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Overbit Chaos [kingdom hearts] -- prologue


Takushi Rena

May 12, 2004
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Not even Xehanort couldn't have committed something as evil, as horrendous as this act.

Beneath the flickering streetlamp in the deep darkness, the boy collapsed to his hands and knees, breaking his fall. Quick gasps of breath jumped in and out of his lungs. He shook, his bright, blue orbs focusing on his spread fingers.

The puddles rinsed the crimson splattered on his hands, the cuts across his palms stinging as he remained on his knees. But his eyes shot up. They snapped onto one thing and one thing only: a shadowed heap on the floor.

The brunet shot up his feet and dashed over.

"Your Majesty!"

Sora slid through the rain puddles on his knees, pivoting and turning towards the figure on the ground. Using the light of the streetlamp, the boy looked over the features of the mouse.

Eyes closed, clothes teared, cuts and scratches across his torso, and crimson splattered across him. Sora shook the mouse's shoulder.

"No, no, wake up!" he screamed, voice crackling, "Your Majesty, please wake up!"

But it was to no avail: the King didn't budge. Sora gulped, stepping back. He raised himself to his feet and spotted another figure, collapsed on the asphalt. The boy shook. It took every ounce of will he had to bring himself over to the taller figure and even more courage to sit beside him and look at him.

The boy stared at the teen's face. Lifeless.

"Riku, no..."

He grabbed his shoulder, shaking it hard, "Riku, wake up... You gotta wake up!"

He shook the silver-haired teen's shoulder harder, desperate for Riku to wake up. But nothing worked: the teen, tattered and torn even more so than the King, never budged. Droplets soaked into the teen's blood-stained vest, even though the rain had stilled.

"What about everyone back home? Kairi, your parents, everyone on the island... Riku, you wouldn't leave 'em again, would you?"

Sora shook his head, his eyes painted blue and red, "Please just wake up!"

But, ultimately, the boy gave up. He backed away from the silver-haired youth and the King, stepping away back into the darkness. He impulsively rubbed the side of his hand against his eyes, throwing his fists down by his sides.

"Why did this happen?" he whispered, arms shaking.

The day still lived vividly in his mind: the day the King's letter was sent to them. Sora and Riku headed for Yen Sid's home, the Mysterious Tower, and learned of the news: a threat was attacking the worlds. Sora quickly stepped up to fight this threat on his own, to keep his friends out of danger. After all, Yen Sid said it was nothing like they had faced before. However, Riku and the King joined Sora against his wishes and they headed to the World that Never Was.

But this threat was indeed like nothing they had ever faced. No one had ever been this violent, this cruel and sadistic.

Now, Riku and the King were gone because of it.

Sora's dim blue orbs focused on the shadows on the floor -- his friends. But the boy jerked, standing up straight. A flash of light filled the alleyway then disappeared, taking the form of the boy's keyblade. He snarled.

They were here.

"I know you're there!" His voice shook the alleyway, echoing and trailing down to the end. The silver glinted in the dim light. The key was held before it, teeth pointing towards the darkness.

"Come out, coward! Face me!"

The boy's azure orbs searched through the alleyway, digging for any sign of the enigmatic enemy, yet found nothing in the darkness.

Perhaps he had just imagined it... There was no cloaked figure; no one was there except for the King, Riku, and himself. Perhaps this was paranoia, perhaps the shock of what happened was really getting to him. His head hung and his body convulsed.

As the tip of the enormous skeleton key clicked on the ground, the brunet begun to feel something dripping down on his shoulders. It was cold, cool enough to send shivers through him. It stained his arms and soaked into his vest and gloves, trailing down to his shorts and shoes.

Sora's gaze rolled up, the boy staring up into the night sky above. He saw droplets drip from the clouds, splashing onto the ground below. The world had suddenly grown cold; perhaps because two of his dear friends were gone and dead. Perhaps, unlike the Nobodies, this world had a heart.

The boy shook his head, regaining his composure. He gave one last glance to shadowed heaps on the ground. His gaze shifted back behind him, then back at his friends. Ultimately, he turned towards them. The keyblade was gone, disappearing into the unknown again, and he reached out a hand to take the King's arm. Dead or not, he had to take them back -- back to Yen Sid. He couldn't abandon his friends like that, even if they were gone.

Clutching the arm of the mouse, he hoisted him off of the ground. The mouse was cold and limp, a thought that twisted Sora's insides. He swallowed back whatever had trailed up his throat, disgusted by what had occurred on this night. As he took the King in his grasp, he reached out for Riku.

But the boy's orbs trailed upward.

He was not alone.



The sound of the King's body colliding with the ground rang in his ears, followed by the metallic slice of a blade as if scrapping against leather. He heard another thud and searched through the darkness.

Emerald orbs stared back at him.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?"

The slick, oily voice slid into the air, a sickening chuckle following its lead through Sora's ears.

The boy shook his head, peering through the dark and shaking himself out of his daze. He saw the King and Riku's silhouettes still collapsed on the ground, but they were far away now. He tried to move his feet, but they weren't touching the ground. He tried to move his body, but his form wouldn't budge. And breathing? Not happening today, said the cloaked enigma's grip.

He choked, gasping with bloodshot eyes. He squirmed against the concrete wall, hands wrapped tight around the enigma's wrist. No matter how much he tugged or any attempts he made to kick the figure away, nothing occurred. The grip and the enigma remained.

Sora stared up into those glowing, green orbs, seeing a smirk light up beneath the shadow of the man's hood.

"Is this the infamous wielder of the Keyblade? Sora, I take it?" The man laughed, "I thought you'd be a lot... taller. Pretty damn short, to be honest."

The boy snarled at the chuckle, still fighting to escape.

The enigma shrugged, "Aye, how can the Heartless be afraid of such a little pipsqueak? I'm surprised you even managed to defeat Ansem and Xemnas! Obviously 'cause you had help, I'm presuming.

"But today's your lucky day, Mr. Pipsqueak Keyblader," a glint flickered in the man's eyes, "Wanna take a guess as to why?"

Sora's mouth became agog, yet nothing escaped his lips except for another choke. The man's grip tightened around his throat, the heel of his palm slamming against his windpipe. He winced at the pain and his body stiffened as the man's face neared his. He couldn't tell if he was choking on the lack of air or from the man's putrid, smoky breath.

"Aww, no guesses?" His voice raised up a notch into a mocking tone, the man tilting his head with a turn, "That's just too bad. I didn't want to spoil the surprise! But, I figure you already know what's coming..."

Sora's eyes stared down. His heart slammed against his chest. The whites of his eyes flashed and reflected the glint of a silver blade.

The man smirked.

"End of line, Keyblade Wielder."


And, with that, another star blinked out from the night sky.


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