Other questions about KH3



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Aug 21, 2017
I’ve been trying to understand the entire story of kh3 and have got about 99 percent of it. I still have some burning questions, some of them I don’t think even have been discussed yet. It will be great to hear from you guys!

1. When sora and his friends perished, the lich was taking their hearts away. But why did it go to the worlds? In fact, were those worlds real? If they are, why isn’t anyone there? Like San Fransokyo should have the NPCs there.

2. How on earth did Young Xehanort find sora in San Fransokyo when he warned him about abusing the power of waking. Is it because of his time traveling powers or something that allows him to track sora?

3. So namine was released when kairi perished from the demon tide, ending up in the final world. How come only she was in the final world and not the others? Was someone holding on to her like how kairi was holding on to sora? Don’t the other guardians of light have people holding onto them?

4. I’m sorry for this particular question since it’s been discussed a lot but I’m still unsure of the specifics. Why did YX experiment on toy box? He said that he “now knows a heart can be placed into a vessel of his choosing”. Ok... hasn’t that already been done? With time travelling hearts already in their replicas since they were there in kh3d? Ok, even if that was what he was trying to learn, what has that got to do with splitting the world into 2? I know he said it was to test if “he can handle the strain” and “when toys are separated”, did he mean by their friends or their owners? What has all that got to do with what he’s trying to find out?

Thanks for taking the time to read my long questions guys. It will mean a lot to hear your opinions and answers.