OOOOOH! Something cool-ish I just realized! :D *KH 358/2 Days/Final Fantasy XIII spoilers*

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*KH 358/2 Days/Final Fantasy XIII spoilers*

You know how the theme around Final Fantasy 13 series is crystals? When a l'cie(a slave to a fal'cie.. which is a superpowered thing) completes his/her focus, he/she turns into crystal.

YouTube - Final Fantasy 13 - English Story version (Part 7 Serah become a Crystal)

YouTube - Xion's Death english
When Xion is dying, you can see there are crystals floating around her. They look very similar if not the same as the floating crystals you see during parts of Chapter 11 Oerba Town, Chapter 12 when you fight Yaag, and Chapter 13 the area with the final boss. And obviously when she dies, she turns into crystal like a l'cie would.

Albeit not exactly the same, I just find it cool that KH:358/2 may be referencing FFXIII ^_^


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And here's a link to the thread about Xion's sparkly death:

I said this in a comment already and someone said that they aren't related o_O
They aren't. If they were, it seems like something that would've been mentioned in the Ultimania.

Maybe!Xion is supposed to come back, but no one thinks it, just like L'Cie (L'Cie come back but no one is sure, and Roxas like Snow is the only one who belives she will come back!)
Maybe it's symbolic of something?
Nobody even remembers her o_O
And Xion being Sora's memories of Kairi would make it unlikely for her to physically return.
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