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Fanfiction ► Panic

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Mar 9, 2008
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A/N: This is the newest chapter in my recently started fanfic on FanFiction.Net, the whole collection titled Where Fears and Lies Melt Away. It's by GreenRain22 on there, but fear not, I am her =D Ripping is for jerks.

Setting: Halloween Town, Forest

“Gawsh, where are all these Heartless comin’ from?” Goofy asked above the noise of the battle, currently blocking a mean looking Heartless from stabbing him with wicked looking claws. Sora shook his head, slamming a flying Heartless into a tree, where it vanished, heart soaring into the air.

“No idea.... Donald! Watch out!”

“Wah? AHH!” Donald shrieked as a black creature tackled him to the forest ground. Quickly he cast a blizzard spell at the thing, and it vanished.

Sora sucked in the icy air, hacking into the Heartless surrounding him and his friends. All through his adventures, he’d never seen them so aggressive, so intent on destroying them.

“Gah!” A sword raked across his arm, crimson blood streaming down. He switched his keyblade to his left arm and swung clumsily at the demon that had injured him. It jumped away agilely, and swung at him again.

“Sora!” Goofy quickly cast a healing spell on him, not very powerful, but enough to heal up his arm. Sora grinned grimly, then with a roar, threw the Heartless across the area.

They just kept coming. No matter how many they defeated, no matter how tired they were, they just kept appearing, hacking, slashing, casting torturous spells, not caring if they were close to death.

Finally, Sora made a decision.

“RUN! Jump down to Christmas Town you guys!” he cried.

Donald and Goofy did not hesitate. They threw open the Christmas tree door and jumped down. The Keyblade wielder slashed, testing his boundaries, trying to buy enough time.

A vicious looking creature hissed evilly and slashed his arm again, reopening the wound. Sora gasped as the sudden pain spread across him.

He was falling....


Landed on the snow.

“That was a close one.” exclaimed Goofy, brushing off cold snow from his trousers.

Donald nodded his agreement. “Too close. We gotta be more careful. Next time we need to buy more magic potions. At one point all I could to was beat the Heartless!!”

Sora felt suddenly dizzy, trying hard to listen to what his friends were saying. He felt his numb fingers search through his pocket for a potion. He felt one and took it out. Half full, but maybe enough...

“Woah, Sora!” Goofy gasped. “Are you ok?”

Sora put on a smile, trying not to worry his companions. “I’m fine. The Heartless just took a little out of me, that’s all.” He lifted the cold bottle to his lips and drank the foul tasting liquid. His arm healed rapidly, leaving only the dripping blood. He wiped it on his pants and stood up.

“Come on. Since we’re down here, lets go finish making those last presents. Jack would appreciate the help.”

As the trio walked down the snowy hill, Sora felt glad as the adrenaline finished it’s course and he didn’t feel so much on edge.

What was that feeling?

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