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Organization XIII Original Names?

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Jan 30, 2009
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Axel = Riku egh, yuk. Me want Axel = this Reno guy that likes to drink. Wont happen but, unless this Reno began going by the name 'Ale' before he became a heartless


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Aug 24, 2008
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K uhh....

Xemnas - Ansem

Xigbar - Braig

Xaldin - Dilan

Vexen - Even

Lexaeus - Elaeus

Zexion - Ienzo

Saix - Unknown

Axel - Unknown (probably Ale)

Demyx - Unknkown (I think its Dyme)

Luxord - Unknown (Maybe Durlo)

Marluxia - Unkown (Maybe Lumaria)

Larxene - Probably Arlene.

Roxas - Sora

Xion - Don't know, durr.


It's not speculated that Roxas is Sora. Because we already know Roxas is Sora.

For Xion, probably Oni. Her real name might not even be used.

Oni is Japanese for demon. If it really turns out to be Xions real name it wont have been given to her just randomly.


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Apr 9, 2008
I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. In fact, I already created a similar thread a while back:

Name: Larxene
Number: XII
Title: Savage Nymph
Weapon: Kunai
Attribute: Thunder
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Elanre
Heartless: Stealth Sneak & Illuminator
World: Olympus Coloseum
Description: Just as her title says, Elanre was a nymph... A very spiteful, hateful, savage nymph. Her power of thunder attracted Xemnas to recrute her for the Organization. Her spark of personality and her striking looks caused Demyx IX to grow very fond of her- but of coarse it was not love. He almost felt bad as he watched the Heartless take her.

Name: Marluxia
Number: XI
Title: Graceful Assassin
Weapon: Scythe
Attribute: Flower
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Lumaria
Heartless: Grim Reaper
World: Wonderland
Description: Alairum was a kind of prince (more of an Ace, really) in Wonderland. He also carried out the Queen of Hearts's orders of execution, which almost never came through. Alairum grew tired of this life and saught more power in other worlds. Trying to escape his world through Darkness, Alairum was taken by the Heartless. Vexen found his Nobody and brought it to Xemnas. Even after becoming a Nobody, Alairum still wanted power.

Name: Luxord
Number: X
Title: Gambler of Fate
Weapon: Cards
Attribute: Time
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts II
Original name: Rulod
Heartless: Trickmaster
World: Port Royal
Description: Rulod was a pirate in the truest sence of the world. He took what he could and gave nothing back. Although not a great sea-man, Rulod was very smart and crafty. Using his amazing skills with cards and his slide of hand, he made a living- and then some. It was one day in a tavern that Xigbar was examining the world when he met Rulod who challenged him to a game of cards. When he lost, Xigbar lost his temper and called the Heartless on the poor pirate. Luxord never forgot what Xigbar did to him, and he never let it go.

Name: Demyx
Number: IX
Title: Melodious Nocturne
Weapon: Sitar
Attribute: Water
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts II
Original name: Emyd
Heartless: Parasite Cage
World: Atlantica
Description: Edmy was a merman with a lot of talent for music. In fact, except for his own daughters (Ariel most of all), King Triton enjoyed his music most of all. Edmy even created a new instument all for himself. When the Heartless came to Atlantica, Edmy didn't know what to do. He was no fighter, but he couldn't let his home be taken, so he tried to fight back... and failed. When he became a Nobody, Edmy was still no fighter and Saix new this, using him more often as bait. The only reason Edmy stuck with the Organiztion is because he wanted to become whole and go back home, and to do that he'd have to follow orders.

Name: Axel
Number: VIII
Title: Flurry of Dancing Flames
Weapon: Chakram
Attribute: Fire
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Lea
Heartless: Volcanic Lord
World: City of Miracles, Agrabah, Twilight Town
Description: A teenage gypsy in the City of Miracles (Hunchback of Notre Dame), Lea was a performer in a traveling act. He himself was a fire trickster known as "The Flurry of Dancing Flames." Even with all of the traveling, Lea dreamed of going to other worlds. One day, he just willed himself gone so much that he disappeared- right in the middle of his act. When he woke up, the confused boy found himself in the desert with a city in the far distance. Lea loved his new home in Agrabah, going as he wanted, doing as he pleased, and all the adventure he could handle. It was on an adventure that he discovered the Cave of Wonders and the Key Hole. Lea's curiosity drove him to examine it, and he was pulled into the darkness, but having such a strong heart saved him. Lea found himself between Light and Darkness- making a new home in Twilight Town. However, Lea was not whole; he had become a Nobody.

Name: Saïx
Number: VII
Title: Luna Diviner
Weapon: Claymore
Attribute: Moon
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts II
Original name: Asi
Heartless: Dark Thorn/Shadow Stalker
Worlds: Halloween Town
Description: Asi loved the moon. A fierce werewolf living in the wilderness just outside Halloween Town, he was a kind of leader to the other wolves. There weren't many of them left, and Asi was the strongest. However, he was not strong enough to save his pack from the Heartless. Asi became filled with so much hate, that all he could think of was revenge, and he took it out on the Heartless (and any other poor, unfortunate soul) who got in his way. He even made a weapon for dealing with the Heartless- Claymore. Jack Skellington feared he was out of control and banished him from Halloween Town. After his banishment, Asi met six strange men in black cloaks who offered to make all of his pain go away. He tried to fight them off, but they were too strong- especially the leader, Xemnas, who watched out for him. That is, after the experiments on his troubled heart that led him to become an even more fierce Nobody.

Name: Zexion
Number: VI
Title: Cloaked Schemer
Weapon: Lexicon
Attribute: Illusion
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Ienzo
Heartless: Prison Keeper
World: Camelot (The Sword in the Stone)
Description: "The Lexicon is one of many legendary weapens, Ienzo. It can bring great things. Whether those things are bad or good depends on the person, but they will be great." These are the words Merlin spoke to his magic apprentice Ienzo when he showed him the powerful book. The Lexicon contained magic secrets written down by many wizards and witches, including the great Yen Sid himself. During King Arthur's rule, Merlin was away often assisting the young king. Ienzo was curious and tried to read the Lexicon, but it consumed him. Merlin found Ienzo while the Lexicon was draining his magic. The only way he could save him was to consume Ienzo in darkness that teleported him to another world. Merlin was not able to pull him back, and Ienzo was taken to Hallow Bastion. He met Ansem the Wise and became his apprentice along with five others. He never told Ansem about the Lexicon (that he still had with him) and he only showed it to the other apprentice, wanting to keep his own secrets. After the six became Nobodies, Ienzo still keep the secrets of the Lexicon to himself.

Name: Lexaeus
Number: V
Title: Silent Hero
Weapon: Tomahawk
Attribute: Earth
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Aeleus
Heartless: Groundshaker
World: Savage Land (Pocahontas)
Description: Aeleus was a warrior with great strength. In his tribe, he and Kokuum grew up together. When their people went to war, they led the men in battle. Willing to sacrifice himself for others, Aeleus was a true hero. Xehenort saw this and begged Ansem to allow Aeleus to join him and the other three apprentences. Ansem refused; they could not interfere in other worlds. Xehenort, who had just recently started experiments on the Heartless, ordered the creatures to attack that world. The Heartless brought Aeleus back as instructed. Xehenort gave him a new Tomahawk and had Aeleus teach him to fight one on one. The Organization was coming together. They were planning somthing... somthing terrible.

Name: Vexen
Number: IV
Title: Chilly Academic
Weapon: Shield
Attribute: Ice
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original name: Even
Heartless: Blizzard Lord
World: Atlantis (Atlantis: The Lost Empire)
Description: Even always had a cold shoulder. He cared more about his experiments than he did his Atlantian people. This caused his King to distrust him, and his Queen to despise him. However, he was very knowledgable, and that made Even an asset to the King. He argued with the King often, telling him it was foolish to seperate their civilization from the outside world, but the King would not bend. He believed Atlantis could survive on its own. Even learned of Atlantis's coming destruction and tried to warn the King, but even then, he did not want anything from the outside world- no assistance- no exceptions. Even tried to warn the Atlantians about their impending doom, trying to cause a riot, but no one believed him. The Atlantian King banished Even saying he didn't belong there. When he left, Xehenort approached him. He told Even of a place where his genious would be recognized and took him to Hallow Bastion to meet Ansem the Wise. Even taught Xehenort many things, sharing his curiosity of the heart and Darkness.

Name: Xaldin
Number: III
Title: Whirlwind Lancer
Weapon: Lances
Attribute: Wind
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts II
Original name: Dilan
Heartless: Storm Rider
World: Beast’s Castle
Description: When the young prince's parents died, Dilan promised to look after the boy until he grew up. Dilan was not the best romodel, but the prince was no picnic himself. When the sorcerous cast her spell over the castle, Dilan begged her to spare him. He even offered to kill the prince in exchange for freedom. Because he was so easily swayed, she turned him into the only thing fiting: the wind itself. At first, Dilan enjoyed his new "freedom." He traveled to many world's and saw many things. What he didn't realize was that: the wind doesn't blow forever. Dilan had used all of his energy and was close to death when he found a man able to restore him to normal: Ansem the Wise. Dilan met the other apprentaces: Braig and Xehanort, working close with each. Xehanort constantly asked Dilan about other worlds he had been to. He and Braig knew Xehanort was planning somthing, and they wanted in on it.

Name: Xigbar
Number: II
Title: Freeshooter
Weapon: Gun Arrows
Attribute: Space
First Appearance: Kingdom Hearts II
Original name: Braig
Heartless: Guard Armor
World: Treasure Planet (Treasure Planet)
Description: Captain Flint was a fool to trust his first mate Braig with the only map to Treasure Planet. Sure, he was a good marksman, but Braig was also always thinking, planning. Braig told two men aboard the ship about the one map- Billy Bones, an old pilot, and Silver, the young cabin boy/cook. Braig then sold the map to Bones, and set off on his own to Treasure Planet. He knew Flint would never give him his share, so he would ruin the captain and take his gold. Braig found the trove, but the gold didn't interest him. Two Gun Arrows caught his eye. Oddly enough, he only took these and flew off on his solar surfer. Braig traveled worlds, taking different assassin jobs. One day, he got a hit on Ansem the Wise of Radiant Garden. Just before he could kill the old man, his apprentice Xehanort stopped him. It was this moment that showed Ansem he could trust Xehanort (which is just how he planned it). Xehanort experimented on Braig's strong heart, and the experiments changed him (at least, that's what they told Ansem). Braig could tell what was going on between Ansem and Xehanort. He decided to wait around. This might turn into something interesting.


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Mar 6, 2009
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the ones that i really know are Ansem's Apprentices like:
Ienzo - Zexion
Dilan - Xaldin
Braig - Xigbar
Even - Vexen
Elaeus - Lexaeus


Sora - Roxas


these names just pop out in my head...

Marluxia - Lumaria
Larxene - Arlene or Ralene
Saix - Asi or Sai
Axel - Ale
Luxord - Durol
Demyx - Myde


hehe... i forget
Xemnas - Ansem(Xehanort)
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May 25, 2005
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Ale - ?
Edym - Fresh water turtle
Lumaria - A type of plant
Elenar - Lightning Demon

Not confirmed, just the commonly accepted names.


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May 17, 2008
Ale - ?
Edym - Fresh water turtle
Lumaria - A type of plant
Elenar - Lightning Demon

Not confirmed, just the commonly accepted names.

Axel's based off of Reno, and Ale happens to be Reno's favorite drink, so it'd make sense for Axel's real name to be Ale. At least, that's the idea.


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not all Nobodies have names with X added to them. Like Naminé.

Namine isn't in part of the organization.
the inserted x only applies to member of 13.

as for the names, a few original names are provided in the ansems reports of KH2.

as for the others, take your best guess.


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Xemnas- Ansem
Xigbar- Braig
Xaldin- Dilan
Vexen- Even
Lexaeus- Aeleus
Zexion- Ienzo
Saix- ....I like the name Asi or Isa...Sai sounds dumb because it's just the x knocked off at the end. :/
Axel- Ale. I think Nomura actually said that was his real name, too. Not sure.
Demyx- MYDE!! I love that! Or Edym, but I like Myde. ^^
Luxord- Rould or Dulor
Marluxia- Lumaria. Didn't Xigbar name him...?
Larxene- I like Relena. Arlene sounds too similar.
Roxas- Sora


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Aug 25, 2008
For the members that we don't know yet:

Axel - Ale for obvious reasons
Saix - Isa, named for something religous or something. I never read the Bible, so I wouldn't know.
Marluxia - I'm liking that Alairum that was mentioned, but maybe Aluriam (like allure; he's alluring; pretty)
Larxene - Arlene or Elenar or Relena.
Demyx - Dyme, because it sounds cool.
Luxord - Dolur (like, dollar) or Rolud or Rulod or something else. I got no idea, really.
Xion - Got nothing; probably a false name or something that Xemnas just gave her on a whim.

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Jan 2, 2009
For the members that we don't know yet:

Axel - Ale for obvious reasons
Saix - Isa, named for something religous or something. I never read the Bible, so I wouldn't know.
Marluxia - I'm liking that Alairum that was mentioned, but maybe Aluriam (like allure; he's alluring; pretty)
Larxene - Arlene or Elenar or Relena.
Demyx - Dyme, because it sounds cool.
Luxord - Dolur (like, dollar) or Rolud or Rulod or something else. I got no idea, really.
Xion - Got nothing; probably a false name or something that Xemnas just gave her on a whim.

Why would Saix be named after something religious? :/

Lumaria fits Marluxia because it's a type of plant, and Edym(or however you spell it) fits Demyx because it's a a sea turtle. Elenar fits Larxene because it's an eletric demon.

Only thing I got that could fit Xion is Oni(Japanese for demon) and "No I". Though I think it's a random name Xemnas gave her as well. Or he didn't want her to find out her true self.


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Saïx: Ïas
Axel: Ale or Eal.
Demyx: Edym [not because of the sea turtle aspect, because it remains to be seen if Nomura actually placed and reseached so much into a name at all, but because I actually like the name for him. Normal, and sounds like "Eddie"]
Luxord: Rould
Marluxia: Rauliam or Ramiual
Larxene: Relena Or Elenar [someone was right. Arlene sounds the same, and Elenar connects a lot to Elena of the Turks, who looks A LOT like Larxene. Don't know if I like that or not]
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