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Fanfiction ► Our Kingdom Hearts fanfic of total randomness!!

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May 19, 2011
Princess Bubblegum's Castle
I'm skipping to Chapter 22. Why? Because I can. But mostly because I like Epic Mickey.

At the Top of Yen-Sid's tower, the former Keyblade Master was looking into his crystal ball.

"Top" doesn't need to be capped.

" It his worse then I feared. That devil managed to escape his prison, and step into the underworld! Worse, my former apprentice has plans on bringing him to full power. Sora, Riku, and Kairi grow, but not in the rate I foresaw. What has Aqua been doing?" He muttered to himself.

The first "his" should be changed, and "grow" should be past tense.

He sat down in his char, rubbing his forehead, and stroking his bread.

"Chair" is spelled wrong. I think you mean beard, but then again, maybe not.

Then with a sudden snap in his brain.

"Maybe it's time I let Mickey clean his own mess." Yen-Sid thought to himself, as he made appear a large painting, of a swirling black abyss on his desk, and vanished.

The first line needs to be transitioned with the rest.

Sora blew off dust from a large red book that said. Big book of pranks.

The first period doesn't need to be there, and the last bit should probably be in quotation marks.

As Sora was about to open, Riku walked it Sora's room. He looked quickly at the book, then at Sora who had a terrified look on his face. Riku summoned his Way to Dawn Keyblade with pure rage in his eyes.

The word "it" should be after "open", and it" should be in".

"You lied to me!" He yelled as he was about to punch Sora in the face.

It's funny how he punches Sora after taking out his Keyblade.

He kept looking looking at an old mirror.

Duplicate word.

It was one of the few things he had from his father left.

Do you mean that his father left it there, or that it was one of the few things that belonged to his father before?

"I'm fine Minnie really it's just I think this memory is important." He explained.


"Namine! Minnie your a genus!" He said as he ran out the door.

LMAO I've never heard someone call someone else a genus before! I don't know why that's funny to me.

"Mickey where are you going?" Minnie asked as she grabbed a hold of him.

"Don't worry Minnie I'll just be-"

Comma after "Mickey", "worry", and the second "Minnie".

" You not going anywhere mister! You have been running yourself ragged, now you are going to to rest." Minnie ordered as she sat him down at his desk.

"Are" after the first "you".

Mickey felt of his eyes drop.

Take out the "of". Otherwise, it's okay.

Unknown to a sleeping Mickey from the mirror came a pair of large green eyes, as black goo started to form out of the mirror.

The first bit could be worded a bit better, and the second "the mirror" could be just "it".

Kairi, Namine, and Aqua quickly sneaked out the back door of Kairi's house which was having tons of conflict at the moment.

Comma after "house".

As soon as the door shut, Mickey felt of his eyes drop. He tried to fight his shutting down body, but he soon fell asleep.

Take out "of".

Unknown to a sleeping Mickey from the mirror came a pair of large green eyes, as black goo started to form out of the mirror.

The first bit could be worded a bit better, and in the second part, "the mirror" could just be "it".

"I'll teach you to lie to me!!" Riku yelled as he was straggling Sora with one hand.

"Strangling" is spelled wrong.

"Okay everyone,today I am going to teach you how to summon your KeyRiders." She stated.

Space after the comma.

Riku's armor was pure black from head to toe, and just as skinny. His ears were tall and pointy like Terra's. On his arms, were Batman Style blades bending to the right. He even had a black cape.

I know this is a parody, but the blades need to describe better.

In addition, this is borrowing from another work.

In fact the only thing that wasn't covered was her belly-button

Ewwwwwww XD

"Why is my armor so reviling?" Kairi asked a little embarrassed.

"Revealing" is spelled wrong.

"So when do we get to see the Key Riders?" Roxas said while yawning.

You spelled it without a space earlier. Choose one.
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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 23 Enter the Wasteland! (Part 2 of 4 or The Epic Mickey Arc.)

"Oh man, my head." Thought a half asleep Sora.

He tried to move his body, but felt his arms, and legs restrained.
Sora finally opened his eyes to find a dark purple sky hanging over him, then a giant glass, picture of a black rabbit in blue shorts, holding a sword and a crown on his head. Sora turned his head around to find King Mickey stripped to strapped to an iron table, but in yellow shoes, and red shorts with two white buttons.

"What the heck happened to the King?" Sora thought.

"Mickey awoke trying to move his arms and legs the same as Sora but, couldn't make a sound.

"Sora…I'm so scared." Namine whispered.

Sora turned his head around to find Namine looking at a large metal Swiss- army knife like device hanging over their heads.

"Ah, I see the test subjects are awake." stated a vile-german sounding voice."

The three looked to find a tall, white lab coat man with large eyes, an even bigger mustache that would give Dr. Eggman's a kick in the ass. His black gloved hands rolled together with the intent of evil.

"Hello kiddies, and Mickey. Since I'm sure none of you know me, I am The Mad Doctor! Welcome to The Wasteland, A world where the forgotten stays forgotten!" He yelled as he pulled on a liver.

The three looked in horror as the knife like device started to awaken. A giant red eye popped out, looking at all of them. As it looked at Sora, he spat at the large eye, causing a wind-shield wiper to clean it. The eye moved to Mickey who, was still struggling to break free. The eye scanned his chest with an X-Ray beam showing his beating heart.

"Yes! A heart, an honest to good heart! The Blot finally gave me some hearts to work with!" The Mad Doctor muttered to himself as he pushed on the the lever.

Soon the machine popped out a giant pair of sharp scissors, a large drill, a butcher knife, and lastly a toilet plunger.

"What the heck?!" They all thought.

The machine started to use the plunger to try and suck Mickey's heart. Mickey felt his body stretch out, like rubber. He experimented with his arms, and managed to pull them out from his restraints. He grabbed the plunger and threw it at The Mad Doctor face, causing him temporary blindness.

The King then summoned his Keyblade to rip apart the rest of his bindings. He quickly did the same for Sora and Namine. The machine tried to use the drill but Mickey dodged it, blasting it the drill away with a light beam. The machine pulled out the the scissors, it tried to cut The King in half, but Sora threw his Keyblade to throw it off balance.

Namine was busy dodging the butcher knife. She quickly had rolled out it's way, and noticed her paint brush and grabbed it. The Mad Doctor gasped at this. He quickly pushed a button, causing him to fall into the floor.

The memory Witch jumped out of the butcher knife's way once more. Mickey had forced the drill into a nearby wall. Sora had grabbed onto the pair of scissors and forced it cut off the butcher knife. The red eye looking at it's broken limbs. It rolled around changing it to a timer. They all heard it beeping, as the numbers went down.

Sora quickly grabbed Namine, and Mickey while casting reflect. They waited for a mega-ton bomb to go off, but the machine fell apart. They all looked at a black rabbit wearing blue shorts on top of the busted controller. He looked at the mouse with a hint of anger and fear in his eyes. Mickey on the other hand looked confused. Quickly the rabbit ran off, past a large wooden door.

Mickey, Sora, and Namine ran after their savor when the three tripped on someone. Three got up to find a small, green man, dressed in red from head to well, he didn't have legs. He had a ghost like tail with a propeller. He wore a small hat, and goggles on his head, and had a small white mustache.

"Oh no! We killed the poor thing!" Namine whimpered while holding on to her brush.

Soon the small person begun to regain himself.

"You spoke to soon Nami, he's waking up." Sora said.

The green man opened his eyes, looking right at Mickey.

"King Oswald I knew I'd find you….Wait a minute your not him. Your….. PRINCE MICKEY MOUSE?! WHAT IN SAM HILL ARE YOU DOING IN THE WASTELAND!?" He yelled while grabbing a hold of Mickey's face.

The Three looked at each other. Mickey had tried to open up mouth, when the odd man had given him a small bump on the nose. The mouse covered his nose in pain, as Sora pulled the man off of him

"Hey what was that for?" Sora asked.

"Ouch that hurt. Hey I CAN TALK AGAIN!" Mickey cheered as he jumped up and down.

"Your welcome your highness." He said as Sora let him go.

"Um, sir who are you, and where are we?" Namine asked.

"Well little lady, Name's Gus Gremlin. I'm in charge of repairing things around her. As for where you are. Welcome to The Wasteland. A place where the forgotten stay forgotten." The Gremlin explained.

"GREMLIN?! We better not have him around, water, or sunlight, or feed him after midnight. Wait how can you even tell what time it around here? Is their even a sun or a moon arou-----"

"AAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" was all they heard from across the hall, while breaking Sora's rare train of thought.

"Xion!" Sora said as he started to run toward the scream.

Mickey, Gus, and Namine started to run past the wooden door. As Namine ran with her paint brush, but at a flick of her wrist the brush spewed out a green liquid, that landed on a wall causing it to disappear. They all looked at Namine who had no idea what she just did. Sora stopped caring, quickly grabbed them all, and ran as fast as he could past the hole in the wall to find another door.

"Don't worry Xion I'm coming!" Sora yelled as he summon his keyblade.

Gus looked at Sora in shock.

"How did this lad get a hold of King Walt's Keyblade?" He thought.

Sora, Mickey and Namine had broken down the door to find Xion trapped in a glass, and iron cage that's was dangling next to a giant ink spider with two heads.

"It's one of the Blot's minions!" Gus yelled.

Sora and Mickey ran right into battle. Sora turned his Keyblade into a chainsaw ripping one of it's legs off. Mickey jumped back and forth causing it to go cross eyed. Mickey whacked it in the face forcing it below Xion. It out of anger bit into Sora's arm, causing him to cure himself. Namine aimed at the chains that kept Xion's cage on the ceiling, and flicked her wrist again. It blasted the same green paint that erased. It caused Xion to fall on the spider blotting, killing it.

Xion gave Namine a look that said. "You could have warned me."

Namine gave a sad bow showing she was sorry. Sora gave the go down signal, and cut the glass clean in half. She quickly got out and hugged her brother.

"Hey Sora's got ya." He said.

" Oh no, I hope Riku, and Kairi are doing okay." Namine said out loud.

Meanwhile in a old, ruined mansion…

WELCOME FOOLISH MORTAL!!" Screamed an evil voice.


End of part 2.


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Sep 25, 2010
Another job well done, Lan. The return of the chainsaw lol. I'm dying to know what's happening to Riku! I was surprised to see Xion in a cage which amused me greatly.

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Jun 14, 2009
Just so you people know the you may want to brush up on your Disney history. As for who the new, or old characters are. The Mad Doctor was in a 1930's Mickey short called The Mad Doctor. (Not Walt's greatest title, but it works.) He was trying to take apart of Pluto, and put his head on a chicken....so you know he's royally F**ked up Gus Gremlin and any other Gremlin was made during WWII. They were gonna get a movie, but sadly that never happened. In the Wasteland they fix all the broken stuff. As for Oswald The Lucky Rabbit....His story is really sad, and it will be shown in the next two parts of the arc, but if you want to know. Look this up.
Oswald's Story - YouTube


Oct 9, 2009
good chapter :) liked this part most "As it looked at Sora, he spat at the large eye" if only game sora was the same XD

an even bigger mustache that would give Dr. Eggman's a kick in the ass.
>XD forgive me if i dont believe this one.

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Jun 14, 2009
Chapter 24: The Two Sons ( Part 3 out the Epic Mickey arc.)

Aqua had been pacing the floors of Yen-Sid's tower. Worried to death over her students. Roxas was busy looking at the workshop, by Yen-Sid's desk.

"Hey Old man, how about getting our friend out of this?" Roxas yelled at a mediating Yen-Sid.

Aqua quickly pulled Roxas from Yen-Sid.

"Ven, I mean Roxas stop that!" Aqua ordered while cursing at herself mixing the two together.

Roxas looked at her.

" But Master Aqua, that thing just grabbed everyone! It came from his painting thing, so he should at least help!" Roxas compiled.

"I am helping boy. The Wasteland is very unstable. I am giving it all my magic just to keep them alive. Instead of worrying about things beyond your control, why not use this time to train for the battles you can fight?" Yen-Sid calmly asked.

Roxas was about to say something but stopped. He turned to Aqua.

"Master, will you train me?" He asked with his head down.

"Oh course Roxas. Come on. I have a technique for you just in mind." She said with a smile trying lift his sprits up.

His eyes beamed up, Aqua had walked out the door and as Roxas was about to follow her.

"Roxas, you do not need to worry about your friends, but to have faith in them." The master told him.

Roxas nodded to him and went down stairs.

"I swore I would keep my word to you Walt." Yen-Sid thought to himself as a flashback entered his mind.

Years ago in his tower, when Yen-Sid's hair was just starting to grey. He an another person were looking over The Wasteland, as it was starting to ruin. A man with a small mustache, a grey suit, and pants. His tie had the family crest on it. Three circles together. He even his crown have two round flat circles over his thinning hair. He pounded on his friend's desk in frustration, as he hacked and coughed.

"Damn it! Well we finally find him, Mintz had to sick some blot monster on the place. What's worse our magic has no effect on it. I can't lose my little Oswald again! Gah." He wheezed and coughed.

"My King!" The Wizard cried as he put him in his chair.

"I'm sorry Yen, didn't mean to scare you." He muttered.

" Your Highness, did you not take your potion?" Yen-Sid asked.

"You sound just like the Queen." Walt coughed.

" Walter Elias Disney did you drink the potion I made for you that would save your life?!" Yen-Sid asked in a more firm tone.

"Yen you know the Horned King's curses. It's not gonna make a difference what I drink, I'm not long for this world." The King said.

"Do not speak such nonsense Walt! You must live, for your wife, your children, Roy, your Kingdom for Kingdom Hearts sake!" The Keyblade Master nearly screamed.

" I know but, I don't think I can. Yen, will you do a selfish king one last favor?" King Disney asked as he felt his heart starting to beat slower, and slower.

"Anything my king." Yen-Sid said while kneeling down.

" When I'm gone. Please look after Lillian, Diane, Sharon, Mickey and Oswald. Keep The Wasteland stable until we can get Oswald out. Make sure Mickey will be ready to be King, and don't let The Horned King win." He whispered.

"It will be done my King." Yen-Sid told him.

"The rest is up to Xehanort, Olivia, and young Eraqus. See ya real soon." The King had said as closed his eyes, and stop breathing.

Yen-Sid watched his friend's body turn into floating light and vanished.

" Now I must break the hearts of his family, and his kingdom." Yen-Sid said, as he shed a few tears for his friend.

The Keyblade master looked to see a black dripping, arm start to come out the model, as well as a small black hand. Yen-Sid quickly summoned his keyblade and locked the keyhole to the ruined world.

" I will not have you reaching havoc on our worlds you abomination! That seal will hold you, until I can find who is responsible for this." Yen-Sid said as he vanished.

As Yen-Sid opened his eyes again.

"Now I pray for Mickey to finish what I could not." The now retired Keyblade Master mutter to himself as checked on his former apprentice's progress.

AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" Everyone yelled back at the Wasteland as they were being chased by some disturbing looking Chinese Dolls that were using machine guns with thinner as they sang.

" It's a world of death, it''s a world of fears, Their is no more joy, only tiers. Stay awhile It's a dead, dead world!" The doll sang.

Sora looked around the whole area for somewhere they could hide from those things. Gus called it A Small World, but to him it was pretty big. Full of colors, rusted gears, robots and ink monster out for their blood, and top it off river of the green stuff Namine had been shooting out of her brush, which Gus called Thinner. Sora found an opening where a large gear used to be. He casted reflect, grabbed Mickey, and Gus. While Xion grabbed Namine, they all made a dash for the opening. They all quickly made it, while Namine closed it with a blue liquid. They all started to catch their breath.

"This..place..sucks." Xion said while panting.

"It wasn't always like this." Gus muttered.

"What happened to make it so Horrible?" Namine asked.

"That maybe?" Mickey pointed out as they all looked at a giant multi-colored Clock Tower was a round flat face, that looked insane. He ripped out his large, and intimating arms, while singing the same tune the doll had sang.

"I hope Riku, and Kairi are doing better then we are." Sora thought to himself.

"AAAAAHHHH!" Riku yelled.

"Calm down man. It's just me, Ansem the Seeker of Dark Chocolate!"

Riku punched him in the face, and started to beat him with his Keyblade.

"WHY WONT YOU DIE!?" Riku yelled. As Ansem stopped the swing from his keyblade.

"Yes, hello to you too Riku. Oh I'm fine, just thought I would turn over a new leaf, and help out a kid I screwed over. You?" He asked.

"Your going to help me?" Riku said with disbelief.

"Duh! Why else would I come to this place? It's so screwed up, not even Heartless don't want anything to do with it. I even brought my girlfriend so you two could meet." Ansem told him.

He moved a part of his coat to revel a small woman-looking Mushroom Heartless wearing a dark purple Mushroom cap. She quickly shook Riku's hand.

"Name's Molly Mushroom! Ansem told me all about you online Riku, It's nice to meet you." She said cheerfully.

" It's…nice to meet you too. You met her online?" He looked at Ansem with disbelief.

" I know right she's just a doll." Ansem said.

Soon they all heard moaning and groaning.

Riku turned paler then a sheet.

"Ghosts!" Riku yelled.

" We aint afraid of no ghosts!" Both Molly, and Ansem said as they got ready for battle.

"I hope Sora and Kairi's battle doesn't have any g..ghosts." Riku thought while thinking of a way out.

" I hate these retarded arms!" Sora yelled as he went flying into a wall.

The clock was putting up a fight. Mickey had been covering Namine who had been spraying paint on one it's arms. It started to twitch around, like the arm was trying to have a will of it's own. Xion pulled her brother out the new hole in the wall that he just made. They looked at each other. Holding hands, their keyblades glowed with a powerful light. The two jumped into the air, and slashed at the clock tower's face. They chipped a bit of his face, reviling from the gray creepy smile was a patch of yellow underneath. They jumped back after the tower's arms began to sway at them like flies.

" Mickey, Namine aim for the face!" Both Sora and xion yelled.

Mickey jumped up in the air, casted magnet not the arms forcing them to stick to each other. Mickey then smacked the face around, ripping off more of the gray face, and showing more yellow. As soon as he ripped off all the crazy face off. Mickey saw a sleeping Sun. They all looked at it. Namine drew a smile where his mouth should have been. The eyes opened and soon the whole room was full of music. It played It's a small world after all, and showed them an old projector that Gus flew to.

"Thank you Mr.Clock Tower." Namine said while waving to it.

The now happy clock tower waved back as they walked to the movie projector.

"Well at least he's not trying to hurt anyone right?" Xion said.

" Gosh I haven't heard this son since I was a kid." Mickey said out load.

Sora, Xion and Namine were trying to imaging a small Mickey Mouse with a large crown on his head. The three laughed.

"Aw man you guys ruined my fun. Well know I guess I'll have play with you!" A dark and familiar voice.

Sora pushed Namine out of the way as a certain black spiky haired keyblade wielder landed while stabbing the ground with his Keyblade.

Sora went on the attack He swung at him, but it was blocked.

"Long time no see new Ven. Have you gotten stronger or are you still a five year old pussy?" Van asked.

"I'm gonna show you an old friend of mine. His name is ass kicking!" Sora yelled as he pushed his Keyblade at him.

Van snapped his fingers and sent the two into a dark portal.

"Sora!" Everyone said as he vanished.

Mickey looked at the spot in anger.

"Let's keep going." The King ordered.

"We can't, what about Sora?" Xion asked.

"Sora can handle himself, we need to keep going and find a way out of here." Mickey said.

"Well we can't just leave Sora to fight that monster!" Xion yelled.

"Xion, we can't find Sora, so worrying about him won't do us any good. So we need to look around, so we can look around so we can find him." Mickey said trying to calm her down.

"The King is right Xion." Namine muttered.

"Fine but if anything happens to my big brother it will be your fault Your Highness!" Xion yelled trying to hold back a tear.

They walked to the movie projector where Gus was putting the final touch.

"This how we get around in Wasteland. For you non-toons, this could be a little odd for you two." Gus explained.

"Non-Toons?" Both Namine and Xion repeated.

The movie projector moved as it started to suck them into a portal. Mickey, Gus, Namine and Xion were being stretched like in cartoons as they went into the portal.

End of part 3.


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Sep 25, 2010
Ooh~ that last part was interesting. So a showdown between Sora and Vanitas this time? Good thing Namine has that brush of hers. Turned out to be quite useful with that unhappy clock ^^ I wonder what they'll run into next.

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Jun 14, 2009
Well there are alot of things in Wasteland, so you never know. Also yep Sora:The Hero vs. Van: The hyped up zero.


Oct 9, 2009
:D very good! vantias' sudden appearance=awesome!
also that clock...i want it >:3 heh heh
enjoyed the flashback part a lot honestly as well :3

"This..place..sucks." Xion said while panting.
lol xion and her one-liners XD

"I'm gonna show you an old friend of mine. His name is ass kicking!"
i want to see it in an action movie >XD
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