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Fanfiction ► Origins

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Oct 18, 2007
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Wandering outside in the cold, looking for someone
This is my first fan fic. Hope you all like it.
Part 1]​
Sora has just come out of Timeless River having restored the castle. He's been thanked and is about to leave when he turns back to Queen Minnie and asks "Y'know I was just wondering if since the King and seems to know about stuff quickly and now that I know you have the cornerstone of light. Do you or him know how the Keyblade was made or where it came from?" Minnie responds "Sorry Sora. All we know are the legends that have been passed down." Sora has a disappointed look on his face as he says "O.K. thanks anyway." but as he turns to leave the Keyblade suddenly appears in his hand and a voice says "To know the story all that had to be done was wish to know it." and Sora is force to face the cornerstone a beam fires from the Keyblade and hits the cornerstone. Everybody is watching in awe as it opens and suddenly Sora is sucked into it. The rest of this story is told through third person point of view as Sora sees it.
A large castle sits on top of a hill over looking a vast land of green fields and clear lakes. The boy standing on the balcony looking out into the distance has grey hear, short and spikey, with brown eyes, and looks similar to Roxas. He turns away and heads back through a large hallway into a banquite hall were a party is being held. The hall falls quiet as a loud voice calls out "King Zanim and Princess Rinka entering for the princesses birthday party." and a man dressed finely, standing easily 6 ft. tall with brown hair and a moustache, a lean build and steady green eyes enters followed by a beautiful girl also dressed finely with blonde hair, green eyes as well, and looking similar to Kairi enters. They take seats up on a platform and the King says,"Thank you all for being here on my daughters birthday! Let us celebrate have fun today!" and with those final words the party continued and people went up to give thier respects. The boy just stands in a corner until another boy dressed like him in a uniform, with blue eyes, shoulder length black hair, and a smiling face walks up to him and says,"Hey Aros! Why aren't you having fun? It's a party, eat some food, dance with a girl, say hello to the princess. They say even Xehanort has come in from his researching to celebrate." Arso says, "Yeah you're right. I'm just preoccupied a little right now Leo." Leo says,"Well whatever it is it can wait for today. Not only are we in the castle but we also are surrounded by good food, beautiful girls, there's a party and we're seeing the princess and King up close, and we are today finally Knights of Heart." Aros looks solemn as he says,"You weren't the one let in out of pity." but before Leo can say anything he heads toward the platform and says,"Y'know I think I will say hello to the princess." and rushes up. He gets to the Kings table and as he's just about to give his respect the tone of an arrogant boy says,"What are you doing up here Aros. Don't disgrace the King and princess with your presence." as a tall boy with smooth short hair, red eyes, and the same uniform as Aros walks up followed by a mena looking boy to his right and a girl to his left.
Aros says,"I didn't know they let anybody in parties like this Teka." Teka responds,"You should have since you were coming." and as they stand glaring at each other the King says,"Excuse me boys. All are welcome here to wish my daughter a happy birthday. And since it's her birthday i don't expect anything bad to happen." Teka says,"Of course you majesty. But there are some who aren't worthy to stand in the presence of the royal family." Aros says,"Why don't you just stop being polite and say what you wanna say." not hiding the sarcastic note in his voice. Just then the doors open again as a bald man with a beard,wearing a black coat with white, and slightly hunched over followed by a cloaked man walk in. He heads straight up to the table and stands between Teka and Aros and faces the King. The King says,"Welcome Master Xehanort. I'm glad you could make it here for the party." Xehanort says,"Of course. Any reason to come back to the castle is welcome." then notices Aros and says,"Oh hello. From your uniform i'll say you're a new recruit to the Knights of Heart. I'm Xehanort." and holds out his hand. "Even Master Xehanort shows simpathy to someone as pathetic as you Aros." says Teka loudly"I guess the news about a knight not being able to summon a Heartblade spreads fast." and with those final words everybody in the area around them grew quiet and stared at Aros with suprise. Xehanort just stares and then says,"I'm sorry your majesty but i must go. I've come across some amazing new data in my research." and leaves. As he leaves he slightly touches Aros as they knock shoulders. Aros is frozen on the spot and as Teka passes after giving his respects Aros punches him off the platform and onto the floor.
It's night and Aros is sitting on the edge of a balcony as the party goes on. Leo comes out and says,"Aros! I've been looking for you, I thought you had left. People are still talking about what you did to Teka and what he said." Aros just continues to look out into the night as Leo says,"Hey don't let it bother you. You have talents none of us have. So come back in here and dance with someone." Aros says,"I don't feel like it okay. Just go back in and have fun." Leo turned and left leaving Aros alone as he said to himself,"I know how i can sense this wierd force that tells me when someone is doing bad or is about to do it, but Xehanort had that feeling times a thousand. Almost like he was completely taken over with it."
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