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One thing I really hope for in Final Fantasy XV



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Jun 20, 2016
So I was watching the latest episode of FFXV Brotherhood. Ignis' episode and something occurred to me. You know what would be cool in XV? An arcade area!I mean we saw Noctis in one and we know they have video games in the world of XV, epically due to how they built up Justice Monsters V. So I was thinking wouldn't it be awesome if we had an arcade mini-game area? Think like Gold Saucer but with more modernised games, like a House of the Dead style game, or some kind of Motorbike or Car game (like 7) or even a special fishing one that could be like challenge mode for Noctis. Just an idea.Anything you think would be cool with this? Or anything else that could be fun to see. Oh and I don't know if they ever mentioned anything like this due to avoiding spoilers so please try to keep spoiler free about areas that already are guaranteed.