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Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Epilogue: Aladdin’s Final Wish! The End of an Arabian Night!

Genie snaps his fingers and the magic starts happening. Zoro, Brook and Sanji were freed from the floor. Abu turns back to normal, Franky and Chopper are freed from their cage, the magic carpet re-ravels and hugs Abu and Usopp is melted out from the ice. Jasmine, the Sultan, and Rajah are standing together. Rajah jumps up into the arms of the Sultan, then they are all transformed. Jasmine and the Sultan are refitted back into their outfits, and Rajah became a grown tiger again. And the Sultan is crushed because of the weight of the new Rajah. The palace reappears where it used to be in the city. Then we see everyone on the balcony, wondering what to do with the new lamp that held Jafar, Crocodile and Iago.

Jafar: *inside the lamp* Get your blasted beak out of my face! *to Crocodile* And you, get your claw out of my ribs.

Crocodile/Iago: Oh, shut up, you moron!

Jafar: Don't tell me to shut up!

Franky: Well that’s one way to best a vizier.

Robin: Indeed. Jafar got what he wanted but didn’t seem to read the fine print on that wish.

Usopp: I just realized, what’s to stop Crocodile from turning into sand and getting himself out?

Robin: I have an idea. Genie?

Genie: Way ahead of you.

Genie conjures a bottle of ice-cold water and hands it to Robin. She removed the cap and then pours the cold water into the nozzle of the lamp.

Jafar: What’s that sound?

Iago: Whoa! WHOA! It’s cold! It’s cold!

Crocodile: Whose pouring water into the lamp?!?!

Robin then covers the lid and nozzle and shook the lamp, causing Jafar, Crocodile and Iago to yell as the cold water sloshed inside.

Crocodile: *inside the lamp* I’m soaking wet!!! *to Jafar* This is all your fault!

Jafar: My fault?!

Iago: Yeah it is!

Zoro: So what should we do with them?

Franky: They still seem a bit heated, even after that cold ‘shower’

Genie: Allow me.

He takes the lamp and went to the balcony, and he grew larger, wearing a baseball cap.

Genie: Ten-thousand years in a Cave of Wonders ought to chill them out!

Genie winds up as if to throw the lamp but opens his palm flat and flicks it out into the desert with his finger.

Iago: --but a moron!

Crocodile: And an idiot!

Jafar: SHUT UP!!!!

The trio continued to argue as they and the lamp faded from sight.

Usopp: Adios, Jafar! Bye-bye, Crocodile!

Nami: And good riddance to ya both!

Jasmine walks over to Aladdin. They hold hands, but both look sad. Suddenly, Jasmine felt something tug at her, she looks down to see Chopper.

Chopper: Umm…miss Jasmine, we’re really sorry for lying to you, about Aladdin being a prince and all. He’s really sorry too.

Jasmine: It’s okay, I know why he did.

Aladdin: Well, I guess…this… is goodbye?

Genie pokes his head around the corner shocked at what he is hearing. Then he sheds a tear.

Jasmine: Oh, that stupid law. This isn't fair--I love you.

Wiping away a tear, Genie smiles at Aladdin.

Genie: Al, no problem. You've still got one wish left. Just say the word and you're a prince again.

Aladdin: But Genie, what about your freedom?

Luffy: Yeah, isn’t that what you wanted?

Genie: Hey, it's only an eternity of servitude. This is LOVE.

Then he leans down next to Jasmine.

Genie: Al, you're not gonna find another girl like her in a million years. Believe me, I know. I've looked.

Aladdin sighs deeply, then approaches Jasmine. He placed his hand on her cheek.

Aladdin: Jasmine, I do love you, but I've got to stop pretending to be something I'm not.

Jasmine: I understand.

They take one final look into each other's eyes, then Aladdin turns to Genie.

Aladdin: Genie, I wish for your freedom.

Genie: One bona fide prince pedigree coming up. I--what?

Aladdin: *He holds the lamp up to Genie* Genie, you're free!

The lamp then levitates from Aladdin’s hands, and a magical swirling tornado spins around the Genie’s base. Everyone watches in awe as the transformation ensues. Then the tornado exploded, and the shackles disappears from Genie’s wrists. Then the lamp falls uselessly to the ground. Genie picks it up and looks at it. He can’t believe what has happened. He’s speechless!

Genie: Heh, heh! I'm free. I'm free.

He quickly hands the lamp to Aladdin.

Genie: Quick, quick, wish for something outrageous. Say “I want the Nile”. Wish for the Nile. Try that!

Aladdin: Uh, I wish for the Nile.

Genie: No way!!

Then he laughs hysterically and starts bouncing around the balcony like a pinball.

Genie: Oh does that feel good! I'm free! I'm free at last!

He starts shaking hands with all of them, including our heroes.

Franky: Congrats, Genie!

Chopper: So, what are you gonna do with your new-found freedom?

Then a suitcase appears, and Genie starts putting random things into it.

Genie: I'm hittin' the road. I'm off to see the world! I--

But looks down and sees Aladdin looking very sad but smiling. Then the Genie starts to sadden as well. He knows what this mean.

Aladdin: Genie, I'm--I'm gonna miss you.

Genie: Me too, Al.

Robin: We all will.

Chopper: Will we ever see you again?

Genie: Maybe. I got about ten-thousand years’ worth of sight-seeing to do and a lot of time to it.

Usopp: Wait a sec! Some of us didn’t get a chance to make a wish!

Zoro: Well not like we had anything to wish for anyway.

Usopp: Yeah, but it was the principle of the thing.

Genie: Hmm. *thinks* wait a sec!

Genie reaches back and pulls out a large book titled; The Really, Really, Big Book of Genie Rules. He opens the book and starts thumbing through the pages until he found a page he was looking for.

Genie: Ah ha! Here it is!

Nami: What is?

Genie: Quote “In the incredibly rare event that a Genie which has multiple masters is set free and any wishes have been left ungranted. The Genie in question, that’s me, has the choice to bestow a small token to each master for every wish they had left. Unquote.

Genie snaps his fingers and several small coins to each of the Straw Hats; one for Luffy, two for Sanji and three for the rest.

Luffy: Coins?

Brook: With our faces on them?

Genie: Wish Coins! Each for every wish you still had left. Note; all wish coins can only be use by their respective wishers, are bound to the same rules of the Genie of the Lamp and ixnay on exchanging of coins for trade. All rules apply, results may very.

Robin: Seems fair. *takes each of the coins* I’ll take them for safe keeping. You never know when they come in handy.

Luffy: We’re still gonna miss you, Genie.

Genie: Same here, kid. *to Aladdin* No matter what anybody says, you'll always be a prince to me.

And then they hug. And the Sultan steps forward.

Sultan: That's right. You've certainly proven your worth as far as I'm concerned. It's that law that's the problem.

Jasmine: Father?

Sultan: Well, am I sultan or am I sultan? From this day forth, the princess shall marry whomever she deems worthy.

Hearing this, Jasmine smiles widely and runs into Aladdin's arms.

Jasmine: Him! I choose...I choose you, Aladdin.

Aladdin: Ha, ha. Call me Al.

They are about to kiss when giant blue hands pull everybody together. Genie is decked out in a Hawaiian shirt with golf clubs and a Goofy hat.

Genie: Oh, all of ya. Come over here. Big group hug! Mind if I kiss the monkey?

Sanji: Which one?

Then he kisses Abu and spat out a hairball.

Genie: Ooh, hairball! Well, I can't do any more damage around this popsicle stand. I'm outta here! Bye, bye, you two crazy lovebirds. Hey, Rugman, Straw Hat: ciao! I'm history! No, I'm mythology! No, I don't care what I am--I'm free!

Genie flies up into the blue sky leaving a trail of sparkles behind him and disappears. We soon cut to fireworks exploding over a nightscape. Then we see Aladdin and Jasmine flying on Carpet, both dressed in royal attire. Both of them stared lovingly at each other.

Aladdin: A whole new world

Jasmine: A whole new life

Both: *with chorus* For you and me!

Then they embraced each other, and then they slowly kissed passionately. Then they fly off with Carpet into the moonlight, and after they have disappeared, the moon turns and reveals the Genie's laughing face. Suddenly the film is grabbed "off the projector", the Genie lifts it up and looks at the audience.

Genie: Made ya look!

Genie drops the film back to normal, with the normal moon.

And so it was that Aladdin and Jasmine were wed, and they ruled the kingdom with kindness and compassion. Of course how they got married is a story for another time. As for the Straw Hats, they left Agrabah as mysteriously as they came. To what new adventure that awaits them is unknown, but it can be said that their adventures in Agrabah were not over…but that too…is another story..


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Straw Hats Adventures of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Snow White and the Nine Straw Hats


Once upon a time, there lived a lovely young princess named Snow White. Kind, gentle and caring to all creatures, Snow White was loved by all…all except for her wicked stepmother, Queen Grimhilde. Vain and selfish, Grimhilde lived in fear that one day Snow White’s beauty would surpass her own. So, to prevent this, the queen dressed the young princess in rags and forced her to work as a scullery maid.

One day, a group of travelers known as the Straw Hats appeared at the castle of the queen. Fearing that had come to pay tribute to Snow White, she had them arrested and brought before her to past judgement. Before a punishment was passed, the travelers bartered with the queen to spare their lives. In a rare act of mercy, the queen spared them, under the condition that they must work as servants in her castle, until such a time she release them. Since then the Straw Hats had befriended Snow White and have been the best of friends ever since.

Each day, Grimhilde consulted her magic mirror; an ancient and mystical artifact that sees and knows all, and speaks these words;

“Magic Mirror on the Wall,

Who is the fairest one of all?”

And as long as the Mirror answered, “You are the fairest one of all”, Snow White was safe from the Queen’s cruel jealousy…until one day.

Chapter I: Wishing for One Song of Love. The Fairest in the land, Snow White!

We now find ourselves gazing at a majestic castle, high atop a hill, overlooking a large tranquil lake. But not all is pleasant in the land, for within the castle’s walls was the ruler of the kingdom; the Wicked Queen, Grimhilde. Dressed in regal attire, which only emphasizes her vain nature, enters a chamber which contains one of her most prized possessions; the Magic Mirror. As part of her daily routine, she walks up to the mirror and concurs the all-knowing spirit, who dwells within the mirror itself.

Grimhilde: Slave in the magic mirror. Come from the farthest space…through wind and darkness I summon thee. Speak! Let me see thy face.

As she summons the spirit, lightning and fire appear on the mirror’s surface. As the flames disappear, an image of a pale Greek theater mask is seen in the mirror. This is the Spirit of the Magic Mirror.

Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my queen?

Grimhilde: Magic Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Mirror: Fame is thy beauty, majesty. But hold, a lovely maid I see. Rags cannot hide her gentle grace. Alas, she is more fair than thee.

Grimhilde: Alas for her. Reveal her name!

Mirror: Lips red as the rose. Hair black as ebony. Skin white as snow.

The mirror’s description causes Grimhilde to gasp in shock. It was bad enough that someone was fairer than her, but it just happened to be the one she feared the most. The one she knew would one day surpass her…

Grimhilde: Snow White!

Meanwhile, we find Snow White humming to herself while scrubbing some stone steps in the castle garden, as some doves watched her. She then goes over to a nearby well to refill her bucket. As she does this, we pan over to see the Straw Hats, all drabbed in ragged clothing, doing other various chores. Among them, Luffy was busying beating a rug, haphazardly and poorly at that, grumbling to himself about his new ‘employment’.

Luffy: *smacks rug* Lousy, stupid, chores! Lousy, stupid, rug! Lousy, stupid, Queen!

Luffy starts smacking the rug so hard, a dust cloud started to form around him. Just a few feet from him, Usopp was hanging some laundry on a wire. Just as he put the last piece of clothing on the wire, Luffy’s dust cloud spreads over to the clothesline, dirtying the entire line.

Usopp: Luffy! Watch the dust! I just washed these clothes.

However, Luffy was so focused on the rug that he wasn’t even listening. Usopp walks over Luffy, carrying a mop in his hand.

Usopp: Luffy! Luffy! LUFFY!

Usopp takes the mop and swats Luffy in the head.

Luffy: Ow! Usopp, why’d you hit me?!

Usopp: *points to the dirty clothes* That’s why!

Luffy: Ohh…you dd a lousy job, Usopp.


Zoro: Oi! What’s with all the racket?

Zoro and Nami walked up, a tad annoyed from all the yelling.

Usopp: Luffy’s banging dirtied my clothes.

Nami: But your clothes are always dirty.

Usopp: Not mine! The ones on the line! *points to the clothesline*

Nami: Ooh.

Luffy: Is it my fault this rug is dirty?

Zoro: It kinda is.

Luffy: Who cares! It’s that stupid queen’s fault! Thanks to her we gotta do all these dumb chores.

Nami: Well who’s fault was it to use that book again and got us caught in the first five minutes?

Luffy: How was I to know we’d plop right into the queen’s throne room?

Zoro: And you should thank Nami, ‘cause if she didn’t use her wish coin to change the Queen’s mind, we’d all be rotting in the dungeon by now.

Nami: Not what I want for my first wish, but you’re paying me back from your allowance. Providing we ever get out of here.

Luffy: Are we even getting paid to do all this?

Zoro: I don’t think we’re paid at all.

Usopp: It’s not about the pay, you guys need a better work ethic. *flings the mop over his shoulder*

Zoro: Ohmph!

Usopp turns around and sees that the mop struck Zoro over the head, which gave him a mop head hairstyle.

Usopp: *nervously* Hehe…nice hairdo.

Zoro: Why you…!

Usopp: EEeek!

Usopp darts toward the well with Zoro hot on his heels.

Zoro: Get back here, Longnose!

Snow White! Save me!

Usopp hides behind Snow White as Zoro tries to throttle him. The commotion caused the others to the well.

Zoro: Hold still so I can throttle you!

Snow White: Boys! Please!

Zoro: He started it!

Usopp: It was an accident.

Snow White: Usopp, apologize to Zoro. And Zoro, you apologize for trying to hurt Usopp.

Zoro/Usopp: *hesitantly* Sorry.

Snow White: Good, now hug each other and make up.

Zoro: Do we have to?

Snow White gives them a stern look, and the two reluctantly hug each other.

Snow White: Now that’s better.

Sanji: Aww, so cute.

Zoro: Don’t push it, swirly-brow!

Snow White: Want to know a secret?

The Straw Hats looked at each other and nod quickly. They didn’t realize she also spoke to the doves, who also nodded.

Snow White: Promise not to tell?

They gave one nod and suddenly, she started to sing.

Snow White: We are standing by a wishing well.

The crew looked inside the well, along with the doves.

Snow White: Make a wish into the well
that’s all you have to do.
And if you hear it echoing,
your wish will soon come true.
I’m wishing.

Suddenly, her voiced echoed in the well.

Snow White: (I’m wishing.)

It made the doves a little scared, then they came closer.

Snow White: For the one I love to find me
(to find me)

I’m hoping
(I’m hoping)
And I’m dreaming of the nice things
(the nice things)
he’ll say.
(he’ll say.)

Our pirate crew couldn’t help but enjoy the song. But unbeknownst to anyone, Snow White’s singing had drawn the attention of traveling stranger. He wore blue clothing with white sleeves and grey pants. He also wore boots, a red cape and blue hate with a white feather. He climbs over the wall to find out the source of the singing, only to see Snow White of the Straw Hats at the well.

Snow White: Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh (Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh) (3x)

Then she sang together with her echo, before going further.

Snow White: I'm wishing
(I'm wishing)
for the one I love to find me
(to find me)

Young Man: TODAY!

Startled, Snow White and the Straw Hats finally acknowledged the stranger.

Snow White: Oh!

Young Man: Hello. Did I frighten you?

Frighten, Snow White runs back to castle, the pirates in pursuit.

Usopp: Snow White?

Chopper: Where are you going?

Young Man: Wait. Wait, please. Don’t run away.

Snow White ran inside and closed the door, only for it to close on Usopp’s face, bending his nose 90 degrees upward and falls to the ground. Robin and Nami opened the door to follow her. Snow White ran up some stairs that led to a balcony with drapes.

Nami: Snow White, hold up!

Robin: He just wanted to say ‘hello’.

Snow White: I… I…

Snow White couldn’t find the right words, Robin places her hand on her back.

Nami: Just relax. Why don’t you go outside and talk to him?

Snow White: I don’t know if I can. What am I going to do? What should I say?

Before they could answer, suddenly they heard singing.

Young Man: Now that I've found you
Hear what I have to say

Snow White looked outside and saw that the man who startled her was singing. She couldn't help but smile a little. -- couldn't help but watch and stare at the man who's singing his heart to Snow White on the balcony.

Young Man: One song
I have but one song
One song
Only for you

Snow White watched for a few seconds and went back inside with her arms around her and a smile on her face. Nami and Robin were quick to notice.

Nami: *sing-songy* Somebody likes you.

Robin: Well don’t just stand here, go out there and see the boy!

Snow White thought for a little and then nodded. She looked at her clothes to see if she wasn't dirty or anything. She also made sure her hair was fine. Snow White smiled slowly went outside on the balcony. She placed her hands on the balcony while she looked at the young boy. Nami and Robin joined her on the balcony as did three doves.

Young Man: One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true

The boys back on the ground kept on listening and smiled. Suddenly, Robin notices from the corner of her eye, something from one the castle windows. It was Queen Grimhilde, who was holding the curtains while watching the scenery of Snow White and the young man…and she didn’t look very happy. She stared at them with a look so fierce that it would kill if it could. In a mix of anger and disgust, she closed the curtains. Robin gulped in worry and focused her attention back to the young man.

Young Man: One love that has possessed me
One love thrilling me through
One song my heart keeps singing
Of one love only for you.

While the man was about to sing his final sentence, a dove flew on Snow White's hand and she gave it a kiss on the beak. Nami had the idea of what she was planning to do. Snow White sent the dove towards the man which landed on his finger. The dove blushed a little and gave a kiss on the lips of the man. Never felt the man so happy as he looked at the girl he's fallen in love with. Robin and Nami followed Snow White who closed the curtains with a smile on her face. Usopp walks up to the young man puts his arm on his shoulder.

Usopp: Well get a load of lover boy here. You really won the girl’s heart in that number.

Young Man: Uhh…thank you. It was nothing really.

Franky: Nothing really?! That was SUPER love song you gave out.

Brook: Indeed. Such a song makes my heart flutter, that is if I still had a heart! Yohohohoho!

Young Man: You’re compliments are appreciated…um.

Luffy: Just call us the Straw Hats.

Sanji: And what do they call you?

Florian: My name is Prince Florian. Pleased to meet you all.

Brook: A pleasure.

Franky: Yo!

Florian: Can I ask you the name of the beautiful girl with the lovely singing voice?

Robin: *coming out of the door* Her name is Snow White, and we’ve known her for a couple of weeks.

Florian: Snow White. What a lovely name.

Sanji: Indeed it is.

Chopper: Somebody’ has a crush on her.

The prince blushed, as he rubbed his neck.

Usopp:: You’re not the only one. Snow White likes you too; the kiss with the dove thingy is proof.

Zoro: We all saw that.

Florian: It’s an honor to meet you and your friends. I’d like to spend more time with her, but I need to return to my kingdom.

Luffy: No worries, been nice seeing you, sir.

Florian: Please, call me Florian. Any friend of Snow White is a friend of mine.

With that said, the Prince climbed over the wall and jumped to the other side as the others looked on.

Franky: For a prince, he’s a nice guy.

Usopp: You said it. Right, Robin?

When he turned to Robin, he saw an uncomfortable look on her face.

Usopp: Something wrong?

Robin: Ohh, it’s nothing. I was just thinking of something.

Usopp: Okay.

Of course it wasn’t okay. Robin looked back to the window where Queen Grimhilde stood. A sense of worry filled her, she didn’t know it yet, but their troubles were just beginning…


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 2: A Sinister Deal! The Price of a Heart

We find ourselves back in the council chamber of Morganna’s Castle. News of Jafar’s defeat had reach the ears of the court, and none were happy with it. Well…almost everyone.

Scar: Well who didn’t see that coming?

Pitch: That smarmy vizier could’ve had them! If he hadn’t been so careless.

Orochimaru: Like it was so obvious, Jafar let his greed go to his head and now he’s paid the price.

Medusa: While you enjoy taking his place on the council and sitting upon his throne.

Orochimaru: A mild compensation on my part. Is it my fault that he got stuck in his own lamp?

Morganna: Enough!

Morganna slams her fist onto her throne, bring the others to attention.

Morganna: What was happened to Jafar was…unfortunate, but the fact remains that two council members have been struck down. Both of which by a common force…

Scar: The Straw Hats.

Morganna: Precisely, they are becoming more of a hassle than anticipated. They must be dealt with at once!

Aizen: But how? We don’t even know where they are. And even if we did, how can-

Suddenly, a loud beep is heard and Alpis pulls up a holo-screen.

Alpis: Your Radiance, we are receiving a transmission from one of our allies.

Morganna: Which one?

Alpis: It doesn’t say.

Morganna: Well, don’t just stand there, bring it up.

Alpis taps his foot and a large projector emerges from the center of the room. The projector emits a beam of light and an image of Queen Grimhilde appears before the council.

Morganna: Grimhilde? What a pleasant surprise.

Grimhilde: Not so pleasant, your radiance. I have a favor to ask.

Morganna: A favor?

Grimhilde: Yes. I want you to kill my stepdaughter; Snow White. It has come to my attention that she has become far fairer than me. I will not stand for this! I command that you dispose for her at once!

An awkward pause filled the room. The council members gauged Morganna’s reaction to such a favor, of course her mask covered what expression she was making. The blue scars on her body being to turn red as a sign of her rising anger. Morganna rises from her throne as the others prepare for the worst.

Morganna: Am I to understand…that you…are ordering us…to take care of your problems?

Grimhilde: Yes. I expect the matter to be dealt with as—


Morganna yells in a voice so loud that it shook the entire council chamber. The others could feel their teeth rattle from vibrations.

Morganna: You were brought in to serve me! During your time, I gave you simple instructions, of which you have not carried out! You have not made your reports of any kind. And now, after a very lengthy absence, you have the audacity to give me a command! You better have a good enough reason for me to not to reduce you into pile of dust.

Grimhilde: Your Radiance, you insult me! Haven’t I shown loyalty to you? Have I not proven myself worthy with my craft in the dark arts.

Morganna: And yet you have made no progress in locating any artifacts or items that would be of use to me. I will not waste my time and resources just because you’re jealous of some princess.

Grimhilde: Well…it would seem that this was a waste of time. No matter, I will dispose of Snow White myself...with or without your help.

Morganna: Alpis, cut the transmission!

Grimhilde: *to herself* She thinks she can be fairer than me?! Her and those Straw Hat peasants!

Morganna: Alpis, stop! *Alpis pauses* Did you just say ‘Straw Hats’?!

Grimhilde: Straw Hat…oh those people. They had the gall to appear in my castle unannounced, so I made them servants for a time.

Morganna: You’re telling us you have the Straw Hats under your thumb, and you didn’t even bother to tell us?!

Grimhilde: They were unimportant to me. As if I cared about some lowly pirates.

Morganna’s body began to turn full red with rage and was about to blow her top. The council members, save for Ganondorf all duck behind their chairs to avoid the eventual blast.

Alpis: Ugh… we’ll call you back.

Alpis pushes a button cutting the transmission, just as Morganna erupts in a pillar of fire, blast all the way to the roof. The flames subside but Morganna was but in a foul mood.

Morganna: How dare she do this to me! The idiocy! The audacity! The ever-living gall!

Rattigan: Well what did you expect, your grace? Grimhilde was never known to be a team player.

Ganondorf: True, her vanity has always been her strongest feature. Second only to her practice in magic.

Aizen: Her vanity eh…hold on. I got an idea.

Aizen opens a console and presses a button, bringing back Grimhilde’s holoprojection.

Grimhilde: How dare you keep me waiting!

Aizen: We greatly apologize, your grace. We understand the importance of your request, but I believe there is alternative method, one that would benefit both parties.

Grimhilde: Alterative? How?

Aizen: You’re desire to become the fairest of all, right? Well, it just so happens that I have been working on an elixir that could, in theory mind you, bestow eternal youth.

Grimhilde: Eternal youth?!

Aizen: Indeed. One drop from the elixir will not only make you younger than ever but keeps you that way for a hundred years. Why with the elixir, you have nothing to fear from time itself. Forever immortal, forever young!

Medusa: *under her breath* Way to oversell it, Aizen.

Grimhilde: Well what are you waiting for?! Give me this elixir that once!

Aizen: I would if I could, your majesty, but I’m afraid is not possible. See, the elixir’s formula is still incomplete, as it requires several extremely rare and unique ingredients. Fortunately, I am proud to say that we have gathered enough to begin developing the elixir. All we need now is one very crucial ingredient, one I think you can help with acquiring.

Grimhilde: And which ingredient is that?

Aizen: *calmly* The heart of a young maiden.

The other members all stare at Aizen with shock, while Grimhilde raises an eyebrow with intrigue.

Grimhilde: Are you suggesting?

Aizen: It’s a very simple trade; you give us Snow White’s heart, and in exchange, you’ll be the first to possess the elixir. Of course, there is one small thing you must do as well.

Grimhilde: And that is?

Aizen: You must get rid of the Straw Hats as well. And we will need proof of their demise as well.

Grimhilde: Is that all?

Aizen: Yes.

Grimhilde: …very well. You shall have her heart…and those peasants.

Aizen: Agreed.

Grimhilde: I will deal with this at once. *to Morganna* Farewell.

Grimhilde’s projection disappears and the projector returns into the floor. Medusa Gorgan gives Aizen a “seriously” look.

Medusa: Boy, when you lie through your teeth, you really do lie through your teeth.

Aizen: Lie about what?

Medusa: We all know that the formula for the Eternal Youth Elixir has been reworked recently. Even if she does give us the heart, there’s no guarantee that it will help make the stupid thing work. And even if it did, it’ll take months before it can be finalized for production.

Aizen: You know that, I know that, but Grimhilde doesn’t know that. This way she goes the dirty work for us.

Rattigan: But suppose she demands the elixir after she gives us the heart?

Aizen: We’ll tell her that the process will take some time. Either way, she gets rid of the Straw Hats and we can go on without a care.

Pitch: But how do we know if they’re gone. Remember they are formidable.

Orochimaru: Hm…true. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to send someone to check on the situation.

Morganna: Exactly, call forth…the knights…

Sometime later…Queen Grimhilde was back in her throne room, this time she has called forth her huntsman for a very ominous task.

Queen: Take her far into the forest. Find some secluded glade where she and her friends can pick wildflowers.

Huntsman: Yes, your Majesty.

Queen: And there, my faithful huntsman, you will kill her!

Huntsman: But, your Majesty, the little princess!

Queen: Silence! You know the penalty if you fail.

Huntsman: Yes, your Majesty.

Queen: But to make doubly sure… You do not fail, bring back her heart… In this.

She presents him with a red box, adorned with a heart-shaped latch with a dagger going through the heart. He must return with the dead girl's heart in it, as proof that he has carried out the task, whether he wants to or not.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 3: Princess on the Run! Into the Woods!

Far away from the castle, at the edge of the forest, Snow White and the Straw Hats were enjoying themselves. The sun shined across the sky, despite a few clouds. The Straws Hats were busy playing in a nearby field while Snow White and Chopper picked wildflowers from a glade near a river. Snow White sang a happy tune, while Chopper couldn’t help but sing along. After Snowy met her prince, she couldn’t help but smile every time she thinks of him. The huntsman, who was known as Humbert, stood by his horse overlooking the princess and her new friends.

Despite our heroes were loving the needed downtime, Robin was still having a sense of concern. Usopp was the first to notice…

Usopp: Hey Robin, you feeling okay?

Robin: It’s nothing, Usopp. I just an odd feeling.

Usopp: Of what?

Robin: That hunter…I don’t know why, but there’s something about him that brushes me the wrong way.

Usopp: Relax, it’s the first time we’ve had a break in weeks. We shouldn’t be worrying about that now.

Robin: I know. But I just can’t shake this feeling.

Usopp: Well even if he did try anything, we outnumber him nine to one. What’s the worst that could happen?

Robin: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Eventually, we turn our attention to Snow White and Chopper, who were still picking wildflowers while talking about certain things. Snow White wore a court dress consisting of a dark blue bodice with a high white collar; her short puffy sleeves were a lighter blue color than her bodices and the red cloth poking through exemplified the “slashing” design, which was very fashionable in Tudor times. It involved cutting the cloth on the outside of the outfit and pulling through another layer of cloth underneath. The long, shapeless yellow skirt has a white petticoat and flows down to her ankles with tan pumps decorated with yellow bows. She also wore a brown cape with a red interior. Snow White’s short black hair is styled in a bob and parted in the middle. She also wore a red headband with a bow to complete the look.

Snow White sang ‘One Song’ as she picked wildflowers, Chopper wanders off to another patch and starts examining some flowers. She stopped singing when a little bluebird was chirping. She laid the flowers on the grass and walked straight to the little bird, which looked like it was crying.

Snow White: Hello there.

The baby bird saw her approach and chirped in response.

Snow White: What’s the matter? *scoops the bird in her hands* Where’s your mama and papa? Why, I believe you’re lost.

The bird chirped a little more.

Snow White: Oh, please don’t cry.

Back to Chopper, he notices some plants he remembers seeing. He reached into his backpack and pulls out a small book and skimmed until he found what he was looking for. Delighted in what he saw, he starts picking them. Humbert was watching from a few meters. He looked around to ensure no one was around, so that no one would interfere with what he had to do.

Snow White: Come on. Perk up. Won’t you smile for me?

The bird chirped with a small smile. Snow White laughed a little.

Snow White: That’s better.

At that moment, Humbert took his knife from his sheath drawing closer to Snow White.

Meanwhile, Luffy was relaxing from the heat of the sun under a tree, his favorite hat covering his face. He had placed his hands behind his head while resting on the trunk of the tree. Suddenly, he felt a sense of dread come over him. His Observation Haki went off, warning him about something, but what? He uses Observation Haki to gaze into the future and he sees Humbert drawing his knife and preparing to strike…at Snow White!

He leaps from his spot and races back to the others with a panicked look on his face.

Luffy: Guys!!!!

Usopp: Luffy!?

Sanji: What’s wrong?

Luffy: It’s Snow White, she’s…

Suddenly we hear Chopper scream from a distance and shortly afterwards Snow White’s scream rang out.

The Straw Hats: SNOW WHITE!!!

Three minutes earlier…

Snow White was still with the baby bird hoping to find the little one’s missing parents.

Snow White: Your mama and papa can’t be far.

The bird chirped in response, when Snow White points toward a tree.

Snow White: There they are!

Just when they found the parents, the Huntsman drew closer with frightening eyes.

Snow White: Can you fly?

She didn’t wait long, as the bird flew to the tree.

Snow White: Goodbye! Goodbye!

As she waves goodbye to the little bird, the hunstman’s shadow looms over Snow White, just as Chopper arrives at the scene with a bunch of plants in his arms.

Chopper: Hey Snow White, I found some herbs we can use to make—

Chopper stops mid-sentence, dropping his plants in shock as he sees the Huntsman make his move. He screams, and Snow White turns to see the Huntsman, dagger in hand about to attack. The huntsman was about to strike, as Snow White covered her face with her arms, screaming for her life. The other Straw Hats arrived just in time. As they were about intervene, the Huntsman held his knife high in the air ready to strike. But suddenly, his hand shivered as if he tried to stop himself. Luffy was about to slug the Huntsman, when he drops the knife to the ground and he barely collapsed.

Humbert: I can’t… I can’t do it!

The Huntsman had his hands on his face, hiding the shame and regret. He knelt and grabbed Snow White’s skirt to cover his tearful eyes.

Humbert: Forgive me. I beg of Your Highness, forgive me.

Suddenly the Huntsman felt something grab him from behind and pull him to his feet. He then finds himself facing an angry Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, all ready to rip him apart.

Sanji: Forgive you?! You were going to murder Snow White, and you beg for forgiveness?!

Luffy: What did she ever do to you?!

Zoro: Give us one good reason not to gut you here and now!

Humbert: Miladies, good sirs, you don’t understand! I had to!

Chopper: But why?

Humbert: There was no other way. I was forced to do this.

Snow White: I don't understand.

Humbert: She's mad, jealous of you! She'll stop at nothing!

Snow White: But, but who?

Humbert: The Queen.

The Straw Hats: THE QUEEN!?

Humbert: Yes, the Queen is extremely jealous of your beauty, Your Highness. She ordered me to have you killed…and of your friends as well.

The Straw Hats gasped when Humbert pointed to them, as he placed his hands in front of his face.

The Straw Hats: US?!?!

Usopp: Okay! Snow white I get, but why does she want us dead!?

Humbert: I asked that myself, but she told that it was none of my concern, only that it had to be carried out…and to bring back proof of my deeds.

Franky: What kind of proof?

Humbert: Whatever remained of you…and…

Nami: And what?

Humbert hesitated to answer, even as the great pain on his face said it all.

Humbert: Her… Her heart.

The Straw Hats: HER WHAT?!!?!?!

Sanji grabs Humbert by his collar and starts throttling him.

Sanji: You’re telling us that crazy hag wanted you to kill Snow White just so she can have her heart?!

Huntsman: Believe me, I was against it as well, but the Queen…she demanded that I carried it out. She would’ve punished me if I disobeyed her, much less fail her.

Luffy: Well…I guess it can be helped if you were forced into it.

Brook: But what are we gonna do?

Robin: The answer is quite simple; the Queen wants her dead right? So what if made it so the Queen ‘thinks’ she’s dead.

Nami: And just how are we going to do that? I doubt the Queen would be stupid to believe it.

Robin: A heart is a heart, right? It could be any heart, like a wild boar’s or pig or something. She wouldn’t tell the difference. Right, Chopper?

Chopper: True. Technically a pig does have the same type of organs as humans, give or take some differences. But the heart most definitely, just give her that and she’ll be none the wiser.

The huntsman considered the plan for a moment.

Humbert: That… Could work! That would fool her completely!

Usopp: Yeah, but there’s still about us? How can we convince her we kicked the bucket?

Humbert: The Queen seemed less interested about your fate. I’ll tell her that you were mauled by wolves while escaping my pursuit.

Robin: That sounds plausible for a ‘death’, I’d believe it.

Humbert: I never wanted to do this. Can you forgive me, Your Highness?

Though still in shock by the turn of events, Snow White could tell the Huntsman’s words rang true.

Snow White: I forgive you.

Humbert: Now, quick. Run! Run away, hide! In the woods! Anywhere! Never come back! Make sure she doesn’t find you! Now, go! Go! Go!

Snow White and the pirates ran as fast as they could as the Huntsman’s cries faded in the distance. The deeper they went into the woods, the darker and scarier it became for the company. They forced their way through vines, while Zoro cut some away with his sword. They stopped before a tree with glowing yellow eyes, which revealed to be an owl. It screeched loudly causing the group to run a direction as the bird flew away. They ran into a cave where bats flew out causing to jolt. Snow White, who was running front, suddenly got caught by branches. She gasped in horror when the branches she saw looked like horrifying hands trying to grab her.

Nami got caught in a bush that resembled hands or claws; fortunately, she managed to get herself free. At some point, they stopped at a tree, which suddenly seem to have a creepy face. Snow White and the others screamed at this, mostly Usopp. Taken back, the group falls down into a deep hole near a tree, which looked like a crocodile opening its eye and watching the company’s fall. They all hung tight to a few vines preventing them from falling further.

Snow White held the vine tightly, but suddenly the vine snapped with a small crack. Snow White fell toward the water below, the rest falling into the water simultaneously. The waves of the water rocked the floating logs and suddenly they appeared to be giant crocodiles trying to eat them. Snow White, Usopp and Chopper noticed the crocodile logs and screamed for their lives.

Usopp: Let’s get out of here!

The company emerged from the water, only to run smack toward another tree.

Luffy: That’s it! I’ve had it with all these log crocodiles and evil trees!

Luffy charged toward the tree, but it had a mind of its own. It raised its ‘claws’ above its head and a large gust of wind blew from its mouth.. The blast forced Luffy toward the others and Snow White and they all fell to the ground like bowling pins. Luffy quickly jumped up and ran in midair.


They ran further through the forest, past a swarm of evil trees as leaves brushed behind them. A few bats flew around their heads, as the screamed against the surrounding trees. They all looked menacingly at them, reaching out with their limbs, More and more trees, each with scary eyes, surrounded the company until it became too much. Usopp has a sensory overload and faints, while Snow White screamed in terror and collapsed toward the ground.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 4: Among Animal Friends. Whistle While You Work!

Snow White couldn’t help but cry, while the others huddled close together wishing for the nightmare to end. with the exception of Usopp, who was still out cold on the ground. None of them knew they were still surrounded by eyes, but these were different. Emerging from a hole, a bunny family and chipmunks appeared watching the group with curiosity and confusion. But they were not the only ones, as an entire heard of animals appeared from the shadows. Deer, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, quails, even a few bluebirds. They all approached the company, especially to the crying girl.

One little bunny, more curious than the rest, came inches from the two sniffing at them. Snow White raised her head from the ground and gasped toward the bunny. The bunny got startled and ran away with the other animals to their hiding spots. The others opened their eyes, looking around.

Snow White: Please, don’t run away!

All the animals showed their heads hearing that.

Snow White: We won’t hurt you.

Luffy: Um, what happened? Where are all those scary trees?

Brook: I don’t know if that was real. But it was definitely scary!

Robin: Maybe it was just our imagination.

Zoro: Most definitely.

Snow White: We’re awfully sorry, we didn’t mean to frighten you. But you don’t know what we’ve been through and all because we were afraid.

As Snow White spoke, the rest of the animals took the courage to show themselves seeing that these strangers were harmless.

Franky: That’s was beyond scary!

Sanji: Ugh…guys. Usopp just passed out again.

Nami: Not again!

Nami grabs the unconscious Usopp and starts smacking him across the face.

Nami: Usopp! Wake up!

After a few good slaps, Usopp finally comes to, slightly startled and a tad confused.

Usopp: AHH!! Who what where when sometimes why and how?!

Robin: He’s up.

Sanji: It’s okay Usopp, the scary trees are gone.

Robin: It would seem our imagination got the best of us.

As they spoke, a familiar bluebird flew from its nest to another branch.

Snow White: Oh, I’m so ashamed of the fuss I’ve made.

Nami: You’re ashamed? I can’t believe we freaked out over something that silly.

The parents of the little bird flew by its side, as the princess turned to them.

Snow White: What do you do when things go wrong?

The adult birds twittered beautifully, as if they were singing. The harmonies made Snow White smile, clapping her hands with delight.

Snow White: Oh! You sing a song!

The birds twittered yes.

Nami: You don’t think they’re going to…

Before Nami could finish her sentence, Snow White began to vocalize while the little bird mimicked her voice.

Usopp: They are.

The little bird flew from the branch, landing on Snow White’s finger. While she vocalized, the bird began to mimic the tune. Its parents nodded to each other when their child made a shrill note. The parents shut their eyes tight, while the Straw Hats covered their ears and clenched teeth from the loud note.

Franky: Man, that bird got some SUPER lungs!

The little bird faced its parents and Franky. Snow White couldn’t help but laugh, as the little bird smiled. Suddenly, Snow White began to sing.

Snow White: With a smile and a song
Life is just like a bright, sunny day
Your cares fade away
And your heart is young.

While she sang, a male deer, a few raccoons and a family of quail heard it. A few birds twittered along, as the animals came closer thanks to Snow White’s song.

Snow White: With a smile and a song
All the world seems to waken anew
Rejoicing with you
As the song is sung.

The forest animals, even a tortoise, approached the company. A little chipmunk got closer, wiggling its tail cutely while Snow White sang.

Snow White: There’s no use in grumbling
When raindrops come tumbling.

Snow White tried to pet the chipmunk, but it ran off in a dash. It came back again with its little paws on her leg, while she sang to a young fawn.

Snow White: Remember you’re the one
Who can fill the world with sunshine!

She pets the fawn, who gladly accepted it. A bunny came close to the princess, as the other animals approached the rest of the company. Each of them pets an animal they went to while Snow White sang her song.

Snow White: When you smile, and you sing
Everything is in tune and it’s spring
And life flows along
With a smile and a sooooooong.

The song ends with all the animals smiling and the birds twittered happily.

Luffy: That was amazing!

Robin was busily petting a little chipmunk, scratching behind its ears.

Robin: Oh, aren’t you just the cutest thing?

Franky: Woohoo! Go Snow White!

Snow White couldn’t help but laugh.

Snow White: I really feel quite happy now. I’m sure we’ll get along somehow. Everything’s going to be all right.

All the animals nodded at their words.

Zoro: That’s nice and all, but there’s still one big problem; Where are we gonna sleep tonight?

A bunny nodded as Snow White and the others surveyed their surroundings and tried to think.

Brook: We can’t sleep in the ground like bunnies.

Sanji: Or in a tree like squirrels and chipmunks.

Nami: And I’m sure no nest would possibly be big enough for all of us.

Snow White: Maybe you know where we can stay. In the woods somewhere?

The birds twittered ‘yes’.

Chopper: They said they know a place.

Snow White: You do?

Once again, the birds twittered ‘yes’.

Snow White: Will you take us there?

The birds gently grab Snow White’s cape, leading her deep into the forest. The other animals led the Straw Hats not far behind.

They ventured deeper in the woods, happy that it wasn’t as dark and scary as before. No evil trees or log crocodiles, just a regular forest basked under the warmth of the sun. It felt nice for them to see the light of day after that whole ordeal. After a few minutes, they came to a stop. A few squirrels pulled a few small trees to show Snow White and the Straw Hats a pathway leading to a lovely little cottage centered between a few trees across a tiny brook with a bridge. Rays of sunlight emerged through the trees, blessing every pony with a beautiful sight.

Brook: A cottage!

Snow White: Oh, it’s adorable! Just like a doll’s house.

Snow White took the first step. She ran towards the cottage while the rest followed. Crossing the bridge was no problem, even if the brook wasn’t broad. If they wanted to, they could easily jump over it. The other animals followed, the tortoise trying to keep up but walked very slowly. Chopper comes over and picks up the turtle.

Chopper: Come along, little buddy. Try to keep up.

When they all approached the cottage, they admired it. Especially Snow White.

Snow White: I like it here.

Snow White approached a tiny window, cleaning the dust to look inside. Usopp and a racoon did the same.

Usopp: Yeesh, this window is dirty. It’s like it hasn’t been cleaned for days.

Snow White: Oooh, and it’s dark inside.

Luffy: It looks empty.

Robin: Maybe we should knock on the door. Just to be sure.

Snow White: Alright then.

Snow White walks toward the door, making sure her hair was right. She knocks a few times, but there came no response. She tries again, but still nothing.

Snow White: Guess there’s no one home.

Sanji: That’s just great. What now?

Usopp approaches the door, leaning against the frame to think. Suddenly, upon contact, the door opened.

Usopp: Hey, it isn’t closed.

Sanji: There’s a novelty. Who doesn’t close the door when he or she leaves?

Nami: Probably someone who think nobody would come here being this far into the woods.

Snow White: Let’s go check inside.

Snow White slowly opens the door, which creaked. She peaked her head to see inside the house.

Snow White: Hello? May we come in?

But no one gave a response. The ponies, dragon and animals followed Snow White, who motioned them to be quiet. Silently, they walk inside the cottage looking around with the tortoise moving slower than usual.

Chopper: I wonder who lives here?

Suddenly, Snow White yelled ‘Oh’ with her hands in the air. It scared the animals and Chopper, who ran outside while the others stood in a defensive stance. Snow White herself remained in position before happily sitting down on a little chair with an owl carved on it.

Snow White: What a cute little chair!

The Straw Hats all did a face fault to the floor with a WHAM.

Straw Hats: A chair?! Seriously?!

Nami: You almost gave us a flipping heart attack!

Snow White: Oops! Sorry I frightened you.

Seeing there was no danger after all, the animals, Chopper poke his head through the opening. Chopper entered first, rejoining their friends. It was then Snow White noticed all the other chairs in the room and a table that wasn’t quite clean.

Snow White: Why, there’s seven little chairs. Must be seven little children.

Zoro: You might be on to something.

Sanji: And from the look of this table, seven untidy little children.

Usopp: You got that right; these kids are even more messy than Luffy.

Luffy: Hey!

Looking at the table, even the animals weren’t happy with how uncleaned it was.

Snow White: A pickaxe. A stocking, too!

Robin: Maybe they’re miners.

Franky: Kids who are miners…there’s joke in there somewhere.

Meanwhile, Snow White took a peek inside a pot and pulled something out.

Snow White: And a shoe!

The two adult birds both gave an astonished whistle, the little bird doing the same.

Usopp: Took the words right out of my mouth, buddy.

As they walked towards the fireplace, they found it very dirty.

Sanji: And get a load of this fireplace. The whole things covered in dust.

Sanji blew some of it away, but it accidentally lands on Usopp’s face. Usopp’s nose begins to scrunch, finding himself on the brink of sneezing.

Usopp: Uh… Ah… Aaah… AAAAHCHOOOO!!!

The dust flies toward a trio of squirrels, each of them sneezing. The very last one sneezed so hard, he flew right inside a mug with a lid. Another squirrel accidentally got cobwebs on its face.

Snow White: And look, it gets even worse. Cobwebs everywhere. My, my, my!

Robin: What a pile of dirty dishes.

Sure enough, there were stacks and piles of dishes that haven’t been washed for days, probably longer. Sanji whistled, having never seen so many unwashed dishes in his career.

Usopp: Stacked a mile high.

Luffy: No it’s not.

Usopp: I know, it’s just for comedy.

Snow White: And just look at that broom.

The animals and the Straw Hats were looking around when they noticed the broom, which was covered in dust and cobwebs. A few quails tsk at the sight.

Snow White: Why, they’ve never swept this room.

Usopp: Heh, you’d think their mother would have the sense to…

Snow White: *gasps* Wait! Maybe they have no mother.

An adult deer and a fawn shook their heads, their response Chopper noticed.

Chopper: They don’t?

The deer shook their heads again.

Snow White: So, they’re orphans.

The adult deer nodded, as the little fawn came closer to the elder. It was probably the little one’s mother, as the fawn rubbed its head against the deer’s neck.

Sanji: Well…that changes things.

Snow White: I know! We’ll clean the house and surprise them; then maybe they’ll let us stay.

Nami: You’re kidding right?

Snow White: Well why not? The children would come home to a clean house and they would let us stay with them.

Nami: Okay, that part I get. But that would mean I…we have to do more chores.

Chopper/Usopp/Luffy: Chores?!

Robin: Relax, it’ll be fun.

Brook: I don’t see how it will be fun.

Nami: It’s not supposed to be fun! It’s work!

Snow White: But we can make it fun. Please, do it for the children, for me.

Snow White gives Nami the most innocent puppy-eyed look she could ever produce. This look causes Nami to feel a bit guilty, she tries to look away, but Snow White’s look was ever persistent. The look and Nami’s guilt finally won.

Nami: Oh, alright. We’ll clean up the house. But only because I can’t say no to that face.

Snow White took off her cape, as two birds grabbed it and hanged it near a wooden extension.

Sanji: So, how do we start?

Snow White began to think, as she looked around.

Snow White: Sanji, Luffy and Chopper, you will help wash the dishes. Usopp, Franky and Brook, you help tidy up the room. Nami, Robin and Zoro, you help clean the fireplace and I will use the broom.

Robin: Alright then, let’s begin.

Brook: Hey, you know what would make cleaning more fun?

Luffy: What?

Brook: A song!

Chopper: Maybe the animals know a song. Got something we can clean to?

The two adult birds twittered 'yes'. And suddenly, they began to twitter musically as Snow White began to sing along with the Straw Hats and animals while cleaning the cottage.

Snow White: Just whistle while you work (Whistling)
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place.

In the meantime, the animals brought all the dishes to a table. The tortoise, certainly having fun, had a tower of dishes on its back and none of it was about to fall.

Snow White: So, hum a merry tune (Humming)
It won’t take long when there’s a song to help you set the pace.

Chopper helped the animals clean the dishes while Snow White was sweeping the room.

Snow White: And as you sweep the room
Imagine that the broom,
Is someone that you love and soon you’ll find you’re dancing to the tune.

Suddenly, Sanji’s eyes widen when he sees how the animals clean the dishes. A squirrel cleaned some plates with a towel around its tail, while the fawn licked the plates clean before licking its fur.

Sanji: Hey! That’s not how to clean them! Put them in the tub.

The animals stop and face Snow White, who nods knowing Sanji is right. Obeying them, the animals load the dishes into the tub.

Snow White: When hearts are high,
The time will fly,
So, whistle while you work.

The fawn used its tail to pull the lever of a water pump with a face on it, filling the tub with water.

During that time, Nami, Robin and Zoro were busily sweeping and gathering dust from the fireplace.

Snow White: Whistle while you work (Whistling)
Put on that grin and start right in to whistle loud and long.
Just hum a merry tune (Humming)
Just do your best, then take a rest and sing yourself a song.

Snow White: When there’s too much to do
Don’t let it bother you.
Forget your troubles, try to be just like a cheerful chick-a-dee.
And whistle while you work (Whistling)
Come on get smart, tune up and start,
e you work!

Meanwhile, Luffy and Chopper were helping with the dishes. Many of them placed in a tower that appeared set to fall down. Usopp, on the other hand, held a rug to allow two squirrels to hide the dust. But Snow White caught them in the act.

Snow White: Uh-uh, uh-uh! Not under the rug.

Startled by that, Usopp and the squirrels tried to think of something else. Usopp points toward a mouse hole, the squirrels looked and smile. They swept the dust inside and the three gave each other a wink. But suddenly, the dust blew out the hole sending Usopp and the squirrels under the rug. A mouse, who resided in the hole, came out and didn’t look very happy. It chattered angrily to Usopp and the squirrels, using a hind leg to sweep the dust into their eyes ensuring they learned their lesson.

Meanwhile, Snow White was humming and cleaning an organ while squirrels and bunnies use their cute little tails to clean the rest of the room. Two squirrels cleaned a mug, which one of them picked it up. Suddenly, the mug made some kind of musical tune which caused them to quickly hide themselves. As a squirrel used his tail to clean, he saw Snow White wave a cloth outside the window to remove the dust. Forming an idea, the squirrel placed his tail outside the window and shook off the dust. Unfortunately, too much of it got on his nose and he began to sneeze.

Nami and another squirrel were busily getting rid of cobwebs on the ceiling, the squirrel used its tail to get rid of them. A chipmunk attempts the same thing while keeping balance on a cuckoo clock. It used a little too much force and fell into a sock. It popped it’s head out and couldn’t help but smile. Another chipmunk helps Nami with a cobweb, rolling it into a ball. But suddenly, a spider appears on the ball startling the chipmunk and Nami.

With the interior almost clean, the birds began to place a vase with flowers on the table and added some water to keep them fresh. In the meantime, the animals gathers the owner(s)’ clothes to wash. Snow White, still humming, placed the clothes on the male deer, one of which almost made him fall. Frank and Robin carried the rest of the clothes outside where Usopp and Chopper helped the raccoons wash the laundry in a tiny pond. Franky, Robin and the deer dumped the clothes in the water, a glove which the deer nearly dropped landed on the head of a raccoon to its chagrin. A chipmunk used the tortoise as a washboard, the reptile was ticklish of this experience. Two birds grabbed the piece of clothing the Chipmunk was still holding. Fortunately, the tortoise grabbed the chipmunk with its head by the tail and they both got pulled inside the tortoise shell. Their heads emerge and smiled at each other while the birds dried the piece of clothing, tying the sleeves into a knot and hung it on a cord from a tree with the rest of the clothes. a bird lands on Snow White’s finger vocalizing with her.

Snow White: So, whistle while you work!

Snow White and the bird vocalized and harmonized together while the Straw Hats and animals cleaned the exterior of the cottage.


Jul 28, 2004
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Chapter 5: Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho! Here Comes the Seven Dwarfs!

In the last chapter, Snow White and the Straw Hats were busy cleaning up the cottage of what they thought were seven little children. If only they knew…for in another part of the forest, there existed a mine. And in that mine were caverns filled to brim with diamonds, rubies and countless other gems as far as ones eyes can take. And mining these gems were the cottage’s true owners; not seven little children, but seven little men…dwarfs to be more accurate. Four of them were busy digging with their pickaxes in rhythm, while a fifth was riding a cart full of jewels pulled by a tamed deer. The four miners by name were Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy. And as they mined, they sang a little ditty that went like this.

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy: We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig

in our mine the whole day through
To dig dig dig dig dig dig dig

is what we really like to do

Happy: It ain't no trick to get rich quick

Grumpy: If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick

Bashful: In a mine! (In a mine!)

Sneezy: In a mine! (In a mine!)

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy: Where a million diamonds (shine!)

The fifth dwarf, Sleepy, had just left the mine entrance when a fly started buzzing around him. He swats at the fly with a branch but hits the deer’s flank by accident. Thinking it was intentional, the deer bucks the mine cart, causing some jewels to fly out and tosses Sneezy up and down.

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy: We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig
from early morn till night

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy: We dig dig dig dig dig dig dig
up everything in sight

Bashful: We dig up diamonds by the score

Sneezy: A thousand rubies, sometimes more

Grumpy: But we don't know what we dig 'em for

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful and Sneezy: We dig dig dig a-dig dig

Here we see Doc, dwarf number six and leader in our little band. He job was inspecting every gem the others brought out and sort them by carat. With a little hammer he taps a diamond -ding-ding-ding- perfect! Doc tosses it into the 50 carat bag with the others and takes a large ruby. He taps it -thunk-thunk-thunk- a dud! Dissatisfied, Doc chucks the ruby over his shoulder and over to our final dwarf; Dopey, the youngest of the seven. He sweeps up the defective jewels into a dustpan and throws them into a pile out of sight. He returns to Doc, who was busy inspecting an emerald through a Laplace. Dopey, wanting to imitate him, picks up two diamonds. He gets Doc’s attention and is shocking he sees Dopey, wearing both diamonds on his eyes. Doc bops Dopey on the head, ejecting the diamonds. Not far away, a clock was ticking away until time was 5 ‘o clock. Two wooden mini-dwarfs emerge from their doors and strike an anvil, indicating that the workday is over.

Doc: Heigh-ho!

Doc’s ‘hiegh-ho’ echoes into the mine, signaling that it was quitting time! The five stops what they were doing and march out in song.

Happy, Grumpy, Bashful, Sleepy and Sneezy: Heigh-ho

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's home from work we go
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's home from work we go

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

As the others leave the mine, Doc and Dopey toss some bags of jewels into a vault, with the latter tossing himself along with the bag. He quickly comes out, shuts the door and locks it with the key. He then puts the key onto a hook near the door and goes to join the others.

Dwarfs: Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho hum
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's home from work we go
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's home from work we go

Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

Marching along the sunset, the cavalcade of the seven dwarfs walked along, bound for home. Doc, leading of course, followed by Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey following up the rear. Meanwhile, back at the cottage, Snow White and the Straw Hats had just finished cleaning the house. By the time nighttime fell, it looked so much better than when they found it.

Nami: Ah, much better.

Robin: It sure looks cleaner than before.

Usopp: And it only took us nearly the whole afternoon to do it.

Franky: At least those kids will be happy to come home to a clean house.

Zoro: Not to break up the happy mood, but in case you guys forgot; we’re still being targeted by the Queen, Snow White too.

Usopp: You had to bring that up?

Chopper: But she has no idea where we are.

Brook: What if she does, for all we know she’s got some mirror that knows and sees ‘everything’, a mirror she’d happen to ask if Snow White is still alive.

Sanji: Maybe she does and maybe she don’t. Regardless, as long as she’s got her sights on killing Snow White, the kid will never be safe.

Franky: Not with us around!

Luffy: Yeah! If she shows her face around here, I’ll deck her!

Snow White: Is everything alright?

A female voice interrupted their thinking as they turned to see Snow White, who held a candle in her hand and looked concerned when she saw their faces.

Robin: It’s alright.

Snow White: Are you coming upstairs? I want to see what’s there.

Robin: We’ll be right there.

The Straw Hats watch Snow White walk away before it was safe to converse.

Brook: What should we do?

Robin: For now, nothing. We don’t need to ruin her mood after what she’s been through.

The others nod before meeting up with Snow White, who stood by the foot of the stairs.

Snow White: Let’s see what’s upstairs.

Snow White leads the way with the Straw Hats and animals following close behind. The tortoise was having a little trouble climbing the stairs that he fell on his back. Chopper saw it and went towards the tortoise.

Chopper: Need any help?

The tortoise smiled, shaking its head. He grabs his tail and rolled backwards to stand on all fours again.

Chopper: Okay if you need help just call me.

As Chopper ran upstairs, the tortoise bit each part of the stairs and dragged its body upwards. At the top of the stairs, Snow White opened a door and saw it led them into a bedroom.

Snow White: Oh, what adorable little beds!

Robin couldn’t help but smile too. There were seven beds in the room and Franky was amazed at the beautiful wooden animal carvings. Some of the animals took their seat on the beds as the group explored the room.

Snow White: And look, they have their names carved on them.

They all note the names on the beds, reading them one at a time.

Snow White: Doc

Luffy: Happy?

Usopp: Sneezy

Chopper: Dopey

Snow White couldn’t help but laugh.

Snow White: What funny names for children.

Robin: Grumpy, Bashful and Sleepy.

Usopp: Maybe they’re named after their personalities. Doc is probably a doctor; Happy is probably fun and… Well, happy. That’s an easy one. Sneezy probably sneezes a lot; Dopey…

Zoro: We get the idea.

Franky: Like that ‘Sleepy’ fella, he probably sleeps a lot.

The word ‘sleep’ makes Snow White yawn.

Snow White: I’m a little sleepy myself.

Brook: Ah, yeah me too.

Nami: I vote we go straight to bed and start fresh in the morning.

Zoro: That’s not a bad idea.

Sanji: I second it.

Soon all the other animals yawned, some stretching their arms. Snow White places the candle by a wooden board before lying herself on three beds, as she was too big for just one. Chopper cuddled close to Snow White since the animals slept on the other beds. The boys slept in another beds while Nami and Robin slept close to each other ones. A bird flew towards the candle, using its tail feathers to extinguish the flame. Some birds placed a blanket over Snow White and Chopper. Soon all of them, including the animals, were sleeping peacefully on their way to Dreamland. one of them knew the tortoise was still climbing up the stairs, but he almost reached the top. Suddenly, some of the animals began to wake up because they heard something.

Dwarfs: Heigh-ho… Heigh-ho… Heigh-ho… Heigh-ho…

The singing suddenly got louder, till the rest of the animals woke up. All except Snow White and the Straw Hats, who were sleeping like roses.

Dwarfs: Heigh-ho, Heigh-Ho. It’s home from work we go.

The animals peeked outside the window and suddenly stormed out the room to the stairs. The tortoise finally reached the top when the other animals and ponies ran downstairs, passed the tortoise who spun in his shell. Though he had to go downstairs again, this was no problem for him. Even when he falls down the staircase and bumped against the wall. The animals ran out the door and hid among some bushes out of sight.

The dwarfs were singing and whistling down the trail back to their home until the first one, Doc, saw something.

Doc: Look!

Just as Doc stopped, all the others bumped against each other and him.

Doc: Our house! The lit’s light… Uh, the light’s lit!

The dwarfs hid behind a few trees, each of them popped their heads out to survey their house.

Dwarfs: Jiminy Crickets!

Doc: The door is open!

Happy: The chimney’s smoking!

Sneezy: Something’s in there.

Happy: Maybe a ghost!

Bashful: Or a goblin!

Doc: A demon!

Sneezy: Or a dragon!

Grumpy: Mark my words, there’s trouble-abrewin’! Felt it coming all day; my corns hurt.

Happy: Gosh!

Bashful: That’s a bad sign,

Doc/Sleepy/Bashful: What’ll we do?

Happy: Let’s sneak up on it

Doc: Yes. Ahem We’ll, uh, squeak up… Uh, sneak up. Come on, hen… Uh, men. Follow me.

They slowly sneaked towards the cottage, brandishing their pickaxes like weapons. Approaching the house, the dwarfs looked inside. Doc motioned them to follow him.

Doc: Psst.

The creaking door slowly opens, as each Dwarf pop their heads through the opening. The last Dwarf appeared from one of the dwarf’s beards. Doc opened the door slightly ajar and they all entered while their shoes squeaked. As they walked in, one of them accidentally stepped on the head of Dopey. The last dwarf in, Dopey, slammed the door behind him very hard and it was so loud it stirred an immediate reaction from the dwarfs. The ran around, raising their weapons higher, but when they saw who closed the door, they motioned him to be quiet. The silly dwarf shivered a bit, before turning toward the door and said ‘shh’.

Doc: Careful, men, Search every cook and nanny… Uh, hook and granny… Crooked fan… uh, search everywhere.

The dwarfs sneaked around the cottage, but their squeaky shoes prevented them from staying quiet. None knew that the bird family watched from above while the rest of the animals spied from the window. They ducked and hid when the dwarfs came too close, but once they were away, they slowly lifted their heads back into frame.

Suddenly, one dwarf’s shoe squeaked so loudly it started the animals at the window.

Doc: Shh! Quiet!

The dwarfs walked further through the cottage till he spotted something on the floor and ceased every dwarf’s movement.

Doc: Look! The floor, it’s been swept!

They all looked at the floor confused, like they’ve never seen a clean floor in their lives.

Grumpy checked one of the chairs, rubbing his finger on the edge and saw there was no dust.

Grumpy: Hah! Chair’s been dusted.

Happy: Our window’s been washed.

Bashful: Gosh, our cobwebs are missing.

Doc: Why, why, why, why, the whole place is clean!

Bashful: There’s dirty work afoot!

Sneezy and Sleepy peered into the sink, only to find that nothing was in it.

Sneezy: Sink’s empty. Hey, someone stole our dishes.

Happy: They ain’t stole. They’re hid in the cupboard.

Bashful grabbed a cup from the cupboard, peering inside with a sad face.

Bashful: My cup’s been washed; sugar’s gone.

Happy and Dopey eyed a giant pot with delicious soup inside, warming up in the fireplace.

Happy: Something’s cooking. Smells good!

He reached for a spoon for a taste, when Grumpy stopped him.

Grumpy: Don’t touch it, you fools! Might be poison!

Suddenly, steam hissed from the pot startling the three dwarfs till it stopped.

Grumpy: See? It’s witches’ brew.

Doc checked the table, which was nicely decorated with plates, glass cups and cutlery and even a lovely bouquet of goldenrod flowers.

Doc: Look what’s happened to our stable… Uh, table.

Bashful saw the flowers and picked them up with a smile.

Bashful: Flowers!

Sneezy: Huh?

Bashful: Look, goldenrod.

Sneezy: Don’t do it. Take them away. My nose! My hay fever! You know I can’t stand it.

The dwarf suddenly felt trouble with his nose, as if he were on the verge of sneezing.

Sneezy: I can’t… I can’t… I… Oh… Ah…

All the dwarfs approached him, knowing what was coming.

Sneezy: AAAAHHHH…!

Before he could sneeze, the dwarfs placed their fingers under his nose raising it high in the air. When he wasn’t going to sneeze, the dwarfs put him on the ground and slowly lift their fingers away. The dwarf sighed in relief with a smile.

Sneezy: Thanks.

But he spoke too soon.


Suddenly, the dwarf released a loud sneeze, which was so powerful it blew all the dwarfs away comically. All the dwarfs, except for Grumpy, crashed against the wall as cups and pots fell from the shelf and fell on top of each other. Suddenly, their heads popped up and hushed the sneezing dwarf. Sneezy rubbed his nose when the second one approached him.

Grumpy: Ya crazy fool! Fine time you picked to sneeze!

Sneezy: I couldn’t help it! I can’t tell. When you gotta, you gotta!

But suddenly, Sneezy felt something coming, as if on the brink of sneezing again, and the ponies immediately noticed his reactions.

Sneezy: I… I… I gotta… N… N… N… It’s coming!

Just when the dwarf was about to sneeze, the others quickly jumped on him and tried to stop it.

Happy: Don’t let him!

Doc: Stop him!

Suddenly, the head of the sneezing dwarf popped out.

Sneezy: Oh! Ah… Ah… AH!!!

The dwarfs pulled him toward the ground trying to stop him.

Grumpy: No, tie it tight.

Bashful: Don’t let it go.

Doc: Hold him tight.

Happy: I’ll tie it.

Grumpy: Make a hard knot.

Happy grabbed Sneezy’s beard, tying it around his nose.

Happy: There, that will hold him.

Sneezy: Thanks!

Happy: Shh!

Grumpy: Quiet, you fool! You want to get us all killed?

But the bird family, winked at each other and they tapped the wood. The shocked dwarfs heard that.

Happy: Wha… Wha… What’s that?

Doc: That’s it

Bashful: Sounded close

Grumpy: It’s in this room, right now.

The dwarfs felt uncomfortable at their friend’s words. The birds eyed each other again and shrieked so loud that the dwarfs froze in fear… Then ran around the room yelling and tried to hide. Sneezy ducked into a big pot with a lid, the Happy hid behind a chair, Sleeps in a bucket with a broom, Dopey under a pile of logs, Grumpy in a potato sack and Bashful under the staircase.

The dwarfs emerged from their hiding spots, gathering at the staircase. Doc held a candle and looked upstairs.

Doc: It’s up there

Bashful: Yeah, in the bedroom.

Doc: One of us has gotta go down and chase it up. Uh, uh, uh… Up… Down.

The dwarfs nod in unison and turned toward the one dwarf: Dopey. He just smiled not knowing he’s been picked to go up. Dopey looked behind him, then back to the dwarfs… But then he quickly looks behind him. As if knowing the dwarfs chose him to go upstairs, he quietly walked away. But the second and Sneezy grabbed him and took him to Doc, who tried to give him the candle.

Doc: Here, take it.

Doc shook nervously as Dopey tried to grab the candle, while he shook too.

Doc: Don’t be nervous!

Doc quickly grabbed the dwarf’s hand, forcibly giving him the candle. The dwarfs pushed the youngest upstairs, as Dopey walked up the creaking stairs. Suddenly, he turned around toward his fellow brothers waiting below. They too shook in fear.

Doc: Don’t be afraid. We’re right behind you.

Yes, right behind ya!

Dopey nodded, gulping in fear. Nevertheless, he walked further along the stairs. He opened the door, slowly peeking to see if it’s safe. As he looks, the ponies watch the other dwarfs quietly walking up the stairs. Dopey opened the door further taking another look before quietly entering the room. But suddenly, the sound of moaning spooked him. He faced the bed and saw the sheets moving like a ghost. The dwarf froze for a moment before he screamed very loud and burst out of the room. The dwarfs were already waiting by the door when it happened.

Grumpy: Here it comes!

But suddenly, the seventh bumped into them and they all fell down the stairs. Then all, except the seventh, who’s head was stuck between his legs, ran toward the door screaming and shouting. The six dwarfs rushed out the cottage in a flash and Doc quickly closed the door. Dopey bumped against the door and tried to open it. But the others held on from the outside thinking a monster was pursuing them.

Sneezy: It’s after us!

Happy: Don’t let it out!

Grumpy: Hold it shut!

Dopey tried to open the door, but one hard pull broke the doorknob and sent him crashing into the cupboard. Pots and cups fell on top of him, as the dwarf emerged from the pile. Now he was completely dressed in pots, pans and cups covering his body as he ran towards the open door. Dopey approached, which the others immediately saw as a monster.

Doc: Here it comes

Happy: Now’s our chance.

Grumpy: Get it now!

When Dopey came close to the tree, the others immediately dropped themselves on him and bashed him with their weapons.

Bashful: Quick!

Sneezy: Give it to ‘em!

Happy: Don't let it get away!

While the dwarfs hit him, all the kitchenware came loose from the dwarf’s body. When his face appeared, Grumpy accidentally hit his head. But Doc quickly stopped them.

Doc: Hold on there! It’s only Dopey.

As Dopey recovered, the dwarfs began asking questions.

Sneezy: Did you see it?

Dopey nodded.

Happy: How big is it?

Doped motioned with his arms widely, describing how big.

Grumpy: Was it a dragon?

Dopey nodded.

Sneezy: Has it got horns?

Dopey put his fingers on his head, while sticking out his tongue a few times.

Grumpy: Was it breathing fire?

Happy: Was it droolin’?

While they asked, Dopey began to drool to answer the last question.

Sneezy: What was it doin’?

In response, Dopey laid his head on his hands and made a snoring sound. Doc seem to understand what he tried to say.

Doc: He says it’s a… A monster asleep in our beds!

Grumpy: Let’s attack!

Sneezy: While it’s sleeping.

Happy/Sleepy/Bashful: Yeah, while it’s sleeping.

Doc: Hurry, men. It’s now or never!

Happy: Off with its head!

Doc: Break its bones!

Sneezy: Chop it to pieces.

Bashful: We’ll kill it dead.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 6: Meet the Dwarfs. Washing up for Supper!

The bedroom door slowly opened, creaking along the way. Doc looked inside, holding a lantern. The others peeked inside too and silently approached the bed. But then the same moaning, which scared Dopey, froze the Dwarfs in place. They stared at the living sheets with fear, as a second moan made them even more careful.

Sneezy: Jiminy Crickets!

Bashful: Gosh!

Doc: Gee!

Sneezy: What a monster!

Bashful: Covers three beds.

Doc: Let’s kill it before it wakes up.

Happy: Which end do we kill?

Doc: Shh!

Quietly, Doc motioned them to walk toward the bed. The dwarfs walked silent toward the bed, assuming the position to attack at the right moment. Doc slowly grabbed the sheets and quickly cast them aside. The dwarfs prepared to strike, but the moment they saw what was under the sheets they stopped and lowered their weapons. The dwarfs just stared at the human girl and Chopper, the two sleeping peacefully beside each other. Doc couldn’t help but smile, as if he and the dwarfs had never seen a girl before.

Doc: Well, eh, ah…

Happy: What is it?

Doc: Why, it… It’s a girl!

Dopey points Chopper, who was sleeping beside Snow White.

Sleepy: What’s that?

Doc observed this creature, a bit amazed yet confused at the same time.

Doc: Well, it almost looks like a, a, a reindeer, but he looks more human than animal.

Happy: Aw, it’s so cute how they sleep together.

Sneezy: She’s mighty purdy too.

Bashful: She’s beautiful. Just like a angel.

Angel, hah! She’s a female! And all females is poison! They’re full of wicked wiles!

Bashful: What are wicked wiles?

Grumpy: I don’t know. But I’m agin ‘em!

Happy: Hey look, there’s more of them.

Happy points to the other Straw Hats sleeping in the beds, fast asleep.

Grumpy: Good grief! We’re invaded!

Doc: Shh, not so loud! You’ll wake them up.

Grumpy: Aw, let them wake up! They don’t belong here no-how!

But before any else can be said, the dwarfs noticed Snow White and Chopper stirring.

Bashful: Shh! Look out!

Sneezy held Bashful in fear.

Sneezy: They’re movin’!

Happy: They’re wakin’ up!

Sneezy: What’ll we do?

Doc: Hide!

The dwarfs ran around the room and hid behind the bed Chopper and Snow White were sleeping on. Chopper yawned cutely, as Snow White opened her eyes.

Snow White: Did you say something?

Chopper: *groggy*No.

Snow White stretched her arms wide and yawned too.

Snow White: Oh, dear. I wonder if the children are…

But before Snow White could finish, her eyes went wide which Chopper noticed.

Chopper: What’s the matter?

He followed the girl’s gaze and saw a long set of eyes. Chopper and Snow White yelled a little, grabbing the sheets to cover themselves like they were naked or something.

Snow White: Oh!

Chopper: YAHHH!!!

The heads which the eyes belonged to disappeared from sight, along with the stocking caps they wore. A few seconds later, the heads popped out again. But this time, they showed their noses too. Chopper’s loud yell wakes up the other Straw Hats and they jolt out from their beds.

Usopp: ACK! *falls out of bed*

Zoro: What the?!

Nami: Who woke us up?

Luffy: *sees the dwarfs* Hey! Look!

Franky: Those aren’t little kids!

Snow White: Why, why you’re little men!

The so-called little men faced each other and suddenly stood upright.

Sanji: So much for the kid theory.

Robin: This would explain how they managed to live here on their own.

Snow White: How do you do?

The dwarfs, startled when she talked, looked at each other again without a word to say.

Chopper: She said, ‘how do you do?’

Grumpy: *folding his arms* How do you do what?

Brook: Oh, you can talk!

Snow White: I’m so glad! Now, don’t tell me who you are. Let us guess.

Robin: Well…If I’m not mistaken, the one with the glasses must be Doc.

Doc couldn’t help but chuckle.

Doc: Why, why, why, yes. Yes! That’s true.

Snow White: And you’re, you’re Bashful.

Just as his name implies, the dwarf’s face turned red as a tomato as he played with his beard.

The dwarf chuckled and tied his beard in a knot. The other dwarfs and ponies couldn’t help but chuckle. The fourth dwarf began to yawn, leading ‘’ to guess.

Sanji: And you’re, without a doubt, Sleepy.

The dwarf stopped yawning when he was acknowledged.

Sleepy: How’d you guess?

Sanji: Well the yawn was a giveaway.

Usopp chose the next dwarf to guess.

Usopp: And you?

The dwarf was on the brink of sneezing, but Grumpy and Dopey held their fingers under his nose to stop him.

Usopp: You’re Sneezy.

The rest of the dwarfs chuckled as the two dwarfs released their fingers. Sneezy sighed in relief… But still released a sneeze, a small one. But it was so funny, the dwarfs and pirates started laughing very hard.

Usopp: Gesundheit.

Sneezy: T-t-thanks.

Nami: Yes. Then you must be…?

Happy: Happy, ma’am. That’s me. *points to Dopey* And this is Dopey. He don’t talk none

Dopey, being as silly as always, made Happy laugh.

Chopper: You mean he can’t talk at all?

Happy: He don’t know. He never tried.

Everyone laughed, but Dopey didn’t seem to mind.

Snow White: That’s too bad.

Then Snow White and the Straw Hats faced the only Dwarf that wasn’t named yet. The dwarf already gave the stink eye.

Luffy: I know this one. *fakes a grumpy voice* You must be ‘Grumpy’.

The dwarfs began to laugh as Doc nudged him with his finger.

Franky: Ha! He’s got you pegged.

Doc: Oh, yes! Yes!

The laughter died down, so Grumpy could speak.

Grumpy: Hah! We know who we are!

Doc nodded in agreement.

Grumpy: Ask them who they are and what they’re a-doin’ here!

Doc: Hmph! Yeah! What are you and who are you doin’?

Nami: Uh, that last part doesn’t sound right.

Doc: Uh, what are you…?

He tried to find the right words and his friendly face was shown again.

Doc: Who are you, my dears?

Snow White: Oh, how silly of us. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Luffy: I’m Monkey D. Luffy, and this is my crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Zoro: The name’s Roronoa Zoro, Swordsman.

Nami: Call me Nami.

Usopp: Usopp’s the name, marksman my game!

Sanji: Name’s Sanji.

Chopper: My name’s Tony Tony Chopper! But you can just call me Chopper.

Robin: Nico Robin…but my friends call me Robin.

Franky: They call me…Franky, the super cool shipwright!! Oww!

Brook: And you can call me Brook.

Snow White: And I’m Snow White.

Happy: Snow White?

Dwarfs: The princess?

Snow White: Yes.

Usopp: Wait, you know who she is?

Happy: Of course, we do. Everybody knows of Snow White and her kindness. Her father was a great man.

Sanji: Well how about that.

Doc: Well… Well my, my dear Quincess… Uh, Princess. We’re uh, we’re honored. Yes, we’re, uh, we’re…

But before Doc finished, Grumpy tried to end it in his words causing Doc to fluster.

Grumpy: Mad as hornets!

Doc: Mad as hornets! No, no, we’re not. We’re bad as cornets… No, no, as bad as… What was I sayin’?

Grumpy: Nothing! Just standin’ there sputterin’ like a doodlebug!

Doc: Oh! Who, who, who, who’s butterin’ like a spoodledug? Who’s… Uh, gutter…

Grumpy: Aw, shut up and tell them to get out!

Snow White: Please don’t send us away! If you do, she’ll kill me.

The dwarfs’ eyes went wide when she said that.

Dwarfs: Kill you?

Happy: Who, will?

Doc: Yes, who?

Snow White: My stepmother, the Queen.

Dwarfs: THE QUEEN?!

Robin: Yeah, the Queen. She wants to kill Snow White because she’s more beautiful than she is.

Luffy: And she wants to rub us out too.

Bashful: She’s wicked!

Happy: She’s bad!

Sneezy: She’s mighty mean!

Grumpy: She’s an old witch! I’m warnin’ ya. If the Queen finds them here, she’ll swoop down and wreak her vengeance on us!

Sneezy stood completely silent when Grumpy spoke. Usopp wasn’t comfortable either, but Snow White tried to look on the bright side.

Snow White: But she doesn’t know where we are.

Grumpy: She don’t, eh? She knows everything. She’s full of black magic; she can even make herself invisible. Pfft!

Grumpy hit his fingers on ‘’ nose, which she covered with her hoof, before turning toward the rest.

Grumpy: Might be in this room right now.

The pirates and dwarfs look around uncomfortable. Luffy lifted the beds, opened the closets, and when she wasn’t there. Dopey raised Happy’s beard and Happy hit the young dwarf on the head.

Snow White: Oh, she’ll never find us here. And if you let us stay, we’ll keep house for you.

Robin: We could help too. We could wash and sew and sweep and cook and…

Dwarfs: COOK?!

Doc: C-can ya make dapple lumpkins…uh…lumple dappins--

Sleepy/Grumpy: Apple Dumplings!

Doc: Uh yes! Crapple dumpkins.

Snow White: Yes, and plum pudding and gooseberry pie…

Doc/Happy/Sleepy/Sneezy/Bashful: Gooseberry pie?! HURRAY! THEY STAY!

Grumpy: Wait a minute, you crazy fools! You’re gonna lose your heads over a gooseberry pie? Well, I say that they go!

Doc: And I say that they stay!

Grumpy: I say they go!

Doc: They stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Go!

Doc: Stay!

Grumpy: Aww…you’re a pot-bellied old hop toad!

Doc: *Stutters* Who’s a bellied sop—hop jellied-flop-bellied—

Grumpy: You! You’re a flop bellied—uh—toad jelli—oh great, now you got me doing it!

Grumpy then grabs Doc by his nose and began twisting it until he let go.

Doc: I say they stay!

In retaliation, Doc swats Grumpy on his nose, causing it boing back and forth. Doc was gearing up for fight, but Grumpy was not the kind to back down when his mind is made up. He lunges at Doc, attacking him. The other five dwarfs rush over to try and stop the quarrel, but end making it worst. Snow White and the Straw Hats watched in amazement as the dwarfs were causing a ruckus.

Franky: Should we try and stop them?

Zoro: You kidding? This is the best action anybody’s seen all day.

Snow White: Could someone please stop them?! I can’t stand to see them fighting like this!

Suddenly an idea hits Nami; she leans over to Usopp and whispers something to him, in which he nods in agreement.

Nami: Ok, Snow, I got this. *whistles hard* TIME OUT!!!!

The dwarfs suddenly stopped bickering upon hearing Nami’s whistle, and a good thing too since they were exhausted from the fight.

Nami: Don’t let us break up a happy home. We’ll go…come on guys.

Luffy: Aww...but I thought…

Nami: Now!

Nami grabs Luffy by the ear and pulls him along as the Straw Hats and Snow White walk to the door.

Grumpy: Good riddance!

Usopp: But you know…you guys kinda owe us.

Dwarfs: Owe ya?!

Grumpy: We don’t owe ya nothing!

Nami: Well…we did clean up your house for one thing. I mean, we had no obligation to do so. But it was Snow White’s idea.

Usopp: Yeah. She thought that if we cleaned up the place for ya, you might let us stay for a while. Cause after all, the Queen’s trying to kill her, and she needs a place to lay low until things settle down. But if you guys don’t want us around, we understand.

Nami: We can handle ourselves in the dark woods at night, not to mention the goblins…

Bashful/Doc/Happy/Sneezy: The goblins.

Doc: Think of the ghosts!

Sneezy: The demons!

Bashful: The spooks!

Happy: The dragons!

Bashful: Yes but think of our gooseberry pie!

Bashful/Doc/Happy/Sneezy: Yeah, our gooseberry pie!

Doc: It-it’ll taste mighty good.

Sneezy: Raisins in the crust!

Bashful: Melt in your mouth! Eat till ya bust!

Grumpy, being a dwarf of a stubborn nature was not easy to be swayed when his mind was made up. But the thought of gooseberry pie, something they haven’t had for quite some time, was just enough to sway him.

Grumpy: Well, they can stay till we get our gooseberry pie.

Bashful/Doc/Happy/Sneezy: Hooray!

Grumpy: Then they go!

Snow White: Oh, thank you, thank you!

Nami and Usopp share a handshake behind their backs for con well played.

Sanji: And don’t worry, Snow White and I will make you a pie so good that—

And at that moment that Sanji suddenly remembered something; back downstairs, the cauldron was bubbling something fierce and about ready to boil over.

Sanji: Snow White! The cauldron!

Snow White: OHH!!

Sanji and Snow White raced out the bedroom and down to the fireplace. Grabbing a cloth Snow White pulled the pot away from the fire, while Sanji took off the lid and grab a spoon to taste the soup. The dwarfs and the other pirates looked downstairs and sniffed the soup.

Dwarfs: Ah! SOUP! Hooray!

Both parties ran downstairs, but Dopey’s head got stuck. They ran toward the table, grabbing spoons and bread. Nami and Robin were more dignified compared to the other boys. At that moment, Dopey got free and ran downstairs. He accidentally fell on the floor but made it to his seat at the table. The dwarfs and pirates argued over bread while Dopey accidentally fell from a chair. But suddenly, everything stopped by the voice of a certain girl.

Snow White: Uh-uh, uh-uh! Just a minute.

The dwarfs and pirates, turned their attention to Snow White.

Snow White: Supper’s not quite ready; you’ll just have time to wash.

Dwarfs: Wash?

Grumpy: Hah! Knew there was a catch to it.

Bashful: Why wash?

Happy: What for? We ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Doc: Tain’t New Years.

All the dwarfs shook their head while the other looked dumbfounded.

You mean you don’t wash your hands?

The dwarfs again shook their heads.

Oh, perhaps you have washed.

Doc: Perhaps, we… Yes! Perhaps we have.

Snow White: But when?

Sanji: Yeah, when?

Doc: When? When… Uh, you said when…Why, last week…month…year… Why, recently!

The other dwarfs nod in agreement.

Dwarfs: Yes, recently!

Snow White: Oh, recently!

Sanji: Well, if that’s so, why don’t you show us your hands?

The dwarfs’ eyes went wide, they hid their hands behind their backs and walked backwards. Snow White and Sanji walked toward them.

Snow White: Let me see your hands.

Doc slowly brought his hands from behind his back, sheepishly showing them to Snow White. As suspected, his hands were very dirty.

Sanji: When did you say again, Doc? ‘Recently’?

Snow White: Why, Doc, I’m surprised.

Doc looked at his hands and brought them back behind his back, chuckling nervously. Snow White faced the dwarfs who also seemed nervous.

Come on, let’s see them.

Bashful nervously showed his hands too and quickly hid them behind his back with a red face.

Snow White: Oh, Bashful. My, my, my.

Snow White faced Sneezy next.

Snow White: And you?

Sneezy showed his hands without trouble and Snowy tsked at that. Happy tried to rub his hands against his side to remove the dirt, but when he showed them it was a worthless effort.

Snow White: Worse than I thought.

Dopey quickly showed his hands, but his long sleeves covered them quickly.

Sanji: Oh, boy.

Sleepy had his hands tucked underneath his beard before he showed them.

Snow White: How shocking!

Snow White tsked again while Sleepy, seeing his dirty hands, quickly hid them under his beard with a smile as if to say, “nothing happened”. Grumpy looked at his own hand which was, without a doubt, just as dirty.

Snow White: Goodness me, this will never do.

Grumpy folded his arms again with a sour look, as Luffy was prepared to dig in.

Luffy: Well too bad, more for me.

Luffy was about to grab a loaf of bread, until Zoro grabs him by the wrist and turns his hand around, revealing was just as dirty as the dwarfs.

Zoro: Nice try, Luffy! Your hands are dirty too!

Luffy: Well so are yours, Zoro.

Zoro looked at his hands and, sure enough, they were dirty. The other guys checked their hands, and they were all in the same boat.

Snow White: You mean you guys never washed your hands?

Usopp: Well we were so busy cleaning…we forgot.

Sanji: You guys should take better care with your hygiene.

Sanji held out his hand and Snow White notices that his hands that some smudges of dirt on them.

Snow White: Why, Sanji! Your hands are also dirty!

Sanji: Wait wha--*looks at his hands* EEHH?!?!

Usopp: But what about Nami and Robin?! They didn’t—

Robin: On the contrary…

Robin and Nami show off their hands, revealing to be sparkling clean with not a speck of dirt on them.

Nami: We washed our hands before we went upstairs. Which mean you boys are the only one who haven’t.

Usopp: But, but, but—

Snow White: No buts, Usopp. March straight outside and wash, or you’ll not get a bite to eat.

Nami: You heard her boys. *points outside* start marching.

The dwarfs look at each other and Doc motioned with his head to go outside. One by one, they marched to the door. First Doc, then Bashful, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, who made a twirl, then Sleepy took Dopey’s spot in line, followed by Sanji and the other Straw Hats. Dopey had to walk at the end of the line, playing with his sleeves while Grumpy just stared at them with a sour expression. The boys were outside except Dopey, who accidentally walked into a wall. But he quickly ran outside with a silly smile.

Grumpy: Hah!

But he didn’t notice Snow White right behind him till he turned around.

Snow White: Well, aren’t you going to wash?

Grumpy just turned his back to Snow White like he didn’t hear her.

Snow White: What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue?

Grumpy’s eyes went wide when he heard that, turning back to Snow White and stuck his tongue out. Snow White just smiled as he walked away Suddenly, he bumped his big nose against the door causing the girls to laugh. Part of his stocking cap covered his nose.

Grumpy threw his stocking cap over his head and grunted. He walked outside and slammed the door with a hard thud. Sitting on a barrel, Grumpy took a piece of straw and put it in his mouth.

Grumpy: Hah, women!

Doc: Courage, men, courage.

Grumpy watched as Doc led the other dwarfs to a tub filled with water. The boys had no trouble seeing it was water after all.

Doc: Don’t be nervous.

Zoro: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re all scared of water.

The dwarfs looked at the water in the tub curiously. Happy twirled the water with his finger.

Happy: Gosh, it’s wet!

Sneezy also put a finger in the water, but quickly took it out. He shook his finger and sputtered.

Sneezy: It’s cold, too!

Usopp: Well, it’s better than nothing.

Bashful: We ain’t gonna do it, are we?

Chopper: We have to, Bashful.

Sanji: It’s the only way we’ll get to eat.

Doc: And it’ll please the Princess.

Happy: Ha, I’ll take a chance for her

Sleepy/Bashful/Sneezy: Me, too!

Grumpy: Hah! Her wiles are beginnin’ to work. But I’m warnin’ ya, you give ‘em an inch, and they’ll walk all over ya!

Franky: What’s his deal? It’s just washing our hands.

Doc: Don't listen to that old warthog. Come on now, guys.

Sneezy: How hard do ya scrub?

Sleepy: Will our whiskers shrink?

Brook: I don’t think so.

Happy: Do ya get in the tub?

Bashful: Do ya have to wash where it doesn’t show?

Usopp: Wait, what?

Sanji: Now don’t get excited folks, here we go!

Doc: Step up to the tub
‘Tain’t no disgrace
Just pull up your sleeves
And get ‘em in place

Sanji:Then scoop up the water
And rub it on your face and go brrr, brrr, brrr.

While Doc sang, the others grabbed the soap and washed their hands, rubbing their faces in between.

Sanji: Pick up the soap
Now don’t try to bluff
Work up a lather
And when you got enough

Doc: Get your hands full of water
And you snort and you snuff and go brrr, brrr, brrr.

With a scoop of water, they rubbed their faces and sputtered like Doc to get the foam off and they repeated while he sang. Sleepy, suddenly, saw a fly that flew in his face and land on the soap to wash itself, creating a big bubble that soon popped.

Doc: You douse and you souse
Rub and you scrub
You sputter and splash all over the tub

Sanji: You may be cold
And wet when you’re done
But you gotta admit it’s good clean fun

Doc: So splash all you like
‘Tain’t any trick
As soon as you’re through
You’ll feel mighty slick.

Doc splashed a bit of water on his face and rubbed it off. Grumpy weren’t exactly pleased.

Grumpy: Bunch of old nanny goats. You make me sick going brrr, brrr, brrr. *spat in their direction*

Meanwhile, Doc washes the heads of the fellas with a brush. He was about to scrub Dopey’s, but he ducked as not to get his head scrubbed. Doc tried and tried, but Dopey kept dodging. Finally, Doc hit Dopey on the head causing him to fall in the tub and sputter while Doc washed the Dwarf’s rear end. Some of the Straw Hats couldn’t help but giggle, while Grumpy still watched.

Grumpy: Hah! Next thing you know she’ll be tyin’ your beards and hairs up in pink ribbons and smellin’ ya up with that stuff called, uh… ‘perfoom’, hah! *spat in another direction*

In the meantime, Happy washed the foam from his beard and shook his head. His beard and the water slapped Doc and Twilight’s face. Doc wasn’t very happy since he just cleaned his glasses, while Sanji looked annoyed. Dopey had a bit of trouble with water in his ears, while Spike tried to help in anyway. Dopey tried slapping the water out his ears, it didn’t work. Then he tried shaking his head, but the water sloshed around. Finally, he blew on his finger and the water shot out his ears. Sneezy searched for a towel but grabbed Bashful’s clothes instead. Chopper, by accident, did the same thing but with his beard. Bashful didn’t look happy about that.

Grumpy: A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be.

Doc had readjusted his glasses when he turned his attention to Grumpy. Twilight heard him too and looked as well, but notices Luffy over by Grumpy.

Luffy! What are you doing over there?

I’m not washing my hands. My hand are clean enough.

Not enough for us, Luffy. Same goes for you, Grumpy.

Grumpy: Not a chance! I’d like to see anybody make me wash if I didn’t wanna

The same goes for me.

Doc and Sanji glared at their stubborn friends. Clearing his throat, Doc motioned for the dwarfs, ponies and dragon to come closer. They huddled together as Doc began to whisper a plan. Happy and Usopp looked at Grumpy and chuckled in unison. Dopey looked too, but Happy brought him back down. When they finished, Doc hoist his belly, whistled like nothing’s wrong and strolled towards Grumpy and Luffy. The others followed suit. They walked around Luffy and Grumpy, standing by the barrel and whistling for a few moments. Grumpy and Luffy looked at them suspiciously, they didn’t like where this was going.

Sanji: NOW!!!!

They pounced on the grouchy dwarf and the rubber pirate, the barrel breaking under their weight. Half the dwarves and boys held onto Grumpy, while the others held Luffy. The two struggled to get free, but to no avail.

Grumpy: Hey, let go of me!

Doc: Get them over at the tub. Get them over at the tub.

Luffy: What are you doing? Let me go!

Grumpy: Let me loose, you fools! Let me loose!

Sanji: Don’t let them get away!

Doc: Get them up on the tub. Get them up! Hang on to them! Bang them! Pound them! Get them up on the tub! On the tub. That's the tub. That's the tub. Don't, don't, don't, don't get excited! Don't get... Don't get up... Don't get...

Dopey pushed Sneezy in the air in an attempt to help, but Sneezy fell on him and caused him to bump into Sanji.

Sanji: Oof!

The two rolled backwards, till Sanji ended up dizzy. He found Dopey cutely clinging to him. He shook his head and pushed him off.

Sanji: *exasperated* Get the soap!

Dopey nodded and quickly rushed for the soap. He grabbed for it, but the bar slipped from his hands. The others were too busy handling Luffy and Grumpy to notice.

Franky: Hey, steady, guys.

Happy: We’ll get them there! We’ll get them.

Dopey struggled with the slippery piece of soap. When it slipped out his hands again, it land with a thud on his head before it hit the ground. Dopey say it and crawled towards it.

Brook: Never say die. Never say die.

Grumpy: You don’t…

Luffy: You wouldn’t…

Dopey pounced at the soap, but it bounced against Doc’s behind straight into Dopey’s mouth. Dopey starts to hiccup and bubbles came out of his mouth. He tried to look for the soap, but a hiccup caused him to jump. Completely confused, Dopey felt his belly but then he hiccups causing more bubbles to emerge from his mouth.

Meanwhile, the dwarfs and pirates laughed while washing Luffy and Grumpy. They scrubbed their heads, their teeth, their face, even Grumpy’s beard and Luffy’s hair. The two didn’t like it one bit.

Usopp: Trust me, Luffy. This is for your own good.

Everyone laughed, even Zoro was having a bit of fun in this.

Zoro: A little bit here

Happy: Now there… That’s it.

Sanji began to sing further.

Sanji: Now, scrub, good and hard
It can’t be denied
That they’ll look mighty cute
As soon as they’re dried.

Then everybody joined in.

Everyone: Well, it’s good for the soul
And it’s good for the hide to go…

And they all pushed Luffy and Grumpy in the tub.

Grumpy/Luffy: Brrr, brrr, brrr!

During that time, Dopey still got the hiccups as lots of bubbles escape. He tried to close his mouth and hold his breath. His head became bright red and suddenly a big hiccup launched him in the air, and he fell with a hard thud on the ground. Another hiccup released a bubble, making his stocking cap float. The bubble popped and the cap landed back on his head.

The dwarfs tied Grumpy’s beard in blue ribbons, while the boys tied Luffy’s hair in pink ribbons. The two were getting very angry.

Usopp: Ain’t they sweet?

Sneezy sniffed both Grumpy and Rainbow, without a reaction.

Sneezy: Smells like a petunia.

They laughed some more, while placing a flower wreath on Grumpy’s head which Pinkie did the same with Luffy.

Happy: They sure are cute.

Chopper and Happy planted a kiss on the dwarf’s and pirate’s head, causing everybody to laugh harder.

Luffy: Grr, wait till I get my hands on all of you!

Grumpy: You’ll pay dearly for this!

But no one felt threatened, they were having good fun. Then suddenly, a familiar voice of Snow White called out.

Snow White: Supper!

Doc: Supper!

Food! Whoopee!

The gang drops Grumpy and Luffy into the tub as they rushed back into the house and sat at the dinner table. Luffy quickly, raced out of the tub, leaving Grumpy behind. The dwarfs and the Straw Hats helped themselves as they grabbed their bowls, dipped them in to get the soup and placed them on their plates. But what happened next was nothing but amazing, the dwarfs began to slurp up their soup. Nothing special at first, but the way they did it almost sounded like music. If fact, it did sound like music, much to the wonder of the Straw Hats.

Happy: With a spoon
With a bowl
With the music in your soul
You can cheer things up with the zub, zub, zub
Of the music in your soup

With a gulp
With a grin
Get a wiggle on your chin
You can make things hum with a zum, zum, zum
Of the music in your soup

Bashful even tied his beard around his head to eat better, while Dopey and Luffy drank their entire bowl in one gulp.

Dwarfs: Swing that spoon
Gotta keep on dippin’
Scoop that soup
Gotta keep on sippin’
Till the bowl is dry
And your face is drippin’

Then they all clinked their bowls to each other, filled them again and continued with eating.

Dwarfs: Let her rip!

Straw Hats: Let her roar!

Dwarfs/Straw Hats: To the first and the second and the third encore!

Well it didn’t take long for the Straw Hat to get in on the slurping. Each one, including the six dwarfs showed off their own way of eating soup. Sneezy slurped his up like spaghetti, Doc soaked his soup with some bread and squirted it into his mouth and Dopey used his tongue to lick the soup like a dog, even panted like one and licked his face off. Luffy pours the whole bowl full into his mouth and shallows it in one big gulp. At that moment Grumpy entered the room, all quiet like as not to draw attention. Grumpy looked at the soup, raising an eyebrow. He took his spoon and dipped into the bowl. He sniffed at the broth, then tasted it. His eyes went wide and quickly grabbed the bowl closer. He ate the soup, slurping very loudly. By this point, the noise was too much for Snow White to handle.

Snow White: Please, Please!

When no one listened, she grabbed a spoon and clinked against her bowl. The dwarfs and pirates stopped immediately when they heard the clinking. All except Grumpy, who was slurping very loud till Sleepy stopped him. Sleepy gave him a few nudges and Grumpy was about to hit him. But Sleepy showed him why he did it and Grumpy already knew the answer.

Snow White: Where did you learn to eat soup that way?

Bashful: Ohh, guess it just comes natural.

Happy: Yeah, anybody can do it.

Bashful: With practice.

Luffy: Yeah, and it’s fun!

Snow White: Yes, but you don’t understand. This is the way gentlemen eat soup.

Dwarfs/Straw Hats: Gentlemen?

Snow White: Yes, now watch; spoon in the hand, bending the wrist, into the bowl and out with a twist.

Taking each of their spoons, they did exactly as Snow White instructed.

Dwarfs: spoon in the hand, bending the wrist…

Straw Hats: …into the bowl and out with a twist.

Snow White: Fine! That’s perfect.

Dwarfs: Perfect?

The Dwarfs then proceeded to slurp the soup from their spoons and repeats it in rhythmic fashion. In his enthusiasm, Dopey slurped so powerfully that his spoon was coming closer to his mouth. When doing it again, the spoon suddenly went into his mouth. When he was about to take another sip, he noticed that his spoon was not in his hand. He looked at his hand and then in his sleeve. He was very confused right now. Then he looked at his bowl of soup and thought it might be in there. So he tried to search inside the soup until suddenly he started to hiccup again, making bubbles come out of his mouth and something metallic clinked. He hiccupped again and, as a result, he accidentally pushed the bowl away. He rubbed his belly and heard the same metallic sound again. He realized that his spoon was in his belly. The silly dwarf tried to get everyone's attention by pointing inside his mouth in panic, and then he hiccupped again. The others soon began to take notice.

Happy: Wha-wha-wha...What's the matter with Dopey?

Bashful: He swallowed his spoon!

Dopey hiccups again, this time with soap bubbles coming out of his mouth.

Franky: I don’t think that’s all he swallowed!

Dopey’s hiccups got more violent, making him jump in midair. He tried holding his chair tightly, but that didn’t work as they both jumped in the air after one hiccup.

Chopper: Quick, someone grab him!

Luffy: I got him!

Luffy runs over to grab Dopey, but poor fella hiccups away before Luffy could grab him. The boys ran to catch Dopey, pinning his chair to the ground. But Dopey hiccups out of his chair, prompting the fellas to grab him out of the air and pin him down.

Doc: There, now we got him.

Dopey hiccups again, almost breaking free, but was brought back down again.

Zoro: Yeah, but for how long?

Happy: Open his mouth. I’ll get it.

Sneezy pulls Dopey’s mouth wide open, wide enough for Happy to reach in.

Happy: Say ‘Ahh’.

Dopey gargles ‘Ahh’ and hiccups a large soap bubble, containing the spoon.

Grumpy: There’s the spoon!

Sanji: Grab it!

Happy: I got it!

Usopp: I got it!

Usopp and Happy make for the spoon just as the bubble pops, but they both missed, and it falls back into Dopey’s mouth again.

Usopp: We don’t got it.

Doc: No, No, that’ll never work! Turn him upside down. Snake it—shake it out!

The dwarfs do as Doc instructed, but they were nowhere closer in getting the spoon out.

Nami: There’s gotta be the better way to get that spoon out.

Luffy: Couldn’t we let nature take its course and get it afterwards?

Usopp: And get in trouble with the Hay’s Office?

Luffy: Who?

Sanji: Hold on! I got an idea, bend him over.

Grumpy, Sneezy and Usopp bent Dopey over, while Sanji pulled the underside of his vest aside.

Sanji: That’s it, perfect.

Sanji then walks backward to the other end of the room, aiming carefully at Dopey.

Usopp: What are you doing?

Sanji: Winding up for a flying start. Ready?

Dwarfs: Ready!

Sanji: Clear the way!

Sanji then starts running as fast as he could, all the way up and then…WHAM…places one swift kick in Dopey’s rear. The impact causes two objects to fly right out of his mouth, zooming across the room. Snow White, Nami and Robin duck out of the way as the objects finally hits the wall, the first object revealing to be the bar of soap Dopey swallowed earlier.

Doc: There’s the moap— I mean the soap!

Brook: So that’s where it when!

Suddenly, the second object, the spoon, pins the soap to the wall.

Sanji: And there’s the spoon!

Dwarfs: Hooray!

Well, with the all the excitement over with, everyone returned to the table to resume supper without a care in the world…or at least so they thought.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 7: A Perfect Disguise! A Special Sort of Death!

…Because meanwhile, back at the castle, Queen Grimhilde was alone, walking to the mirror chamber with a small box in her hands. The very same box she gave the Huntsman to put Snow White’s heart into after he killed her. She smiled with some delight knowing that Snow White was finally gone, and her title as fairest in the land was secured. In fact, her mind was so wrapped around such a thought, that she completely forgot about the Straw Hats and her orders from Morganna. She was about to reach the chamber, when standing in her path were Morganna’s knights, the Oni, the Knight, and the Jester.

Grimhilde: What are you three doing here? Begone!

The Jester: Non, non, non! That’s not-

The Oni: Save it! *to Grimhilde* You know why we’re here. Morganna wants to know why you haven’t reported in yet. Have the Straw Hats been dealt with?

Grimhilde: Who cares about them. Snow White’s death is all that matters to me. *shows the Oni the box* And now I have her heart, and soon I will have the elixir as promised.

The Oni opens the box to see its contents, and then closed it.

The Oni: Are you positive that this is Snow White’s heart? And where is the proof that the Straw Hats are gone.

Grimhilde: As if I care, my mirror will be all the proof you need.

The Oni: Then let us see for ourselves then.

The four enters the mirror chamber and Queen Grimhilde address the Spirit of the Magic Mirror once more.

Grimhilde: Magic Mirror on the wall, who now is the fairest one of all?

Mirror: Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh fall. In the cottage of the seven dwarfs, dwells Snow White, fairest one of all.

Grimhilde: Snow White lies dead in the forest. The huntsman has brought me proof. Behold, her heart.

Mirror: Snow White still lives, the fairest in the land. Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.

Grimhilde: The heart of a pig?!

The Oni: WHAT?! *pushes Grimhilde aside* You’re lying! You must be!

Mirror: Only truth reflects in me, for the Huntsman has lied to thee.

The Knight: What about the Straw Hats!? They must be dead!

Mirror: The words I speak are ever true, for the Straw Hats as well are alive too.

Grimhilde: Then I have been tricked!

Grimhilde slammed the casket shut and walked away, completely ignoring the knights as she left the chamber. She went down a flight of stairs leading to a creepy dungeon, rats scurrying about as she went downward. Grimhilde opened a door in front of her and entered a laboratory with test tubes, flasks, and books on various subjects. A raven was asleep on a skull with a hole on top but woke up from a door slam and noticed the Queen, who looked at the casket in disgust.

Grimhilde: The heart of a pig! The blundering fool!

Grimhilde threw the casket hard on the ground. The raven itself was startled by the box’s clattering on the floor as the Queen was about to form a plan.

Grimhilde: Serves me right for sending that soft-hearted dolt! It would seem I’ll have to end her life myself.

The Oni: That’s the least of your problems!

Queen Grimhilde turned around as the door out of the lab is blown away, and the three knights stand in the doorway. The Oni was wielding his sword while the Jester and the Knight stood behind him.

The Oni: You said that they would be dealt with!

Grimhilde: How dare enter my lab! Get out at once before I—

The Oni lunges at Grimhilde, stopping his sword just inches from her nose. She felt a twitch of fear for her life, a first for her. Flames slowly emerged from the cracks in the Oni’s armor, heating it to a hellish red color as he spoke harshly to the queen.

The Oni: Perhaps you are not fully aware of the situation you are in…you were ordered to eliminate the Straw Hats. And any order from Her Radiance takes top priority. And since its clear that they are still alive…you failed to carry out your orders, and instead sent out a lackey who was too weak-hearted to do the job himself!

Grimhilde: And what of it? Are you planning on killing me for failing Morganna?!

The Oni raises his sword and swings it the Queen as she closes her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes to find that the sword had stopped, barely touching her neck.

The Oni: If it were up to me, this blade would’ve severed your head from your shoulders. However…*he puts his sword anyway* Her Radiance has other plans.

Grimhilde: Like what?

The Knight: Like making sure you that the job is done. And we’re here to make sure you get it done right.

The Oni: So you got something in mind before you are so rudely interrupted?

Grimhilde: I already have a plan; I’ll go myself to the dwarfs’ cottage in a disguise so complete no one will ever suspect.

Grimhilde approached a bookcase, while the knights faced her curiously. Different kinds of books related to the arcane and occult filled the shelf, with titles ranging from Astrology, Black Arts, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Black Magic, Disguises, Sorcery and Poisons. The queen reached for the ‘Disguises’ book, opening the passage within it. She scoured the pages as the Jester looks over her shoulder.

The Jester: What is ze queen looking for?

Grimhilde: A formula that will transform my beauty into ugliness. To change my queenly raiment to that of a peddler’s cloak.

Eventually, she found what she was looking for: A formula titled ‘Peddler’s Disguise’. The three knights stood back and observed while Grimhilde read the formula and prepared the ingredients for her potion.

Grimhilde: Mummy Dust to make me old. To shroud my clothes, the Black of Night.

Grimhilde grabbed a test tube with black liquid and another glass filled with water and the Mummy Dust. She released one drop into the glass, the entire liquid substance turned black as darkness.

Grimhilde: To age my voice, an Old Hag’s Cackle.

Grimhilde approached a retort with a red liquid. She opened the valve of the bunsen burner, as the liquid began to bubble from the heat, it cackled like an old hag. The Knight shivered in his armor, causing it to rattle, as he watched several drops fall into the glass with the black liquid, turning it red on contact. Grimhilde grabbed the glass and approached some kind of brown kettle.

Grimhilde: To whiten my hair, a Scream of Fright.

She opened the valve and white liquid emerged, changing the red liquid to green. A ghost-like cloud of steam was released, letting out a terrifying scream. The Jester leaps into the Knight’s arms in fright from the sound.

Grimhilde: A blast of wind… To fan my hate!

She summoned a large gust of wind from a nearby window that almost blew the raven away. Even the three knights did their best from not being blown away as the candles’ fire snuffed out.

Grimhilde: A thunderbolt…!

A terrifying lightning bolt struck outside the window, and the drink began to bubble and released some smoke. The potion was complete.

Grimhilde: … To mix it well.

She looked at the glass with her new potion, noticing her reflection in the glass as if she were seeing her beauty for one last time.

Grimhilde: Now… Begin thy magic spell.

Grimhilde drank the entire potion in one gulp, suddenly she dropped the glass in shock, causing it to shatter on the floor. The knights watched as Grimhilde was gasping for air, as if she were having a heart attack. Her entire world started to spin, thunder and lightning struck everywhere. Her black hair turned ash white, while she gasped for air. The three knights kept on staring at what they were seeing as Grimhilde watched her hands change.

In an instant, her hands changed from beautifully normal to terrifyingly skeletal. The thunder revealed the bones in her hands as long and twisted as they looked. Green liquid swirled in the darkness, bubbles appearing and suddenly it disappeared. Just when they thought it was over, the knights heard a completely new raspy old voice.

Raspy Voice: My voice… My voice.

All of a sudden, they heard a maniacal laugh as the Knight and the Jester shook in fear. Maliccio however, remained unfazed by the voice.

The Oni: So I take it the potion worked?

Raspy Voice: Oh it worked alright! And the result…A perfect disguise.

The figure turned around revealing Grimhilde, only she no longer had her so-called beauty. Instead, she had the face of an ugly old hag with one tooth, a wart on her nose, long white hair, and creepy green eyes. In place of her once regal clothes, Grimhilde was completely dressed in a large black cloak.

The sight of her new form made the Jester and the Knight shout in terror and duck behind the Oni. Even the raven was scared to death, falling inside the skull he stood on. The poor bird watched through the skull’s eyehole thinking he was safe.

Old Hag: And this time, no one will stop me from achieving my goal!

The Jester: Sacre horrors! That’s a face that can launch a thousand ships.

The Knight: Yeah, in the other direction.

The Oni: That’s enough out of you two! *to the Old Hag* So you plan to fool Snow White and the pirates with that?

Old Hag: This is but only half of my plan…but her ‘friends’ maybe a problem.

The Oni: You can leave them to us, we got something to keep them ‘occupied’ long enough for you to kill Snow White. Then we can finish them off.

The Old Hag went over to her book of potions, satisfied with her new disguise, began to look for something to deal with her stepdaughter in a book marked ‘Poisons’.

Old Hag: And now… A special sort of death for one so fair. What shall it be?

The Old Hag searched the pages until…

Old Hag: AH!

The raven was startled when the Old Hag found what she was looking for.

The Oni: What is it?

Old Hag: A poisoned apple! Sleeping Death.

The Old Hag chuckled, as she read a page concerning the poisoned apple. There was an image of an apple with a skull on the front, strongly implying on what it does.

Old Hag: One taste of the Poisoned Apple and the victim’s eyes will close forever in the Sleeping DEATH.

As she read the last part, the Old Hag smiled wickedly towards the knights, creeping out the Jester and the Knight. Her face disappeared, showing only her creepy eyes as the scene fades to black.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 8: The Yodel Party. A Comfortable Night’s Sleep

Sometime later, in the dark of the night, the only light in the forest came from the cottage. There, the animals were by the window and danced while looking inside. For inside, a certain series of sounds had attracted them: music.

In the cottage, everybody was having the time of their lives. The Straw Hats and dwarfs yodeled and danced. Doc was playing a double bass-like instrument shaped like a swan, Bashful played a concertina, Sneezy played a lute shaped like a duck and Grumpy played the organ with pipes in the shape of various animals. Even Brook joined the band by playing his violin to the tune. Happy danced a doe-see-doe with Dopey, then he danced solo for a few seconds and then danced with Chopper in the same manner as with Dopey, as Happy danced with Usopp. Snow White happily clapped her hands to the music, while the others cheered on.

Dwarfs: Ho-la-la-ee-ay

Doc began to yodel, followed by Bashful. Sneezy did a very long, hilarious yodel. Dopey couldn’t help but stare at his Adam’s Apple going up and down to his yodeling. Grumpy moved up and down on his seat, which was an accordion like device that pumped air into the organ. Grumpy played a few notes on the organ, as Happy cleared his throat to sing.

Happy: I’d like to dance and tap my feet
But they won’t keep in rhythm
You see, I washed them both today
And I can’t do nothing with ‘em.

Dwarfs: Ho hum, the tune is dumb
The words don’t mean a thing
Isn’t this a silly song
For anyone to sing?

Happy danced a silly gig and ends with a funny pose. Grumpy starts up for another verse, waiting for someone else to go next. Nami shoves Usopp into the center of the room for his ‘turn’.

Usopp: Hey!

Nami: Come on, Usopp! Give us a good one.

Usopp: Okay, okay!
I tell tales longer than my nose
No further to the truth
But if one of my tales does come out true
Your heads would hit the roof.

Dwarfs: Ho hum, the tune is dumb
The words don’t mean a thing
Isn’t this a silly song
For anyone to sing?

Usopp dance a quick jig as the dwarfs sing and ends by tipping his hat. Grumpy resumes playing the organ while Dopey played on some percussion instruments. He knocked on a few owl heads with some drumsticks, launched a dozen of them on a drum sending them in the air and through his sleeves towards another drum. Finally, he used the last drumstick to give a soft bang on a cymbal. Meanwhile, Sneezy and Happy push Bashful toward Snow White. Bashful’s shyness caused the others to laugh as they urged him on.

Bashful: I…

He stops short and turns red in the face, causing the others to laugh. Slightly annoyed, Grumpy restarts the organ for Bashful’s turn. He danced a little and try to sing again, but his bashfulness got the better of him and he blushed once more, hiding his face behind his beard.

Bashful: Oh, G-Gosh!

Everyone laughed louder, all save for Grumpy, who was very impatient. He plays a loud shill note on the organ, causing Bashful to jump and finally got to sing.

Bashful: I chased a polecat up a tree
Way out upon a limb
And when he got the best of me
I got the worst of him.

Bashful began to snicker, hiding his face behind his beard while blushing. Meanwhile, Sleepy, played a flute shaped like a fish while half asleep.

Dwarfs: Ho hum, the tune is dumb
The words don’t mean a thing
Isn’t this a silly song
For anyone to sing?

Dopey played the cymbal next to Snow White, who gave it one kick. Happy walked merrily toward Snow White and began to yodel. Snow White vocalized a high note and held it for a good seven seconds. Sleepy began to yawn while a fly buzzed around his head and into his mouth. He saw it and tried to swat the little bug away.

Then Doc asked Snow White to dance with him, which she happily accepted. Then she danced with Bashful, Sneezy, and Doc once more. Dopey played the drum set while his eyes rolled around. Suddenly, the same fly that annoyed Sleepy sat on Dopey’s ear. He felt the fly and used the drumsticks to hit it, but they hit the drums as he tries to swat it away. At first glance one might thought Dopy was a professional drummer.

Dopey got worn out as the fly flew away and back onto Sleepy’s nose as he played the flute. He saw the fly sitting on his nose and was about ready to smack it. Dopey gave him a cymbal in an attempt to help him catch the fly. When Sleepy tried to smack it, he misses and hits himself with the cymbal, causing his whole head to vibrate.

Snow White danced along with Doc, Happy and Sanji. Robin and Nami danced with each other as the music played. As Grumpy played on the organ, four low notes got stuck open, forcing him to close all four to fix it. He played in scales, causing all the organ pipes to make an ascending chord from low to high till a little bird popped out an egg with one chirp for the high note.

Snow White danced with Nami and Robin in a trio. Everyone danced and cheered, even the animals outside the window were enjoying the fun. Meanwhile, Dopey dressed in a long coat and stepped on Sneezy’s shoulders so he could be tall enough to dance with Snow White. However while trying to get on, Dopey’s feet were brushing around Sneezy’s nose.

Sneezy: Watch out. Be ca… Watch… Watch… Watch… Watch… Ah…

Sneezy was about to let loose a sneeze; fortunately, Dopey stopped him by placing his foot under Sneezy’s nose.

Sneezy: Thanks.

Dopey placed the rest of the coat around Sneezy, closing the buttons. The two approached the dance floor for their opportunity to dance with Snow White. Dopey happily snapped his fingers to the music while Sneezy did the walking. Everybody was yodeling and laughing when they saw the ‘tall’ Dopey.

Zoro: Hey, look at this!

Snow White and Dopey bowed to each other, but Dopey nearly lost his balance making everyone laugh some more. Fortunately, Sneezy grabbed him by the back and pulled him straight.

Brook: Swing it!

The two began to dance, while everyone either joined in or played their instruments. Dopey was having the time of his life dancing with Snow White. Meanwhile, in the lower half of the costume, Sneezy was trying to mimic Snow White’s steps, but was having a hard time keep up with her.

Doc played a lute solo while Dopey danced around Snow White. He had to pull his coat up because Sneezy almost fell out. The couple then performed a sort of Russian-style dance while the rest clapped their hands in tempo. Bashful performed a few concertina notes and Chopper used two drumsticks to knock on the wooden owls and then struck the cymbal.

Everyone else did various things from playing instruments, dancing to the music or simply clapping their hands. Dopey and Sneezy danced crazily, making a perfect team as everybody cheered them on.

Usopp: Way to go, Dopey!

Franky: That a boy!

Suddenly, Dopey felt something move about below him. The sound of someone about to sneeze can be heard as the music stops. Looking down, Dopey opens the coat to reveal Sneezy struggling to suppress a sneeze. Dopey shuts the coat in an attempt to cover the sneeze.

Doc: Everybody cake tover...ugh take cover!

Franky: Why?

Happy: Sneezy’s gonna sneeze!

Robin: And that’s a problem?

Happy: Ever been hit by hurricane winds?

Luffy: Uhh…

Happy: Well that’s what he gives when he really sneezes.

Usopp/Chopper: EHH!!!

Grumpy: Scatter!

While Sneezy struggled to contain his own sneeze, Snow White covered her ears. Doc, Happy, Nami and Robin ran off somewhere to hide. Bashful, Sleepy and Grumpy ducked behind the organ. The animals ran away from the window and Chopper jumps through said window after them. Franky, Book and Usopp panicked as they try to find a hiding spot for cover. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji all braced themselves for whatever was to happen. Sneezy was still trying to suppress his sneeze, but he wasn’t gonna last long. In a somewhat futile attempt to stop him, Dopey places his finger over his own nose.


Sneezy lets out a massive sneeze, inflating the coat like a balloon, and pops Dopey right out of it like a cork. The top of the coat slowly fell to the ground and revealed a smiling Sneezy. Everyone, including Snow White laughed while up in the ceiling was Dopey, sitting on a a small wooden beam smiling and wiggling his ears. Everybody kept laughing as Dopey came down by spinning around a pillar. Snow White gave a few last laughs while the animals appeared again at the window and Chopper walks back in.

Snow White: That was fun.

Usopp: You can say that again.

Franky: Best party I had in weeks.

Happy: *to Snow White* Now you do something.

Snow White: Well, what shall I do?

Luffy: Let’s have something to eat!

Zoro: We already ate, Luffy!

Sleepy: Tell us a story.

Dwarfs: Yes, tell us a story.

Robin: That’s a good idea.

Happy: A true story.

Bashful: A love story.

Robin: I think we got just the one, right Snow White?

Snow White: Well, once there was a princess.

Doc: Was the princess you?

Nami: Who else?

Snow White: And she fell in love.

Sneezy: Was it hard to do?

Snow White: Oh, it was very easy. Anyone could see that the Prince was charming. The only one for me.

Doc: Was he strong and handsome?

Sneezy: Was he big and tall?

Snow White: There's nobody like him anywhere at all.

Bashful: Did he say he loved ya?

Happy: Did he steal a kiss?

Snow White: *began to sing* He was so romantic I could not resist.

Happy and Doc looked at each other and nodded. And with that, everyone came closer to Snow White while she sang further.

Snow White: Someday my prince will come
Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know

While she sang, everyone was in a dream-like state. Even Zoro felt a sense of relaxation from hearing her voice. He turned to see Grumpy with his back turned at the organ.

Zoro: Not bad, huh?

The grumpy dwarf looked behind him with the same frown as always.

Grumpy: Hah! Mush!

Snow White: Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew

Meanwhile, the animals were cuddling each other, all the couples naturally. Sleepy was on the brink of falling back to sleep until a high note from Snow White wakes him up. He placed his hand on his cheek again and kept listening with a smile.

Snow White: And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Someday when my dreams come true

As she finished singing, everyone let out a dreamy sigh. Suddenly, they came back to reality by an odd looking cuckoo clock. This particular clock had a squirrel with a hammer hitting an acorn and a frog came out of the little door. The time was eleven o' clock.

Usopp: Eleven o' clock already?

Brook: How time flies.

Snow White: Oh, my goodness! It's past bedtime. Go right upstairs to bed.

Snow White brought the dwarfs to the stairs while the others followed. Dopey was happily hopping in front of them. But suddenly, Doc grabbed him before he could go up.

Doc: Wait! Hold on there, men!

Doc throws Dopey back with the other dwarfs.

Doc: The, uh, ladies, will sleep in our beds upstairs.

Luffy: Wait, what?!

Robin: Well, that a nice gesture, but what about you guys?

Snow White: Where will you sleep?

Doc: Oh, we ‘ll be quite comfortable down here in... in...

Luffy was about to open his mouth in protest until…Grumpy finished for him.

Grumpy: In a pig's eye!

Doc: In a pig's eye... In a sty. NO, no! I mean... We'll be comfortable, won't we, men?

Dwarfs: Oh, yes. Mighty comfortable.

Doc: Now don't you worry about us.

Meanwhile, Dopey looked behind his back and saw a pillow on a nearby couch. He slowly walked towards it so he could have dibs on sleeping on it first.

Happy: We'll be alright, ma'am.

Doc: Go right on up now, my dears.

Usopp: Don't we have a say in this?

Sanji: At this point we don’t.

Snow White: Well if you insist.

Nami: Thanks for being considerate guys.

Zoro: It’s not like we had a choice…

The girls went upstairs to the bedroom while the boys stayed downstairs.

The Boys: Good night, ladies.

Snow White: You're sure you'll be comfortable?

The Boys: Oh, yes. Very comfortable.

Snow White: Well, pleasant dreams.

The Boys: Pleasant dreams.

And with that the girls retire to the bedroom. And just as they close the door, the boys quickly ran towards the couch. Dopey saw them coming and held on to the pillow. They all jumped on Dopey and pulled very hard on the pillow, each wanting the pillow for themselves.

Grumpy: Let go!

Luffy: I saw it first!

Doc: Now, men, don't get excited. Remember, share. It's share and share alike.

Zoro: Not with this it ain’t!

Doc: Look out, it'll clip. It'll rip!

But it was too late. They pulled so hard that the pillow ripped apart, scattering a cloud of feathers across the room.

Chopper: It ripped.

Dopey somehow managed to grab a big feather. He placed it on the couch and pushed on it. It made a squeaky sound. Dopey laid his head on the feather and slept.

Back upstairs, the girls were getting ready for bed, a beam of moonlight shined in through the window.

Nami: Man, what a day we had.

Robin: I know, we went from running for our lives to living with seven dwarfs.

Snow White: It was so nice of the dwarfs to let us sleep in their beds.

Robin: Yeah, they’re nice…a little funny but nice.

Snow White: You think the boys will be okay downstairs?

Nami: Nah, they slept in worst spots than that, they’d probably be sleeping on the floor.

Robin: Let's get to bed.

Snow White: Wait. I haven't said a prayer yet.

Nami: Oh, well, go ahead.

Snow White knelt at one of the beds and put her hands together. She closed her eyes and spoke to say a prayer.

Snow White: Bless the seven little men who have so kind to me, bless my friends who have helped me in my most troubled times…

Robin: Aww…

Snow White: And... And may my dreams come true. Amen. Oh, yes! And please make Grumpy like me.

Nami: Don’t waste your breath for him, Snow. That guy’s true to his namesake.

Snow White: That's not a nice thing to say, Nami.

Nami: Well it’s true. He’s been giving us the stink eye since minute one.

Robin: Well I heard the guys really taught him a lesson while they were washing up. But it doesn’t seem to improve his mood.

Snow White: Come now, girls. Grumpy might be a bit…on the rough side, but I’m sure there’s a kind heart underneath him.

Nami: Well, if there is one, you’ll have to dig really deep to find it.

Back downstairs, Grumpy was trying to go to sleep in the cauldron by the fireplace, much to his chagrin.

Grumpy: Hah! Women!

He tried to get comfortable, in spite of his new ‘bed’, but then he felt something poke his back. He reached for it and pulls out a wooden spoon.

Grumpy: A fine kettle of fish!

He threw the spoon away and spit inside the fireplace causing the last bits of burning coal to hiss.

He tried to get comfortable again, but the many snores of the dwarfs made it difficult for him. Bashful slept in the drawer of a sideboard and rested his feet on another, Happy slept in a cupboard above Bashful. Each time he snored, the doors opened and closed. Doc slept on a huge sack in the sink. While he snored, a drop of water from the water pump came closer to his mouth. One last snore caused the drop of water to fall in his mouth and he gurgled. Sneezy was sleeping with Dopey using his rear end as a makeshift pillow. Suddenly, Dopey was having a nightmare and started to whimper like a dog causing him to kick Sneezy, waking him up. Sneezy gave one poke on Dopey's rear end and he calmed down again. Then Sneezy grabbed Dopey's behind and shook it a little so he could lay his head better. Sneezy fell back to sleep again. Chopper had transformed into Guard Point and poofed himself into a large ball of fluff, just enough that it doesn’t crowd the room.

Chopper: Okay guys, climb in.

Usopp: Are you sure it’s okay, Chopper?

Chopper: Its fine, it’s mostly fluff anyway.

Usopp: Well if so say so.

Usopp dives in first, he pushes into the coat and seemingly disappears. He pops his head out with a delightful expression on his face.

Usopp: Come on in, the fluff is fine.

The others push into the fur, all wiggling about until they were snug enough to sleep in. Chopper could feel them wiggling and his coat and their combined weight on top of him.

Chopper: Take it easy in there…oomph!

Chopper’s legs give out and he falls with a soft thud, thanks to his Guard Point form, he didn’t get hurt.

Sanji: You ok, Chopper?

Chopper: I’m fine, the fur broke my fall.

Usopp: Good night guys.

The Boys: Good night.

The guys finally got settled in and feel asleep, elsewhere, Sleepy was resting on a pile of logs not far from where Grumpy was. Suddenly, a fly flew towards Sleepy and landed on his nose. He rubs his nose to shoo the fly away and resumes his sleep. But no sooner, the fly returned and landed on his nose again. It circled around and fell asleep, snoring quietly as it did.

Outside the cottage, all was quiet, save for the chirping of crickets and the croaking of some frogs. Thus the very eventful day came to an end as everyone enjoyed the peaceful night...
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in my mind
Chapter 9: The Morning After, The Poison Apple is Ready!

Back at the castle, inside the queen’s secret lab, the old hag, the Oni, the Knight, and the Jester were busy putting the finishing touches to the Sleeping Death poison. The hag was stirring a bright yellow concoction in a cauldron with a large bone as the three knights places the last of the ingredients and watched. Smoke shaped like skulls emerged from the sickly concoction.

Old Hag: Boil cauldron, boil! Boil cauldron, boil! Death within your depths I see, for one who dares to rival me.

The hag then takes a vial filled with a blue substance and puts a big drop of it into the cauldron.

Old Hag: Brew the magic recipe, boil, cauldron, BOIL!

The cauldron’s contents turn into a sickly bluish-green and began to boil something fierce, unleashing a billowing cloud of smoke. The smoke surrounds the room, causing the three knights to cough and wheeze.

The Knight: *coughs* Man that’s thick!

The Oni: *waves away the smoke* Okay, it should be ready. What’s next?

The Old Hag grabs an ordinary apple and attaches it on a string, slowly dipping it into the brew.

Old Hag: Dip the apple in the brew. Let the Sleeping Death seep through!

The witch drew the now blacken apple back and it was covered in the strange brew. She wickedly smiled, as the brew dries up taking the form of a skull on the apple.

Old Hag: Look! On the skin! The symbol of what lies within.

The raven covered himself with his wings in fear, as the knights gazed at the curse apple. And then, the apple became as red as blood as the hag spoke.

Old Hag: Now, turn red... ...to tempt Snow White. To make her hunger for a bite.

The old hag looked at the raven and showed him the apple.

Old Hag: Have a bite!

The raven got scared and tried to get away from the apple. The witch chuckled a little and pulled it away from the bird. But then... she turns to the knights. Smiling wickedly, she tosses to apple at the Jester.

Old Hag: Here! Care for a bite?

The Jester grabs the apple on reflex then, upon realizing what he has, screamed in terror.

The Jester: GAHHHHH!!!!! *to the Knight* Here, you take it!

He throws the apple to the Knight, who juggled it in his hands, trying not to touch it.

The Knight: ECK!!! I don’t want it!

The Jester and the Knight continues to toss the apple between themselves to get rid of it, until the Oni, impatiently grabs the apple and hands it back to the old Hag.

The Oni: Give me that! It’s not for you dolts!

Old Hag: It's for Snow White. And besides, just touching it doesn’t trigger the poison.

The Knight: It doesn’t?

The Oni: No, you idiot. She’s has to eat the apple for it to work.

Old Hag: Exactly, one bite is all it takes. Just think. For when she breaks the tender peel to taste the apple in my hand, her breath will still, her blood congeal. THEN I'll BE FAIREST IN THE LAND!

She cackled very loudly which made the Knight a tad nervous.

The Knight: Not to wreck to mood, but shouldn’t there be some kind of antidote for this?

The Oni: Seriously?! You had to mention that?

Old Hag: *gasps* He’s right! *pauses to ponder the thought* There may be an antidote. Nothing must be overlooked.

The old hag walked towards her book and went through a few pages until she found what she feared.

Old Hag: Oh! Here it is!

The Knight: Told ya.

The Oni: You shut up! What’s it say?

Old Hag: "The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love's First Kiss."

The Oni: That’s it? Just one lousy kiss.

Old Hag: Love's First Kiss…Bah!

She slams the book shut while she laughed.

Old Hag: No fear of that. The dwarfs and those brats will think she's dead. She'll be BURIED ALIVE!

The Jester: That’s so sinister…I love it!

The Knight: But about the pirates?

The Jester looks around and notices a small birdcage on a nearby table. Getting an idea, he picks it up.

The Oni: What’s the cage for?

The Jester: Call it…a little surprise.

The Knight: You plan to make another Kowaina?

The Jester: Blast it, you guessed!

The Oni: Enough! We’re wasting time standing about…let’s go.

The raven hid behind a skull while the witch placed the apple in a basket with green apples and normal apples. She cackled even more and grabbed the basket as she and the knights head towards a trap door on the floor. The raven watched from behind the skull.

The Knight: This is all so good. Imagine it, we’re trap those pirates, Snow White gets poisoned and the Dwarfs will finish the job for us by giving her a proper death after poisoning…


The old hag yelled and cackled while she closed the trapdoor slowly. The hag and the three knights went deeper into the dungeons to the catacomb. As they went down, the Jester looked at a skeleton on the ground. It looked like he was trying to grab the empty jug of water that was also on the ground.

The Jester: Thirsty, huh? Here…HAVE A DRINK!

And he kicked the jug into the skeleton, smashing it to pieces. The Jester laughed while a little spider appeared out of the jug. The Oni pulls him back over as they all climbed into a boat as the old hag used a large stick to steer it. Outside, in the darkness of the night, the boat emerged from the catacombs as the old hag steered it towards the shore. It was so foggy that one couldn’t see their hand in front of their face, but it was wasn’t enough to hinder the old hag. The four popped out of a bunch of reeds and went further on their way, down the same path but with different goals. One to face the one who dares to rival her. And the other to capture the Straw Hat Pirates.

The next morning, the sun had already risen upon the Dwarfs Cottage. Inside the bedroom, the girls were just waking up. Snow White awakens first followed by Nami and Robin.

Snow White: Good morning, girls.

Nami: Morning, Snow.

Nami suddenly notices something in the air and starts to sniff with her nose.

Nami: You girls smell that?

Robin and Snow White sniffed the air too, and Robin immediately knew what is was.

Robin: Smells like Sanji’s cooking again.

Nami: Well better Sanji cooking than Luffy doing it.

Snow White: Why’s that?

Nami: Let’s just say you don’t what to know.

Robin: I don’t recognize the smell, but if Sanji made it, it’s good enough for me. Let’s go.

The girls went downstairs, and they saw the boys were already at the table while Sanji serves them each something from the cauldron.

Franky: Well look who’s up?

The Boys: Morning girls!

Dwarfs: Good morning princess.

Nami: Morning guys!

Snow White: Did you all sleep well?

Happy: Well, we had to make do with what we got to sleep with.

Usopp: We even used Chopper’s fur as a makeshift bed.

Snow White: Did it hurt?

Chopper: Not really. Except Luffy kept moving about in his sleep.

Luffy: Well it’s not my fault, I’m not used to using Chopper as a bed.

Zoro: Well next time just sleep outside.

Robin: Aside from that, what’s for breakfast?

Sanji: What I’m serving right now.

Sanji finished pouring the last of the breakfast into a bowl and goes over to get more. The girls sit down to eat and Nami notices something with breakfast.

Robin: Isn’t this the soup from last night?

Sanji: Not really, I used we had left to make this stuff.

Nami: What do you call it?

Sanji: Breakfast Stew.

Snow White/Robin/Nami: Breakfast Stew?

Sanji: Not my best work, but it’s still tasty.

Bashful: And it is!

Happy: Best stew I ever ate for breakfast.

Grumpy also took a careful bite and much like with the soup from last night, chowed down on it.

Sanji: Looks like we have a winner.

So what do you guys gonna do after breakfast?

Doc: Well, once we’re finished breakfast, we go to back to work in our mines.

Franky: What do you fellas mine for?

Sleepy: Oh, the usual. Diamonds and rubies and all sorts of jewels.

Usopp: Diamonds?!

Franky: Rubies?!

Nami: All sorts of jewels?!

Nami’s eyes lit up to the point that they shined brightly, almost blinding everyone.

Dwarfs: Yeow!

Brook: So bright!

Sneezy: Is that normal?

Usopp: Not really, that happens once in a blue moon.

Zoro: So what do you do with the jewels you dig up?

Doc: Actually, we don't know.

Chopper: You don’t?

Happy: It’s true, we just keep digging as many as we can find.

Bashful: Have been for years.

Sleepy: We just never gave it much thought is all.

Luffy: So then you guys must be rich.

Robin: Well, have you guys considered using the jewels as currency.

Dwarfs: Currency?

Sanji: Yeah, to buy stuff. Cause I know for a fact you need more food around here…among other things.

Doc: That's...not a bad idea, actually. I don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner.

Robin: Of course you don’t have to spent all your jewels at once, just keep a few and then use some for things that you need.

Happy: That’s a swell idea!

Sneezy: We can buy better tools!

Bashful: Parts for our carts!

Sleepy: Improve the mine!

Doc: Get more food!

Luffy: Yeah! More food!

Franky: Say, maybe we can help mine some jewels with you…

Doc: Why, that’ll be…

Grumpy suddenly coughs up his stew to protest!

Grumpy: Absolutely not! We don’t allow strangers into our mines. They might steal some of our jewels.

The Straw Hats suddenly turn to face Nami, who suddenly came out of her stupor and notices everyone staring at her.

Nami: Uhh…why is everyone staring at me?

Usopp: I think Grumpy has a point.

Nami: What does that mean?!

Usopp: Nothing!

Zoro: Speaking of which, we may need to get some supplies for tonight.

Happy: And after work we can bring some of our gems home and do some shopping tomorrow.

Grumpy: But for now, let’s finish eating. We got a long day today.

Grumpy resumes eating his soup as the others joined him. A little later after breakfast, the dwarfs were ready to leave for work while our pirates were about to head off to get some more supplies. The animals were sleeping outside and when they heard the door, they moved aside. Doc and Snow White were the first ones out.

Doc: Now, don't forget, my dear. The...The old queen's a sly one, full of witchcraft. So beware of strangers.

Snow White: Don't worry. I’ll be alright.

Then she took Doc's stocking cap from his head and gave him a kiss.

Snow White: See you tonight.

The kiss get Doc completely surprised. He giggled a bit before trying to be serious again.

Doc: Uh, yes. We... Well, c'mon, men.

The others were waiting at the door to say goodbye to Snow White. First came Bashful. He took off his stocking cap.

Bashful: Be awful careful. 'Cause if anything'd happen to you, I, I...

Bashful begins to stutter but got interrupted by a kiss from Snow White.

Snow White: Good-bye.

Bashful: Oooooh, gosh!

His face was once again turned red as a radish. The other dwarfs were watching with a smile, waiting for their turn for a goodbye kiss. Everyone but Grumpy, who watched with an unamused look.

Grumpy: Hah! Disgustin'!

The Straw Hats walked out to say their goodbyes to Snow White.

Sanji: Just be careful while we’re out Snow.

Luffy: We’ll bring back a whole bunch of stuff!

Brook: Be careful but have fun.

Snow White: I will.

Snow White gave each of them a hug and/or kiss. And then came Sneezy taking off his stocking cap.

Sneezy: And be sure to watch out... To wa... To wa... To wa... Watch out.

Sneezy was gearing for another of his sneezes. He to hold it in, but Snow White gave him a kiss.


He walks away, but he was on the verge of sneezing for sure.

Dopey and Chopper appeared from the door next. Dopey was tugging softly on Snow White's dress to ask for a kiss.


Sneezy lets loose the sneeze, sending Chopper and Dopey flying back into the cottage. Snow White felt the powerful sneeze, she was lucky she wasn't blown away. She giggled a little.

Snow White: Gesundheit.

And suddenly, Dopey appeared again. He gently tugged on Snow White's dress and prepping for a kiss, pursing his lips while his eyes were closed. Snow White grabbed him by the ears and gave him a kiss on his head. Dopey began to smile. He happily walked off in a daze as if he were in his own dream world. Chopper walks out, slightly dazed from being sent flying by the sneeze.

Snow White: Oh my goodness. Are you alright?

Chopper: I’m okay. It’ll take more than that to hurt me.

Back with Dopey, he shook off his dizziness and quickly ran back inside through the window. Snow White knelt down and kissed Chopper, causing him to blush. She finished giving Happy and Sleepy a kiss. Nami and Robin came outside too to hug her goodbye. Suddenly, Dopey was back tugging on Snow White's dress again, waiting for another kiss.

Robin: Looks like Dopey want another kiss.

Nami: The poor kid’s lovesick.

Snow White: Well...Alright.

Snow White gave him another kiss on his head.

Snow White: But that's the last...

But before Snow White could finish, Dopey ran off in a flash.

Nami: Where’d he go?

And suddenly, Dopey appeared again on the exact same spot. This time pursing his lips again. But Snow White guided him towards the others.

Snow White: Oh, go on. Run along.

Robin: Yeah, before he gets an overdose.

By this time, the Straw Hats, and the dwarfs were about to depart.

Zoro: Everybody ready?

Usopp: You got it!

Sanji: Then will meet back home around evening time.

Dwarfs: Right!

Doc: Well, lo song—I mean, so long!

Franky: Until tonight!

Doc: Come on, men. HEIGH-HO!

Dwarfs: Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho
It's off to work we go
Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho...

Meanwhile, Grumpy was looking in the mirror, making himself as look nice as possible for Snow White. He put on his stocking cap and walks outside, acting all gruff as usual.

Snow White: Good-bye! Good-bye!

Grumpy took off his stocking cap and cleared his throat very loudly which drew Snow White's attention.

Grumpy: Now I'm warnin' ya. Don't let nobody or nothin' in the house.

Snow White: Why, Grumpy, you do care.

Grumpy folded his arms and Snow White began to hug Grumpy as he struggled to get free. Snow White grabbed his head and gave him a kiss. After that, Grumpy got free and went on his way to follow the rest. But after a few steps, his grouchy expression began to change into a smile. He sighed and looked back at the princess dreamily. Well, let it not be said that Snow White’s charm finally got to that old grouch. And one might say that Grumpy had finally taken a liking to the young maiden. Snow White kissed on her hand and waved him 'goodbye'. But then, he snapped himself out of his daze and reverted to being a grump. Of course he wouldn’t openly admit it, not in public way, but that’s Grumpy for ya. He only took a few steps and accidentally bumped into a tree, getting his big nose stuck in a knothole. Grumpy freed his nose and looked towards Snow White.

Grumpy: Hah!

He walked further with his eyes closed...until he fell down and a splash could be heard. Yep, Grumpy fell into the stream by the bridge without evening looking. He placed his stocking cap back on his head and tried to get up, but he bumped his head against the bridge and fell in the water again. Grumpy got up and came out of the water, shaking himself dry.

Snow White: Good-bye, Grumpy!

Grumpy didn't reply back. Instead, he raised his head with a hump and walked away as his shoes squelched and squeaked with each step.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 10: Save Snow White! The Wicked Queen Strikes!

Elsewhere in the forest, the old hag and the knights walked around searching for their prey. The hag cackled to himself with a sickly joy.

Old Hag: The little men will be away, and she and those brats will be all alone with a harmless old peddler woman. Hahahah! A harmless old peddler woman!

How do we even know if they’re even with her?

The Oni starts to smell the air and notices something, causing something to glow within the cracks of his armor.

The Oni: They out there! I can sense them.

Old Hag: Good! Makes my job a lot easier.

The Oni: We’ll deal with them, while you take care of Snow White.

The three knights walk off the path to their targets while the old hag continued downward to the Dwarfs cottage. Unbeknownst to them, two vultures were watching and listening from a tree. From what they were saying, they sensed that something was about to happened. The vultures smiled at each other and followed the old hag, eager to see what will happen. It is known in some places for vultures to be considered omens of death, but in this case an omen for whom; Snow White, Grimhilde, or both?

But let us turn away from this morbid thought and find the Straw Hats in a small clearing filled with berries of all sorts. The crew had wasted no time harvesting what they needed for tonight. As the others were busy, Luffy was doing his own brand of foraging, and by that I meant picking one berry for his basket and five or ten for himself, which he immediately eats. Nami quickly notices this and walks over, ready to bop Luffy upside the head.

Luffy: One for the basket and five for me…*eats berries* one for the basket and ten for me… *eats more berries* one for the basket….

Nami: And one for your head!

Luffy: And one for my—

WHACK! Nami lets Luffy have it right across the head, producing a large lump on his head.

Luffy: OWW!

Nami: Serves you right you greedy little pinhead. And even after breakfast!

Luffy: But I’m still hungry.

Nami: You could eat rocks and still not be full!

Nami grabs the basket and shoved at into Luffy’s face.

Nami: If you can’t stop filling your mouth and finish filling your basket, we’d be done by now.

Luffy: *pouting* Okay…

As Luffy dejectedly picked berries with Nami watching him like a hawk, just beyond the clearing, three pairs of eyes were gazing at the Straw Hats from within the shrubbery.

The Jester: Now?

The Oni: Do it.

The Jester pulls out the birdcage rests it on the ground. He then pulls out an odd mask and puts in on the cage. The mask somehow sticks to the birdcage and begins to emit an ink black aura. The Jester chuckles a bit but had to cover his mouth as to not blow his cover.

The Jester: It’s playtime!

The Jester puts the cage on its side and kicks it into the clearing. It rolls along unnoticed until it finally stops at Zoro’s feet. He looks down to see the cage with the mask on and picks it up.

Zoro: A cage?

As Zoro inspects the cage, the mask’s eyes light up and a black fog erupts, surrounding Zoro. As the fog disappears, in their place was a large monster with long arms and legs sprouting out of its birdcage torso. And inside the cage was a confusingly shock Zoro.

Zoro: What the?!

The monster roars, attracting the attention of the other pirates.

Usopp: What the heck is that?!

Franky: I don’t know but it has Zoro!

The cage monster roars again as its long arms suddenly stretch out towards the other pirates, grabbing Franky, Brook and Usopp on the first swing and shoving them into its cage.

Luffy: Usopp! Franky! Brook!

Without thinking, Luffy changes at the monster and readies an attack.

Luffy: Gum Gum Pistol!

Luffy hits the cage monster, who blocks the attack with one arm and quickly grabs him with the other and puts him in its cage.

Luffy: Hey! Let me out!

Nami:How did it—

With great speed the monster vanishes and reappears behind the others.

Behind you!!!

They turn around but it was too late, it grabs Robin and Nami and throws them into the cage.

Sanji: Why you!

This enrages Sanji that he jumps up and delivers a swift kick to its head, knocking him back slightly.

Sanji: Want some more?!

Sanji leaps into the air above the monster and heats up his leg for an attack.

Sanji: Diable Jambe: Concassé!

He tumbles downward with his leg outstretched, gaining speed by spinning. The cage monster, rather than defending against Sanji, it opens its cage and lets Sanji fall right in. Unable to stop himself, Sanji falls right into the cage with a SLAM!

Zoro: Welcome to the party, swirly brow.

Sanji: Oh shut up!

Usopp: Wait a sec! Where’s Chopper?

Chopper, who luckily ducked out of the way when the commotion started, hid in the bushes and was not seen by the cage monster. He was about to say he was okay to the others, but he stops himself as not to attract the monster’s attention. So he creeped back and out sight, running back to Snow White in the hopes of getting help.

Back in the cottage, Snow White was busy making some pies with her animal friends…gooseberry pies to be precise. And the first one was already being made for a certain dwarf.

She began to sing a familiar tune as she flatten the dough with a rolling pin. A bird grabbed some flour with its tail feathers and strewed it on the dough. When the dough was ready she placed it on top of the pie tin to cover it.

Snow White: Someday my prince will come
Someday we'll meet again
And away to his castle we'll go
To be happy forever I know

Then she grabbed a knife to cut off some of the excess dough on the edge of the pie tin. One of the birds grabbed the dough as she removed it and took it aside.

Snow White: Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew

Snow White placed the pie in front of her and two little birds used their talons to decorate the pie’s rim. (Don’t worry folks, the animals did wash up before helping Snow White)

Snow White: And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring

Then they made some openings in the pie for the heat to vent through. The other bird holding the pie dough puts in on the pie, spelling out ‘Grumpy’ on top. Snow White picks up the finished pie to admire it before placing it in the oven.

Snow White: Someday when my dreams come true

As she admired her little present for Grumpy, a dark shadow casts itself from the window, startling Snow White and the animals. The figure casting the shadow was none other than the Old Hag, who unbeknownst to Snow White but beknownst to us is in fact her stepmother, the wicked Queen Grimhilde in disguise. The old hag chuckles evilly which caused some discomfort to Snow White.

Old Hag: All alone my dear?

Snow White: Why…why yes I am but—

Old Hag: The…the little men or anyone else…are not here?

Snow White: No they’re not but—

Old Hag: Mmm-hmm.…*sniffs the air a bit* Making pies?

Snow White: Yes, gooseberry pies.

Old Hag: Ah, but it is apple pies that makes the menfolk’s mouths water with hunger. Pies…made from apples like these.

She reaches for her basket of apples and shows Snow White a red apple. Up in the trees, the birds looked on with worry.

Snow White: Oh they do look delicious.

Old Hag: Yes, but their appearance is only equal to their taste, dearie.

The birds look over and see the two vultures perched on a nearby dead tree limb, smiling grimly at the scene. The bird knew that they were a bad sign and began the twitter among themselves before looking back at the hag.

Old Hag: Like to try one? Hmm? Go on. Go on, have a bite.

As the old hag about the give Snow White the apple, the birds, realizing that something was wrong, swooped down and divebombed the old hag. Caught off guard, the hag drops her apples and tries to swat the birds away but to no avail. Snow White suddenly rushes out the cottage and shoos the birds away scolding them.

Snow White: Stop that now! Go away. Go away. Shame on you, frightening a poor old lady.

The old hag frantically searches for the red apple amid the scattered apples and picks it up. She mumbled to herself while she rubbed it clean.

Old Hag: Oh, I thought I'd lost it.

Snow White placed her hands on the woman's shoulders to try to comfort her.

Snow White: There, there. I'm sorry. I just don’t what got into them.

The hag gasped softly at first, but then she deviously smiled, this was gonna be easier than she thought. So the old hag decided to fake a heart attack to trick Snow White further.

Old Hag: Oh! My heart! Oh, my... My poor heart. Take me into the house and let me rest. A drink of water, please.

Snow White slowly brought her inside the cottage. She closed the door while the animals were still outside. They knew that something was wrong with that old lady as they moved towards the window. They saw that Snow White was offering the old woman a chair. She looked like she was in a bad health, but that changed when she began to grin at Snow White who was filling a big cup with water. The witch grabbed the red apple from her sleeves and looked at it and back at Snow White deviously. There's no doubt that she was planning with the apple she's holding was bad news.

Knowing this, the animals left the cottage and raced through the forest to the mines. The tortoise had a bit of trouble to catch up with the other animals who were faster than him. By this time, Chopper was racing back to the cottage in the hopes of getting Snow White to help out or something. He was about halfway there went he, quite literally, bumps into the animals who were running in the opposite direction.

Chopper: Oomph! What the?!

The animals upon realizing that ran past Chopper turn and start chattering like crazy and pushing him towards the cottage.

Chopper: Hey! What the?! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Wait a minute! WAIT A MINUTE!!!

Chopper’s shout causes the animals to stop shoving him. He brushes himself off and addresses the animals.

Chopper: Now, mind telling me what’s going on?

All of the animals starting chattering and twittering at once, creating a cacophony of noise. But to Chopper is was a dozen voices all talking at the same time.

Chopper: Woah! Time out! One at a time, please!

One of the rabbits gets an idea and pulls a squirrel over and whispers in his ear. He agrees and they get Chopper’s attention.

Chopper: Huh?

The squirrel pretends to be Snow White, gathering up some dirt and making it look like he’s making a pie. The rabbit lowers his ears and acts like the old hag, startling ‘Snow White’. The rabbit picks up an acorn and presents it to the squirrel as the ‘apple’. The baby bird, knowing that this was his cue, pretends to dive bomb the rabbit. He missed and the rabbit fakes a heart attack, prompting the squirrel to move him ‘inside’. The squirrel grabs some water while the rabbit looks on deviously with his acorn.

Chopper: So there’s Snow White making pies…then some old lady shows up, offering apples…you guys attack her…she fakes a heart attack…Snow White takes her inside the house and is now inside the house.

They nod yes. Chopper tries to piece together what this mean via a math problem. Snow White + Old Hag + weird apple = big trouble. But why would some old hag want to harm Snow white he thought, until he cycled through the people who would do harm to her…until he reaches Queen Grimhilde and that when he finally puts two and two together. Snow White + Old Hag (Queen Grimhilde) + weird apple = REALLY big trouble!

Chopper: That old hag’s the queen and she’s gonna hurt Snow White!

The animals nod again yes, and Chopper begins to panic again…until he remembered something.

Chopper: I gotta get to the dwarfs! But I don’t know where they are.

One of the squirrels chitters something to Chopper and points towards to the woods.

Chopper: Huh? You guys know where they are?

They chitter yes and quickly run off to find the dwarfs, unintentionally leaving Chopper behind.

Chopper: Hey wait for me!

Chopper changes to Walk Point and tries to follow after them.

Meanwhile, we return to find the other Straw Hats back where we left them; still trapped inside the birdcage monster. Luffy, in a desperate attempt to bust out, was trying to pull the bars apart to create an opening. But so far it wasn’t going over so well.

Brook: Any luck?

Luffy: *strains* Nope.

Franky: Well this is just perfect!

Nami: Quit gripping! Nobody expected this to happened.

Sanji: This is Zoro’s fault!

Zoro: My fault?!

Sanji: Yeah!

Zoro: How is this my fault?

Sanji: I don’t know…but I know it had to be you because you got stuffed in here first.

Zoro: And that suddenly makes it my fault?

Sanji: If the scabbard fits moss head!

Suddenly Nami grabs Sanji and Zoro’s heads and clunks them together, leaving a bump of each head.

Nami: Will you two knock it off!!

Brook: Say, I wonder who would sic’d this thing on us anyway?

Franky: I don’t know who did, but I want out of here.

Robin: Wanna bet Snow White’s stepmother sent this thing?

Usopp: The Queen?!

Robin: Who else?

Nami: But if that’s true, you don’t think she knows where Snow White is?!

Robin: If this thing is the case, then it’s a good chance she does.

Zoro: All the more reason to get out of this thing.

Usopp: But how? Brute force isn’t working.

Franky: What else can we do, wish ourselves out?

Robin: *get an idea* Maybe we can!

Usopp: Huh?

Robin reaches into her bag and pulls out a few small coins.

Nami: The Genie Wish Coins!

Robin: Bingo!

Zoro: So whose gonna go first?

Luffy: I’ll go!

Luffy grabs his coin from the pile and prepares to flip it.

Nami: *grabs the coin* Hold it, Luffy! Just what are you planning to wish for?

Luffy: I wish we can get out of here.

Usopp: That’s a little vague for a wish, isn’t it?

Nami: Can’t you make a better wish than that?!

Luffy: Well I like to see you guys make a better—

Suddenly, something triggers Luffy’s Observation Haki. He began to look around frantically to find what caused it.


Luffy: You hear that?

Franky: Hear what?

Luffy: I thought I heard something.

Usopp: Like what?

Luffy: Music…

Nami: Music?

Zoro: Hold on, I hear something too.

Zoro cupped his ear to try and begins to hear something. It started in faint but began to pick up in volume. It almost sounded like a female singing, but the sound was coming from all directions.

?????: Oto tatezu ni iro kaeteku (The sun rolls through the sky, as waves drift through the sea.)
BEBII-BURUU no sora wo mitsumetetara (Rainbow colors pass by slowly making my own heart happy,)
Tooi kioku yomigaeru (Unlocking mysteries in my memories.)

Zoro: Singing?

?????: Nee nanatsu no umi no mukou (Beyond the seven seas, I hear faraway cries
Hora dareka ga (That someone is crying.
naiteiru ki ga shite (They need someone to help them out.)
Mune ga "KYUN" to setsunaku naru yo (My heart goes out to them; I feel lonely now.)

Brook: Well, at least we won’t be bored.

Suddenly the cage starts to shake about, knocking everyone to the floor.

????: Watashi wo tasukete... (I need somebody to save me.)
Nanika ga shiraseru destiny (My destiny will help show me the way.)
Hoshi no michibiki wo (I embrace the guidance of the stars)
mune ni dakishimete (To find the answer within my heart.)

Franky: What the?!

Luffy: What was that?!

Sanji: Guys, up there!

Sanji points up to the birdcage monster’s head which is screaming out in pain, holding its head as if trying to block out the sound.

Franky: Looks like that thing’s not a fan…Woah!

Zoro: Hold on to something!

Nami: How long is this shaking gonna take?

Just then, two more voices, both female join in forming a trio as the song intensifies. The monster thrashes about violently as the Straw Hats were haplessly tossed about like pinballs. Its mask begins to crack along the edges and moves inward. About halfway into the chorus, a fourth male voice joins in…

????: Sore wa EBAA-BURUU kagayaku (It is the Ever Blue of the ocean.
daisuki na ano umi yo (It is a place that I have always loved.)

Mirai wo (I will stay strong,)
mamoru (Just for you,)
chikara wo ima atsumete (This is one thing that I vow I will do.)

Aisubeki hito ga ite (I will protect the people that I love.)
aisubeki basho ga aru (Also the home that I have always known.)

Kirameku (All these feelings,)
aosa (That I have,)
PYUA na kimochi no mama de (Make me strive to protect the sparkling sea)
mamorutame ni (That is so dear to me.)

With that, the mask finally shatters, and the monster explodes in a puff of smoke. As the smoke vanishes, the group finds themselves out of the cage with the monster nowhere to be seen.

Usopp: Uhh…what just happened?

Luffy: Who cares! We’re finally out of that monster cage!

Zoro: Let head back to the cottage before something else happens.

The Straw Hats race back the Cottage as fast as they could, unaware of a robed figure observing them from with the woods. Meanwhile at the mine, the seven dwarfs had just arrived, singing their catchy song.

Dwarfs: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho
It's off to work we go
Heigh-ho, heigh-ho

The dwarfs threw their pickaxes in the cart and began to pull at a rope that was attached to the cart, whistling as they did. Sleepy tried to push and suddenly, Dopey, who's trying to be helpful, went behind him and pushed him in the air. But suddenly, Doc saw something approach the mines.

Doc: Hey, look!

Every dwarf stopped, but the cart bumps into all of them. The forest animals finally arrived at the mine and started to pull on their clothes, stocking caps, shoes, and beards.

Doc: Hey, what are you doing?

Grumpy: Stop that!

Sneezy: Get away! Go on, shoo!

Grumpy: Go on! Get outta here!

Grumpy who was trying to fight off the birds with his stocking cap, but they kept pulling at his clothes. Dopey also got pulled and tried to slap the birds away, but clumsily fell to the ground. Doc was being pushed forward from the back by a deer.

Doc: What ails these crazy critters?

Bashful was holding onto a tree while a deer pulled at his pants.

Bashful: They've gone plumb daffy.

Sneezy: Yeah, they've g-g-g-g...

Sneezy was being pulled by a few birds, a rabbit, and a squirrel. Unfortunately, this triggered his hay fever gears up for another strong sneeze.


Sneezy lets loose a big sneeze that blew the animals away, but that didn’t stop as they came back towards Sneezy.

Back at the cottage, after recovering from her ‘heart attack’, the Old Hag decides to ‘reward’ Snow White for her kindness.

Old Hag: And because you’ve been so good to poor old granny, I’ll share a secret with you. What I have here is no ordinary apple. It is an enchanted wishing apple.

Snow White: A wishing apple?

Old Hag: Yes! One bite and all your dreams will come true.

Snow White: Really?

Old Hag: Yes, girlie. All you do is make a wish and take a bite.

Back at the mine, the dwarfs were still struggling against the animals. They kept pulling on their clothes while they held themselves to trees or tried to shoo them away.

Grumpy: Go on, get!

Doc: These pesky critters won't stop.

Happy: 'Tain't natural.

Sneezy: There's something wrong.

Grumpy: They ain't actin' this way for nothin'.

Grumpy was struggling against a deer and a few birds who pulled at his beard and stocking cap. Then the animals released him, and he fell to the ground. By this time, Chopper had just arrived at the mine, slightly tired from chasing after the animals. Taking catching his breath, he rushes over to Grumpy and start pulling on him.

Grumpy: Hey! What’s the idea!

Chopper: We gotta get back to the cottage!

Grumpy: Git back already! We got enough trouble with these critters without you add it on!

Chopper: But they’re saying there’s trouble, we gotta go now!

Grumpy: And why should we?

Sleepy, who was sitting in the mine cart the whole time, was the only one who wasn't pulled or pushed by the animals. He yawned and began to speak.

Sleepy: Maybe they’re saying the old Queen's got Snow White.

The other dwarfs heard that and froze in fear and shock.

Doc: The Queen?!

Dwarfs: Snow White!

Chopper: That’s what they’ve been trying to tell you!

Grumpy: Why ain’t your friends there to help her?!

They got caught by some weird monster! I was lucky that it didn’t see me, and I just learn about all this!

Grumpy: The Queen’ll kill her! We gotta save her!

Doc: Yes! Yes! We, we, we gotta save her!!

Sneezy: She'll kill her!

Happy: What'll we do?

Doc: Yes, yes, what'll we do?

Grumpy: COME ON!

Grumpy climbs on one of the deer’s back.

Grumpy: Giddap!

Other animals began to follow them. Bashful and Sneezy climbed on a deer and they rode after Grumpy. Bashful was helping Sneezy to get on the deer's back, but Sneezy almost fell and grabbed the tail. Happy struggled a little on one of the does, but a few birds helped him sit on her back.

Doc: Wait for me! Wait for...

But before he could finish, Chopper switches to Walk Point and lifts Doc onto his back. He then grabs Sleepy from his spot and Doc brings him onboard. Dopey was holding on to one of the deer’s tail while struggling with his feet on the ground. On the road, the tortoise was still making his way to the mine, as fast as tortoises can go it seems, but then he saw the dwarfs and animals running towards him and he hid inside his shell. He was fortunate that they didn’t run him over as they raced back to the cottage to save Snow White.

Back at the cottage, the witch was still trying to convince Snow White to bite the apple. Snow White uncomfortably took a few steps backwards.

Old Hag: Now there must be something that your little heart desires. Perhaps there's someone you love.

Snow White: Well, there is someone.

Old Hag: I thought so. I thought so! *laughs* Old Granny knows a young girl's heart. Now, take the apple, dearie, and make a wish.

The old hag gives Snow White the apple, she held the apple in front of her and closed her eyes.

Snow White: I wish... I wish...

Old Hag: That's it, go on! Go on.

During that time, the other Straw Hats were running as fast they could to the cottage, all ready to for whatever they find there. Elsewhere, the Dwarfs, Chopper and the animals ran over a tree that formed a small bridge. Then they all slid down a chasm that wasn't too deep and ran further. They kept dodging trees and boulders and jumped over larger chasms while dark clouds slowly began to appear in the sky. While that happened, Snow White was still making her wish.

Snow White: …And that he will carry me away to his castle where we will live happily ever after.

Old Hag: Fine! Fine! Now take a bite.

Meanwhile, both parties were still running as fast as they can. However…

Old Hag: Don’t let the wish grow cold.

Snow White takes a bite of the apple, the old hag looks on with delight. Suddenly something comes over Snow White and she starts to feel dizzy.

Snow White: Oh! I feel strange.

Old Hag: It’s just the magic working, my pet. Just the magic working.

Snow White: Will I…*gasp*…be with my prince?

Old Hag: Of course you will, dearie…*menacingly*in Heaven where you belong.

Snow White: In heaven? Why would…

Snow White felt her throat suddenly tighten; she couldn’t even breathe must less get a word out. But amidst the panic, something pops into her head and she finally puts two and two together.

Snow White: *straining* You’re…

Old Hag: *chuckles* That’s right, now you know who I am. Let this be your punishment, for daring to be fairer than I. For when you broke the tender peal, to taste the apple in your hand. Your breath will still…your blood congeal…

Snow White was barely able to stay conscious, for the poison was taking its toll. All she could do was choke and gasp for breath until…she falls down the floor dead, dropping the poisoned apple. The old hag laughs victoriously, her plan had succeeded. Outside, thunderstorm began to rage.


The old hag walks out of the cottage, laughing triumphantly with her victory until she stopped, and her mood quickly changed with what came towards the cottage. The Dwarfs, the Straw Hats, and the animals, having reunited ways back, were heading towards the cottage as the storm began thundering above. Not able to take on all of them by herself, the old hag runs off for dear life. Grumpy arrives first, stopping for a moment and sees the old hag fleeing.

Grumpy: There she goes!

The others follow Grumpy as they chase after the old hag. The vultures saw what was going on and decided to follow them to see how it will end.

While the thunder kept rumbling, the old hag kept running. She almost got trapped by some vines, but she freed herself. The rain continued to fall while our mob of dwarfs and pirates chased after her. The witch started to climb the mountain; she was already halfway up when they arrived.

Franky: There she is! Up the mountain!

The group stopped and the dwarfs dismounted their animals. The dwarfs grabbed their clubs and pickaxes while Grumpy stepped in front of them.

Grumpy: After her!

The mob starts to climb to the mountain after the hag. The old hag looked down and saw her pursuers coming closer. The rain fell down hard as the thunder roared in the sky, but it didn’t matter to them. They wanted to capture the fiend who would dare to harm Snow White and administer their own justice upon her. She climbed as fast as she could, but the Dwarfs and the Straw Hats were catching up. Eventually, the old hag reached the top, exhausted from all the running and climbing. As she tries to get away, she finds herself looking over a ledge. She gasped in horror, there was no way out for her.

Old Hag: I'm trapped. What will I do? The meddling little fools!

The vultures landed on a tree above her, grinning at her. Back down below, Grumpy sees something that made him smile.

Grumpy: She’s cornered!

Luffy: We got her now!

Usopp: She won’t get away from us!

But the old hag wasn’t about to give up that easy, she had one last trick up her sleeve. Grabbing a long branch, she placed it under a large boulder. The thunder came closer and was louder as she pulled down with all her might. Little by little, the boulder started to move.

Old Hag: I'll fix ya! I'LL CRUSH YOUR BONES!

When the mob arrived, Grumpy saw what the hag was planning.

Grumpy: LOOK OUT!

The old hag began to laugh triumphantly, as she moves the boulder toward our heroes. But before she could carry out this wicked deed, Nami notices the thunderstorm occurring in the sky and an idea hits her.

Nami: Weather Egg! Hatch!

Nami launches a large egg, which hatches to reveal a thundercloud that merges with the storm above, intensifying the storm.

Nami: Thunderbolt Tempo!

Nami swings her Clima-Tact down and a lightning bolt shoots down from the sky, striking just inches from the old hag. The resulting bolt hits the ledge, causing it to crumble beneath her feet. The ledge finally gives way and the hag screams as she falls to her death. The boulder she had tried to move falls with her as her screams fades away. The vultures smiled grimily as the queen’s body falls to the bottom of the mountain. The Seven Dwarfs and the Straw Hats looked over the ledge to see if there was anything left of the queen.

Luffy: Woah….

Chopper: She…she’s gone.

Usopp: Nami…you just took out the Queen.

Nami: I…I…I was trying to stun her. I didn’t think the ledge would give way.

Zoro: Well one thing for sure; if the fall didn’t kill her, that boulder surely finished the job.

As the group left to return to the cottage, the two vultures left their perch and flew down to feast on what remained of the wicked queen.

It was finally over……


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 11: Requiem for a Princess, One Faint Hope

…but the damage was done. For although the wicked Queen had met her end; she had completed her initial plan. Not knowing that Snow White was in an enchanted sleep, the Dwarfs and the Straws Hats had assumed she was dead. A viewing was made for Snow White at the cottage. Brook was playing a solemn funeral dirge on the organ, tears pouring out of his eye sockets as he played. The seven Dwarfs and the Straw Hats gathered around the body, each in tears over their loss. Of them all Grumpy, who had taken a liking to Snow White despite of how he acted to her, grieved the most. Chopper and Dopey sobbed loudly as Doc tried to comfort them. The animals were outside in the rain, staring through the window with broken hearts. They bowed their heads sorrowfully, not caring how much rain fell on them. Unable to contain his sadness any longer, Luffy walks out of the cottage, takes a few feet from the door, and in with all his might, screams into the heavens with such remorse, that it could be heard throughout the forest.

The following day, the mood was not any lighter. The Dwarfs and pirates all stood around the former princess’ body.

Usopp: I still can’t believe she’s gone.

Chopper: It’s not fair, she didn’t deserve this.

Sleepy: No more singing.

Happy: No more fun.

Bashful: And we didn’t even get our gooseberry pies.

Sanji: Not all of you.

The others turn to see Sanji holding an unbaked pie with Grumpy’s name on it.

Grumpy: What’s that?

Sanji A gooseberry pie, I believe this one was meant for you Grumpy.

Sanji hands the pie over to Grumpy, who slowly fell to his knees and before they knew it, he was sobbing.

Grumpy: I *sniffs* want to apologize.

Robin: For what?

Grumpy: For how I acted. I don’t mean to be so sour, it’s how I am. We just ain’t to use to having strangers around these parts, especially female strangers. And I’ll admit, I ain’t use to big chances and act abrasive about ‘em. But I really did cared about her, despite how I behaved. Even after I warned her…I should’ve stayed behind.

Sanji: It wasn’t your fault, Grumpy.

Luffy: Yeah! It’s that dumb queen’s fault! She tricked Snow White into eating that stupid apple! We can just let it end like this!

Luffy starts to storm out of the cottage, until Zoro stands between him and the door.

Zoro: And where are you heading off to?

Luffy: Back to the castle!

Brook: What for?

Luffy: To find something that could save Snow White!

Usopp: Are you nuts?!

Luffy: Don’t try and stop me! I’m gonna find a way to bring her back!

Grumpy: *stands up* The kid’s got a point. You fools can stay here mopin’ about and doin' nothin'. But I'm not afeard a goin', not even to that ole witch's lair!

Zoro: Then you’re both nuts!

Doc: You two'll never make it. Some say the castle's supposed to be guarded by powerful magic, deadly traps and every corridor crawling with monsters.

Bashful/Sleepy/Happy: Monsters!?

Luffy: Let them! I’m not scared of some dumb traps or monsters!

Nami: Doc’s got a point; you don’t know what’s there.

Luffy: Why are you trying to talk us out of this?!

Nami: Don't get me wrong, I want to do something about this, as much as you do…

As Nami states her argument, Chopper went over to touch Snow White’s hand, he noticed that something was off. Even though Snow White was gone, her body still felt oddly warm. He takes off his bag and rummages through until he pulls out a stethoscope. He pulls a chair over to Snow White’s body, climbs on top and places the resonator into her chest.

Nami: …but the fact is this stunt won’t help bring her back!

Luffy: Well it’s better than just stand here moping about it!

Nami: You can’t just bring back the dead, Luffy! It doesn’t work like that!

While Luffy and Nami argued, Chopper was trying to find anything with the stethoscope, but their loud shouting made it almost impossible to hear anything. He quickly changes to Heavy Point and yells at the group.

Chopper: QUIET!!!!!

The others stop as Chopper yelled. He reverts back to normal resumes checking with his stethoscope for any kind of sign…anything…until suddenly he heard a faint heartbeat. It was very tiny, but it was a heartbeat, nonetheless. Frantically, Chopper rushes over and pulls Doc over to Snow White’s body.

Doc: Chopper! This ain’t the time for—

Chopper: Oh just shut up and listen!

Chopper puts the stethoscope onto Doc’s ears and places the resonator unto Snow White’s chest. He waited for a few minutes but then his eyes widened when he heard a small ‘thump’ of a heartbeat.

Doc: It’s a beat heart! A tart bleat! A-

Grumpy: Quit yer stuttering and out with it, Doc!

Doc: She’s still alive!

Straw Hats/Dwarfs: WHAT?!

Doc: A heartbeat, I heard it!

Grumpy: Don’t toy with us, Doc!

Chopper: It’s true, I heard it too. It’s really faint, but her heart is still beating.

Happy: But how?

Chopper: I guess whatever was in that apple must’ve slowed her vitals to a mere crawl. She pretty much in a forced hibernation, so anyone who saw would think she was dead.

Bashful: If she’s still alive, how come she ain’t moving?

Grumpy: Yeah, and if she’s in this hiber-whatis, then how come she hadn’t waking up yet?

Robin: *realizing it* Princess Aurora!

Dwarfs: Huh?!

Robin: It’s just like with Princess Aurora.

Sleepy: Who’s that?

Robin: A princess we knew awhile back, when she was a baby she was cursed to die upon pricking her finger on a spindle. But the curse was soften to just a death-like sleep.

Happy: And you figure Snow White’s was done in the same way?

Robin: Probably, but if that is the case, then it was more likely Grimhilde was planning on us thinking Snow White was really dead and we would bury her alive.

Dwarfs: What?!

Bashful: Why that sneaky witch!

Sneezy: That wicked fiend.

Grumpy: Well at least she got what she deserved; now how do we get the princess to wake up?

Robin: Well, for Aurora it required True Love’s Kiss to break the spell. Maybe that’s what’ll wake her up.

Zoro: But the problem is we don’t know who her true love is.

Usopp: What about that Florian guy? He was pretty into her.

Nami: Yeah but we don’t know where he lives.

Usopp: D’oh!

Nami: So what do we do now? We can’t just leave here on some wild goose chase for some prince.

Doc: Nor could we leave Snow White like this. And we sure as heck can’t bury her if she’s still living.

Happy: What’ll we do?

Robin: Well…There is one idea…

Sometime later, back at Grimhilde’s castle, all was quiet, not a single inch of the place showed any signs of life. But along came Prince Florian, the young man who had just returned from his kingdom intent on visiting the girl of his dreams again. But when he arrived at the same place met her, she wasn’t there. He felt that something was wrong.

Florian: That’s odd. Where could she be?

The Prince considered asking the Queen, but he heard a few tales about her, some of which were very unpleasant. With no other option, he walks around the castle entrance. Then suddenly, as the Prince made for the castle entrance, he heard a voice behind him.

Cloaked Man: If you’re looking for the young princess, the I’m afraid you won’t find her here.

Florian turns around to see a man drabbed in a heavy yet raggedy cloak. The hood of the cloak covered the man’s face so that only the lower half can be seen.

Florian: Who are you?

Cloaked Man: A mere wanderer out and about among my travels. I help out those in need of helping...and it seems you may need some.

Florian: I would appreciate it…what did you mean that I wouldn’t find the princess here?

Cloaked Man: I mean just that; Snow White is out here. Fled into exile she did.

Florian: Exile? Why?

Cloaked Man: I believe her stepmother was the cause. Word is the wicked queen grew jealous of her charm and beauty and so ordered the huntsman to kill her.

Florian: What?! I've heard the tales about her, but never dreamed she would actually try to kill her.

Cloaked Man: Fortunately, her huntsman was not so like-minded. He could not bring himself to hurt the princess and thus allowed her to flee from her kingdom.

Florian: And her friends?

Cloaked Man: Joined her as well. The queen left the castle the following night when she discovered that Snow White was still alive and hasn’t been seen since.

Florian: So the entire castle is abandoned?

Cloaked Man: Pretty much.

Florian: So then my trip here was for nothing.

Cloaked Man: Not quite. I said I’d offer my help and I meant it. Come on, then.

Florian: Where?

Cloaked Man: Into the castle. We’re gonna find Snow White.

Florian: How?

Cloaked Man: There is one way. It is rumored that the queen possessed a magic mirror with which she used to keep tabs on her kingdom.

Florian: A magic mirror?

Cloaked Man: Yes. And with it we may figure out what happened.

The cloaked man leads Florian into the castle. They wandered around the lonely interior until they finally found the chamber containing the magic mirror.

Cloaked Man: Bingo! I knew we find it.

Florian: So that’s the mirror…but it looks so ordinary.

Cloaked Man: To the untrained eye it is…but within this mirror is a spirit that knows and tells all.

Florian: And how do we summon it?

Cloaked Man: Allow me…*steps toward the mirror* From the farthest reaches of the galaxy, to the deepest of darkest space. Slave of the mirror, I summon thee. Speak! Let us see thy face.

The mirror’s face swirls to life with smoke and fire, startling Prince Florian. As the flames clear, the spirit appears before them.

Mirror: Who has summoned me?

Cloaked Man: One who seeks knowledge.

Mirror: What wouldst thou know?

Cloaked Man: To start things off; what can you tell us off Snow White?

Mirror: …Snow White lies still in the forest deep. Cursed by poison into a death-like sleep.

Florian: Cursed?! Poison?! Where is she!? Why—

Cloaked Man: *to Prince Florian* Easy! *to the Spirit* And what about the queen? What became of her?

Mirror: My master, the Queen, met her plight. Trying to harm the fair Snow White. And to her death was seen by all. Her vanity and envy became her fall.

Cloaked Man: I see.

Florian: So she met her end after all.

Cloaked Man: Seems that way.

Florian: But of what of Snow White if she was poisoned then—

Cloaked Man: What a tick, the mirror said ‘death-like sleep’, that would meant she’s still alive.

Florian: Isn’t there something we could do?

Cloaked Man: There is…follow me.

The cloaked man leads the prince out of the mirror chamber and down another corridor. After some searching, he finds a hidden passage that leads down a spiral staircase. As they went down the staircase, the cloaked man and Prince Florian strike up a conversation

Florian: …A witch?

Cloaked Man: From what I heard. She practiced in the ways of dark magic, which would explain why she had that mirror. And if I’m right, what awaits us below should be some kind of lab.

Florian: A lab?

Cloaked Man: Laboratory, my royal friend. In which the Queen most likely practiced her craft with potions and such.

Florian: And how will this dark place help with Snow White?

Cloaked Man: All answers will be given in due time. But first we got to—

Suddenly they reach the bottom of the stairs to the dungeons, were they walked to the end and find the door leading to the labs. They opened the door and saw the Queen’s laboratory in all its odd wonder.

Florian: So this is her lab.

Cloaked Man: Ehh, I’ve seen better…now…

The cloaked man started to rummage around the lab, looking for something as Prince Florian looked around. Prince Florian never knew the castle had something like this; a closely guarded secret lab known only by the Queen.

Florian: Exactly, what are we looking for?

Cloaked Man: A book on poisons. A lab like this has got to have one and hopefully have the antidote.

He looks about until he eyes a book marked ‘Poisons’.

Cloaked Man: Bingo! I found it.

The prince goes over the cloaked man, as the latter opens the book and starts flipping through the pages.

Florian: What are we looking for?

Cloaked Man: The mirror said Snow White was put into a death-like sleep, so there must be a poison to induce such a condition. *finds the right page* And here it is!

Florian: *reads the page* ‘Sleeping Death’?

Cloaked Man: Yep, and a very nasty one too. One bite from a poisoned apple and you’d be taking the permanent nap.

Florian: My goodness!

Cloaked Man: However, there must be an antidote to counter it. *finds the right page* Here! *reads* "The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love's First Kiss." There’s our answer.

Florian: Love’s First Kiss?

Cloaked Man: That means you, princey boy!

Florian: Me?!

Cloaked Man: Yes you! You did come here to see Snow White again, right?

Florian: Well, yes I—

Cloaked Man: And you do love her, right?

Florian: More than life itself.

Cloaked Man: Then we have a chance to save Snow White after all. Back to the mirror!

The two return to the mirror chamber where the spirit still remained.

Florian: Magic mirror upon the wall, tell us where can we find Snow White? In the name of love enteral, please…tell us where we can find her.

Mirror: In the forest green, above skies of blue. Thy faithful heart will lead thee true.

Florian: Thank you, mirror.

Cloaked Man: You go on ahead, your majesty. There’s something I need to take care of.

Florian: Of course.

The Prince rushes out of the chamber, leaving only the cloaked man alone with the magic mirror.

Mirror: You wish to more from me?

Cloaked Man: Yes. You see I have a few questions I want to ask you. Some I hope you can give me a proper answer.

Mirror: Alas, my power is fading from me. I can only answer just questions three.

Cloaked Man: Only three questions? I guess it can’t be helped…okay. First question…

Prince Florian came out of the castle and went back for his horse. As he mounted it and rode back towards the castle entrance, the cloaked man and just about finished with his questions with the magic mirror.

Cloaked Man: So that’s everything you know about them?

The spirit says nothing but slightly nods yes, the cloaked man lets out a long sigh.

Cloaked Man: Cloaked Man: It seems that finding them will be a lot harder than I thought. But then again, they’ll have a much harder time looking for them as well…so I guess it’s still a win-win with this info.

Mirror: With the Queen gone, my service done. Adieu, O calamitous one.

And with that, the spirit of the mirror vanishes for the last time. And with the spirit gone, its vessel was now reduced to a normal mirror. The cloaked man rests his hand upon the mirror’s face as a sign of relief for the bound spirit. He walks out of the chamber and back outside where Prince Florian was waiting.

Florian: Have you finished what you needed to do.?

Cloaked Man: In a sense…so you ready to find Snow White?

Florian: Of course! so where to?

Cloaked Man: Well in spite of the mirror’s vague answer, it's going to be difficult to find the princess.

Florian: Then we'll need to search everywhere. The people here must have seen the princess. It did say she’s somewhere in the forest.

Cloaked Man: But that could take days… Maybe even months…

Florian: I know, but we have to try.

Cloaked Man: *chuckles* That’s what I wanted to hear. Let's try the town, maybe some the locals might have some clues.

Florian: Let’s go.

Cloaked Man: Lead the way, your highness!

Both nodding at each other, the Cloaked Man and Florian left the castle behind as they began their search for Snow White…no matter how long it took.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Epilogue: When My Dreams Come True

So beautiful, even in her death-like sleep, that the dwarfs and the pirates could not find it in their hearts to leave Snow White. Together, they fashioned a coffin of glass and gold, and kept eternal vigil at her side. Meanwhile, Prince Florian, who had searched far and wide with the aid of a traveling wanderer, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin. After a time, they reach a forest clearing where Snow White is laid in her glass coffin. Prince Florian sang out one last song, one that he made to Snow White the day they met.

Florian: One song
I have but one song
One song
Only for you.

The glass coffin, where Snow White lies, was indeed in the middle of a forest clearing. The birds drop pink petals from a tree above, while the animals placed bouquets of flowers around the coffin.

Florian: One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true.

Then came the dwarfs and the Straw Hats, each with their own bouquet to give to the fallen princess. Those who had hats took them off in respect placing the flowers around the coffin while Doc and Rainbow lifted the glass cover. Grumpy placed his bouquet on top of Snow White. They all took a step backwards, kneeling with their heads gazing down. A moment of silence took place, as rays of sunlight shone upon the sleeping princess.

From atop a nearby road, Prince Florian, his horse, and the Cloaked Man, looked on with the same sense of sadness. Florian took his hat off in respect, as he approached the sleeping princess singing his heart out. Though the Cloaked Man had felt some sorrow, he walked away as his presence was not needed as his role was done.

Florian: One love that has possessed me
One love thrilling me through
One song my heart keeps singing
Of one love only for you.

Our heroes saw Florian immediately. They all rose from their knees as he approached.

Usopp: Florian!

Florian said nothing, having no words after seeing what has happened to the love of his life.

Florian: So it’s true…

Sanji: We’re so sorry.

Grumpy: We tried our best.

Florian: You guys don’t have to explain, I know about the poison.

Sneezy: Eh…how’d you know?

Florian: I came with a traveler who told me of—

As Florian turned to introduce his traveling companion, he finds that he had already left.

Florian: Where did he go?

Brook: He who?

Florian: The man who helped me find Snow White. He was the one who informed me of the poison she was inflicted with.

Grumpy: Then…you also know about to cure it?

Florian: Yes…then may I be allowed…to give her one last kiss.

Florian goes over to Snow Whtie but is stopped briefly by Zoro.

Zoro: But what if it doesn’t work?

Florian: Then may this be my farewell kiss…to the one I truly love.

They all made room for the Prince, who approached the Princess. He came close to the princess, lowering his head to her face, and gave her a loving kiss on the lips… Nothing happened. The Prince knelt before Snow White, lowering his head in sadness and respect. Everybody else did the same, even the animals lowered their heads in mournful silence. A few seconds went by and Sanji was the first to take one last look at the beautiful girl in the glass coffin… But then, his eyes nearly bulged out at what he saw next…

Snow White's eyes slowly opened, the princess raising her arm toward her head as if stirring from a long sleep.

Sanji: Guys look!

Confused, the dwarfs and pirates lifted their heads and suddenly they knew why. All eyes went wide, smiles appearing on their faces, even on the animals’ faces.

Nami: It can’t be!

Brook: Is she…?

Snow White began to stand up, stretching herself from her long slumber. She turned and saw Florian with wonder in her eyes, a smile forming on her face. The Prince rose his head and seeing the Princess, wide away, took him by surprise but he smiled like he never smiled before. He rose to his feet while Snow White opened her arms. He grabbed her in his arms and pick her up, as they gazed lovingly toward each other.

Robin: It worked!

Luffy/Chopper/Usopp/Brook: SHE’S ALIVE!!!!

Yes, Snow White had at last awakened! O frabjous day! Caloo, callay—whoops! Wrong story… Anyway, Snow White was alive and well. Dwarfs and pirates alike all hugged each other, throwing their hats in the air and dancing merrily. Florian slowly brought the princess to her feet when she finds herself glopped by Chopper, who leapt up to hug her with tears of joy in his eyes..

Chopper: I’m…*sniffs* so glad you’re okay…

Snow White: *hugs him back* Oh, Chopper…

Sure enough, the other Straw Hats and the Dwarfs rushed to her with a group hug, while Florian laughed joyfully at the sight.

Luffy: It’s a miracle!

Usopp: I told ya it would work!

Franky: Welcome back, Snowy!

Nami: She’s okay!

After the happy reunion, Florian scooped the princess in his arms, and both walked towards his horse. Everyone followed them, as they continued to dance.

Zoro: Where are you two head off to?

Florian: To my castle. I wish to have Snow White’s hand in marriage and give her the happiness she deserved…if she’ll have me.

Snow White: Of course I will…

Usopp: Whoo-hoo! We’re gonna have a wedding!

Chopper: Is it okay if we can come to the wedding?

Robin: And the dwarfs too?

Doc: Can we?

Snow White: If it’s okay with you, my prince.

Florian: I would be honored. You can be all our bridesmaids and best men. I would ask nothing less from the people who safeguarded by maiden.

Franky: SUPER! We’re gonna be best men! OW!

Luffy: And also it means we get food!

Nami and Sanji whacked Luffy right across the head, producing a lump on his noggin.

Florian placed Snow White on his horse, then lifted each dwarf so they can have a kiss from her for all the help they did for her. Bashful was first and was red as a tomato again. Grumpy was next, then blew a kiss back to her. Snow White then kissed Doc, then Sneezy, and Happy. Our favorite silly dwarf was next to receive a kiss. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and puckered his lips for the kiss.

Snow White: Oh, Dopey.

She gave him a kiss on the head. Sleepy was the last to receive a kiss, before Snow White and her Prince trotted off with everybody following them to Florian’s castle for the wedding. As they walked along the path out of the forest, they watched Snow White and her Prince approach a beautiful castle in the distance, basked in a light as bright as the rising sun. And as the group head off towards the castle and to the wedding, the sound of a heavenly chorus rang out the last verse of Snow White’s song, signifying that her dreams came true at last.

Chorus: Some day when spring is here
We'll find our love anew
And the birds will sing
And wedding bells will ring
Someday when my dreams come true

So it was that Snow White and Prince Florian were married, much to the jubilation of the Straw Hats and the Seven Dwarfs. It is said that the reception went on for so long it lasted nearly a week. But it was considered the most joyous reception anyone in the kingdom ever had. With Queen Grimhilde’s ‘passing’, Snow White became the rightful ruler of her kingdom and with her prince at her side, she ruled with kindness and compassion. The Dwarfs returned to their mining in the forest, but promised to visit Snow White often, some say they’ve begun to build something as a present for the princess. As for the Straw Hats, they left the same way they came in, and where they would end up is anyone’s guess. However in spite of their adventure, The Straw Hat’s actions did not go unnoticed by the Cosmic Witch, who seeks to put an end to their meddling whilst the Cloaked Man keep an ever vigilant watch over them…waiting for the right time to make his own move…


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Straw Hats Adventures of An American Tail


An American Straw Hat

Chapter I: Of New Meetings and Beginnings, Dreams of America.

Narrator: This is a story of finding hope, of facing adversity in times of despair. Of one child’s journey to find that which he lost and—whoops! I’m getting a bit ahead of myself and the plot. Let me rewind the clocks a bit.

It is winter, Shostka, Russia in 1885, the camera pans the whole town covered in snow, the indistinct conversation and laughter are heard from the people.

Narrator: The year was 1885 in the village of Shostka, Russia. Alexander Alexandrovich Romanov was the Tsar, and the country was at peace. Within the village we hear the sounds of laughter and merriment, for tonight is Hanukkah. And here we find ourselves at the humble abode of the Mos-*sees the sign* Oops! Sorry folks, right place, wrong name. *pans the camera to a small mousehole on the side of the house* Ah, there we are! Here we find ourselves at the humble abode of the Mousekewitz family. And this is where our story begins…

Inside the abode, we can hear sounds of children laughing…and some familiar voices as well.

Luffy: HAHAHA!

Franky: That a boy, Luffy!

Zoro: Look at ‘em, go!

We find Luffy dancing about like a happy idiot along with Usopp, Chopper and two mice children. Brook and an elderly mouse were playing on their violins while the others cheered on.

Now, by this point I’ll bet you’re wondering how the Straw Hats are suddenly partying with a family of mice. Well…I suppose it all started about 2 hours ago… within the snow-filled streets of the village, we see what appears to be something digging its way through the snow. However this digger and no sense of direction as it was digging around in swirls and circles. Suddenly it struck a fence pole making a ‘bang’ as it made contact.

Voice: OWW!!!

Something pops out of the snow after hitting the pole. It was Luffy, rubbing his head after hitting the pole.

Second Voice: Hey, Luffy! What’s the holdup?!

Luffy: I hit my head.

Third Voice: Of course he did.

Soon the other Straw Hats popped out of the snow like gophers.

Nami: And whose brilliant idea was it to let him lead?

Robin: Well he is the captain.

Sanji: Better Luffy leading then Zoro, he’d probably get us more lost than we are now.

Zoro: Im standing…right here!

Sanji: Your point moss head?

Robin: The point is…we’re lost.

Chopper: And its freezing.

Usopp: And who’s the brilliant genius that dumped us in the middle of winter?

They all looked at Luffy who was still rubbing his head.

Nami: I vote we don’t let Luffy use the book anymore.

Usopp/Brook/Franky/Chopper/Robin/Sanji/Zoro: Agreed.

Luffy: Huh?

Usopp/Brook/Franky/Chopper/Robin/Sanji/Zoro/Nami: Nothing…

Zoro: So where are we anyhow?

Franky: No clue…but wherever we are, there’s snow and lots of it.

Robin: And that’s all we’ve been seeing for hours. I suggest we travel above the snow line so we can at least see where we’re walking.

Nami: On that we can agree on.

With that, the semi-frozen band of pirates traveled above the snow rather than under it. They trudged and trudged and trudged and trudged and trudged and trudged…Streak! Streak!

Zoro: Huh?

Brook: What was that?!

Robin: I think that was a little writer’s joke.

Luffy: Yeah but from what?

Robin: I doubt the readers will get it.

Nami: I sure don’t.

Sanji: Hey fellas look!

Sanji points to a large snow-covered house that was a few feet away. To say ‘large’ would be an understatement since, being so small, the house was the size of a castle to them.

Usopp/Luffy/Chopper: Its huge!

Sanji: Nah, it’s just that we’re so small.

Robin: Well, that explains the large amount of snow.

Franky: And the tall buildings…so don’t think we can go through the main door.

Chopper: What about over there?

Chopper points to a nearby mousehole near the large main door. Above the little door was a plaque with the word ‘Mousekewitz’ on it.

Usopp: ‘Mouse…ke…witz…’

Luffy: Mousekewitz?

Robin: And the main door up there says ‘Moskowitz’. You think that’s a little too coincidental?

Nami: Who cares! We’re freezing our collective hides off and I’d like to keep mine while I can still feel it.

Robin: And given our size, a mouse hole seems like the only option we got.

Usopp: Enough chatter! Let’s check it out before we all turn into pirate-cicles.

The crew moved as fast as they could before freezing to the small door. Once there, Usopp quickly knocked on the door, as we hear voices on the other side.

Elderly female voice: Now who could that be?

Elderly male voice: Are we expecting company, Mama?

Mama: I don’t know. Do you think it might be my sister?

Elderly male voice: We’ll see.

The door soon opened, and they were shown a large elderly male mouse at the door. He was both surprised and curious to find miniaturized humans, half frozen from the snow, standing at his door.

Elderly mouse: Yes..?

Usopp: Evening sir…I know this could be too much to ask, but would you be able to take in a group of weary travelers who…

Suddenly Luffy lets out a big sneeze behind Usopp, causing some snow to land on the group (as cliché as that was). The elderly mouse, upon seeing them get covered in snow, pulls them out one by one and brings them inside.

Elderly mouse: Mama! Get some more wood for the fire, we got visitors! Strange visitors!

Mama: Strange visitors?

The crew lands in a pile inside the abode as Mama lifts each of them up to their feet, who was just as confused and curious.

Mama: Strange nothing…they look like humans.

Sanji: That’s because we are humans.

Mama: And how did humans get so small?

Nami: It’s a long story that even we can’t explain.

Mama pulls up another crew member, except it was Usopp and she was pulling him by his nose.

Usopp: YEEOUCH!! Hey that’s my nose!

Mama: Oops!

Mama drops Usopp and picks up Chopper, who lets out a small but cute sneeze.

Mama: Aww. This one looks so cute. Tanya, Fievel, go get them some blankets.

A few minutes later, the Straw Hat were wrapped in blankets and huddled near a stove for warmth. The family of mice looked over their new guest with curiosity.

Usopp: Thanks for letting us stay, uhh… Mr. Mousekewitz.

Papa: Oh please, call me Papa. And this is Mama, and our children; Tanya and Fievel.

Mama: And this is our baby, Yasha.

Robin: We’re really grateful to you guys for taking us in.

Papa: Of course, think nothing of it.

Mama: Who are you anyway?

Luffy: I’m Monkey D. Luffy, and this is my crew, the Straw Hat Pirates.

Zoro: The name’s Roronoa Zoro, Swordsman.

Nami: Call me Nami

Usopp: Usopp’s the name, marksman my game!

Sanji: Name’s Sanji.

Chopper: My name’s Tony Tony Chopper! But you can just call me Chopper.

Robin: Nico Robin…but my friends call me Robin.

Franky: They call me…Franky, the super cool shipwright!! Oww!

Brook: And you can call me Brook.

Mama: What odd names. But then again, you are certainly odd people for just small humans.

Nami: ‘Odd’ is an understatement, Mama.

Papa: Tell me... Do any of you like the violin?

Brook: Like it? *pulls out his violin* I play it!

Papa: Ah, wonderful! Just what we needed for this special night.

Brook: How so?

Papa: Tonight is Hanukkah.

Luffy/Chopper/Usopp: Hanukkah?

Mama: It’s a holiday that our people celebrated for years.

Nami: Celebrating what?

Papa: It celebrates the story of how our ancestors fought to preserve our traditions of our forefathers. And to remind us not to be afraid to be different, but to be proud of who we are.

Franky: Hey, not bad.

Zoro: Now that’s a holiday I can get behind.

Papa: Well what are we standing around for? Let’s celebrate!

…two hours back into the present and we return to where we came in. This merriment continued until Mama decided that the party was over.

Mama: Tanya, Fievel? Will you stop that twirling, twirling? Uh, no. No more. That's it. Time for bed. Come.

Papa: *laughs* But, Mama, it's Hanukkah! *plays his violin*

Mama: For you, every night is Hanukkah.

Luffy: Oh come on, Mama. It’s a party!

Mama: *Feeding Yasha a bottle of milk*Papa, enough already. They'll never get to sleep.

Nami: Otherwise this will last forever.

Papa: *pants* All right, all right.

Fievel: Presents. What about presents?

Papa: Presents? *gives his violin to Tanya* What presents?

Suddenly the Straw Hats looked on in confusion. Papa hid a small smile as everyone looked to him.

Mama: Oh, Papa...

Papa: *chuckles* Just a joke. For Tanya, a new babushka. *puts it on her head* Happy Hanukkah.

Tanya: *looks in the mirror* Oh, Papa, thank you!

Mama: You have only one parent?

Thank you, Mama.

Mama: Hmm.

Papa: *turns to Fievel* And for you, Fievel, a new hat. And not just any hat. A new hat that has been in the family for three generations. It belonged to me, my father, and my father's father, and now it belongs to you. *drops it on Fievel's head* Happy Hanukkah.

Fievel: *his hat covers his eyes* It's too big!

Mama: You’ll grow.

Papa: *chuckles* Ah, did I ever tell you about the Giant Mouse of Minsk?

Tanya: No.

Fievel: *looks in the mirror and runs up to join Tanya and Papa* No.

Luffy: Giant mouse? What giant mouse?

Tanya: Was it anything like the mouse with the long hair that the prince climbed up?

Papa: No. This mouse, the Mouse of Minsk, was tall as a tree. His tail was a mile long.

Using his hands, Papa creates a shadow puppet of the ferocious mouse on the wall.

Usopp/Chopper/Luffy: Woah!

Usopp, Chopper and Luffy imagine the giant mouse in full detail, stomping about like a rodent Godzilla.

Fievel: Really?

Papa: Really.

Usopp: Was this Giant Mouse really that big?

Papa: Are you kidding? He was so big; he frightened all the cats.

Mama: Shh! Don't say that word.

Usopp: What word?

Mama: The C…A…T…word.

Luffy: C-a-t- oh! You mean ca-

Usopp covers Luffy’s mouth before he could finish the word.

Franky: Any reason why we can’t say… ‘that’ word?

Papa: Just an old superstition. Mama thinks that because they could hear anything that they show up the minute someone says the word ‘cats’.

Mama: Hey! Hey! Hey! What did I just say?! Talk about something else.

Tanya: America.

Mama: Another fairy tale.

Papa: America. What a place!

Luffy: What’s Amercia?

Papa: What’s America?! It it’s a land of opportunity far to the west beyond the sea! A place that everyone dreams of going.

Brook: How so?

Papa: In America, there are mouse holes in every wall.

Mama: Who says?

Papa/Tanya/Fievel: Everyone!

Papa: In America, there are breadcrumbs on every floor!

Mama: You're talking nonsense.

Sanji: You should see ours the way Luffy eats.

Papa: In America, you can say anything you want. But most important... *whispers* And this I know for fact, in America, there are no cats.

Mama: Shh. They'll hear you.

Papa: How could they hear us?

Nami: Yeah, I get that they have good hearing but that shouldn’t they’ll able to--

Suddenly Nami is interrupted by a thundering rumble as the Mousekewitz home began to shake. Yasha began to cry as the rumbling got worst.

Mama: There, you see?

Zoro: What’s that?!

Franky: Maybe it’s an earthquake?

I wish I could say that was the case, but it wasn’t. Because outside a bunch of men on horseback, armed with guns and torches, were terrorizing the town and anyone that was outside as they did. But these weren’t just some random drunkards out on a wild spree, they were…

Villager: The Cossacks! The Cossacks—

Suddenly one of the horsemen fires at the man shouting, killing him dead on the spot. Inside the Mousekewitz adobe, the shot could be heard while the thundering of hoofbeats rocked the room.

Nami: What was that?!

Franky: That sounded like a gunshot!

Chopper: A gunshot!?

Usopp: Since when do cats fire guns?

Mama: It’s the cats! I know it!

Robin: I don’t think they’re to blame, Mama. Something tells me whatever’s happening outside is much worse than some felines.

Unfortunately, Robin was right. I regret to say that Shostka had become the reluctant target of a pogrom at the hands of the Cossacks. A Pogrom, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, is a large-scale, targeted, and repeated anti-Jewish rioting that occurred during this time period. And while such riots were condemned by the Russian government as this time; it didn’t stop these Cossacks from carrying it out anyway as they operated separately from the Russian Empire. As some men fired on any townsfolk they saw, some of the Cossacks tossed torches at several homes igniting them in flames. This forced many of the villagers to flee their houses, taking as many of their possessions with them from being lost to the flames. Of course as the human villagers evacuated from their burning homes, so did the mice community. Sadly for the mice, they had worse problems than the Cossacks; their animal counterparts, Cossack cats. They were much like the Cossacks except for one detail; the cats didn’t care about religion or ethics, if you’re a mouse, they eat you. It was that simple I’m sad to say.

The cats began rampaging across town, attacking any mice they came across. The children riding a cart full of baggage hide inside it; they take their mother out and run off as one of the cats pounces on it. A trio of cats are snarling and drooling in unison as they run forward. A group of mice stops running and gasps; they turn the other way and the cat pounces in the snow. A mouse rushing a cart with her child on top of it rams into another cat; she takes out her child and the cat crushed the cart. Back with the group, they braced themselves as the rumbling outside got worst, causing some debris to fall.

Brook: It feels like an earthquake out there.

Franky: But it sounds more like a massacre.

As Mama tried to calm down the crying Yasha, Fievel grabs a nearby pot and ladle and heads for the door.

Fievel: Don't worry, Yasha, I'll scare 'em away!

Papa: Fievel, you'll get hurt!

Sanji: Hurt nothing, that kid’s gonna get himself killed!

Fievel soon kept going anyway as he rushed out the door to confront the cats. Just then more debris fell from the ceiling, one of which hits Luffy on the head.

Luffy: Oww! *rubs his head* Stupid cats! Let me at them!

Luffy darts out the door and outside into the snow.

Nami: There goes the other one!

Mama: He’s crazy!

More debris started to fall down from the ceiling. A beam comes loose and falls down, Franky manages to catch it before it hit the ground.

Franky: This whole place is coming apart!

Sanji: Time to bail!

Zoro: Couldn’t agree more, everybody out!

Everyone rushes out of house just as debris collapses inward. Outside wasn’t any better; people (and mice) were screaming bloody murder as houses were engulfed in flames.

Franky: It’s even worst out here!

Robin: This place looks more like a warzone than a village.

Mama: Look!

Mama points to group of mice fleeing a burning house, only to the attacked by what could be described as a large spindly spider with four limbs. Its face resembles a traditional Hannya mask, with the intricate eye markings and long horns. It bears long, green-gray limbs with large red claws on its hands and feet. The exoskeleton covering its upper torso resembles a heavy dark blue armor with a row of red spikes along the spine, and a large black cannon muzzle on its chest. It strikes down the mice with no mercy and then lets out a deep blood-curling roar.

Usopp: What the heck is that?!

Mama: A Dybbuk! It’s a Dybbuk!

Brook: Huh?!

Mama: A monster!

The monster suddenly turns its head sharply at the group, its eye flashed blood red as it tilts its head in a sickly manner.

Usopp: I think it saw us!

In a flash, the monster vanishes. Sanji and Zoro suddenly feel their Observation Haki go off, and for good enough reason. The monster reappears and attacks the group with his claws, Zoro and Sanji just barely managed to block it.

Chopper/Brook/Usopp: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Sanji: Damn! This thing’s fast!

Sanji and Zoro push the monster away, but it recovers to attack again.

Franky: Oh no you don’t!

Franky steps in and slugs the monster in the jaw with left hand.

Franky: Weapons Left!

Franky’s knuckles open up and fires a barrage at the monster, blasting it at point-blank range. The monster roars as it is knocked off balance, but the attack barely scratched its armor as it recovers as it counters.

Franky: Franky…Iron Boxing!

Franky delivers fast and continuous punches to the monster who counters with blows of its own. The others hide behind some debris while Franky, Zoro and Sanji held the monster back.

Usopp: Not the best way to celebrate the holidays, is it?

Nami: Ya think?!

The trio were having a hard time fighting off the monster. Despite giving their all, the monster still wouldn’t go down.

Franky: Damn it! What’s this thing made out of!?

Zoro: It’d be easier if it as a Pacifista, but this things even tougher.

Sanji: And a lot uglier.

As the monster pushed back the trio, its eyes began to scan the area for something. In its POV, we see sensors, searching for any other lifeforms. It finds the others behind the debris, swats Zoro, Sanji and Franky and warps behind the others ready to strike.

Sanji: Look out!

The others turn to see the monster about ready to strike. And as the fell beast struck, out of nowhere three loud bangs rang out followed by three explosions across the monster, stunning it. Before anyone could even react, a large cyclone comes in and blows the monster away, sending it flying into a snowbank. Pretty much everyone was both shocked and confused as to what just happened.

Usopp: What..

Nami: Was…

Brook: That?!

Chopper: Look, over there!

Everyone looks to where Chopper was point as something emerges from the flaming wreckage. Walking steadfast with the fire behind him in a way that would give you goosebumps in a good way, was a warrior clad in an armor that was oddly out of place for this time period. The armor was more advanced blue-white colored with lines of gold along his arms and legs. Over what appears to be its helmet is a metal mask resembling a fox head. In his hand was a weapon that looked like a hybrid of a sword and a high-tech gun.

Mama: And who in the name of the Tsar is that?!

Papa: Friend of yours?

Nami: No one we know.

The monster emerges from the snow, slightly dazed as it resets its vision. In its POV, we see it reassessing its current targets now that the mystery warrior appeared.


Monster: Ka…men…Ri…der…

Robin: Kamen Rider?

The monster lets a thundering roar as it charges at the Kamen Rider. The Rider just continued walking causally as if it didn’t notice the monster coming at him. Just as the monster comes within inches of its target, the Kamen Rider takes his weapon and swings it the monster, blocking one of its claws with little effort. The monster tires to push back but the no avail, then suddenly, the two just vanish.

Usopp: What the?!

Brook: Where’d they go?

The group suddenly notice some snow getting kicked up off the ground, followed by some debris getting blown aside. Loud booms could be heard around them in all directions, as if someone were setting off unseen bombs.

Mama: First cats, then monsters, now ghost! What’s next?

Usopp: There not ghost Mama, its them. They’ll still fighting.

Papa: Fighting? How could they be fighting if we can’t see them?

Sanji: Because they’re moving so fast our eyes can’t follow. But they’re still here.

Papa: How’d you know?

Zoro: Let’s just they some of us got a sixth sense with these things.

And Zoro was right, for those who could use Observation Haki, the two were battling at a speed so fast they are invisible. They could only see brief glimpse of the two as they clashed. The two reappear as the Rider fires a shot, blasting the monster backwards. The monster recovers and charges again while the Kamen Rider pulls out two bullet-like capsules and places them into the barrel chamber. He points his weapon at the monster and fires, a fireball shoots out and suddenly grows into a large lion head. The lion head ‘eats’ the monster and explodes, enveloping it in a pillar flames. The group looks on, seeing if the monster is down for the count…but it wasn’t as it lifts itself up and walks out of the flames.

Nami: Oh you got to be kidding me!

The monster swelled out its chest and the cannon begins to charge up for an attack. BANG! Out goes the shot and heading straight for the group! The Kamen Rider suddenly warped between the group and the attack and then BOOM-- up goes a big explosion! The monster lets out a wicked laughter, but stops as the dust clears, revealing the group to be unharmed.

Nami: What just happened?

Usopp: There was boom. But we didn’t go boom. Why didn’t we go boom?

Brook: I think it was that.

Brook points to a large green barrier surrounding them.

Papa: What’s that?

Franky: Looks like some sort of field.

They see the Rider in a defensive stance as the barrier vanishes. The monster lets out a roar in annoyance that tis attack failed. The Straw Hats are ready to fight but the Kamen Rider raises his hand to stop them.

Kamen Rider: It’s okay…I got this.

He turns a dial on his weapon and a small light changes to yellow and then presses the dial. He then places his weapon to his waist with his left hand holding it in place.

Brook: Eh…isn’t that an Iai stance?

Zoro: But he has nothing to sheath it in.

The Kamen Rider goes into a low crouching posture, with his left leg stretched out behind him. He pulls the trigger, and the barrel starts to spin wildly, sending out large sparks of lighting all around.

Kamen Rider: Thundering Dance…

The monster readies itself to counter whatever was coming up next.

Kamen Rider: Seventh Movement…

The lightning intensifies around him as the blade on his weapon turns a golden yellow. The monster fires two shots at the Rider, which bounce off the Rider as they explode.

Kamen Rider: Blazing Thunder Dragon!

The Rider dashes at the monster at a soaring speed, the lighting surrounds him, taking on the shape of a large eastern dragon. The monster charges at him, claws bared for the kill. The two clash, a flash of light later it was over. The Kamen Rider got the first shot, slashing through the monster. Suddenly a loud thunderclap roars out and a burst of lighting explodes from the monster, electrocuting it to no end. The group stood in shock at what they just saw. The monster dropped to the ground; smoke rose out from its charred machine innards while its armor was covered in blackened scorch marks from the lighting.

The Kamen Rider’s armor lets out some steam like a hissing whistle. The group couldn’t believe what just happened.

Sanji: Woah…

Zoro: We couldn’t even dent that thing and he manages to kill it in one slash.

Franky: Now that’s what I call a SUPER finisher.

Papa: It’s like watching a folk tale happen in real life.

The Kamen Rider puts away his ‘gunblade’ and walks over to the group. The corpse of the monster dissolves away in cloud of smokey ash as the Rider passes by it.

Kamen Rider: Is everyone alright?

Usopp: Aside from having the living daylights scared out of us, we’re okay.

Mama: Are there any more of those…things?

Kamen Rider: No, just that one.

Brook: Thank you for saving us, mister…

Kamen Rider: Who I am is not important, what is important is that you’re all safe. But where’s your captain?

Nami: You mean Luffy? He went out chasing after…*realizing*

Papa: Fievel!

Zoro: Those two are still out there in all that!

Mama: Then are we standing around like a bunch of chickens with their heads lopped off?! We got to find them!

And with that the Straw Hats and the Mousekewitz family raced off to find their missing members, leaving the Kamen Rider as he runs off to his own business.

Elsewhere, in another part of town, a cat bites at two mice running horizontally across a violin, destroying it; the other mice are running for their lives as the chaos ensued. Fievel runs, clanging the pan with a spoon to try and scare off the cats. Luffy was running after him, hoping to beat up some of the cats they might come across.

Fievel: Go away! *stops and looks both ways, then continues running* Go away, cats! Go away!

Luffy: Come on, you dumb cats! Bring it on!

We suddenly hear a loud growl followed by Fievel screaming, as he and Luffy run from the cat. The three burrow into the snow until the cat gets his head stuck in a wooden hole. As Fievel and Luffy continued to burrow, they run into a boot. They gasps as another cat was running towards them. The two darts back into the hole as the cat pounces in. The first cat manages to get his head out of the wooden hole and burrows into the snow. Fievel and Luffy are forced out of the snow giving a "Whoa" while they heard a train whistle as the first cat burrowed towards them. They scream as the two cats collide, seeing Fievel and Luffy climbing up into a steam pot as they get inside. The two cats jump up at the pot for them. With some quick thinking, Fievel and Luffy use the lid as cover while the cats search the pot. The cat throws the lid away as all the other Cossack cats run away. Fievel and Luffy pushes off the lid and sits down, a bit dizzy from the ordeal, but still living. Just then the Straw Hats and the rest of the Mousekewitz family arrives.

Usopp: There they are!

Mama: Fievel, angel, are you all right?

Fievel: *giggles* Yes, Mama.

Nami: You okay, Luffy?

Luffy: *Dizzily* I’m okay…the fall broke our snow.

Nami/Mama: Then never do that again!

Fievel and Luffy shook their heads just as Luffy passed out. Chopper rushes over to check on Luffy.

Tanya: Mama, look.

The group runs up the edge to see the house that held the Mousekewitz home becomes consumed by the flames. The once happy holiday was now marred by this horrific incident.

Zoro: Well…this one way to end a holiday.

Franky: Yeah…not the way anyone wanted it to end.

Robin: So what now? It’s obvious it no longer safe here.

Chopper: But where would they go?

Papa: In America…there are no cats.

The other mice come up to see their beloved village on fire. It was clear that Russia was no longer safe for them. Their only choice was to head west…west to America. And it seem the Straw Hats are coming in tow, whether they liked it or not.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter II: The Long Voyage. There Are No Cats in America!

After two uneventful weeks of traveling across Eurasia, the Straw Hats and the Mousekewitz family arrived at the port of Hamburg, Germany, where a ship awaits to take its passengers to America. In spite of the time it took to get here, it felt like only yesterday since the attack in Shostka. But now their troubles were behind them as they boarded. A local band played some polka music as the mice bound for America boarded the ship via a mooring rope. And among the mice were the Straw Hats who walked in rhythm to the band’s music.

Usopp: I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we left Shostka.

Nami: Two very long and very boring weeks since we left Shostka you mean.

Robin: And now we’re going on a ship bound for the new world.

Franky: At least we don’t have to swim the rest of the way.

Brook: Plus we have this nice music to walk up to.

Luffy: Its catchy.

Meanwhile, Fievel looked around as he held his father's tail as they walked up the rope together until he suddenly stopped. This triggered the Straw Hats behind him to stop abruptly, causing them to collide into each other. In the order of collision was Zoro up front, followed by Luffy, Chopper, Sanji, Robin, Brook, Nami, Franky and Usopp. With Usopp being last, he bangs his nose into Franky’s back, causing it to bend 90 degrees upward.

Usopp: Ouch!

Franky: Hey! What's the hold-up?

Sanji: It’s that Fievel kid that stopped.

Nami: What would he be stopping for?

Meanwhile, up in the front of the line…

Fievel: Look, Papa! Water! Is it the ocean?

Papa: Yes. Keep walking.

They soon started walking along again as the band, slightly annoyed, resumed played their music, only to get stopped again by Fievel. This time as the Straw Hats collided into each other, Usopp’s nose bends 90 degrees downward.

Usopp: Now what?!

Nami: Okay, who stopped the line this time?

Zoro: Who do you think?

Fievel: *sees the smoke from the smokestack* Look, Papa! Smoke! Is the boat on fire?

Papa: No. No. Keep walking!

The band starts up again, only now they were irritated for being interrupted a second time in a row. As the group moves up, Fievel notices two seagulls nearby and…you can pretty much guess what happens next. Fievel stops…again. The band gets interrupted…again. The Straw Hats collide…again. Usopp’s nose gets bent…again, only this time it’s scrunched into a zigzag.

Usopp: Oh come on!

Nami: What is it this time?!

Fievel: Look, Papa, birds! Are they seagulls?

Seagulls: Yes we are, now keep walking!

Papa: Keep walking.


The Straw Hats climb over Papa to voice their opinion. The band, now really mad, resumes playing for a third time. Luckily for all parties involved, the group was close enough to the boat to board it without anymore ‘interruptions’.

Nami: You know, you could at least waited till after we got onto the boat to ask your questions.

Fievel: *pouting* I just want to see.

Papa: Fievel, this is the last time I take you to America.

Luffy: I thought this was a one way trip.

Fievel: Bye-Bye!

Fievel waved to the mice at the port as it was time to leave. The boat whistle blew, and the bells clanged, it was now time to depart. The German mice at the port all waved and said goodbye as the ship departed to the new world. Even the two seagulls said goodbye as well.

German Mice: Auf Wiedersehen. Auf Wiedersehen.

Seagull 1: Ooh, auf Wiedersehen!

Seagull 2: You know I got a cousin in America.

Seagull 1: Ah! *spits* You and everybody else.

Seagull 2: Huh?

The two laughed as they both got the joke.

Sometime later, out on the Atlantic Ocean, the steamboat sails across the dreary ocean. Inside the ship’s hull, its many passengers sat about the equally dreary vessel as it makes its way to the new world. Deeper still were the mice passengers as well, who were just miserable as their human counterparts. But both parties know that this trip will be worth it once they reach America. We now find the Straw Hats the Mouskewitz family among the passengers, bored as ever. Papa was playing his violin to past the time while Mama hums to Yasha in her arms.

Fievel: Are we there yet?

Papa: Not yet. Soon.

Fievel: How soon?

Mama: Soon. *resumes humming to Yasha*

Sanji: Well this trip is a real laugh and a half.

Franky: If we had the Thousand Sunny, we’d already be there by now.

Tanya: Maybe we should have stayed in Russia.

Papa: We'll be all right. As long as we're together, we'll be alright.

Papa continues playing his violin as the ship continued on its weary voyage. After some time had passed, not much but not a little, One of the passengers picks out a fish from the barrel of water. Of course the barrels were labeled; breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the contents were the same: Herring. Fievel looks down at the water full of fish; an apple core falls in. Papa and Usopp catches Fievel watching them.

Papa: Ah, so, Mr. Curious, you've discovered the herring.

Fievel: Herring? I thought they were fish.

Usopp: *chuckles* But, Fievel, herring are fish.

Fievel: Really?

Papa: Certainly. In the ocean, there are all kinds of fish, and herring is one of them.

Fievel: All kinds?

Papa: Yes. Tiny fishes, not so tiny fishes, fishes as big as this boat.

Usopp: And that’s only the ones we know about.

Fievel: Wow! Let's go up and see the fish!

Papa: *chuckles* Not now. Your mama's worried.

Fievel, paying no heed to Papa, slides down the rope on the barrel down to the floor.

Papa: Come back, Fievel.

Fievel continued to race back to the others, giggling and laughing at the prospect of going up deck to see the fish. Papa and Usopp were having a hard time keeping up with the boy, which is odd for the latter as he is a fast runner.

Papa: Wait!

Usopp: Man, that kid is fast!

Back with the others, a lady mouse was scolding her child for wandering off from where her family was while the other Straw Hats, Tanya and Mama were passing the time.

Lady Mouse: *walks with her own child* Oh, what am I going to do with you? You stay close to home! Don't you go running off again!

By this time, Fievel finally runs in, still excited.

Fievel: Mama!

Mama: Ah, so we returned, hmm? *giggles*

Fievel: We saw some fish!

Mama: Fish? Lucky you didn't see some cats.

Scottish Mouse: Cats!

Spanish Mouse: Gato!

German Mouse: Katzen!

All: CATS!!

Papa and Usopp arrives, panting with exhaustion from chasing after Fievel.

Fievel: I didn't see any cats.

The mice breathe a sigh of relief as Papa addresses them.

Papa: Won't it be nice to get to America where we don't have to worry about cats anymore? There are no cats in America, but back home in Mother Russia. *lets out a heavy sigh*

Chopper: Was the cat problem really that bad in Russia?

Papa: Are you kidding, a mouse couldn’t take two steps without getting attacked by a cat. In fact, have I a story to tell…

And as Papa regaled his tale, the scenery changes to snow-covered houses with cat tracks in the snow as the other mice follow the rhythm of his song.

Papa: Our family was traveling
Through the snow to Minsk,
Suddenly Papa
Saw those huge paw prints,
When I heard him screaming
I fainted dead away,
And I woke up an orphan

Straw Hats: What?!

Papa: Oy vey

An elderly mouse faints and the mice sigh in sympathy.

Papa: But!

Straw Hats: But?

Mice: But there are no cats in America
And the streets are paved with cheese
Oh, there are no cats in America
So set your mind at ease

Franky: Man, I didn’t think mice had that had kind of problems with cats.

Nami: Yeah. One minute you have a family, then you’re an orphan the rest.

Italian Mouse: Ma la cosa terribile che esiste nella patria mia.

Luffy: What did he say?

Usopp: I don’t know, I don’t speak Italian.

Italian Mouse: I’m just saying that terrible things like that can happen to anyone no matter where your home is. If you think things were bad in Russia, you should see things in my country! Ha ha!

The imagery changes yet again, only this time to the Italian town of Sicily. A picture of a cat, one Don Tabby Tabilioni, was plastered on the wall as the Italian mouse sang his backstory.

Italian Mouse: The times were hard in Sicily
We had no provolone
The Don: he was a tabby
With a taste for my brother, Tony
When Mama went to plead for him
The Don said he would see her

An elderly mouse, the Italian Mouse’s mother, enters a building belonging to the Don. No sooner as she enters the door; the paw of the Don closes it, and a rosary is thrown out, shattering a window.

Italian Mouse: We found her rosary on the ground

Zoro: And we can guess the rest.

Italian Mouse: *kisses the rosary* Poor mamma mia!

The elderly mouse faint again while the audience sighs

Italian Mouse: But!

Mice: But there are no cats in America
And the streets are paved with cheese
Oh, there are no cats in America
So set your mind at ease

Nami: That guy wasn’t kidding about cats problems being everywhere.

Usopp: No wonder these guys want to go to America.

Robin: It’s kind of sad that they have to put up with this sort of thing.

Irish Mouse: Surely, that's sad, but I have a tale that’s sadder still.
When I was but a lad
I lost my true love fair
A calico
He caught us by surprise

Usopp, Franky and Luffy, feeling cheeky, huddled together to combine their shadows to create a menacing shadow puppet cat looming over the Irish Mouse to enhance his story.

Irish Mouse: In a flash of teeth and fur
Her tail was all he left of her

He pulls out a flower and the scenery changes to serene graveyard with floating pedals by the tomb stone with the name ‘Nan’ on it.

Irish Mouse: 'Neath the heather
Is where it turra-lurra lies
*lies down on a flower*

The audience sighs with sympathy, that was the saddest story they heard yet.

Irish Mouse: But!

The audience of mice are dancing in a classic style while others pile their luggage and themselves up into a mouse tower singing.

Mice: But there are no cats in America
And the streets are paved with cheese
Oh, there are no cats in America
So set your mind at ease
There are no cats in America
There are no cats in America
There are no cats in America
That's why
We sail
These seas.

The porthole window slams shut and the thunder crashes and rains falls onto a ship with the waves surging below it. Well it seems that this will be a very long trip. I would say that all onboard made it to America safe and sound, but then there wouldn’t be much of a story to tell. Unfortunately for the Straw Hats and the Mouskewitz family, someone has been watching them…waiting for the chance to make their move.

And that time was now…
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Chapter III: Morganna Strikes! The Wrath of Leviathan!

We find ourselves back in council chamber within Morganna’s Citadel. The Cosmic Witch and her Council are all siting while looking at a projection of the ship the Straw Hats are onboard.

Scar: So the Straw Hats are sailing off towards America.

Medusa: *sarcastically* Well this will be entertaining to say the least…

Pitch Black: Yeah, as entertaining as having dental surgery.

Aizen: I still can’t figure out how they defeated that monster we sent?

Orochimaru: They didn’t. The data fragment we recovered confirmed that that insufferable Kamen Rider was present when the village was attacked.

Pitch Black: Well that’s just perfect! We sent out our new prototype to do some mayhem, it manages to give those pirates a hard time…

Rattigan: Only for that meddlesome brat to take it down with one shot, who’d have thought it.

Ganondorf: The Rider’s power is of his own accord; he has gained much strength as of late.

Medusa: And I’ll bet he’s the one that sprung the Straw Hats from that trap back in Dwarfen Woodlands.

Orochimaru: Those pirates will pose a huge problem if he decides to join them.

Morganna: Then it’s time we did something about that.

Orochimaru: Your Radiance?

Morganna: It’s just like the old saying goes; ‘if you want something done right…do it yourself.’

Rattigan: And just how to you plan to take care of this yourself?

Morganna says nothing but slowly rises from her throne. The other council members felt a tad nervous, gauging on what she might do next.

Morganna: By the only means I know how, Rattigan. To…the Chamber…

With a few raised eyebrows, the council rises from their respective thrones and follow Morganna out of the council chamber and into an elevator, leading down to the deepest part of the Citadel.

Deep within the very core of the Citadel was a massive spherical chamber, filled an ancient machinery riddled with arcane runes. In the center of the chamber was a massive black crystal that hovered several feet above the ground, giving off a foreboding purple aura. As the elevator door opens, Morganna and her council step out and take to their positions as they have been many times before. Scar, Orochimaru, and Rattigan went to a nearby console whilst Morganna, Medusa, Ganondorf, Pitch Black and Aizen walked up to an altar with a large ring-like statue standing before the crystal. Orochimaru and Rattigan began to operate with the controls as the surround machinery spurred to life, while Scar gauges the monitors.

Orochimaru: Augment system is active. Bringing stabilizer ring online.

Orochimaru presses a few buttons and moves a slider upwards, and a large ring like machine lifts up from the bottom of the chamber and hovers around the crystal.

Rattigan: Stabilizer ring is in position. Commence the ritual.

Medusa, Ganondorf, Pitch Black and Aizen begin to conjure ley lines beneath their feet, which spread out to form a large circle of power surrounding Morganna and the statue.

Morganna: I call upon the elements of wind, water, and thunder; conjure forth a storm of storms upon their ship. Bring forth waves the size of mountains! Make the winds blow and split their timber! Lighting strike and split the sea in two! I call upon the Eidolon of the sea to do my bidding! Sink that ship and send the Straw Hats and all aboard to their watery graves! Come forth, Leviathan!

(play 0:42-2:22)
Morganna beings to perform an eerie operetta, sending out a flood of energy from her body like a pillar of violent flames. The energy is absorbed by the ley lines, channeling them into the ring statue. The ring comes to life, spinning around and around, collecting Morganna’s energy into its center and firing it into the massive crystal.

Scar: Resonance stable…feedback noise at 0.3%

Rattigan: Amplifier ring is at maximum input and holding.

Orochimaru: The beam is firing but there not enough energy going into the crystal.

Ganondorf: Increase output flow by 15% and stabilize the outer lines. We don’t want a repeat of last time.

Medusa/Aizen: Roger.

Medusa and Aizen perform several hand gestures and the outer ley lines shift a bit, causing the beam to expand wider. The black crystal’s insides begin to glow as the energy within expands throughout the vessel until the whole crystal shone with a wicked purple light.

Scar: Dark Necrozmacite fully charged. Containment system is already at its limit.

Orochimaru: Activate the ring!

Rattigan pushes a big button, and the hovering ring beings to spin around, sending sparks of electricity into the crystal causing it to shine brighter. The light erupts into a pillar that shoots up and out of the chamber. Outside the Citadel, storm clouds surged and swirled above with an ominous feel as Morganna’s singing echoed all around. The pillar of light shoots from the Citadel and up into the clouds, causing the storm to erupt into a frenzy of purple lighting.

Meanwhile, back inside the boat, the two mice are playing chess as the checkerboard slides slowly back and forth from the water that was already inside the ship. A trio of seasick mice in a teacup bumps into a chubby mouse boy, whose appetite is unaffected by the rocking of the boat, eating a pickle.

Chubby Mouse: Hey, fellas. Wanna bite?

The trio of mice, turning their faces green, gag and sink down inside the cup. A red hot coal rolls from the boiler near the Mousekewitz family and the Straw Hats, who felt a bit uneasy from all the rocking.

Mama: Oh, it's the end of the world.

Papa: No, it's worse.

Zoro: *groans* This trip better be over soon.

Usopp: Yeah. Because I don’t know how much of this we can take.

The two other mice push the coal with a long screw. A Russian man suddenly steps in it, making him yell in pain (mainly because he had no shoes on when he stepped on it). Underneath the boiler, Fievel gives a "Hmm" while he and Luffy warm themselves up with a red coal behind them. The boat moves forward, the coal touches Fievel and Luffy, making them leap into the water. It moves them backward past the boiler and they collide into a bunch of random stuff from the human passengers. Fievel and Luffy come out on a soap in a bubble, sliding back towards Papa.

Papa: Fievel, come, sit here.

Fievel: Yes, Papa.

Unfortunately he was able to do so, more so Luffy as they slid away to the other side.

Papa: Fievel!

Luffy: Look out!

Luffy points to a barber’s knife that was heading right towards them after being swept up by the water. Luckily, Fievel or Luffy didn't get sliced, but the bar of soap was being whittled down. They were knocked off of the soap as they landed atop a barrel. The two looked up to see a door leading to the deck slamming open and shut due to the storm outside. They duck down into the stairs as some water came splashing down to the floor below. They looked down to see a couple of fish flapping about. They look back up to the door, between the howling wind and the strange yet faint singing, there was only one thing on Fievel’s mind at that moment…

Fievel: Fish!

Luffy: *hungrily* Fish?!

Just then, Fievel heard his father calling.

Papa: Fie-vel! Fie-vel....!

The young mouse boy gets a sneaky idea, one that he would soon regret doing, but would serve as the catalyst for our story.

Fievel: I'm getting my hat, Papa!

He tossed his hat up, and it caught onto the wind current and was swept out to the door. He and Luffy were about walk up the rope to the door just as Papa rushed over.

Papa: Fievel! Fievel, come back!

Fievel: My hat!

Papa: Wait!

Papa rushes after them as Fievel and Luffy climbed up on the deck and were astonished to see so many fish splashing about around freely as water rushed over the deck. The surrounding storm began to get worse as lightning strikes increased and the wind howled like a chorus of demons. Luffy was taking this all in until he notices, on the other side of the deck, a cloaked man and an orange-haired woman were busy performing what appeared to be some form of duet. The woman was singing whilst the cloaked man was playing rapidly on his guitar, the two shrouded in an orange aura. Waves washed over the deck, but for some reason the water seems to flow around them as if they were protected by some invisible barrier. Luffy tries to call out to them, but between the woman’s singing and the storm, his words fell silent.

Papa: Fievel, stop! Stop!

No sooner had Fievel grabbed his hat, a wave of water sweeps him and Luffy onto the deck. This was bad for Luffy as the sea water weakens those who possess Devil Fruit powers. Caught off guard by the wave, the two grab onto a nearby rope.

Fievel: *coughs* P-Papa!

Papa rushes up to the deck as the ship starts to tilt downward. Holding on to some rope, he reaches out to the boys while they try to climb up to him.

Papa: Fievel! Luffy! Don't move!

Fievel: Papa!

Papa: Grab my hand!

Luffy: We’re trying!

Fievel: Papa help!

Papa: Grab my hand!

They were about inches away from grabbing each other’s hands when another wave hits, sweeping Fievel and Luffy away while Papa gets caught on the rope.

Papa: Fievel!

The two boys get caught by a fish and nearly get sent overboard till they grab a nearby rope and pulled themselves up. After jumping across some debris, the two get hoists upward to the rigging. Lightning flashed through the air as a monstrous wave loomed over the ship. But things when from bad to worse, for out of the wave emerges a colossal sea serpent, bigger than any Sea King Luffy ever saw, and none so terrifying. But this was no ordinary sea serpent, nor its was it born from any imagination; it twas Leviathan, the Eidolon of the Sea.

Fievel screamed as Leviathan slams into the ship, determined to sink it and its passengers. With a flick of its tail, the very waves obeyed its whim and washed onto the vessel. The seas were whipped up so bad that it would seem like the end of the world was taking place.

Papa: Fievel, come back!

Fievel lets out another scream as Leviathan lets out a jet of water from its mouth at the ship. Fievel’s scream gets the attention of the Cloaked Man, who looks up towards the rigging to the two boys clinging for their lives.

Cloaked Man: How’d you two get up there!?

Fievel: Papa, help!

Leviathan opens its mouth as water from the ocean begins to gather around it into a massive ball. Fievel and Luffy held on for dear life, terrified beyond belief at what was about to happen. Leviathan fires the water like cannonball, striking the ship head on, knocking Fievel and Luffy right out of the rigging and into the sea below. Papa was spared thanks to getting tangled in some rope, but it did not help him to save his son and his friend.

Papa: FIE-VEL!!! FIEVEL....!!!

Fievel and Luffy tried to keep their head above water, but the churring caused by Leviathan made it near impossible. Plus the fact that Luffy’s Devil Fruit powers made him incapable of swimming made their situation even worst. After about the third attempt, they fall under the surface unable to move at all. and as they hear Levaithan’s roar for what maybe their last time, everything suddenly went black…

The next day, the boat finally reached the port of the new world. Many of its passengers were eager to the finally start a new life in America, with the exception of course of the Mouskewitz family and the Straw Hats, who had lost one member each.

Woman: America.

Elderly Man: No, no. New York.

At the Commission of Immigration in Castle Garden, many of the passengers were being registered into American citizenry. Though there was a bit of a language barrier with registration.

Human Customs Agent: Name?

Russian Immigrant: Smovolodny-Dhromovichsky.

Human Customs Agent: Okay, Mr…Smith.

Meanwhile at “Mouse” Garden, the Mouskewitz family and the Straws Hats were up next.

Mouse Customs Agent: Family, Mouse... Ke... Witz. How many?

Papa: Five…uhh, I mean… four.

Tears welled up in his eyes as the agent figured what he meant.

Mouse Customs Agent: I’m sorry for your loss, sir. Okay, next.

Zoro patted Papa on the back and he hugged back.

Tanya: Usopp, why did they change my name to Tillie?

Usopp: No idea, maybe they couldn’t spell it?

But sadly no one responded to Usopp’s answer, as they were reeling from such a devastating loss. I would stay that this was end of our story had this been in real life, but then again, if this were real life we wouldn’t have much of a story now would we?