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Original RP ~*~ Sindicates

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Rikken Omnious

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Oct 20, 2007
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Ok.. Here we go,

~*~ Plot ~*~

I have started to write a fanfic and am looking for inspriation, Based on the Japanese sindicates. Three sindicates. The Blue Turtles, White Tigers and Yellow Phoenix. Each more ruthless than the last. The city of Laliao, Each sindicate controls a certain part of the city. The Turtles own the dock district, The Tigers own the residential districts and the Phoenix own the business districts. Each Sinicate is vying for power in every area. Drugs, extortion and money laundering, And of course, area wars.

Each Sindicate wants control of the city. And they'll do anything to get it.

This is the basic plotline so far. I intend to add more as soon as I start writing. If I find your characters interesting I will add them to the RP as whatever part they played in the RP. This is something I really want to finish. Any input anyone can give would be much appreciated and received.

~*~ Template ~*~

Position: (Within the sindicate)
Speciality: (what weapon your character is best with)

~*~ Members ~*~

~ Yellow Phoenix ~
Sephiroth ~ Sleif Destati ~ Leader

~ White Tigers ~
Rikken Omnious ~ Rikken Lyna ~ Leader

~ Blue Turtles ~
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Esurio Tenebris
Oct 9, 2007
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Sleif Destati

Age: 28

Gender: Male

syndicate: Yellow Phoenix

Position: Leader

Appearance: Sleif wears a full body length black trench coat, with one single black spiked glove on his right hand. He has shoulder length pure silver hair, and red piercing eyes.

Specialty: Sleif carries on him, a pair of Colt Single Action Army handguns. He is incredible skilled in using both of these guns, but none so more then his prized Black Bladed Sword.

Bio: Sleif has always been in the syndicate. His father owned it before himself, and during that time it was quite prosperous. He always remembered that his father was ruthless yet fair, frightening but caring. Sleif believed that everyone respected his father. That was until Sleifs sixteenth birthday. On that day, Sleif would never forget what happened.

After going to see why his father hadn't arrived to his party, Sleif discovered the mutilated remains of his father. This drove Sleif insane, and so he hunted down the ones responsible for his fathers murder. Upon searching he found out it was some of his fathers own business partners.

In a rage Sleif found his fathers prized sword and using it, butchered his fathers murderers, but because of his young age, he was not yet ready to take over his fathers company.
For the time being though, Sleif was trained and taught in everything needed to run a company.

For the first three years, Sleif was taught in many languages, including English, Spanish, French and German, as well as business ethics.
The next four years for Sleif were ones of great pleasure. During this time, he was taught in how to defend himself, both physical and weapon related. Always preferring to use his fathers sword, Sleif was finally turned to use a pair of guns, instead of heavily relying on his sword, even though he had mastered it. At the age of twenty three Sleif was finally ready in becoming the head of the company, and so without objection or hesitation, the board of business men who ran the company in his absence, gave control back to Sleifs family, and in turn Sleif.

For the past five years, Sleif has made many allies, but also just as many enemies. None so more then the Blue Turtles and White Tigers. Even with the ever presence of area wars, Sleif never shows any concern.
At the age of 28, Sleif now rules the syndicate with fear, and in doing so has made the company the most feared in the city.
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