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Organization tournament p1


Vexen vs. Demyx

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Jun 18, 2009
I'm tired of people saying one member is better than the other so I decided on a simple way to decide who is the best organization member. I pit two organization members who are similar or opposite against each other for three days and tally the votes. You are also free to explain why you would prefer this organization member.

This first battle of the first round is Vexen the chilly academic vs. Demyx the melodious nocturne. Vexen prefers not to sully his hands and is more of a researcher. He is also the first member to be destroyed. Demyx also does not like to fight and is also a kluts. However during his battle with Sora at Radient Garden he throws away his facade and starts fighting seriously. He is the first member to be destroyed in Kingdom Hearts 2.

Remember the choice is yours.

P.S. Larxene will not be in the first round due to the fact that I have already chosen who else to pair off. I'm also incuding Xion in this tournament.
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