew this position from once when I traveled back into time to talk to his father, and his grandfather: all three had done it the exact same way.

“Well then, Xavier, my lady, What business brings you to the Shag?” The boy automatically began to whisper something to her, but she elbowed for him to be quiet.

Maybe I didn’t hear her quite right. “The Shag?”

“You know, this castle?” The brunette raised her arms in a gesture. “We may have only been here since last night but it still needs a name.”

Tadaa! "Houston , we have liftoff!"


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Jul 14, 2005
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Thanks for finally coming on. Now I don't double or quadruple post anymore :) But I must say I gotta try and wait for some other people to p ost in here before I do. Constructive criticism is very helpful when it's coming from multiple people.

Besides, The story is catching up to me. I need some time to make sure I'm well ahead of this thing before I put another chapter on here.

(btw, thanks for gettin' a username. now you can finally read it darkbandie :D)
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