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Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 13: The Unfair Trail. Escape from Wonderland!

Everyone was brought into a courthouse. It seemed like almost everybody, mostly the card soldiers, were present. Alice and the Straw Hats were placed at the bar while two guards stood next to them, making sure they didn’t try to make a run for it. Robin looked around to see if she saw anyone she recognized during the journey, and she noticed the Cloaked Man amongst the jurors. The white rabbit rushed in to the room. He was blowing a trumpet to alert everyone that the trail has begun.

The rabbit raced up to his podium and introduced everyone in the court room.

White Rabbit: Your majesty… members of the jury… loyal subjects…

King: A-hem…

The king taps the white rabbit with his fan, just to make sure the rabbit announced him too.

White Rabbit: *sighs*…and the king.

The King smiled, tipping his crown and looking all around the room.

White Rabbit: The prisoners at the bar is charged with enticing her majesty, the Queen of Hearts, into a game of croquet, and thereby willfully…

Alice attempted to say something, but was shut out by the guards.

White Rabbit: …and with malice aforethought, teasing, tormenting, and otherwise annoying our beloved…

Queen: Never mind all that! Get to the part where I lose my temper.

The white rabbit skipped everything else written on the scroll and got to the last part.

White Rabbit: Bwbwbwl… thereby causing the queen to lose her temper.

Queen: Now, Ha ha… Are you all ready for your sentence?

Alice: Sentence?

Nami: But shouldn’t there be a verdict first before—

Queen: Sentence first! Verdict afterwards.

Alice: But that just isn’t the way it’s—


Alice: Your ways, your majesty.

Queen: Yes, my child.

Zoro: Okay, huddle!

The Straw Hats quickly huddled around to come up with something to get them out of this jam.

Zoro: All right, even I know that this is getting us nowhere!

Sanji: For once you’re right, this whole trial is completely one sided.

Robin: And if this keeps up, we’ll all lose our heads.

Brook/Chopper: EEEHHH?!?!

Nami: Okay, so does anyone have any ideas?

Luffy: *raises hand* ohh, ohh, ohhh!

Nami: Any ideas that don’t involve beating stuff up and getting us in more trouble.

Luffy retracts his hand in disappointment.

Robin: Let’s save that for a last resort.

Usopp: OHH! I got it!

Sanji: A headache?

Usopp: No…a plan! If I can confuse the queen using some legal talk, she’d might forget about the charges and let us leave.

Franky: You sure that’s gonna work? Remember, everything here is as crazy as the locals.

Robin: And at this point, it just might work.

Nami: But the question is, do you know any legal talk?

Usopp: Trust me! I used to listen to Perry Mason and Phoenix Wright on the radio. I know what I’m doing.

Chopper: Good Luck!

Brook: *whispers* We have a radio?

Luffy: *whispers* Who’s Perry Mason?

Zoro: *Whisper* No idea…Who’s Phoenix Wright?

Usopp goes up to the bar alongside Alice, just as the Queen was about to pass sentence.



The whole courtroom gasps as Usopp’s loud objection had just interrupted the Queen, who was quite irritated that someone had interrupted her mid-sentencing.

Queen: On what grounds?!

Usopp: On the grounds that there is insufficient evidence towards any form of conviction against us. The Prosecution has made no effort to back their claims and all charges are merely contradictive and hearsay. Therefore, I call for an immediate dismissal and furthermore—

By this time the Queen had enough of Usopp’s objection, takes the gavel and slams it down multiple times.


The roar of the Queen’s voice sends Usopp flying from the bar and lands flat on his back with a thud. The other Straw Hats came to look over Usopp.

Robin: Well…that went well.

Sanji: You probably should’ve use a Habeas corpus on her first.

Usopp: Oh, shut up!

Queen: Now where was I…oh, yes! OFF WITH THEIR—

King: Consider, my dear. Uh… we called no witnesses… Uh… couldn’t we hear… maybe one or two? Ha? Maybe?

Queen: Oh, very well…BUT GET ON WITH IT!

King: First witness! First witness! Ah, we’ll call the first witness.

White Rabbit: The March Hare.

Two guards carried in the March Hare by his ears, as he sipped his cup of tea without showing any signs of pain. The Straw Hats were surprised that he was called as a witness.

Nami: Oh, you've got to be kidding, him?

Chopper: He wasn't even there!

Zoro: Well, that’s not stopping them from putting him on the stand.

The guards fling the hare to witness stand, who remains unfazed as he sips his tea.

King: Oh, oh, what do you know about this uh… unfortunate affair?

March Hare: Nothing.

Queen: Nothing whatever?

March Hare: Nothing whatever!

Queen: THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT! Jury, write that down!

The members of the jury frantically wrote that down on the chalkboards. The Cloaked Man pretended he did, but he sketched a childish picture of the Queen with the subtitle “Big, Fat Loudmouth”.

Alice: Unimportant, uh… your majesty means of course…


The Queen yelled in her face, blowing her back a little.

Queen: Next witness.

White Rabbit: The Dormouse.

Two cards carried out a teapot very delicately and gently, placing it in front of the Queen. The Queen took the top off and was about to do her usual yelling.

Queen: WELL—

The guards shushed her to be very quiet and delicate with him, since the dormouse was very sensitive.

Queen: What have you to say about this?

Dormouse: Twinkle, twinkle, little bat. How I wonder…

Queen: *whispers* That’s the most important piece of evidence we’ve heard yet. *shouts at the jury* WRITE THAT DOWN!

The jurors mumbled “Twinkle, Twinkle” as they wrote it down, after getting knocked out of their seats by the Queen.

Alice: Twinkle, twinkle. What next?

White Rabbit: The Mad Hatter!

Nami: Does that answer your question?

The guards brought in the Hatter as he bowed to the Queen; they poked his butt with their spears, sending him flying onto the witness stand.

Queen: Off with your hat!

Mad Hatter: Oh, my! He he he!

The Hatter laughed, taking off his hat, which had a teapot, cup and saucer all ready for tea.

King: And eh… where were you when this horrible crime was committed?

Mad Hatter: I was home, drinking tea. *squirts some tea into his cup* Today you know is *sips tea* my unbirthday.

King: Why, my dear! Today is your unbirthday too!

Queen: It is?

March Hare & Mad Hatter: It is?

Cards: It is?

Straw Hats: It is?!

The Hatter and the Hare rolled out a tablecloth filled with singing teapots and the like. As it rolled out, a big cake appears before the Queen, who was more than happy to receive it.

Mad Hatter, March Hare and Cards: A very merry unbirthday!

Queen: To me?

Alice: Oh no!

Mad Hatter, March Hare and Cards: To you! A very merry unbirthday!

Queen: For me?

Mad Hatter, March Hare and Cards: For you!

The Hatter pulls out a bunch of lit candles out of his hat and places them all over the cake.

Mad Hatter: Now blow the candle out, my dear and make your wish come true! He he he.

The Queen blows away all the candles, along with most of the frosting. The cake goes kaboom and in its place, a hatbox. The Queen wasted no time opening it to reveal a special crown with a string of white pearls to go with it.

Mad Hatter, March Hare and Cards: A very merry unbirthday, to you!

Alice sat by, bored, and then she saw the crown was starting to change. As it turns out the crown was no crown, it was the Cheshire Cat! The other Straw Hat soon took notice and was surprised that he would show up now.

Alice: Oh! Your majesty!

Queen: Oh, yes, my dears?

Franky: Look! There he is now!

Queen: Huh? Where? Who?

Alice: The Cheshire Cat!

Luffy: He’s on your head!

The Queen looked up to see the Cheshire Cat in place of her new crown, but the sneaky feline vanishes before she could grab him.

Queen: CAT!

Unfortunately, the Queen just said the secret word out loud, causing the Dormouse to leap out of his teapot and into a panicked frenzy.

Dormouse: Cat! CAT!? Cat cat cat cat!

The Mad Hatter and March Hare ran to catch their friend again. Luffy, unable to contain himself, follows suit.

March Hare: There he goes, There he goes!

Mad Hatter: Oh, this is terrible!

Luffy: Get the mouse!

The mouse and the trio races over the Queen (actually they stepped over her), and up onto a nearby banner. The banner falls from the combined weight and falls on top of the Queen. All three dove into a banner after mouse, creating a whole mess of confusion as the Queen tries to wrangle herself out from under the banner.

King: Catch him! Stop him!

March Hare: Bop him! Catch him! Head him off!

Mad Hatter: Somebody help me! Catch him!

Luffy pulls himself out from the banner and spots the dormouse making a run for it. He stretches out and manages to grab him by tip of his tail.

Luffy: I got him! I got him! Now what!

Mad Hatter: Get me the jam, the jam! Quick!

King: The jam! The jam! By order of the king!

Alice rushes over to the witness stand, where a jar of jam just happened to be there, and takes the jar over. The March Hare takes a large spoonful of the stuff and prepares to fling it at the dormouse…

Queen: The jam! Let me have it!

…of course, the Hare misses and the Queen ends up getting splatted with jelly all over her face.

Robin: *to readers* Well…she did ask for it.

Luffy started to laugh at the sight of it, causing him to release the Dormouse by accident. The King tried to hit the dormouse on the head with the mallet, but had little success.

Usopp: *to the King* You’re doing it wrong…allow me!

Usopp swipes the mallet from the King and starts chasing after the dormouse.

Usopp: The trick is a well-placed hit with equal force…like this!

Usopp leaps up into the air and was right on top of the rodent.


Usopp swings the mallet down hard and fast, but the Dormouse leap away at the last second, causing Usopp to bean the Queen square on her royal noggin. Alice and the other Straw Hats gasps in horror whilst Luffy was on the floor, still laughing his head off. Usopp looked around to see if he got his target.

Usopp: Get I get him?

Nami: No…but if you don’t get rid of that mallet, you’re gonna be the one who’s gonna get it.

Nami points at the Queen, who was directly under the mallet, sending chills through every nerve in his body. As the Queen was starting to come to, Usopp quickly passes the mallet to the March Hare, who passes it to the Mad Hatter who gives it Alice who was holding the jam jar.


The Queen ripped out of the banner and saw Alice who dropped the things and put her hands in her pockets.

Queen: AHA!

Alice then remembered and noticed something she nearly forgot all about in her pockets.

Alice: The mushroom!

Nami sees Alice taking her mushrooms and eat them. Getting an idea she quickly grabs each of the other pieces from the crew and rushes over to Luffy, who was still in a laughing fit.

Nami: Oh, Luffy!

Luffy: Huh?

Nami: EAT!

Nami takes the mushroom pieces, shoves them down Luffy’s throat and bashes him on the head causing him to swallow them all.

Chopper: Nami! What did you do that for?!


The Queen started to yell, but then suddenly stopped as Alice and Luffy grew large in size, both of their heads hitting the ceiling.

Nami: That’s why.

They looked down and saw the guards trying to fight them, but had little to no avail.

Alice: Oh, pooh. I’m not afraid of you!

Luffy: You think you can scare us? Take this!

Luffy kicks his foot, blowing away most the card soldiers. Alice picks up some of them like normal cards.

Alice: Why, you’re nothing but a pack of cards!

Alice tosses away the cards as they floated back down.

Luffy: Ehh…it was a lousy hand anyway.

King: 'Rule 42: All persons more than a mile high must leave the court immediately'!

Alice: We are not a mile high!

Luffy: And we’re not leaving so nyeh*sticks tongue*!

Queen: Hehehe… sorry! Rule 42, you know!

Alice: And as for you, your majesty!

The Queen panicked and used her tiny husband as a shield.

Alice: Your majesty indeed! Why, you’re not a queen, but just a-

And as Alice was telling the Queen off, she and Luffy were shrinking back to normal size.

Alice: -a fat, pompous, bad tempered old ty-

Alice stops herself the minute she realized she’s back to her normal size. The others clapped their hands over Luffy’s mouth to prevent him from saying anything at all. The Queen smiled evilly as the preverbal ball was back in her court.

Alice: -tyrant.

Queen: Hmhmhmhm… and uh… what were you saying, my dears?

The Cheshire Cat reappears on the Queen’s head with one last trick

Cheshire Cat: Well, they simply said that you’re a fat, pompous, bad tempered old tyrant, hahahaha!

Luffy pulls away the hands from his mouth to get in one last say.


Well…that did it. As the mischievous cat laughs away into thin air, the queen really loses her temper and had only one thing to say…


The card soldiers erupted with applause as they dove and swarmed to arrest Alice and the Straw Hats, who rushes out of the courtroom, knocking away any soldiers that got in their way.

King: You heard what her majesty said! *gets trampled by card soldiers* Off with their heads!

The White Rabbit blows on his trumpet to call out more cards as our heroes ran out of the castle with about 52 decks worth of card soldiers hot on their tails.

Sanji: You just had to call her a big loudmouth, Luffy!

Luffy: Who cares, it was worth it!

Sanji: Any brilliant ideas?

Franky: Aside from keep running?

Zoro: Head for the hedge maze! We can lose them in there!

Usopp: Provided we don’t lose each other first!


The group races into the maze as the cards followed suit. The chase continued for about 15 minutes as even the Queen and King took part in the chase. The chase ended when the gang runs (quite literally) into a deck of spades, knocking them over in the process. The Queen runs over the cards on her side, causing an incline that stopped the gang in their tracks.

As they slid down the card slide, they noticed the hedge maze vanishing and suddenly wind up in another caucus race, led by the Dodo, of course. The racers included the Queen, the King, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum, the Walrus, the Carpenter, some Oysters and a deck’s worth of card soldiers.

Caucus Racers: Forward, backward, inward, outward, here we go again! No one ever loses and no one can ever win. Backward, forward, outward, inward, bottom to the top, never a beginning…

Alice and the Straw Hats pulled themselves out of the caucus and started running across a beach, with the Queen and her cards chasing after them.

Queen: Off with their heads! Off with their heads!

The group kept on running as the rocks they jumped over turned into teapots; they suddenly find themselves back at the Hatter and Hare’s tea party. Just then the Hatter and the Hare appear out of nowhere and grabs Alice.

Mad Hatter: Just a moment! You can’t leave a tea party without having a cup of tea, you know!

Alice: But- but we can’t stop now!

March Hare: Ah, but we insist! You must join us in a cup of tea!

The two nuts pushed Alice and the Straw Hats into a giant cup of tea, which seemed to be more spacious than it looked. Luffy, Chopper, Brook and Robin suddenly froze up, mainly because if you remember; Devil Fruit users can’t swim. Zoro and Sanji managed to grab them and placed all four onto Franky.

They came out seeing that the tea turned into water…an ocean at that. As they swam, the Queen was riding at them, using the same method the travel the Dodo did earlier on.


The group immediately noticed the Caterpillar, smoking on top of his mushroom.

Alice: Mr. Caterpillar, what will we do?

He turned to them, not seeming to enjoy their company and blew smoke at them.

Caterpillar: Who are you?

As Alice and the Straw Hats coughed from the smoke, they suddenly feel solid ground on their feet. The ocean around them disappears as the Caterpillar’s smoke swirls into a tunnel that stretched for miles. The group wasted no time running as the Queen and her soldiers were right behind them.

Queen: There they go! Don’t let them get away! Off with their heads!

The tunnel went on for a while until the group came upon the Doorknob. They reached out, desperately trying to grab it. They finally managed to grab it and tried to open the door...however…

Doorknob: OWW! Still locked, you know.

Usopp: Sorry, but that Queen is right behind us! We just gotta get out!

Doorknob: Oh, but you are outside. Well, at least *to Alice* you are.

Alice: What?

Straw Hats: Huh?

Nami: What're you talking about?

Doorknob: See for yourself!

The doorknob opened his mouth wide to show what he was talking about. The group looked into and saw Alice out in the riverbank, asleep under a tree, with Dinah in her lap.

Alice: Why, why that’s me! I’m asleep!

Usopp: What the sec! How she can be here and yet be out there at the same time?!

Robin: If she’s sleeping out there, then could all of this be—

Queen: Don't let them get away! Off with their heads!

The group turns around to see the Queen and her mob rushing at them, and this time they were cornered with nowhere else to run. By this point, Luffy has had enough…


Luffy rushes at the mob at full speed before anyone could react. He pulls his arms way back for an attack.

Luffy: GUM-GUM—


Suddenly, the Queen felt something hit her across her chest; it was Luffy, deliver a well-placed and well deserved hit.


The impact sends the Queen flying far into the distance, prompting the mob to stop and proceed to dogpile on Luffy.

Luffy: Oh no, you don’t! GUM-GUM FIREWORKS!

Luffy jumps into the air and spins around rapidly. He then stretches and wraps himself in his own arms and legs like a rubber ball. He then lets loose, sending his arms and legs flying at the mob. Both he and the mob were soon swirled into a big multicolored cloud of a brawl.

Usopp: That a boy, Luffy!

Zoro: Looks like he did actually something right for once today.

Suddenly they noticed a few of Luffy’s attacks stretching out from the cloud…and flying straight at them!

Franky: Or not!

Brook/Chopper: EEHH?!

Sanji: Somebody, do something!

Alice: Alice: Alice, wake up! Please wake up, Alice!

Alice attempts to wake the other Alice on the other side up, while Nami and Usopp desperately tried to pry the door open to get out. But they were too late; the attacks finally reached them, mere inches away from hitting them all.

Straw Hats: LUFFY!!!!!!!

Suddenly, just before the fists made contact, everything went bright white. The last thing Alice could hear was a distant voice calling her name…

Voice: Alice! Alice!

The voice revealed to be Lorina in the real world, who was calling to her young sister to wake up.

Lorina: Alice! Alice! Will you kindly pay attention and recite your lesson?

Alice finally stirs up from her slumber. Her mind still fresh from her ‘adventure’, she heard to the word ‘recite’, and suddenly shot up to recite.

Alice: Huh? Oh. Oh! Uh… how doth the little crocodile, improve his shining tail. And pour the waters of the…

Lorina: Alice, what are you talking about?

Alice: Oh, I’m sorry, but you see, the Caterpillar said…

Lorina: Caterpillar? Oh, for goodness sake. Alice, I… Oh, well. Come along, it’s time for tea.

Lorina led Alice out of the garden for tea as Alice picked up Dinah. Alice was glad to be home after the long adventure she had. Even if it was just a crazy dream…Or was it? One thing was for sure, Alice knew that she would remember this dream for a long, long time…and the new yet, strange friends she met along the way.

Epilogue: A Dream within Dreams. On to the Next Adventure!

Well, that was it…Alice got out of Wonderland safe and sound, and all’s well that ends—but wait! You’re probably wondering what happened to the Straw Hats. Well…let’s rewind the clock about ten minutes or so; our friends had just learned that Alice had been asleep this entire time and were desperately trying to wake her up from their side. Luffy, finally having enough, charges at the mob with fists flying, creating a swirling mess of colors. Unfortunately, some of Luffy’s fists started flying right at them. Just as the attacks made contact, everything goes bright white. The crew suddenly felt a slight jolt to their bodies. They wake up to discover that they’re back on the deck of the Thousand Sunny. And the cause of their sudden wakeup call was Luffy, who was fighting in his sleep. His arms and legs were flailing around, trying to hit some invisible enemy. Some of them manage to hit the crew, much to their annoyance and decided to wake their captain up….the hard way!

Nami/Sanji/Zoro: KNOCK IT OFF!

Nami, Sanji and Zoro kicked Luffy, causing him to fly into the mast with a bang! The impact wakes Luffy up in a shock.

Luffy: Who?! What! When! Where!? Why! How?!

Franky: Well that got him up.

Robin: Is everyone all right?

Sanji: Aside from Luffy’s sleep fighting, were fine.

Usopp: So…what just happened?

Chopper: And how did we get back to the Sunny?

Brook: The last thing I remember; we were being chased by practically everyone in Wonderland.

Franky: Yeah…and then Luffy went bananas and everything went blank after that.

Usopp: Hey wait! Where’s Alice?

Chopper: Did you think they got her?!

Robin looks around to find the Infinity’s Eye lying right beside them. She grabbed it, flipping through the written pages until she found the last page for Alice in Wonderland, letting out a sigh of relief.

Robin: She made it.

Chopper: Really! How?

Robin: All of it was just a dream…nothing more. She managed to wake up back home, safe and sound.

Usopp: So wait! You mean to tell us right everything we went through…all of that was just some dream?!

Robin: Pretty much.

Nami: Well I for one I’m glad that’s over. Cause there’s no way I’m going back to that place again, even if you paid me!

Franky: You said it.

Brook: But to be honest, I thought it was fun, in spite of the bad stuff.

Zoro: Yeah…if you were into all of that wackiest.

Nami: Well at least we can relax a bit and---

Nami notices that Luffy was not at the mast and she looked around frantically around to see where he went to.

Nami: Wait… where’s Luffy?

Robin: I thought he was—*notices the Infinity’s Eye was missing from her hands* and where’s the book?

Usopp: Oh…no…

Sanji: He wouldn’t…

Nami: FIND HIM!!!!!

The crew looked around frantically looked for Luffy, who had already taken the Infinity’s Eye to the upper deck and began to skim through it…until he found something to caught his eye.

Luffy: Oooh…this looks good.

The rest of the crew arrives too late as Luffy puts his hand on the page and it starts to glow light blue.

Nami/Zoro/Sanji/Franky/Chopper/Usopp/Brook: LUFFY!!!!!

Robin: Well…here we go again.

The Infinity’s Eye’s pages begin to turn rapidly as a light blue aura begins to envelop the crew, pulling them into the book and its blinding light.

Well, the Straw Hats adventures in Wonderland may be over…but their new adventure has just begun!


Sep 25, 2010
Luffy! Didn't you learn from last time? Robin really needs to hold onto the Infinity Eye a lot more firmly. You know, what if the Cloaked Man happens to be the book itself? I can't remember if they're separate entities or not. I got a good laugh out of Usopp using some Phoenix Wright as his way of talking them out of getting their heads chopped off. Oh boy, if only Alice and Luffy could've stayed tall because, they could've gotten away with calling the Queen a tyrant. x'D Oh well, this chapter was thoroughly entertaining. I look forward to their next adventure. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Prologue: A Brief Notice. Prelude to the Show!
We find ourselves in what appears to be a theater, the room is dark, the seats are filled and the crowd of people was murmuring to themselves. Suddenly a single spotlight turns on and the Cloaked Man walks under the light, addressing to the audience.

Cloaked Man: *clears throat* Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s performance will be an adaptation of Carlo Collodi’s world-renowned fairy tale: Pinocchio. Now I know that some of you are, if not, well versed in the story of the wooden puppet. However; in this version, we have, and by we, I mean the management, decided to change a few things with this story. First foremost, we have a few guest characters will be partaking in this adventure, nine of which will be taking center stage with our wooden puppet; the Straw Hat Pirates. Rest assured, the core plot of Pinocchio shall remain untouched, the other thing is it has been brought to our attention that some characters in the story, who names will not be mention at this time, had seem to gotten off without having learn some lesson in some shape or form. I won’t reveal any spoilers, but let’s just say in this version of Pinocchio, those individuals will get exactly what they deserve…one way or another.
So now with that out of the way and without further ado…the Zodiac Theater proudly presents:

One Piece Infinite Adventures
The Straw Hats Adventures of Pinocchio

And with that, the Cloaked Man walks off the stage as the curtain rises and show begins…

Chapter 1: Through the Eyes of a Cricket. The Little Wooden Head, Pinocchio!

We begin our story with a simple but short overture followed by a chorus. And then we hear a voice singing.

Voice: When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you
If your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do

Chorus: Fate is kind
She brings
To those who love
The sweet fulfilment
Of their secret longing
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

We now see what appears to be the desk of a writer of sorts. Quills, scrolls, a number of books and a number of writer’s materials. Among the books, the one book in particular stood out above the others. It has the title of our story; Pinocchio, with a silhouette of the wooden puppet on the front as a spotlight shines upon it. The spotlight moves upward to reveal the source of the singing; a cricket, all dressed up like a gentleman.

Cricket: Like a boat out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Cricket: Pretty huh? I’ll bet a lot of you folks don’t be that…about a wish coming true…do ya? Well, I didn't, either. Of course, I'm just a cricket singing my way from hearth to hearth, but let me tell you what made me change my mind.

The cricket then slid down the book, undid a latch and opened the book to its first page. The page had a picture of a tranquil village amidst a starry night.

Cricket: One night a long time a...

The cricket notices the cover page was slowly turning back.

Cricket: …pardon me. Wait till I fix this thing here.

The cricket pushes the page back and then, pulls a candleholder over, pinning in place.

Cricket: There. One night a long time ago, my travels took me to a quaint little village. It was a beautiful night. The stars were shining like diamonds high above the roofs of that sleepy old town. Pretty as a picture.

And the cricket wasn’t joking, as we take an in-depth look into the village. His descriptions are better than what we could make as we made our way into the village.

Cricket: As I wandered along the crooked streets, there wasn't a soul to be seen. The only sign of life was a lighted window in the shop of a woodcarver named Geppetto. So, I hopped over...

As the cricket hopped over to the woodcarver’s shop, we soon see a more detail view inside from the window. Aside from the usual tools and paraphernalia a woodcarver would have, we see a fireplace all lit to warm the room on such a nice night like this.

Cricket: ...and looked it. It was a shame to see a nice, cheerful fire goin' to waste. So what do I do? I go in.

We finally see the Cricket, although unlike the one we saw in a gentleman’s attire whose narrating, his attire was that of a raggedy traveler. He was looking in through the window and sees the fireplace. See that no one was initially in, he come in through a small opening under the door.

Cricket: I looked around. Of course, being in a strange place like that, I didn't know what to expect. A cricket can't be too careful, you know.

The cricket quietly and carefully making his way across the floor to the fireplace, looking to make sure no one was around.

Cricket: Soon as I saw there was no one about, I made myself at home.

With the coast clear, the cricket causally walks over to the fireplace. Using his umbrella, he pulls out a hot coal ember and beings to warm himself up.

Cricket: As I stood there warming my...myself, I took a look around. Well, sir, you never saw such a place... The most fantastic clocks you ever laid your eyes on and all carved out of wood.

And he wasn’t kidding, as we see an assortment of wood carved clocks, well made and very well detailed.

Cricket: Cute, little music boxes... each one a work of art.

On a workbench, we see some music boxes, all beautifully made to perfection.

Cricket: Shelf after shelf of toys and...

We see a number of shelfs, all filled of dozens of toys, all ranging from windups to wooden dolls.

Cricket: and then something else caught my eye... a puppet. You know... one of those marionette things. All strings and joints.

The cricket then notices our soon-to-be main character atop a nearby shelf. He went over and climbed up onto the shelf to get a better look at it. It was a simple puppet, in the form of a young little boy; dressed in red spenders, yellow shirt, a blue bowtie and a yellow hat with a red feather on it.

Cricket: *chuckles* Cute little fella. *ding ding* Going up.

The cricket climbs up a nearby string and stands on top of the puppet’s nose. He taps on its head to check if the wood was of good quality, which it is.

Cricket: Good piece of wood too.

????: Mr. Geppetto, how soon will it be done?

????: Well, now. It won't take much longer.

Suddenly, the cricket hears someone coming from down the nearby stairs. It was Geppetto, the kindly old wood carver who owns and lives here. Coming down alongside him was his ‘guest’; the Straw Hat Pirates. (You were wondering when they’d showed up, did ya?) Anyway, they went up with Geppetto to put the final touches on his latest project; the wooden puppet on the counter. The Cricket, not wanting to be discovered, climbs up the string to a top shelf above the puppet.

Geppetto: Just a little more paint, and he's all finished.

Robin: I can’t wait to see it finished, he may be your best work yet.

Geppetto: Thank you, my dear. You know, I never would’ve finished him in time if it weren’t for you all.

Sanji: No prob, old man. It’s the least we could do.

Geppetto: To think, it feels like only yesterday that you all came out of my fireplace like Santa Claus, all covered in soot.

Zoro: And it was only three weeks ago.

Usopp: And I’m still finding soot behind my ears

Chopper: But it was kind of you to let us stay, despite of what happened.

Geppetto: Well I couldn’t send you out of the streets, besides you all earned your keep by helping around the shop; getting wood to carve, testing out the toys…*sighs* it’s always nice to have company around.

Usopp: True.

Nami: But still, I can’t believe you sell this stuff at such small prices.

Geppetto: Now Nami, money isn’t important to me. As long as my toys bring some happiness to the people who buy them, then that’s reward enough for me. And with this one, I think he'll be alright, don't you, Figaro?

Figaro, Geppetto’s pet cat, meows a response as Geppetto goes to work on the puppet. The cricket leaps over to another shelf, wanting to get a better look at Geppetto’s work. The Straw Hats observed as Geppetto adds a couple of eyebrows to the puppet; he then dips the brush into water to wash it and then dips into some paint. Back on the shelf, the cricket was admiring Geppetto’s work, placing his hand on an object to lean on. Unfortunately, the object he was leaning on was the ‘rear end’ of a porcelain lady. Upon realizing this, the cricket quickly takes his hands off the lady and quickly apologizes, even though the lady wasn’t really alive.

Cricket: Beg pardon.

Back to Geppetto, he carefully adds a smile to the puppet’s face, completing it.

Geppetto: See? That makes a big difference.

Cricket: Very good. Very, very g...

Of course, the Cricket was talking to a pipe, with a very grumpy disposition craved into it.

Cricket: Well, you can't please everybody.

Geppetto: Now I have just the name for you...Pinocchio! Do you like it, Figaro?

Figaro shakes his head no in response.

Geppetto: No? You do, don't you, Cleo?

Cleo, Geppetto’s pet goldfish, shakes her head in response.

Geppetto: Oh come now! It’s not that bad. *to the Straw Hats* What do you guys think?

Chopper: I like it.

Robin: Sounds cute.

Franky: Not super enough for me.

Luffy: Sound funny.

Sanji: Odd name for a puppet.

Zoro: I don’t like it.

Usopp: But I do. He reminds me of me.

Brook: I think it’s adorable.

Nami: Doesn’t sound right for me.

Robin: That’s six votes for each side. It’s a tie, Geppetto.

Geppetto: Well, we'll leave the deciding vote to little wooden head. *to Pinocchio* Do you like it?

He goes over to the puppet and tugs on one of the strings, causing its head to bobble up and down in agreement.

Geppetto: *laughs* That settles it! Pinocchio it is! Come on, now! We'll try you out.

Geppetto picks up Pinocchio and takes him over to test out. But first they needed some…

Geppetto: Music, Professor!

Geppetto goes over to a shelf to one of music boxes that were there. The one he going to was one in the shape of a bandstand; with a professor, a violinist, an accordion player and a whistler. Of course, the cricket just happened to be near said music box and ducked under it to avoid being seen. Geppetto pushes a button on the music box, starting it up as the professor orchestrates the players. The music box began playing a whimsical tune, while underneath it; the Cricket was getting bopped and biffed by the protruding gears, pistons and other inner workings.

Cricket: Hey! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Take it easy, there! Break it up, will ya?

The Cricket finally manages to get out from under the music box, but not before hitting his head on a windup key on the side.

Cricket: Lot of downbeats in there.

The Cricket soon forgot about his ordeal as he sees Geppetto moving Pinocchio via his strings, who was dancing along to the musical tune with Chopper while the others watched with amusement.

Geppetto: Little wooden head, go play your part
Bring a little joy to every heart
Little do you know, and yet it's true
That I'm mighty proud of you
Little wooden feet and best of all
Little wooden seat in case you fall

Geppetto makes Pinocchio fall down, almost hitting Figaro.

Geppetto: Oh, how graceful!
My little wooden head

As they continued, the Cricket goes to admire the playing music box, most notably the whistler. However, he soon notices Geppetto coming back this way and with no time to hide, he pretends to be a part of the music box players. In rhythmic fashion, he opens his umbrella and then lifts up his hat while humming along. Fortunately, no one even noticed him as their attention was on Pinocchio. Geppetto walks him over to meet Cleo.

Geppetto: Cleo, meet Pinocchio. Say, "How do you do?"

Geppetto moves the control bar to make Pinocchio raise his hat, Cleo twirls around cheerfully in response. Geppetto then takes Pinocchio to meet Figaro.

Geppetto: Say hello to Figaro.

Pinocchio strokes Figaro along his back and suddenly, Geppetto moves one of the leg strings, causing Pinocchio to lightly kick Figaro in his rear, knocking him over. The act causes an uproar with the Straw Hats, who thought it was funny.

Luffy: Now that’s funny.

Robin: Up to mischief already, I see.

Of course, Figaro didn’t like it and retaliated by knocking back Pinocchio’s foot, hitting him in the head and getting tangled in his strings.

Geppetto: You see what happens?

Geppetto untangles the strings and frees Pinocchio’s leg. By this point the music was starting to slow down. Geppetto puts Pinocchio down on the floor, making act like he was crawling. Pinocchio starts to crawl towards Figaro as he crawls backwards until he falls down a step behind him. Geppetto picks up the puppet as the music ends.

Geppetto: Up we go! You're a cute little fellow. And that smile... You know, I...

And while Geppetto was admiring Pinocchio, Figaro was rubbing his leg and meowing for attention.

Geppetto: You rascal. Jealous, huh?

Geppetto picks up Figaro and holds him up next to Pinocchio.

Geppetto: You know, Pinocchio, I think Figaro is jealous of you.

Figaro makes a swing at Pinocchio affirming this but he misses. He then places both on the workbench.

Geppetto: Don't worry, Figaro. I...

Suddenly one the clocks started to chime. Then another clock, and then another. Pretty soon, the entire room was filled with the sounds of clocks going off. And what clocks, each one had a different design and made a different sound. One had two ducks had quacked the hour, while a flower-shaped clock had a bee that pops out and buzzes on the hour. Another clock had a cuckoo bird and her chicks going ‘cuckoo’, while one had a man attempting to chop a turkey’s head off, with the latter pulling its head back each time. Then there was a clock with a hunter trying to shoot at a bird, but it keeps pulling back into its 'tree as he shoots. One clock looked like a tavern with a drun- I mean, plastered gentleman coming out and hiccupping the hour. And one more had a woman spanking her child, who had his hand stuck in a jam jar and cried the hours.

Geppetto: I wonder what time it is.

Geppetto pulls out his pocket watch, which shows nine o’ clock on the nose.

Usopp: *to Franky* He has all these clocks and yet he checks his watch to see the time?

Franky: Must be an in-joke.

Geppetto: It's getting late. Come now. We go to bed. *picks up Figaro* Good night, Pinocchio. Little funny face.

A sense of tiredness soon came over everyone as it was indeed time for bed. Even the cricket was getting ready to turn in for the night.

Geppetto: Good night, Cleo, my little water baby.

Geppetto goes over and pets Cleo along her tummy like a little dog. Figaro was about to leap down when…

Geppetto: Figaro, you say goodnight too.

Figaro looks over to Cleo, who has moved up to the bowl for a goodnight kiss. He gives a ‘Do I have to?’ look to Geppetto.

Geppetto: Go on.

Usopp: Yeah, Figaro. Give the fishy a little kissy.

With great reluctance, Figaro licks the bowl and Cleo gives a happy little twirl in response.

Geppetto: Now, go to sleep, my little mermaid. Good night.

Cleo swam into a little castle in her bowl and lays down inside it ready for bed. The Cricket was also turning in for the night, using the head of a violin as a bed.

Cricket: Oh hum *yawning* This is my idea of comfort. Solid comfort.

Geppetto, after putting on his nightshirt, is now in bed, smoking his pipe before he went to sleep. Figaro is seen resting in his own little bed beside

Sanji: You need anything before we turn in, Geppetto?

Geppetto: I’m alright, Sanji, thank you. Heh, Look at him, fellas.

The crew looked over to the bench to see Pinocchio, sitting all quiet and silent.

Geppetto: He almost looks alive.

Usopp: You’re right, he kinda does.

Robin: In the right light, he sort of looks alive.

Geppetto: Wouldn't it be nice if he was a real boy? Oh, well. Come on. We go to sleep.

Well, Figaro was about to get all cozy in his bed when…

Geppetto: Aww, Figaro. I forgot to open the window.

Figaro, annoyed at the fact that he has to get out of his bed, climbs on top of Geppetto’s bed to reach the window. He manages to reach the window and slowly starts to open it. Just as he gets it opened wide enough, Figaro almost falls down, but and caught by Robin.

Geppetto: Oh, everyone, look! Look! The wishing star!

Everyone looks out to where Geppetto was pointing. Amid the starry night sky, one star shined the brightest out of all of them. This was the wishing star.

Geppetto: Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight...I wish I may, I wish I might have the wish I make tonight. Figaro, fellas, you know what I wish?

Chopper: What?

Geppetto: I wish that my little Pinocchio might be a real boy.

Luffy: Really?

Usopp: A pretty nice gesture.

Geppetto: Wouldn't that be nice? Just think! A real boy!

Cricket: A very lovely thought, but not at all practical.

Geppetto: …a real…boy.

And with that, Geppetto falls asleep. Figaro leaps out of Robin’s arms and, rather than going back into his own bed, decides to sleep alongside Geppetto. The others quietly went back upstairs to bed as not to disturb Geppetto…soon all was quiet.



Sep 25, 2010
The Cloaked Man amuses me to no end with his opening speech. I like how he knows the Straw Hats aren't always learning the lesson of each story they fall into. Unless he means me, the actual audience. lol. Anyways, Geppetto certainly is the kindest of souls by letting the Straw Hats stay in his home like that. I like how everyone gets a chance to vote on Pinocchio's name. Of course, I wonder how long it'll be before the Straw Hats find themselves in a different form of trouble, cause if i remember right, somebody gets turned into an animal for misbehavior. (I could be wrong. xD) Overall, you have all of the characters dead on as themselves. Can't wait to read more and see what's next! Great chapter as always. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
due to certain events, i am unable to continue working on One Piece Infinite Adventures at this time. sorry about this, but i will start back on it as soon as i can, possibly in the spring.


Sep 25, 2010
due to certain events, i am unable to continue working on One Piece Infinite Adventures at this time. sorry about this, but i will start back on it as soon as i can, possibly in the spring.

It's alright! I'll be here when you return to update One Piece Infinite Adventures! And it'll certainly be worth the wait. ;) In the meantime, I hope you're doing well, Cyborg009.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
en lieu of adding another chapter (mainly due to my Word 2016 expiring). i've decided just for the heck of it, to post the prologue of the next adventure after this one, since the prologue itself was already finished. please note that once i get my personal affairs in order, i will resume work on the Pinocchio adventure. so until then..here is the prologue to
[h=2]Straw Hats Adventures of Aladdin[/h]or

Tales of an Arabian Straw Hat

Prologue: Tales of the Lamp! A Sinister Prelude in the Sands.

As we begin our story, we see a small peddler riding on top of a camel through a scorching desert, surrounded by sand dunes and mesas. This is Arabia, the land of the Middle East. Unique stories and tales came from this world, filled with untold riches and desire. This is also a land of bandits and thieves, where they ambush unwary caravans and travelers. As we follow the peddler along the desert sands, he was singing a song.

Peddler: Oh, I come from a land
From a faraway place
Where the caravan camels roam
Where it's flat and immense
And the heat is intense
It's barbaric, but hey--it's home!

When the wind's in the east
And the sun's from the west
And the sand in the glass is right
Come on down,
Stop on by
Hop a carpet and fly
To another Arabian night!

As the sun sets behind him, the peddler arrives at the marvelous city of Agrabah. A massive palace looms over its equally massive city as the people hung their clothes and performers breathed fire. The peddler proceeds into the city, as he continues to sing.

Peddler: Arabian nights
Like Arabian days
More often than not
Are hotter than hot
In a lot of good ways

Arabian nights
'Neath Arabian moons
A fool off his guard
Could fall and fall hard
Out there on the dunes.

He stops into a nearby alleyway for the night, as his camel breathes deeply in exhaustion. So worn out and tired in fact, the camel collapses to the ground. The small peddler slides off from the hump and onto the ground. After his feet touched the ground, he appears to have noticed a heavily robed traveler, probably a foreign tourist, passing him by in the street.

Peddler: Ah, Salaam and good evening to you, worthy friend.

The traveler stops, looks around to see if the peddler was calling out someone else. Seeing that no one else was out at this time of night, he looks at the peddler and points at himself if he was the one being called.

Peddler: Yes, you. Please, please, come closer.

The traveler walks up the peddler, unware as to why he, a stranger in a foreign land, was called on.

Traveler: You asked for me?

Peddler: Yes, I take it that you’re a traveler and as such are new here, are you not?

Traveler: Why…as a matter of fact I am. If you’re trying to pass yourself off as a fortuneteller, that as much as you’ll get from me.

Peddler: No, no, my friend! I meant no offense. I couldn’t help but notice you wandering through the streets at this time of night.

Traveler: Well, I have been wandering for some time; I only found this place by chance and I’ve never seen a city like this.

Peddler: Ah, then you’re in luck, weary traveler! Welcome to Agrabah. City of mystery…of enchantment…and the finest merchandise this side of the river Jordan, on sale today, come on down! Heh, heh!

He rolls out a bag, and a stand magically appears, already built and ready for business. The Traveler was a bit annoyed that he was roped into a sale pitch, but he decided to humor the peddler, to see if his wares were any good. The peddler went behind the stand and took out what appears to be an urn. But it is actually an odd contraption with a hose sticking out at one end.

Traveler: So, peddler…what is that?

Peddler: You like? Yes! Combination hookah and coffee maker--also makes Julienne fries.

The peddler demonstrates the last part by putting a potato under the device, pressing down on it and the potato became a pile of Julienne fries. The Peddler hands some of the fries to the Traveler to eat, which he did and liked.

Traveler: You almost lost me with the hookah and never drink coffee, but these fries hooked me back. How durable is it?

Peddler: Highly durable, my friend. Will not break…it will not…

He taps it on the stand to prove his point, but before he can finish the contraption brakes with just two taps. Both the Peddler and the Traveler exchange a deadpan look to each other.

Peddler/Traveler: …it broke.

The Peddler throws it away with one hand backwards. Then something catches his eyes with interest.

Peddler: Ooohhh! Look at this!

He reaches under the stand and pulls out what appears to be a plain white box. The Traveler seemed a bit puzzled about the box, but more about what’s in it.

Peddler: I have never seen one of these intact before.

Traveler: What is it?

Peddler: This is the famous Dead Sea Tupperware. Listen…

Peddler pries it open slightly and blew a raspberry. Then he gives a satisfied smile to the Traveler, who was less than amused.

Peddler: Ah, still good.

Traveler: Look, if you’re trying to sell me cheap merchandise and crack jokes, I can find that at any tourist trap. So, if you don’t have anything else of decent value, I’ll be on my way.

The Traveler moves away from the stand and starts to leave. But the peddler hurries to catch him.

Peddler: Wait, don't go!

Traveler: What?

Peddler: I can see that you're only interested in the exceptionally rare. I think then, you would be most rewarded to consider...THIS!

He then pulls out what appears to be a bronze-coated lamp from out of his sleeve, and shows it to the Traveler. The Traveler looked at the lamp with some confusion, the Peddler mentioned exceptionally rare; he didn’t mean some old lamp.

Peddler: Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts.

Traveler: Look, its lovely lamp, charming at least, but I have no interest in an ordinary—

Peddler: This is no ordinary lamp! It once changed the course of a young man's life. A young man who, like this lamp, was more than what he seemed…

Then the Peddlers eyes dart left and right, making sure no one is nearby or eavesdropping. He then leans in close to the Traveler with a smile.

Peddler: A—

The Traveler puts his finger to the Peddler’s mouth, stopping him.

Traveler: Let me guess, ‘A diamond in the rough’, right?

Peddler: Eeh?

Traveler: Do you really take me for a sap? I know the story; about a poor beggar boy, living on the streets until he discovers a lamp containing a powerful genie. A genie, who helps the boy win the heart of a princess while dealing with an evil vizier who wanted to use the lamp to take over the kingdom. Trust me, I heard it told in so many ways and in so many versions that no two are alike. So, believe me when I say that nothing you say will convince me in buying that lamp.

So with that the Traveler walked away, the Peddler was stuttering, attempt to think of someone to convince the Traveler to stay. Just then, the Peddler remembered something that would help him.

Peddler: WAIT! Yes! The story of the lamp is what you say, but this particular lamp’s tale is more than that. And yet, it also tells a tale of a group of travelers, a group of pirates…

The Traveler stops dead in tracks when he heard the word ‘pirates’. Now he had heard almost every story about the boy and the magic lamp, but a version involves a group of pirates is one he hadn’t heard of. The Peddler could see the conflict in the Traveler’s face as he fights between not believing in the Peddler and the curiosity of his story. Curiosity wins.

Traveler: What kind of pirates?

Peddler: Ah, interested I see. Well, these weren’t your typical kind of pirates. These pirates came from another world, pirates who, like the young man and the lamp, were diamonds in the rough in their own way. And yet, they themselves would become entangled in the threads of this story, cross paths with many of its characters…and in the end, must battle against two villains who serve in even sinister evil for the fate of all. Perhaps you would like to hear the tale?

The Traveler said nothing but nodded yes. Once he approved, the peddler pours shiny blue sand from the spout of the lamp and into his hand, and then the throws the sand into the sky, where it forms a starry landscape.

Peddler: It begins on a dark night, where two dark men wait, with a dark purpose…

As the Peddler’s story starts, we see a ragged thief named Gazeem, riding on his horse to the top of a sand dune, to meet those who hired him. He makes it to the top and hops off his horse. The first man was a vizier of the Sultan in Agrabrah named Jafar. Wearing black and red robes, he gives off a sinister personality. Although he serves the Sultan, he is a member of the Zodiac Council that serves under the Cosmic Witch, Morganna. Under Morganna’s guidance, Jafar plots to overthrow the Sultan and claim the throne for himself. And tonight, could be the opportunity he’s been looking for.

Beside him, is a tall man with a wide chest, broad shoulders, muscular arms and legs, and a thick neck. He has pale skin and nape-length dark hair, which is kept neatly slicked back. He had a long-stitched scar at the bridge of his nose that stretches across his face and a large hook made from a tough gold alloy in place of his left hand. The man also wore a bright orange, black-striped button up vest over a long-sleeve peach shirt, along with a blue scarf, dark brown suit pants, and polished black shoes with gold buckles. He also wore a long, thick, dark gray pelted fur coat with a regular gray fur trim over his shoulders. This was the former Shichibuki and former president of Baroque Works, Sir Crocodile.

The two men glared at Gazeem with irritation as he approaches them.

Jafar: You...are late.

Crocodile: Been any longer, and we’d had to hire someone else just to find you!

Gazeem: A thousand apologies, O patient ones.

Jafar: Do you have it then?

Gazeem: I had to slit a few throats…but I got it!

Gazeem pulls out what appears to be half of a golden scarab medallion, showing it to Jafar and Crocodile.

Crocodile: Good, now hand it over.

Crocodile reaches out to take the scarab piece, but Gazeem yanks it back.

Gazeem: Ah, ah, ahhh! The treasure!

Gazeem held out his hand for his payment. Then, Jafar’s parrot, Iago, squawks as he flies by and snatches the medallion from his hand. Then he flies back to Jafar and drops it onto the palm of his hand.

Jafar: Trust me, my pungent friend. You'll get what's coming to you.

Iago: What’s coming to you! Awk!

Then Jafar pulls out the second half of the scarab medallion. He slowly connects them together, and the insect medallion becomes alive and glows. Finally, it flies out of Jafar's hand, scaring the horses, and is off towards the dunes, leaving a sparkling trail behind it.

Jafar: Quickly! Follow the trail!

All three rode on horseback, chasing after the glowing speck of light, making sure they don’t lose it.

Jafar: FASTER!

The glowing golden scarab medallion continues to fly, until it reaches a large dune. It separates into two and the halves plunge into the dune. And all that remains are two glowing points of light on the dune. They arrived where it stopped, just before the ground starts shaking violently. Then the dune begins to rise up from the earth, transforming into a giant tiger’s head, with the glowing points serving as the eyes. Its mouth opens to reveal the entrance to the deep cavern.

Jafar: At last, after all my years of searching, the Cave of Wonders!

Iago: Awk! Cave of Wonders!

Crocodile: So, it does exist…I’ve stories about this thing. It is said that within the depths of its maw contains the treasure of a hundred kingdoms.

Gazzem: By Allah…

Gazeem stares at the cave entrance in awe. Then Jafar grabs him by the collar and pulls him up close to his face, with a serious look.

Jafar: Now, remember! Bring us the lamp. The rest of the treasure is yours, but the lamp is ours!

Crocodile: Now get going!

Jafar lets Gazeem go and Gazeem proceeds towards the cave, chuckling with greed as he goes.

Iago: Awk, the lamp! Awk, the lamp!

And then, now that they’re alone, and far from Gazeem’s hearing, Iago opens up in normal English, in which he normally talks.

Iago: Jeez, where'd ya dig this bozo up?

Jafar puts his finger to his lips and shushes him. Gazeem reaches the mouth of the cavern and looks down. A stairway then formed, reaching down into the deep depths of the cave. Before he plants his foot inside, he was suddenly blown away by the roar of the cave itself.

Cave: Who disturbs my slumber?

Gazzem: I-It is I, Gazeem, a humble thief.

Gazeem nervously bows to it, in hope of appeasing it.

Cave: Know this. Only those who are worthy may enter here. Those whose worth lies far within. A diamond in the rough.

Gazeem then turns back to Jafar and Crocodile with a questioning look.

Jafar: What are you waiting for? Go on!

Gazeem then began to shake in fear, wondering what will happen if he wasn’t “worthy” enough. Cautiously, he moves one foot onto the first step inside the cave. With great apprehension, he plants his foot down, and braces for the worst. But surprisingly, nothing happens. Relieved, he begins his trek again. But then, an earth-trembling roar comes. Gazeem screams as he turns back to leave, but the tiger’s mouth slams shut on him, creating a blast of wind and sand.

Jafar: NOO!

The Cave entrance then collapses back into a normal sand dune, leaving Jafar, Iago, Crocodile and the two separated halves of the medallion…with their opportunity now ruined.

Cave: Seek thee out, the diamond in the rough…

The Cave’s voice echoes its last words before disappearing. Iago then unburies himself from the sand, coughing as he does so.

Iago: I can't believe it. I just don't believe it. We're never gonna get a hold of that stupid lamp! Just forget it!

Iago angrily gathers the halves of the medallion, noticing that some of his feathers were starting to fall off his body.

Iago: Look at this. Look at this. *pulls off molting feathers* I'm so ticked off that I'm molting!

He then flies up to Jafar’s shoulder and gives the halves to him.

Jafar: Patience, Iago. Patience. Gazeem was obviously less than worthy to enter the Cave

Crocodile: ‘Less than’ was an understatement, Jafar. His heart was filled with greed and material desire. Serves us right to hire some cheap thug to pull this off…and I doubt either of us could enter it as well without sharing the same fate.

Iago: Oh, there's a big surprise. That's an incred--I think I'm gonna have a heart attack and die from not surprise! What're we gonna do? We got a big problem here, a big prob—

Jafar pinches Iago’s beak shut to stop his sarcastic ranting.

Jafar: Yes, we do. Only those who are worthy may enter. We must find these people, these...diamonds in the rough.

Crocodile: And that’ll be easier said than done. Finding these people will be like trying to find tiny needle in a mountain-sized haystack. They could be anywhere …. or better yet…anyone.



Sep 25, 2010
The Peddler and the Traveler amused me to no end. xD Oh my gosh! Crocodile gets to be in Aladdin's world! Crocodile is one of my favorite villains in OP! <3 Goes to show not just anyone can go waltzing into the Cave of Wonders. I'm curious how long it'll be before the Straw Hats make their appearance? And I wonder how the Traveler knew about the story of 'The Diamond in the Rough' already. And if he doesn't know everything about the Straw Hats? I really liked this prologue a lot. Thanks for the sneak peak, Cyborg009! <3


Jul 28, 2004
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The Peddler and the Traveler amused me to no end. xD Oh my gosh! Crocodile gets to be in Aladdin's world! Crocodile is one of my favorite villains in OP! <3 Goes to show not just anyone can go waltzing into the Cave of Wonders. I'm curious how long it'll be before the Straw Hats make their appearance? And I wonder how the Traveler knew about the story of 'The Diamond in the Rough' already. And if he doesn't know everything about the Straw Hats? I really liked this prologue a lot. Thanks for the sneak peak, Cyborg009! <3

the traveler was there to serve as device to add some depth into setting up the story. i felt that the peddler just talking to the audience like in the movie didn't seem to translate well into reading format.


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Announcer: We interrupt your regularly boring program to bring you our program. Live from the meta-physical room deep within the Crystal Gem temple at Beach City, its Sardonyx Tonight! Tonight’s show is brought to you in part by Bob’s Burgers; family style burgers for family style dining. And by the DeviantArt community; set your inner artist free. And now, here’s your host…Sarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdonyx!


Sardonyx: Thanks Billy and good evening everybody! We have a special show lined up for you all tonight. But first things first, I have here a very, very, very, very special guest I want to show you all. After disappearing from existence for months, he has returned for an exclusive interview right here, right now! So, let’s give a really big hand in welcoming back that creative mind behind One Piece: Infinite Adventures; Zodiark14!

Applause rang out as a man in his late twenties walks in stage left and sits down in a nearby chair.

Sardonyx: Now that’s an applause! Don’t you think Zodiark…or can I call you Zodi?

Zodiark14: You can call me Zodi and yes it was. In fact, I haven’t seen applauses like that since my sis’ wedding.

Sardonyx: So Zodi, you certainly gave us a scare these last few months, vanishing like that. Some of us thought you might’ve been gone for good.

Zodiark14: Well, it couldn’t be help, the thing is certain aspects in my life came up and I need to just hang back before I burnout. And I do apologize if anyone was worried.

Sardonyx: Well I for one I’m glad your back. A lot of rumors began to circulate in regards to your disappearance. One source claimed that you were kidnapped by internet trolls bent on ending crossover fanfictions. But the fact that you’re here puts that rumor to bed.

Zodiark14: Yeah, more like flowerbed. It’ll take more than some trolls to put me out of business.

(light laughter)

Sardonyx: And speaking of crossovers, our biggest discussion piece for this evening is your latest creative piece; One Piece Infinite Adventures and we all got a ton of questions to ask you. Am I right, folks?


Sardonyx: So, tell me first off; what inspired you to create such an impressive series?

Zodiark14: Well…to be honest there not much to talk about, but I think it first started with the Pooh’s Adventures series.

Sardonyx: Ohh yes…Pooh’s Adventures. There’s a crossover I didn’t expect to hear.

Zodiark14: Well, this is back when it was still good. Nowadays they’ve done practically everything from live action to video games. I take that back, the only thing they haven’t done is have an ending.


Sardonyx: Oh-ho-ho-ho-ho!

Zodiark14: But in all seriousness, while it was okay and the few people who made them were good, the whole thing in general does have some flaws. I mean sometimes the team gets involved with the story and in other times it feels like the they’re the audience. That they were just going along for the ride without contributing much to plot in general aside from being commentators.

Sardonyx: Well, that is true in some case. But enough about that, let’s get back to the rest of your answer about your inspiration.

Zodiark14: Okay, after that my real motivation came from the Benny, Leo and Johnny Adventures made by LionKingHeart Fantasy Films.

Sardonyx: LionKingHeart Fantasy Films?! I am fan of their works. A breath of fresh air for the crossover community since then.

Zodiark14: Yeah, but when they stop doing insert crossovers I felt little sad, but I respected their actions and left them to it. But what a loved about them is that they actually took part in the story. They added a sense of extra depth and bit of extra flair that you don't normally see in most crossovers.

Sardonyx: True, while such crossovers from them will be missed, I hear they are doing well with original works. So, next question; what gave you the idea of using the Straw Hats as the main characters in this series?

Zodiark14: Hmm…I never gave it much thought. When I was thinking of this new series, I asked myself who would be starting in it. I didn’t want to be another Pooh’s Adventure rehash and self-inserts were over-rated. So, I chose something no one thought of, a group of pirates who were already going on adventures.

Sardonyx: And so far, we’ve seen two of the exploits; Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. We know from your past posts that is only the tip the proverbial iceberg.

Zodiark14: True, there is still Pinocchio to finish up. And after that there’s Snow White, then American Tail, Cinderella…just to name a few.

Sardonyx: And yet there are rumors of a second season in the works. It that true?

Zodiark14: Well, Sardonyx, I’m usually take rumors with a grain of salt. But I will say, in all honesty…yes.

(audience ohhs)

Sardonyx: A-ma-zing! Only two stories in and already they have a second season in the works! You’ve got to tell us about it!

Zodiark14: No…I couldn’t…that would be spoiling.

Sardonyx: Oh come on, Zodi. You owe the viewers for your unannounced hiatus on this project. You could at least tell us a little bit about this season.

Zodiark14: Well…if you insist. So basically, season two is where the story really gets epic.

Sardonyx: Oooh…epicness! Do tell.

Zodiark14: Well, the Straw Hats, at this point are still traveling around to many different worlds…with a new crewmate! And before you ask, no I will not reveal his name yet, but you will get to see him in season one and…he’s someone you may have already seen before.


Zodiark14: Anyway, basically the overall story arc in the season involves the crew going on a quest to find a treasure of cosmic proportions. Along the way, they encounter new friends and enemies, gain a few new upgrades to their skillsets and travel to worlds ranging from grand forests, peaceful valleys and even a galaxy far, far away.

(audience gasps)

Sardonyx: ‘even a galaxy far, far’…O-M-G…did you just namedrop-

Zodiark14: Ah-ah! I’m not telling!

Sardonyx: Well, my mind, as well the viewers, has been blown away…and that’s just the beginning. We look forward to doing more interviews about your series in later episodes.

Zodiark14: I’ll still be here, Sardonyx. And before I go, the Straw Hats Adventures of Pinocchio has resumed production and a new chapter will be out soon! See ya folks.

(audience cheers)

Sardonyx: That’s all we have for this segment. Up next; we have a hilarious segment featuring the Three Stooges called Slapstick: The Art of Hard Nyucks. And we’ll be right back after a word from our sponsors!

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Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 2: Encounter of the Blue Fairy! Pinocchio Comes Alive!

Yes sir, soon all was quiet, save for the collective ticking of clocks in the room. And our cricket friend was having a hard time trying to sleep. In fact, he couldn’t get to sleep. The loud, rhythmic ticking kept the poor thing up, not to mention made his eyes hurt looking at the pendulums swinging back and forth. Suddenly he hears the sands falling down an hourglass, but they sound more like pebbles hitting a tin plate with a ‘ding-ding-ding’. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Geppetto starts snoring loudly, enough to wake the dead. Even more so, Cleo was snoring too, although hers sounded more like gurgles. By this point, it was the last straw for the Cricket.

Cricket: QUIET!!!!

And like that, all the noises went silent as the clocks stopped ticking at once.

Cricket: After all, enough’s enough.

Well the quietness lasted only a few minutes as the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs. The footsteps came from a drowsy Luffy, who was looking around for a midnight snack…as usual. He notices the ice box on the other side of the room, which has a small lock and a note saying; ‘Luffy, KEEP OUT!!!’ Unfortunately, someone forgot to set the lock on, as it was unlocked, granted full access to everyone, including Luffy. He wasted no time walking over to it and opened the box. As he checked its contents on what to have first, a bluish glow starts to fill the room. Luffy didn’t notice it, but the cricket sure did.

Cricket: Now what’s up?

He sees a strange light, a brilliant glow which grows more dazzling every minute. It is the Wishing Star; and it was moving down from the sky, lighting up the valley as it made its way
towards Geppetto’s window.

Cricket: Hey, what’s going on here?

The Cricket hides in one the wooden smoke pipes as the light enters the room. From its radiant glow appears a very beautiful woman dressed in robes of flowing blue. This is the fabled Blue Fairy.

Cricket: As I live and breathe, a fairy! Mmm-mmm.

The Blue Fairy notices Luffy at the ice box and walks over to him. At that point Luffy finds a big sandwich reserved for Usopp, but just as he was about to take a huge bite…

Blue Fairy: Why Luffy!

Thinking it was Nami or Sanji, Luffy jumps in fright, quickly putting the sandwich back in the ice box.

Luffy: It wasn’t me guys, I swear!

Luffy quickly turns around, only to see the Blue Fairy standing before him. He breathes a sigh of relief that it wasn’t Nami or Sanji, but his relief soon turns to confusion.

Luffy: Uhh…who are you?

Blue Fairy: I am the Blue Fairy of the Wishing Star, I grant wishes to those who believe in their dreams and watch over all good—

Luffy: Ehh...don’t really care.

Luffy waves his hand in an uncaring manner and went back to the sandwich. The Blue Fairy, while slightly taken back by Luffy’s somewhat callous response although she didn’t seem to mind, only smiled. She then sees Luffy about to take a bite out of the sandwich again.

Blue Fairy: Luffy!

Luffy: Aww! Now what?

Blue Fairy: You shouldn’t eat that sandwich.

Luffy: Ehh, why not?

Blue Fairy: Well, is it yours?

Luffy: Well no, it’s Usopp’s but...

Blue Fairy: Then you mustn’t eat it.

Luffy: But why?

Blue Fairy: Because it doesn’t belong to you.

Luffy: Why?

Blue Fairy: Well, suppose if someone else your food from you without asking. How would you feel?

Luffy: Ehh?

Blue Fairy: Imagine if you put something aside for yourself and then someone else took it without you knowing, wouldn’t you feel bad about it?

Now the Blue Fairy presented a real problem for Luffy, he is given the choice of not to eat another person’s food. Being someone who’d eat a whole buffet table without sparing a single scrap, this was problematic and cause Luffy to rethink some things. If he went through with eating the sandwich, there’s a good chance he’ll get busted for later. And Luffy remembers what happens the last time he decided to have a between meal snack and got caught. More specifically, the time when Sanji busted his head in after eating their food during the journey to Alabasta.

Luffy: Uhh…I guess I wouldn’t.

Blue Fairy: Then perhaps you should put that sandwich back then.

Luffy puts the sandwich back in the ice box, closes the door and sets the lock on it.

Blue Fairy: That was a good thing to do, Luffy.

Luffy: Yeah, but what am I gonna eat? I’m still hungry.

Blue Fairy: Well, because you had done a good deed and thought about others, you deserve a reward. Hold out your hand.

Luffy does as instructed and the Blue Fairy taps her wand on his hand, producing an apple as big as his own head.

Luffy: Woah!

Luffy wasted no time in eating the apple as he swallows the whole thing in one big munch! He lets out a sigh of relief now that his stomach was satisfied.

Blue Fairy: So, Luffy, do you feel better?

Luffy: Ahh, much better! Thanks, lady, but you didn’t have to come here just to give me food.

Blue Fairy: Actually Luffy, the reason I am here is for Mr. Geppetto.

Luffy: The old guy? Did he do something wrong?

Blue Fairy: *chuckles* No, Luffy. You see, Geppetto has given so much happiness to others with his works. Therefore, he deserves to have his wish come true. Do you know what his wish is?

Luffy: Umm…I wasn’t listening, but I think it was his puppet to be a real boy…but how are…

Blue Fairy: Just watch…*goes over to Pinocchio* Little puppet made of pine wake (the wand touches Pinocchio) The gift of life is thine.

And with a single touch of her wand, a glimmering aura surrounds the puppet. After a few seconds, Pinocchio started to move his body and blink his eyes. The Cricket and Luffy couldn’t believe their eyes, Pinocchio has come alive.

Cricket: Whew! What they can’t do these days.

Pinocchio: (blinking his eyes and raising his wooden arm) I can move! I can talk! I can walk! (walks a bit and falls over)

Luffy: Whoa! That’s so cool!

Pinocchio: *notices Luffy* who are you?

Luffy: I’m Luffy and this is the Blue Fairy who brought you to life!

Pinocchio: She did?

Blue Fairy: Yes Pinocchio, I’ve given you life.

Pinocchio: Why?

Blue Fairy: Because tonight Geppetto wished for a real boy.

Pinocchio: Am I a real boy? (he asks in amazement)

Luffy: Well, you don’t look real. *knocks on Pinocchio’s head* Still made of wood.

Blue Fairy: True, Luffy. *to Pinocchio* To make Geppetto’s wish come true will be entirely up to you.

Pinocchio: Up to me?

Luffy: Up to him? How?

Blue Fairy: If Pinocchio can prove himself brave, truthful and unselfish, and someday he will be a real boy.

Pinocchio: A real boy!

Cricket: That won’t be easy.

Blue Fairy: You must learn to choose between right and wrong.

Pinocchio: Right… and wrong? (looking his hands) But how will I know?

Cricket: How’ll he know!

Blue Fairy: Your conscience will tell you.

Pinocchio: What are conscience?

Cricket: What are conscience! I’ll tell ya!

The Cricket hops down from the shelf, addressing himself to the trio as he parachutes down with his umbrella.

Cricket: A conscience is that still small voice people won’t listen to. That’s just the trouble with the world today.

Luffy: Hey, a little bug!

Pinocchio: Are you my conscience?

Cricket: Who, me?

Blue Fairy: Hmmm. Would you like to be Pinocchio’s conscience?

Cricket: (embarrassed) Well… uh, I, I--- Uh-huh.

Blue Fairy: Very well! What is your name?

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, Cricket’s the name. Jiminy Cricket.

Blue Fairy: Kneel, Mr. Cricket.

Jiminy Cricket: Huh? No tricks now.

Blue Fairy: I dub you Pinocchio’s conscience. Lord High Keeper of the Knowledge of Right and Wrong, Counselor in moments of temptation and guide along the straight and narrow path. Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.

The Blue Fairy lightly taps Jiminy, covering him in a shimmering light. As the light disappears, Jiminy’s shabby old clothes were gone and he’s clad in elegant raiment from head to foot. Jiminy rose and immediately notices his new attire and loves it.

Jiminy Cricket: Well! Ho-ho-ho! My,my! Mmm! Say, that’s pretty swell. Gee… thanks! But… don’t I get a badge or something?

Blue Fairy: We’ll see.

Jiminy Cricket: You mean maybe I will?

Blue Fairy: I shouldn’t wander.

Jiminy Cricket: Make it a gold one?

Blue Fairy: Maybe. Now remember, Pinocchio, be a good boy. And always let your conscience be your guide.

The Blue Fairy backs slowly away, disappearing into a shimmering light as she left.

Jiminy Cricket: Goodbye Milady.

Pinocchio: Goodbye.

Luffy: Bye lady.

Jiminy looks himself over on a bottle’s reflection, still enjoy his new attire.

Jiminy Cricket: *humming* Not bad, says I. *Notices Pinocchio and Luffy* Oh yeah! Ho-ho-ho! Almost forgot about you. Well, Pinoke, maybe you and I… had better have a little heart-to-heart talk.

Pinocchio: Why?

Jiminy Cricket: Well, you want to be a real boy, don’t you?

Pinocchio: Yeah!

Jiminy Cricket: All right. Sit down, son.

Pinocchio sits down while Luffy leans on the workbench and listens in as well.

Jiminy Cricket: Now you see the world is full of temptations.

Pinocchio: Temptations.

Jiminy Cricket: Yep! Temptations.

Luffy: What are those?

Jiminy Cricket: They’re the wrong things that seem right at the time but… even though the right things may seem wrong sometimes, sometimes the wrong things may be right at the wrong time or… visa versa. *chuckles* Ahem. Understand?

Pinocchio: Uh-uh. But I’m gonna do right!

Jiminy Cricket: Atta boy, Pinoke, and I’m gonna help ya! And anytime you need me, you know, just whistle like this *whistle*.

Pinocchio: Like this? *he tries but no sound comes out*

Jiminy Cricket: No, no, try it again, Pinoke.

Pinocchio: Like this? *tries again but still nothing*

Jiminy Cricket: No son. Now listen *whistling*

Pinocchio tries again and finally he succeeds.

Jiminy Cricket: That’s it! Come on, let’s sing it!
When you get in trouble and
you don't know right from wrong
give a little whistle! *whistles into hat*
give a little whistle! *the whistle echoes back*
When you meet temptation
and the urge is very strong
give a little whistle! *Pinocchio and Luffy whistle into their hats*
give a little whistle! *but nothing came out*

not just a little squeak, pucker up and blow *blows into a jug*
and if your whistle's weak, yell

Pinocchio/Luffy: Jiminy Cricket?

Jiminy Cricket: Right!
Take the straight and narrow path
and if you start to slide
give a little whistle!
give a little whistle!
and always let your conscience be your guide.

Using a saw as a springboard, Jiminy leaps up to a barn themed cuckoo clock and sets it to 11:30. As it rings, a man, woman, a cow and a milkmaid parade around the clock, ringing their bells as they go. Jiminy marches them like a parade master as they went into the clock.

Jiminy Cricket: Take the straight and narrow path
and if you start to slide
give a little whistle! Yoo-hoo!
give a little whistle!

Woo-hoo! I will always let your conscience be your guide.

Pinocchio/Luffy: And always let your conscience be your guide!

Unfortunately, Pinocchio doesn’t see where he’s going and trips on some painting supplies.

Jiminy Cricket: Look out, Pinoke!

Pinocchio loses his balance and falls clatteringly to the floor. The noise was so loud that it wakes Geppetto, Figaro and Cleo. Jiminy and Luffy find themselves cover to hide in.

Geppetto: Who is there?

Pinocchio: It’s me.

Geppetto: Ohh! It’s me.

Geppetto goes back to bed and sprang back up after realizing that someone else was in the house. The other Straw Hats came downstairs, awakened by the noise.

Zoro: *yawn* what’s going on down here?

Nami: Who making all that racket?!

Geppetto: Shhh, everyone! There’s somebody in here.

Usopp: Ehh!?

Chopper: Is it a burglar?

Sanji: If it’s Luffy trying to break into the ice box, I’m gonna deck him.

With nervously shaking hands, Geppetto lights his candle, then reaches under his pillow and pulls out a flintlock pistol. He walks slowly around the room, looking around for the source of the other voice. The other Straw Hats and Figaro join him, staying as close as possible. Figaro gives out a small meow, but the others shush him.

Geppetto: Careful now. He might spring out on us at any time.

Figaro rushes under Geppetto for protection as the group carefully searched the room, with Geppetto’s candle as their only source of light. They went near the workbench, completely unware of Pinocchio’s presence on the floor next to them. Jiminy and Luffy kept themselves from laughing at the sight.

Geppetto: He’s in here, somewhere.

Franky: Yeah, but where?

Pinocchio: Here I am.

Pinocchio lightly taps Figaro and…well that’s when it all bedlam broke lose. First, the sudden tap gave Figaro such a fright, he leaps straight up into Geppetto’s nightshirt, causing him to accidentally fire off his gun into the air. The shot almost hit Jiminy, blasting a part of the shelf he was on clear off. The blast was so loud, the other Straw Hats scattered in the panicked fashion all over the room. Usopp, too spooked see where he was going, slams into a nearby wall, causing all the clocks to go off in a discordant fashion. As soon as the ruckus settled, the only sound that could be heard was Luffy laughing as head off.

Usopp/Chopper/Brook: Luffy?!

Sanji: I should’ve known!

Nami: What’s the big idea waking us up with that racket and nearly scaring us to death?!

Luffy: Hey, it wasn’t me. *points to Pinocchio* it was him.

Geppetto: Ohh! Pinocchio! How did you get down here?

Pinocchio: I fell down.

Geppetto: Oh, you did.

You should be more careful. A kid like you could get-

Geppetto and the other Straw Hats suddenly realized something; Pinocchio was talking!

Usopp/Nami/Sanji/Franky/Robin/Zoro/Chopper/Brook: EHH!?

Geppetto: Ohh! You are talking!

Pinocchio: Uh-huh!

Geppetto: No, no, no, no!

Pinocchio: Yes, and I can move too!

Geppetto: No, no you can’t. I’m dreaming in my sleep! Oh, wake me up! Wake me up!

Nami: I got it! *pulls out Clima-Tact* Thunderbolt…

Usopp: Nami, wait!

Nami: Tempo!

Nami swings her Clima-Tact downward and a bolt of lightning hits the room, zapping everyone except for Luffy, Cleo, Jiminy and Pinocchio. The only thing that could be heard of lighting and screams. Luckily, the thunderbolt wasn’t strong enough to cause any serious injury and it only lasted about seven seconds. The sparks soon cleared and we find the others all on the floor, slightly singed but still alive.

Nami: There…if that doesn’t wake me up…

Usopp: Ohh Nami, would you explain one tiny little thing for us.

Nami: If I can.

Usopp/Zoro/Chopper/Franky: WHY’D YA ZAP US TOO?!

Nami: Like I should suffer alone.

Geppetto: *fixes his hair* Alright, now we’ll see who’s dreaming.

The others cleaned themselves up while Nami and Geppetto went over the Pinocchio to see if they were dreaming or not.

Geppetto: Go on… say something.

Nami: A few syllables…anything.

Pinocchio: Gee. You’re funny. Do it again!

Geppetto: You do talk!

Pinocchio: Yes!

Nami: But how is that possible?

Luffy: See, the Blue Fairy came.

Geppetto: The Blue Fairy?

Luffy: Yeah, and she made him come to life.

Chopper: She did?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh, and I got a conscience.

Geppetto: A conscience?

Luffy: Yeah, a little bug guy. *looks and finds Jiminy* There he is!

Luffy grabs Jiminy from the shelf and shows him to the rest of the crew. The others were surprised to see him, whilst Jiminy was a bit nervous from all the attention.

Luffy: His name’s Jiminy Cricket.

Jiminy Cricket: Umm…hello.

Chopper: Cool a bug!

Robin: Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Cricket. *holds out pinky finger*

Jiminy Cricket: *shakes Robin’s pinky* Likewise.

Franky: So if he’s alive, then how come he still wooden?

Luffy: Oh yeah, he just gotta be brave, truthful and not selfish…

Pinocchio: And someday… I’m gonna be a real boy!

Geppetto: A real boy! It’s my wish, it’s come true! Figaro look! He’s alive, he can talk! *to Pinocchio* Say hello to Figaro.

Pinocchio: Hello to Figaro.

Geppetto brings Pinocchio down to Figaro. Pinocchio goes to pet Figaro, who was a bit weary after the last time but allows him to anyway. Just then, Cleo starts jumping up from her fishbowl to get Geppetto’s attention.

Geppetto: Oh Cleo! I almost forgot. Look, it’s Pinocchio!

Geppetto pulls Pinocchio away from Figaro cause as he was enjoying the petting session.

Geppetto: She’s my little water baby. Isn’t she cute?

Pinocchio: Yeah, cute!

Cleo jumps from her bowl and kiss him and then Figaro too, although the latter didn’t seem to like it.

Geppetto: Ha-ha! This calls for a celebration! Music!

Geppetto goes around the room, activating several music boxes.

Geppetto: You start one, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio goes over and turns on a music box of a penguin conducting three walruses. The Straw Hats, caught up in the joyous music, began to dance along with Geppetto and Pinocchio.

Geppetto: Tra, la la la la la, tra, la la la la la!

Figaro goes to the shelfs to admire some of the music boxes. One of them was mother bird conducting for chicks, although three of them sing way off key. Meanwhile Jiminy was noticing a music box with two ballroom dancers.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh boy, a party! (to a music box doll) Mind if I cut in?

Jiminy jump in and starts dancing with the female doll.

Jiminy Cricket: How about sitting out the next one babe, huh?

The dolls suddenly moved back together and their movements become too much for Jiminy to handle.

Jiminy Cricket: Whoops! Hey! Whoa! Lemme out! Lemme out!

Geppetto: *humming and dancing* Come, Cleo, join the party! Dance!

Geppetto swirls Cleo's water around, allowing her to spin around like a ballerina.

Pinocchio: *seeing a candle on a nearby shelf* Ooo nice!

Geppetto: Tra la la la la, gathering toys., tra la la la for my little boy, tra la la la la

As Geppetto goes collects a number of toys until his arms were full of them, Pinocchio was busy with the lit candle, trying to grab the flame, until it manages to catch on his finger.

Pinocchio: Look… Pretty!

Usopp: Oh that’s cute, Pinocchio’s on fire…*realizing what he just said and saw* PINOCCHIO’S ON FIRE?!?!?!?!

Geppetto: OH!!!!

Geppetto drops the playthings in a panic and races over the Pinocchio, desperately trying to put out the flame.

Geppetto: Help! Ohh where’s the bucket? Help! Water! Where's water?

In his panicked state, Geppetto steps on Figaro's tail by mistake while the Straw Hats in their own usual way, went into a frenzy about Pinocchio’s lit finger.

Jiminy Cricket: Here it is! I got it! Here’s water. Here’s some water. *trips and falls into his hatful of water*

Geppetto: Help! Where’s water?

Nami: Ooh, give it here!

Nami grabs Pinocchio’s hand and plunges the burning finger into Cleo’s bowl, turning the water a smoky black.

Nami: Better?

Geppetto: That was close. Maybe we better go to bed before something else happens.

Robin: Good idea.

Zoro: Plus, it’s getting really late and we don’t want to keep this going till dawn.

Cleo coughs out of her bowl from the smoky water. A little later, the Straw Hats had already gone to bed. Jiminy yawned as he himself gone to sleep in a makeshift bed out of a matchbox.

Jiminy Cricket: Little man, you’ve had a busy night.

Geppetto, Pinocchio and Figaro slept in the same bed as Geppetto puts out the light on the nightstand.

Geppetto: Now, close your eyes and go to sleep.

Pinocchio: Why?

Geppetto: Oh, everybody has to sleep. Figaro goes to sleep and Cleo and besides tomorrow you’ve got to school.

Pinocchio: Why?

Geppetto: Oh to learn things and get smart.

Pinocchio: Why?

Geppetto: Ahh… because…

Pinocchio: Oh.

And with that… once again…all was quiet throughout the rest of the night.


Sep 25, 2010
This interview was a-ma-zing! <3 I like the name drop of a certain galaxy far, far away. And the possibility of a season two. ;) Furthermore, it's good to have you back after your hiatus! <3

And this new chapter was greatly amusing an entertaining. I like how the Blue Fairy scolded Luffy over the sandwich. Finally, somebody taught him some much needed manners. Furthermore, Geppetto is going to have his hands full with Pinocchio. I look forward to seeing how that goes along with the shenanigans likely to ensue with the Straw Hats. In the meantime, I like how Nami casted thunder on all of them to make sure it wasn't a dream either. This was so good. <3 Can't wait to see what happens next. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 3: An Actor’s Life For Me! The Temptation of Honest John!

The next morning, the sun rose up in the tranquil village, not too far away, the bell of the local schoolhouse began to ring. And as if enchanted by bell’s charm, the once sleepy town was a burst with life; a baker delivering his daily wares, while a goose-handler guiding her geese. But the among the ambience of the village was the sound of children, dozens upon dozens merrily walking toward school. Ah, it was to be an exciting day indeed, and none was more excited than Pinocchio, who ran out the door to see the children passing by. Geppetto and Straw Hats came out as well, whilst Geppetto was trying to get Pinocchio’s vest on the impatient puppet.

Pinocchio: Oh, look father, look!

Geppetto: Wait! Stand still now.

Pinocchio: What are those?

Geppetto: Huh? Oh those! They are your schoolmates, girls and boys, now…*manages to get the vest on him*

Pinocchio: Real boys?

Robin: That’s right! And you can get to learn more about them at school.

Geppetto: But hurry now. Oh wait, wait!

Geppetto pulls out an apple, shines it up a bit and hands it to Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: Here’s an apple for the teacher.

Pinocchio: Why?

Sanji: Because it’s a nice gesture for the new student to give the teacher an apple.

Geppetto: Now turn around and let me look you over.

Pinocchio turns his body around, with his head staying one place.

Usopp: I’d be scared of that if it weren’t for him being cute.

Geppetto: Heh, heh *Figaro appears tugging at the strap which held Pinocchio’s school books* Huh? Oh yeah, yeah. Here. Run along now.

Pinocchio heads off, skipping along merrily along as he did. Figaro skips along too, following Pinocchio.

Geppetto: Ho-ho-ho wait, wait. Come back here, Figaro. *pick up Figaro* School is not for you.

Pinocchio: Goodbye father! Goodbye guys!

Geppetto: Goodbye son! Hurry back!

Zoro: And try not to get lost!

Sanji: You’re one to talk!

Zoro: What was that?

Usopp: You think we should send someone him to make sure he does get to school?

Franky: Nah! I mean, what kind of trouble he can get into just by going to school?

Unfortunately for Franky, it could, because not too far from here were two unsavory fellows in ragged clothes walking along the street. By name; there was Honest John, a conniving con-artist of a fox and his mute feline partner, Gideon. As causally walked along the street, they see the children heading off to school.

Honest John: Ahh Gideon, listen... the merry laughter of little, innocent children wending their way to school. Thirsty little minds rushing to the fountain of knowledge. Haha. *picks up a cigar off the ground* School... a noble institution. What would this stupid world be without...

As Honest John lights his cigar, he notices a poster on the wall. It reads ‘The Great Stromboli Marionette Show’ featuring a puppeteer, probably Stromboli himself, and two puppets; a soldier and a showgirl.

Honest John: Well, well, well! Stromboli! So that old rascal's back in town, eh? Remember, Giddy, the time I tied strings on you and passed you off as a puppet? *laughs* We nearly put one over on that old gypsy that time.

As Honest John laughs about their past exploit with Stromboli, Pinocchio appears from the corner and passes right by the two vagabonds.

Honest John: *sees Pinocchio* A little wooden boy. Now, who... A wooden boy?!

The two raced back to the corner to see Pinocchio skipping along to school, it was something that neither one of them have seen in their lifetimes.

Honest John: Look, Giddy. Look. It's amazing! A live puppet without strings. A thing like that ought to be worth a fortune to someone. Now, let me see...*Sees Stromboli’s poster* That's it... Stromboli! Why, that fat, old faker would give his...Listen! If we play our cards right, we'll be on Easy Street, or my name isn't Honest John. Quick! We'll head him off.

The two follow Pinocchio, waiting for a chance to make their move. Pinocchio continued to skip along to school, completely unware of the two rogues stalking him. They manage to get ahead of Pinocchio, waiting at a nearby street corner.

Honest John: Shh! Now's our...

Honest John looks down to see Gideon with a mallet in hand, supposedly ready to bop the unsuspecting puppet.

Honest John: No, no, stupid. *grabs the mallet and pulls Gideon back* Don't be crude. *bonks Gideon with the mallet* Let me handle this. Here he comes. Yes, Giddy, as I was saying to the duchess only yesterday...

Honest John puts his cane in Pinocchio’s path, causing him to trip and fall to the ground. The two picks him up of out of false kindness.

Honest John: Oh! Oh, how clumsy of me! Oh, my, my, my, my.

Honest John: Oh, I'm terribly sorry. Oh, I do hope you're not injured.

Pinocchio: I’m all right.

Honest John: Ah, splendid!

While dusting off Pinocchio, Gideon attempted to pilfer Pinocchio’s back pocket. But, Honest John bops him with his cane. Honest John picks up Pinocchio’s book and apple and begins reading the book (while its upside down) while eating the apple.

Honest John: Well, well. Quite a scholar, I see. *Shows Gideon the book* Look Giddy, a man of letters. Here’s your book. *hands Pinocchio his book back*

Pinocchio: I’m going to school.

Honest John: School! Ah, yes. Then you haven’t heard of the easy road to success.

Pinocchio: Uh-huh.

Honest John: No? I’m speaking my boy, of the theatre! *hands Pinocchio the apple core* Here’s your apple. Bright lights, music, applause! Fame!

Pinocchio: Fame?

Honest John: Yes? And with that personality, that profile, that physique… why! He’s a natural born actor, eh Giddy?

Pinocchio: But I’m going…

Honest John: Straight to the top. Why, I can see your name in lights, lights six feet high. Uh, what is your name?

Pinocchio: Pinocchio.

Honest John: Pinocchio! P-I-N... U-O... uh…P-I..., ha-ha, we’re wasting precious time. Come, on to the theatre!
and actor's life for me
a high silk hat and silver cane
a watch of gold with a diamond chain

and actor's life for me
it's great to be a celebrity
an actor's life for me

Well, that did it, Pinocchio was hooked into Honest John’s con, enticed by the wondrous life of an actor. As the trio paraded down the streets, not too far away was Luffy, Usopp and Jiminy Cricket racing to find Pinocchio. Jiminy was still getting dressed as he was sitting on Luffy’s hat.

Jiminy Cricket: (running) Whew! Fine conscience I turned out to be! Late the first day!

Usopp: Well, just be glad Robin found you and woke you up, otherwise you’d really be late.

Luffy: Hey Usopp, I forgot. Why are we running to find Pinocchio again?

Usopp: I told you Luffy, to get Jiminy to Pinocchio so that he can keep him out of any trouble during school. Plus, Nami said she’d clobber us if we didn’t do it.

Luffy: Oh yeah.

Usopp: Besides, he can’t get in much trouble between here and school.

As they reached the bridge, they could Honest John singing nearby.

Honest John: Ta dum diddle dee dum ti dee un dee dumm…

Jiminy Cricket: Oh boy, a parade!

Honest John: an actor's life for me

Pinocchio & Honest John: Hi-diddle-dee-dee
and actor's life for me

Jiminy Cricket/Usopp/Luffy: *hearing Pinocchio’s voice* Huh?

Honest John: a wax mustache and a beaver coat
a pony cart and a billy goat

Jiminy Cricket: Why it's… it's Pinoke!

Luffy: And who are those guys?

Usopp: No clue, but this doesn’t look good. Let’s follow!

Usopp, Luffy and Jiminy ran after the trio, with Jiminy trying to get Pinocchio’s attention.

Honest John: Hi-diddle-dee-dee
and actor's life is fun
you wear your hair in a pompadour

Jiminy Cricket: Wait!

Honest John: you ride around in a coach and four
you stop and buy out a candy store

Jiminy Cricket: Halt!

Honest John: an actor's life for me!

Jiminy Cricket: Hold on there! Pinoke!

Honest John: Hi-diddle-dee-dee and actor's life for me
with clothes that come
from the finest shop
and lots of peanuts and soda pop

Jiminy leaps up unto Honest John’s hat and whistles loudly to get Pinocchio’s attention.

Honest John: What was that?

Pinocchio: *Sees Jiminy* Oh, it's Jiminy! What are you doin' up there?

Honest John: Uh? Who? What? Jiminy? Up where?

Honest John looks around to see where Jiminy was and as he did, Gideon notices Jiminy clinging to the hat.

Jiminy Cricket: Shh. (to Gideon)

Honest John: But my boy you must be seeing things

Pinocchio: Oh no, that's my conscience.

Honest John: Now, now, now, just calm down. Why there's nothing up there to be afraid of.

Well, not unless you count Gideon about to flatten Jiminy with his mallet. Fortunately, Jiminy sees this and leaps away at the last minute. And as he did, Gideon swings down and misses, but hits Honest John square on the head, causing his head to be stuck in his own hat. Gideon, seeing what he just did, gives the mallet to Pinocchio as he runs for cover, while Honest John tries in vain to unstuck himself from his hat.

Jiminy Cricket: Psst, Pinoke, over here.

Usopp: Psst, over here.

Pinocchio looks over to see Jiminy, Usopp and Luffy hiding behind a stone fence nearby.

Pinocchio: Oh guys, I'm gonna be an actor.

Usopp: An Actor? I thought you were going to school?

Pinocchio: Well, he said being an actor is easy.

Luffy: That’s dumb. I did some acting once, didn’t end well.

Jiminy Cricket: All right fellas, take it easy now. Remember, what I said about temptation?

Pinocchio: Aha.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, that's him.

Pinocchio: Oh no Jiminy, that's Mr. Honest John!

Jiminy Cricket: Honest John?

Usopp: And you believe him?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh.

Usopp: Look, Pinoke. Just because his name is Honest John, doesn’t mean he’s always honest.

Back with Honest John and Gideon, the former was still stuck in his hat. Gideon lifts the lid of the hat to see if Honest John was okay…and he wasn’t.

Honest John: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!

Gideon desperately looked around to see what could use and sees Honest John’s cane. He puts the cane into the hat to pry it off, but no avail. Suddenly, an idea hits him as eyes his mallet. He picks the mallet up, carefully aims and in one quick swing -WHAM- Honest John is sent flying from the hat and hits a nearby tree.

Honest John: Ooooh…

He then sides down into some mud beneath the tree. Wet, muddy and very irritated, Honest John wipes the muck off himself. Meanwhile, Jiminy, Usopp and Luffy were still talking with Pinocchio.

Jiminy Cricket: All right then. Here’s what we’ll tell’em. You can’t go to the theatre. Say “thank you just the same” You’re sorry but you’ve got to school.

Usopp: Got it?

Pinocchio: Mm-hmm.

Honest John: (in a high voice) Pinocchio? Oh Pinocchio! Woo-hoo.

Jiminy, Usopp and Luffy ducked out of the way, as not to be seen.

Jiminy Cricket: Here they come Pinoke. Now you tell ‘em.

Luffy: Hey Usopp, why can’t we just tell them Pinocchio can’t go?

Usopp: Because Pinocchio needs to do these things on his own if he wants to be a real boy. Plus, it’ll break the story if we did.

Luffy: Ooohhh…wait what?

Honest John: Woo-hoo! Oh, little boy! There you are! Where were we? Ah yes… on to the theatre!

Pinocchio: Goodbye Jiminy. Goodbye!

Jiminy Cricket: Goodbye. Huh?

Jiminy Cricket/Usopp: Goodbye?!

And there goes Pinocchio with his new ‘friends’, onward to the theater and an actor’s life, and leaving Jiminy, Luffy and Usopp completely dumbfounded.

Honest John: Hi diddle-dee-dee an actor's life for me

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, Pinoke, you can’t go-!

Honest John: a high silk hat and a silver cane a watch of gold with a diamond chain

and actor's life for me
it's great to be a celebrity
an actor's life for me

Usopp: There he goes.

Luffy: Now what’ll we do?

Jiminy Cricket: We’ll go and tell Geppetto.

Usopp: No, that’d be snitching. Plus, Nami would kill us if she found out.

Luffy: So what now?

Usopp: What any other person would do in a situation like this; we’ll go after him ourselves.

And so Jiminy, Luffy and Usopp race after Pinocchio, in the hopes of keeping him out of trouble. But little did they know that is was only the beginning…


Sep 25, 2010
Well it looks like Luffy, Usopp, and Jiminy got their hands full in bringing Pinocchio to school. Pinocchio is going to learn the hard way about skipping out on school to be an actor. xD Nice to see Jiminy try to steer Pinocchio into the right direction, but sadly, it won't be that easy! Otherwise it was a good chapter. I enjoyed reading it a lot. :D


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 4: The Puppet with No Strings! The Highs and Lows of Fame.

Sometime later, in another part of town, we find ourselves at Stromboli’s marionette show. It seems that the show is nearly over, but Stromboli had one more act for the large crowd before him.

Stromboli: Ladies and gentlemen, to conclude the performance of this great show, Stromboli, the master showman-- that’s a-me, atoottravaldy. And by special permission of the management-- that’s a-me too, questalonoche-- is presenting to you something you will absolutely refuse to believe!

Usopp, Luffy and Jiminy arrived just in time, setting up near a lamppost to get a better view of the show.

Jiminy Cricket: *swats away moths from the lamp he's sitting on* Well, looks like a sellout.

Usopp: This show must be very popular and it looks like Pinoke’s the final act.

Luffy: Hey, did anyone notice that its evening right now?

Usopp/Jiminy Cricket: Shhh!

Stromboli: Introducing the only marionette-a can a-sing and a-dance absolutely without the aids of a-strings. *to himself* I hope-a so. Apimyentogogardi *to audience* The one and only…Pinocchio!

Applause from the crowd came out, even Usopp and Luffy clapped while Jiminy wasn’t too thrilled with Stromboli’s intro.

Jiminy Cricket: Hmmph! What a buildup.

Stromboli strikes up the band, the curtain rises and four soldier puppets let out a trumpet fanfare for the start of the act. A spotlight focuses on Pinocchio at the top of a stairs. A bunch of loose strings were next Pinocchio, probably part of the number as they weren’t directly connected to him.

Pinocchio: I've got no strings
to hold me dow-

Suddenly Pinocchio loses his footing and trips, falling down the stairs and falling face-first to the floor. The audience burst out laughing from the sight as he lifts his head up, pulling up a plank as his nose was stuck in a knothole. Luffy couldn’t help but laugh as well, but Jiminy and Usopp were not so amused.

Usopp: Wow…three seconds in and already he goofs.

Jiminy Cricket: *angrily at Pinocchio* Go ahead… make a fool of yourself! Then maybe you’ll listen to your conscience.

Usopp: They’ll laugh him off the stage at this rate…hmm… *a lit candle appears over Usopp* I got it! *to Luffy* Come on, Luffy!

Usopp grabs Luffy by his ear and pulls him along, Jiminy notices them heading toward the stage.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey! Where you two going?

Usopp: To help Pinocchio’s act before he gets the hook.

As the two rush over, Stromboli was steaming mad from the flopped intro. He slams the plank off Pinocchio’s nose, angrily yelling in Italian as he was about ready to throttle the wooden boy. Just then, Usopp and Luffy leapt into the stage, knocking Stromboli head-first into a tuba as they did. Usopp brushes off Pinocchio and Luffy was still recovering from his laughing fit.

Usopp: Well if it isn’t our good pal, Pinoke! That was some fall huh?

Pinocchio: Uh…it was.

Usopp: That funny…I always thought the audience was the ones to fall for you not the other way around.

The audience chuckled a bit from the joke.

Usopp: But really folks, how amazing is that! No puppet can take a fall like that without getting tangles with strings.

Usopp waves his hand over Pinocchio, showing that there were no strings controlling him. At that point, Stromboli finally frees himself from the tuba and seeing Usopp, believing he was stealing the show.

Stromboli: *shouts in Italian* Hey! What-a big idea?!

Usopp: *to Stromboli* Don’t let your spaghetti boil over, were saving the act! And don’t that beard at us, it might go off.

Usopp’s one-liner really sent Stromboli over, but he soon came to his senses when he hears the audience laughing.

Usopp: I think it’s time to redo the song! Ready, Luffy?

Luffy: Huh? Oh yeah, yeah!

Usopp: Lights!

A single spotlight shines on the trio, Usopp nudges Pinocchio to start his song while he and Luffy pantomimed along to the tune.

Pinocchio: I’ve got no strings
To hold me down
to make me free, or make me frown
I had strings
but now I'm free
there no are strings on me

Hi ho the me-rri-o
that's the only way to be
I want the world to know
nothing ever worries me

The trio’s performance amazed the audience, even though Usopp and Luffy’s part was adlibbed a bit,even Stromboli was impressed.

Stromboli: What I told you, huh? Ha-ha-ha!

Pinocchio: I've got no strings
so I have fun
I'm not tied up to anyone
they've got strings
but you can see
there are no strings on me

The audience applauded, as Pinocchio, Usopp and Luffy took their bows. Just then, a backdrop canvas slams down, startling them. The backdrop was of a countryside in Holland, complete with some windmills and a cow. A puppet of a Dutch milkmaid appears before Pinocchio.

Dutch Puppet: You have no strings
your arms is free
to love me by the Zuider Zee
Ya, ya, ya
if you would woo
I'd bust my strings for you

Suddenly more Dutch puppets appear and perform a clog dance. Usopp and Luffy dance as if it was a waltz, while Pinocchio was just standing, unassured as what to do. However, the dance number was short and backdrop changed, this time to a street café in France. Before the boys could comment, a puppet depicting a French dancer appears from stage left.

French Puppet: You've got no strings
Comme çi comme ça
your savoir-faire is ooh la la!
I've got strings
but entre nous
I'd cut my strings for you

Four more French puppets appeared and performed a Can-Can dance on stage. Luffy and Usopp grab Pinocchio and do their own Can-Can. Jiminy turns to see the performance, only focusing on the dancing puppets, but only for a moment. The routine lasted for about a minute and then the puppets vanished, as the backdrop now changes to a Russian setting.

Luffy: Wow, three countries in two minutes.

Usopp: That’s more progress then we make in two years.

Just then, a Russian puppet appears before them and goes up to Pinocchio.

Russian Puppet: Down vere da Volga flows
Dere's a Russian rendezvous
Ver me und Ivan goes
but I'd rather go with you, hey!

As the puppet disappears, a number of Cossack puppets appeared and performed a traditional Russian dance. Pinocchio attempts to imitate the puppets, while Usopp and Luffy were able to do it perfectly. But Luffy got too into the music and ends up kicking Usopp in the rear a couple of times. The trio soon notices the puppets started spinning around. Pinocchio manages to do it, while keeping his head one place and Luffy began to spin around like a top. Unfortunately, Luffy was spinning so fast he couldn’t control himself and collides with Usopp, dragging him in.

Usopp: Luffy wai-

Pinocchio: Hey!

Before long, Pinocchio gets caught in Luffy’s whirlwind and so did the Cossack puppets. Soon they were all tangled up in strings, with Pinocchio, Luffy and Usopp in the middle.

Pinocchio: There are no strings on me!

Well, technically there are strings ‘on’ him in that tangled mess. Usopp manages to, with some difficulty, pulled themselves apart from the puppets and they fall to the floor. This time Usopp got his nose stuck in a knothole and while trying to pull it out, pulls off part of the floorboard, giving him a makeshift beard. The audience applauded in laughter and cheers, showering the trio in gold coins. Jiminy was amazed that the performance was a hit and that the audience loves them.

Jiminy Cricket: Huh? They like him. He’s a success. Gosh! Maybe I was wrong.

Stromboli gets on stage and applauds with his new stars as Pinocchio, Luffy and Usopp took their bows. Jiminy soon leaves, believing that he is no longer needed.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, guess he won’t need me anymore. What does an actor want with a conscience anyway?

Later that same night, it began to rain outside near Geppetto’s home. Inside, he and the others had cooked a delicious supper in Pinocchio’s honor. The only problem is that the guest of honor was a no-show and Geppetto was getting worried.

Geppetto: What could have happened to him? Where could he be at this hour?

Zoro: I can’t believe Luffy and Usopp aren’t back yet.

Sanji: Usopp I don’t mind, but it’s not like Luffy to miss out on dinner.

Franky: Yeah, and usually we miss out on eating if he’s really hungry.

Nami: *groans* This is my fault, I shouldn’t have sent those two nimrods after him with Jiminy.

Chopper: Maybe something happened to them?

Geppetto: I’d better go out again and look for him.

Nami: Hang on, I’ll join you.

Robin: You need another pair of eyes too I’ll join.

Geppetto, Nami and Robin put on their raincoats and prepared to leave.

Geppetto: And remember, nobody eats a bite… until I find him.

Taking two lanterns, the three left outside and Figaro sees his opportunity to eat his meal, but Cleo gurgles remembering their promise.

Sanji: You heard her, Figaro, no one gets to eat till they get back.

Brook was about to take a bite, but Sanji swipes the plate before he could plunge his fork in.

Sanji: That includes you, Brook!

Brook: Ohh, but I’ll be nothing but bones if I don’t eat…oh wait I already am nothing but bones!

Chopper: *stomach growls* Ohh...Luffy…Usopp…where are you guys?

Meanwhile, back at Stromboli’s wagon train, he was celebrating Pinocchio’s debut along with Luffy and Usopp. On the table was a bunch of food, that Luffy wasted no time eating. Stromboli was eating as well, while counting the hefty sum of money earned from the show while singing his own version of “I got no strings on me”.

Stromboli: I got no-strings
But I got-a the brain
I buy a new suit
And I swing-a the cane
I eat-a the best
And I drink-a champagne
I got no-strings on me
Ha-ha-ha! Bravo, fellows.

Pinocchio: They like me!

Stromboli: Mmm! 200! You are sensational!

Pinocchio: You mean, I’m good?

Stromboli: Ahhh! 300! You are colossal!

Pinocchio: Does that mean I’m an actor?

Stromboli: *bites into an onion* Sure! I will push you in the public’s eye your face, she will be on everybody’s tongue.

Pinocchio: Will she?

Stromboli: Ye--- Huh?

Stromboli eyeballs a strange coin among the pile of gold coins. It had a dull gray color and a square hole in the middle.

Stromboli: What’s this?

Usopp: Can I see that?

Stromboli hand over the coin to Usopp, who looks at further.

Luffy: Well?

Usopp: Kinda looks like some foreign currency…nothing I’ve never seen anyway.

Usopp puts the coin between his teeth and, with one push, bends the coin to see if it was genuine…and it wasn’t.

Usopp: How about that! *hands the coin back to Stromboli* A fake foreign coin.

Stromboli starts grumbling and muttering angrily in Italian, probably about the wiseacre who paid with a fake coin. Luckily, they couldn’t understand what he was saying, but he soon stopped, letting out a big sigh and handing the coin to Pinocchio.

Stromboli: For you my little Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: For me? Gee, thanks! I’ll run right home and tell my father.

Stromboli: (coughing) Home? Oh sure. Going home to your father. Oh, ha-ha-ha. Oh that is very “comeecal”

Pinocchio: You mean it’s funny?

Stromboli: Ah, ha-ha-ha Sure! Yes.

Luffy: Well, See ya big guy!

Usopp: We’ll be back in the morning.

Stromboli: Be back in the morning! (grabs Pinocchio while mumbling in Italian) Going home?

The four laughed as if something funny was just said, but then Stromboli throws Pinocchio in a bird cage and puts a padlock on it.

Stromboli: There! This will be your home where I can find you always!

Usopp/Luffy: WHAT?!

Luffy: You can’t do that to Pinocchio!

Stromboli: Yes I can! To me… he is belonging. We will tour the world. Paris, London, Monte Carlo, “Constantinopolee”.

Pinocchio: No, no!

Stromboli: Yes! We start tonight! Mmmm. *puts gold coins in bag* You will make lots of money…*puts bag into his sash* for me! And when you are growing much too old you will make good firewood!

Stromboli laughs as he tosses an axe on a discarded puppet, splitting its torso in two. Usopp and Luffy were shocked at the fact that Stromboli would treat Pinocchio like a normal puppet.

Usopp: Now you listen here, onion breath, you can’t treat Pinocchio like some common wooden puppet. He’s living being with emotions and feelings and you got no right to exploit him for your own personal gain. And if you think Luffy and I are gonna let you get away with this then you’re—

Stromboli stops Usopp by grabbing him by his long nose.

Stormboli: You know…my long-nosed friend, I’ve been thinking about changing Pinocchio’s act. Seeing as I am running a puppet show, I got-a no need for ‘human actors’ in-a my show. So, you know what happens now?

Usopp: *nasally* What?

Stromboli: YOU’RE OUT!!!!!!

And with that, Stromboli throws Usopp clear out of the wagon, sending him flying across the street. He hits a wall nose first and slides down feebly into a trashcan below him.

Luffy: Hey! What did you do the Usopp?

Stromboli: The same thing I’m-a gonna do to you!

Luffy: Oh yeah!

Stromboli: Yeah!

Luffy: I like to see you try fatso!

Stromboli: FASTO?!

Without another word, Stromboli grabs Luffy by the neck and flings him out the door so fast that he landed right smack in the same trashcan as Usopp as the lid closed over the dazed duo.

Pinocchio: Let me outta here! I gotta get out, you can’t keep me!

Stromboli: Quiet! *Stamps so hard that it rocks the wagon* Shut up! Before I knock-a you silly! *now sweetly* Good night, my little wooden gold mine. Ha-ha-ha *he slams the door, causing the only candle to go out*

Pinocchio: No! No, wait! Let me out! I'll tell my father!

Suddenly, the wagon began to move as Pinocchio was still caged up and it begins to thunder outside.

Pinocchio: Jiminy! Oh Jiminy! *whistles* Jiminy, where are you? *whistle* Jiminy Cricket!

Pinocchio came to the realization that Jiminy wasn’t coming, if only he’d listen to his advice, he would be in this mess. He could do nothing but weep as the wagon moved along the rainy street.


Sep 25, 2010
This was quite sad towards the end. I didn't expect Luffy and Usopp to get manhandled so easily into trash cans. Poor Pinocchio. I'm sure they'll find you and free you! You have to hang in there! (Pun not intended for him being a puppet btw. lol.) Anyways, it's good that Nami and Robin are out looking for all three of them now. And I liked the one liners Usopp was coming up with during the show. If only things hadn't turned so sour so quickly. But alas, that's what happens when you skip school and conned into trouble. Overall, it was a good chapter. :)


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 5: Escape from Stromboli! A Sinister Deal in the Shadows!

Shortly afterwards and not too far away, Jiminy Cricket’s still thinking of Pinocchio as Stromboli’s wagon train moved along the rainy streets.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, there he goes. Sitting in the lap of luxury, the world at his feet. Oh well, I can always say “I knew him when”. I’ll just go out of his life quietly.

As Jiminy sadly walked along the rainy street, he hears two women, Nami and Robin, calling out for Pinocchio, Usopp and Luffy.

Robin: Pinocchio! Where are you?

Nami: Luffy! Usopp! I promise I won’t bash your heads in if you come out.

Jiminy leaps over to the girls and lands on Robin’s shoulder, tapping on her neck to get her attention.

Robin: *notices Jiminy* Why Jiminy, there you are!

Nami: Ehh! *sees Jiminy* You! Where are those knuckleheads! And where’s Pinocchio?!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio’s gone off to be an actor and haven’t seen Luffy and Usopp, so they must’ve gone with him.

Nami: What do you mean he gone off to be an actor?!

Suddenly, they heard the sound of banging metal coming from a nearby trashcan. The trashcan was bouncing and popping around as if someone lit a bunch of firecrackers inside it. Nami carefully walks over to it and just as she was about to open it up, the lid burst clean off, striking Nami square in the face. Emerging from the trashcan was Luffy, who was not too happy about being in there in the first place.


Nami, having recovered from her sudden impact, slams Luffy across the head with the trashcan lid.

Nami: *sweetly* Ohh, Luffy….

Luffy: Eh?


With that, Nami begins walloping Luffy with the trashcan lid, with Robin and Jiminy watching.

Jiminy Cricket: Is she always this violent?

Robin: Only if you hit a wrong nerve, which is quite often.

Just then, Usopp emerges from the trashcan, recovering from his ‘incident’.

Robin: Usopp! *pulls Usopp from the trashcan* Care to explain how you got canned?

Usopp: *groans* My head…wait! Where’s Pinocchio?

Robin: Why?

Usopp: Pinocchio’s in trouble, that’s why!

Robin: In trouble? Nami, hold up!

Nami stops whopping Luffy, slamming the trashcan down so hard that his head pops right through it.

Nami: What?

Jiminy Cricket: What’s wrong with Pinocchio?

Usopp: Plenty! That creep Stromboli locked him in a birdcage.

Jiminy Cricket: Yeah?

Usopp: Yeah! He’s gonna use Pinocchio to make a lot of money for himself!

Nami: Wait! Money!? Who’s making money?

Usopp: Stromboli! He’s taking Pinocchio across the world; Paris, London, Monte Carlo, and “Constantinopolee”.

Jiminy Cricket: He is?

Usopp: And if that wasn’t enough, he said when Pinocchio gets too old, he’s gonna chop him into firewood!

Nami/Robin: He’ll what?!

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, is that so?

Nami: Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go get him! *to Luffy* Come on, Luffy!

Nami grabs the dazed Luffy, pulling his head out of the trashcan lid. They raced over to the wagon and went inside. Within the wagon, they saw Pinocchio in the birdcage, who was more than happy to see them.

Pinocchio: Guys! Gee, I’m glad to see ya!

Nami: Well, well, well. Here’s the famous actor!

Robin: More like a wooden bird in a gilded cage.

Pinocchio: Well, Stromboli was mad. He said he was…

Nami: You can save it, kid, we already know what’s going on.

Robin checks the lock to see if it could be removed.

Robin: hmm…this lock seems quite old. Usopp, did he use a key to lock this.

Usopp: No…I didn’t see him use one. He just threw Pinocchio in there and set the lock.

Robin: Jiminy, you think you can pick it.

Jiminy Cricket: I think so. *to Pinocchio* Now don’t you worry, son. I’ll have you outta here in no time at all. *he climbs onto the padlock* Why this is just as easy as rolling off a… umph!

Jiminy climbs into the keyhole and starts to work on the lock. We could hear clanking from inside, until Jiminy pops back out, hanging his hat and jacket.

Jiminy Cricket: Kinda rusty.

Jiminy goes back in and resumes working. The others waited patiently to see if he could break the lock.

Nami: Any luck, Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: Needs a little oil.

Jiminy's Echo: Needs a little oil… Needs a little oil…

Jiminy Cricket: That’s what I said.

Jiminy attempts to pry the spring lock open with his umbrella. The situation was tense, all was resting on Jiminy to free Pinocchio from the cage, until…KER-SPROING!!!

Jiminy Cricket: Woo-hoo-hoo!

The spring breaks, sending Jiminy flying right out of the lock. The others looked to see Jiminy hanging from the busted spring.

Jiminy Cricket: Must be one of the old models.

Nami looks inside the lock to see the damage.

Pinocchio: You mean you can’t open it?

Nami: Pretty much, without that spring, this lock’s not coming off ever.

Jiminy Cricket: Looks pretty hopeless. It’ll take a miracle to get us outta here.

Pinocchio: Gee.

Meanwhile Geppetto continues looking for Pinocchio in the pouring rain.

Geppetto: Pinocchio? Pinocchio!

Geppetto steps aside, allowing Stromboli and his wagon to pass on by.

Stromboli: Giddy up! (mumbling)

Geppetto: Pinocch---

Suddenly, a loud thunderclap drowns out Geppetto, he was so close to Pinocchio but he didn’t even know it. So, he ventured off elsewhere to search for his son in vain. Back inside the carriage, Pinocchio and the others were contemplating on how they got into this predicament.

Jiminy Cricket: A fine conscience I turned out to be.

Pinocchio: (crying) I should've listened to you, Jiminy.

Jiminy Cricket: No, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have walked out on you.

Usopp: No, Me and Luffy are much to blame for this. We should’ve talked Pinocchio out of it.

Nami: If anyone’s to blame it’s me. I shouldn’t have sent you two to do it.

Luffy: Hey!

Pinocchio: Guess I’ll never see my father again.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, buck up, son. It could be worse. Be cheerful… *sadly* like me!

Pinocchio sheds a small tear, which falls on Jiminy with a splat.

Jiminy Cricket: Aw, take it easy son. *pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to Pinocchio* Come on, blow. Atta boy. *blows on handkerchief*

Robin: Well, look on the Brightside…at least it stopped raining.

Robin points to the window, where the rainclouds have disappeared and in their place, was a starry night sky. Just then, one star was shining quite brightly and seemed to be moving towards them.

Robin: Funny, is that star moving closer?

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, it’s that star again!

Luffy: The lady!

Usopp: Who?

Jiminy Cricket: The Blue Fairy!

Nami/Robin: Blue Fairy?!

Luffy: Who else?

Pinocchio: What’ll she say? What’ll I tell her?

Jiminy Cricket: You might tell her the truth.

Nami: And what do we do?

Usopp: Uhh…hide!!!

The six desperately tried to find a hiding place before the Blue Fairy arrives. Nami, Usopp, Luffy and Robin overturned a table and hid behind it. Jiminy ducked into a birdseed holder, while Pinocchio, with no means of cover, crouches down in his cage. The Blue Fairy appears inside the wagon and sees Pinocchio, attempting to hide in the cage.

Blue Fairy: Why, Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: Uh… hello!

Blue Fairy: Sir Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Well! Excuse me. This is a pleasant surprise! Ha-ha!

Blue Fairy: And Luffy!

The Blue Fairy eyes Luffy peeking over the table with Usopp, Nami and Robin.

Luffy: Ahh…hi ma’am.

Blue Fairy: And I see you brought some friends.

Usopp: Uhhhh…hi!

Robin: Don’t mind us.

Luffy: That’s Usopp, Nami and Robin, they’re part of my crew.

Usopp: Luffy, you never told us she was pretty.

Luffy: I didn’t think it mattered.

Blue Fairy: *back to Pinocchio* Pinocchio, why didn’t you go to school?

Pinocchio: School? Well I… (hesitates)

Jiminy Cricket: Go ahead, tell her.

Pinocchio: I was going to school ‘til I met somebody.

Blue Fairy: Met somebody?

Pinocchio: Yeah. Two big monsters!

Nami/Usopp: WHAT?!

Pinocchio: With big green eyes.

Suddenly his nose started to grow to about the same length as Usopp’s.

Pinocchio: Why I…

Blue Fairy: Monsters? Weren’t you afraid?

Pinocchio: No ma’am, but they tied me in a big sack.

Pinocchio’s nose grew again, this time with a few leaves and a flower bud appearing on the tip of his nose.

Blue Fairy: You don’t say! (Pinocchio nods) And where was Sir Jiminy or your friends?

Pinocchio: Uh? Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: Psst. Leave us outta this.

Pinocchio: They put them in another sack.

His nose grew much longer, producing more leaves and flower buds.

Blue Fairy: No!

Pinocchio: Yeah!

This time the flower buds blossomed.

Blue Fairy: How did you escape?

Pinocchio: I didn’t. They chopped me into firewood!

Now his nose is so long it resembles a tree branch complete with a bird nest and two birds!

Pinocchio: Oh, oh! Look! My nose! What’s happened?

Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio.

Jiminy Cricket/Usopp: Perhaps?

Nami: He’s been telling everything but the truth.

Pinocchio: Oh, but I have! Every single word!

The nose changes again, only for the leaves and flowers to wither and fall away, prompting the birds to leave their nest.

Pinocchio: Oh please help me! I’m awful sorry.

Blue Fairy: You see, Pinocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Robin: Which in your case, it’s more literal. *Taps Pinocchio’s nose*

Jiminy Cricket: She’s right Pinoke, you better come clean.

Pinocchio: But I only said that, to make it sound fun.

Nami: Fun as it sounded, it’s still a lie. Even Usopp could come up with a believable lie than yours.

Usopp: Yeah, even I could’ve-HEY!

Pinocchio: I’ll never lie again, honest. I won’t.

Jiminy Cricket: Please Your Honor, uh, I mean… Miss Fairy. Give him another chance for my sake. Will ya? Huh?

Blue Fairy: I’ll forgive you this once, but remember; a boy who won’t be good might just as well be made of wood.

Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket/Luffy/Usopp/Robin/Nami: We’ll be good, won’t we?

Blue Fairy: Very well, but this is the last time I can help you.

She touches Pinocchio’s nose with her wand and disappears in a flash of light. Pinocchio’s nose was back to its right length and the cage door was now wide open.

Pinocchio: Gee, look, guys! My nose!

Luffy: It’s back to normal.

Nami: Now if only Usopp’s nose could shirk like that.

Usopp: Hey! I got this from my mom so don’t make fun of it!

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, we’re free. Come on, Pinoke.

The gang heads out the door of the wagon, but not before Usopp gathered some discarded puppet parts and started to work on something.

Nami: Usopp? What are you doing?

Usopp: Paying Stromboli back for what he did to us. This won’t take but a moment.

After a couple of minutes, Usopp had created a fake version of Pinocchio. The clothes are all wrong, the arms and legs were mismatched in size and length and the head was more of a block shaped than a natural head.

Nami: What is that?

Jiminy Cricket: Is that supposed to be Pinoke?

Usopp: Well, it may not look like him but it was the best I could do.

Luffy: He looks funny.

Robin: What are you gonna do with it.

Usopp: If Stromboli wants a Pinocchio, then I say we give him one.

Usopp puts the fake Pinocchio into the cage and closes the door.

Usopp: Now we go.

The group quietly open the door and get off the wagon, while we hear Stromboli singing to himself about his future wealth.

Stromboli: I buy a new suit
And I swing-a the cane
I eat-a the best
And I drink-a champagne
I got no-strings on me

They hide a rock as the wagon train went by, Usopp and Luffy couldn’t help but chuckle about Usopp’s little trick.

Usopp: *chuckles* What I give to see the look on Stromboli’s face when he sees that fake in the cage.

Luffy: Yeah, that’ll surely fix him.

Jiminy Cricket: Toodle-ooo, Stromboli.

Pinocchio: *loudly* Goodbye Mr. Stromboli!

Jiminy Cricket: Shhh! Quiet! Let’s get outta here before something else happens.

And so, our heroes headed back to town, homeward bound for Geppetto’s. Meanwhile, in a shadier part of town, we find ourselves at the Red Lobster Inn, a local bar known for its unsavory repute. Inside said inn, Honest John and Gideon are relating their business with Stromboli to a portly old man known only as the Coachman. And they did, the trio smoked, drank some beer and Honest John was singing the reprise of Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee.

Honest John: Hi-diddle-dee-dee
and actor's life for me
a high silk hat and silver cane
a watch of gold with a diamond chain

and actor's life is gay
it's great to be a celebrity
an actor's life for me
Ha-ha-ha! And the dummy fell for it. Ha ha! Hook, line and sinker! Ho-ho-ha ha!

Gideon: *smoking a cigar, dunks a smoke ring into his beer like a donut* Hiccup!

Honest John: And he still thinks we’re his friends! Ha ha ha! And did Stromboli pay! Plenty!

Honest John drops a very small pouch, probably containing what sounded like couple of coins, unto the table. The coachman looks at it with some amusement that Honest John would pull such a stunt for so little profit.

Honest John: *wicked laugh* That shows you how low Honest John will stoop, eh Giddy?

Gideon: Hicc-lup! *his hiccup makes a mess of beer all around him*

Honest John: Now, Coachman, what’s your proposition?

Coachman: Well, how would you blokes like to make some real money?

The Coachman reaches into his coat and pulls out a large bag, dropping on the table. The bag opens to reveal its contents, about a hundred or so gold coins, more so than what Stromboli paid. Honest John’s eye lit up in amazement with the amount that the Coachman was offering.

Honest John: Well… and who do we have to, eh… *makes a slashing motion at his throat*

Coachman: No! Nothing like that. You see …

The Coachman stops and peers around to make sure he’s not been overheard. Honest John does the same thing,

Coachman: *whispering* I’m collecting stupid little boys.

Honest John: Stupid little boys?

Coachman: You know, the disobedient ones what play hooky from school.

Honest John: Ooh!

Coachman: And you see… *whispering*

Honest John: Yes…

The Coachman whispers more info into Honest John’s ear. Gideon, wanting in on the conversation, tried listen in through Honest John’s other ear.

Coachman: … and I takes ‘em to Pleasure Island.

Honest John: Ah, Pleasure Island. *eyes widen* Pleasure Island?! But the law, suppose they…

Coachman: No, no. There is no risk! They never come back…. As BOYS! *the Coachman gives off a devilish face and evilly laughs, frightening Honest John and Gideon into a cold sweat* Now, I’ve got a coach load leaving at midnight. We’ll met at the crossroads and no double crossing!

Honest John: No sir!

Coachman: Scout around. Any good prospects you find, bring ‘em to me.

Honest John: Yes chief.

Coachman: I’ll pay you well. I got plenty of gold.

Honest John: Yes, yes.

As the Coachman tells his plan to Honest John and Gideon, on the other side of the inn and just within earshot of them, was what appeared to be a man drabbed in heavily ragged cloaks, dead drunk to the world. Unbeknownst to the trio of rouges, the supposedly drunk man’s head turns slightly to them and was in fact, listening to every word they said.


Sep 25, 2010
I'm glad Pinocchio got saved by the Blue Fairy and co. It was a good chapter with some nose humor. xD


Jul 28, 2004
in my mind
Chapter 6: Fool Me Twice! Onward to Pleasure Island!

Later, our heroes have just finally arrived the town and on their way to Geppetto’s shop. Pinocchio, now a bit wiser from his little adventure, was now dead set on heading home.

Pinocchio: No sir, nothing can stop me. I’ll make good this time.

Jiminy Cricket: You’d better.

Usopp: After the day we had, I certainly hope you’d your lesson.

Pinocchio: I certainly did, Usopp.

Nami: And you’ll be good from now on right?

Pinocchio: I will, I’m going to school.

Robin: First thing in the morning tomorrow, though.

Pinocchio: You bet!

Jiminy Cricket: That’s the stuff, Pinoke.

Pinocchio: I’d rather be smart than be an actor.

Jiminy Cricket: Now you’re talkin’! Come on slowpoke, I’ll race ya home!

Luffy: Yeah! Come on, last one there’s a blockhead!

And so the gang starts running across town, however Luffy and other ran so fast that Pinocchio was in last and couldn’t keep up. Unfortunately, he is stopped in place, while still running by Honest John’s cane.

Honest John: Well, well Pinocchio. What’s your rush?

Pinocchio: I gotta beat Jiminy and the guys home. *sees Honest John* Oh hello.

Honest John went up to Pinocchio and jogged in place, while Gideon was holding the cane holding Pinocchio.

Honest John: Well, how is the great actor?

Pinocchio: I don’t want to be an actor. Stromboli was terrible!

Honest John: He was?

Pinocchio: Yes, he locked me in a bird cage.

Honest John: He did?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh, but I learned my lesson, I’m going---

Honest John: Oh you poor, poor boy. You must be a nervous wreck. That’s it! You are a nervous wreck. Ahem.

Honest John pulls out a pair of glasses, acting like a professional doctor.

Honest John: We must diagnose this case at once. *To Gideon* Quick, Doctor, your notebook.

Gideon, acting as the assistant, pulls out a notepad and pencil to record the ‘diagnosis’.

Honest John: Bless my soul. *checks Pinocchio's arm* Mmm! Mmm-Hmmm! *pulls out a chain, minus the watch* My, my, just as I thought. A slight touch of monetary complications with bucolic semi-lunar contraptions of the flying trapezes.

As Honest John address the ‘symptoms’, Gideon writes frantically in his notepad

Honest John: (checks Pinocchio’s tongue) Mm-hmm! Say hippopotamus.

Pinocchio: Hi-ho-hotamus.

Honest John: I knew it! Compound transmission of the pandemonium with percussion and spasmodic frantic disintegration! Close your eyes. What do you see?

Pinocchio: Nothing.

Honest John: Open them. *holds a red polka-dot cloth in front of him* Now what do you see?

Pinocchio: Spots!

Honest John: Ha-ha! Now that heart. Ooo! My goodness!

We hear a beating sound, but it caused by Honest John, tapping his cane on some objects.

Honest John: A palpitating syncopation of the killer diller with a wicky wacky stomping of the floy joy!

Gideon starts dancing to the rhythm of the beat, until Honest John bops him in the head and takes the notepad.

Honest John: Quick Doctor, that report. *reads report* Oh! This makes it perfectly clear.

Well I’d wish he’d explain it to us sometime, cause all Gideon wrote down were a bunch of scribbles.

Honest John: My boy, you are allergic.

Pinocchio: Allergic?

Honest John: Yes! And there is only one cure for it. A vacation… to Pleasure Island!

Pinocchio: Pleasure Island?

Honest John: Yes. That happy land of carefree boys where every day is a holiday.

Pinocchio: But I can’t go, I---

Honest John: Why, of course, you can go. In fact, I’m giving you my ticket.

With a little sleight of hand, Honest John conjures up his ‘ticket’ for Pinocchio. The ticket was nothing more than a joker card, the ace of spades no less.

Honest John: Here.

Pinocchio: Thanks! But I’m---

Honest John: Oh tut-tut-tut-tut, I insist. Your health comes first. Come, the coach departs at midnight!
Hi-diddle dee dee
It’s Pleasure Isle for me
Where every day is holiday
And kids have nothing
To do but play…

Honest John and Gideon take Pinocchio by the arms and whisk him off to the coach bound for Pleasure Island. However, our fives friends were so far ahead they didn’t realize Pinocchio was missing until Usopp looks behind to find him gone.

Usopp: Hey! Wait a minute!

Usopp hits the brakes, causing the others to collide into him.

Nami: What’s the holdup?

Usopp: Where’s Pinocchio?

Jiminy Cricket: I thought he was…oh no!

Robin: You don’t think he’d go off again…

Usopp: At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nami: Well, what are we standing around for? Come on!

The five ran back only to see Pinocchio long gone. The searched all over until they reached the crossroads just as Pinocchio joins a bunch of rowdy boys on a coach as it starts to leave.

Luffy: There he is!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Hey, come back!

Usopp: Quick, get on board!

They ran as hard as they can, desperately trying to reach the coach. Finally, they managed to grab onto the rear of the coach and rode along its under carriage for the whole trip. Sometime later, the coach had already departed from town as the boys shouted in delight for their destination: Pleasure Island! And of course, Pinocchio was sitting upfront with the Coachman and another boy, a wiseacre by the name of Lampwick. The Coachman cracked his whip at the donkeys that were pulling the coach along.

Coachman: *cracks whip* Giddy up!

Back in the undercarriage, the others were holding on while enduring the dust and rocks thrown up from the coach’s wheels.

Jiminy Cricket: Well folks, *coughs* here we go again.

Luffy: I wonder where this thing is going?

Robin: I guess we’ll know *coughs* when we get there.

Meanwhile, back in the front…

Lampwick: My name’s Lampwick. What’s yours?

Pinocchio: Pinocchio.

Lampwick: Ever been to Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio: Uh-uh, but Mr. Honest John gave me---

Lampwick: Me neither, but they say it’s a swell joint; no school, no cops. You can tear the joint apart and nobody says a word.

Pinocchio: Honest John gave me---

Lampwick: Loaf around, plenty to eat, plenty to drink. And it’s all free!

Pinocchio: Honest John---

Lampwick: Boy that’s the place. I can hardly wait!

Some time had passed until the coach went through a tunnel. On the other side was a small dock with a steamboat filled of more boys, ready to set sail. As the last of the boys boarded the ship, Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Robin and Jiminy sneak into the hold as the ship departs. About an hour or passed until the ship reaches a large island with a mountainous landscape and enters a cave-like entrance where a drawbridge and a large door awaits them. The moment the ship docks, the drawbridge comes down, the doors fling open and the boys are greeted with most fantastic view; a massive amusement park with carnival rides and attractions galore. The boys on the ship wasted no time as they all rushed to enjoy the island’s carnival rides and attractions galore, even Usopp and Luffy were entranced by the wonders. Fortunately, they managed to sneak past the Coachman as he was welcoming the other boys into the park. Several barkers call out to the boys to each of their attractions.

Luffy/Usopp: Woah!!!

Nami: This place is huge!

Robin: An entire amusement park built on this island…I wonder why no one ever mentions it before?

Food Barker: Right here, boys! Right here. Get your cake, pie, dill pickles and ice cream. Eat all you can. Be a glutton. Stuff yourselves. It’s all free, boys, it's all free. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Nami: All free huh? I’d sooner believe money to fall from the sky before I believe in that! *notices that Luffy is gone* Let me guess…

Usopp and Robin points to the food court, where Luffy is already stacking a large plie of food onto a single plate. Nami, Usopp and Jiminy smacked their hands in disgust while Robin just shrugged as Luffy come back over with his bounty in food.

Usopp: Well you certainly wasted no time, Luffy.

Luffy: Why not, I’m just helping myself to the food.

Nami: And you helped yourself to cleaning out half the buffet?!

Luffy: Well, he did say it was free.

Usopp: Leave it to Luffy to find a loophole when it comes to—

Suddenly we hear to sound of growling coming from Nami and Robin’s stomachs.

Usopp: Ugh…

Robin: Sorry, we didn’t have anything to eat since earlier tonight.

Luffy: You mean Sanji didn’t make dinner?

Nami: Of course, he did! It’s because we had to wait for you guys to come home before we could eat! *her stomach growls again*

Luffy: Well…did you guys to have some?

Nami: I wouldn’t care if you…wait…what?

Usopp: Am I hearing things…or did Luffy just offered food?

Robin: Luffy, are you feeling well?

Luffy: I’m fine...I just thought you guys want some food too before it was gone.


Jiminy Cricket: Excuse me, I don’t know what this is about and as much as I appreciate Luffy’s generosity, we still need to find Pinocchio!

Jiminy’s stomach soon growls too, having not eaten anything since this morning, and joined again by Nami, Robin and Usopp’s stomachs.

Nami: Okay…we eat first, then we split up to find Pinocchio and get off this island. Agreed?

The others nod in agreement and began to chow down on the food Luffy brought. Afterwards, once their stomachs were finally satisfied, they split into two groups; Luffy and Usopp went one way while Nami, Robin and Jiminy went the other. Elsewhere, there was tent with a big animatronic man with club, calling out to its attraction.

Big Animatronic Rough House Man: The Rough House, the Rough House. It’s the roughest toughest joint ya ever seen. Come in and pick a fight, boys.

A mob of boys rushes in to the Rough House, grabbing clubs as they went in to fight each other. Pinocchio with a pie and ice cream cone and Lampwick eating a chicken were passing by when they observe what was going on.

Lampwick: Oh boy, a scrap! *throws away chicken* Come on. Let’s go in and poke somebody in the nose.

Pinocchio: Why?

Lampwick: Just for the fun of it.

Pinocchio: *throws away pie and ice cream cone* Okay, Lampy.

Lampwick and Pinocchio went inside, with Pinocchio imitating Lampwick’s walk as they did. Just then, Luffy and Usopp walk by the Rough House, with Luffy eating what’s left of a large chicken leg.

Usopp: Pinocchio! Where are you?! Sheesh, I can’t believe we lost him. Any ideas on where to start, Luffy?

Luffy: *with chicken leg in mouth* Maybe his in of the attractions.

Usopp: Yeah, but there’s dozens of them and he could be in any of them by now. And even if we did search one, he could probably move to another one by now.

As Usopp was talking, Luffy notices a silhouette of Pinocchio fighting with a bunch of kids inside the Rough House.

Luffy: *points to the Rough House* You mean like in there?

Usopp: *sees Pinocchio’s silhouette* yeah, like in there…

Usopp does a double take and his eyes popped out at the sight.

Usopp: AHHHHH! Hang on, Pinoke I’m coming!

Usopp races into the Rough House to rescue Pinocchio, only to be greeted with many clubs to the head and gets swarmed by the boys.

Luffy: Hey!

Luffy drops the chicken leg and rushes in the save Usopp. On instinct, he ducks and he dodges, he swang and he swung, until the whole room was filled with a big ol’ dust cloud of a brawl. Pinocchio and Lampwick duck out of the scrap and headed off to another attraction. Minutes later, Luffy was on a mound of ko’d boys and was still fighting off the ones that were still standing. Eventually, Luffy misses a punch and the other boys dogpile on him, pinning him into the ground.

Luffy: I don’t have time to play anymore, so get off!

It was obvious the boys weren’t listen and even if they did, they didn’t care as more and more boys piled on, adding more weight onto Luffy.

Luffy: I said…GET OFF!!!!

And with that Luffy, unleashes a short blast of his Conqueror’s Haki, knocking out every single boy in the Rough House. Luffy dug himself out of the pile of boys and starting to look to see if Usopp was among the pile.

Luffy: Hey, Usopp! You in here? Usopp!

Luffy keeps searching until he spies a long nose protruding from the pile. Hoping it was Usopp’s, Luffy grabs the nose and pulls on in and out comes Usopp, passed out from Luffy’s Haki burst. But, the sudden tug on his nose was enough to wake him up.

Usopp: YEOOUCH!!!! What’s the big idea?!

Luffy: Sorry. Hey! Where’s Pinocchio?

Usopp: You don’t think…

It didn’t take them long to think that Pinocchio may have been caught in the haki and passed out. Usopp and Luffy frantically searched the pile to see if he was in there, but little did they know that Pinocchio was long gone. Meanwhile, Robin, Nami and Jiminy arrive in an area known as Tobacco Row. As you can bet, it was a smoker’s paradise with, cob pipes filled with cigarettes, piles of chewing tobacco and animatronic Indians throwing out dozens of cigars to the boys from refillable cigar boxes.

Tobacco Row Barker: Tobacco Row, Tobacco Row. Get your cigars, cigarettes and chewin’ tobacco. Come in and smoke your heads off! There’s nobody here to stop you!

Of course, the boys helped themselves to the all Tobacco Row had to offer, our trio was busy trying to find Pinocchio amid the immense crowd.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio? *coughs* Pinocchio!

Nami: I can’t believe they let these kids smoke this stuff. *cough* I may be used to Sanji’s, but this is too much.

Robin: I don’t know about you Nami, but there’s something phony about all this. The sooner we find Pinocchio the better.

In another part of the island was an attraction called; Model Home: Open for Destruction. As it was implied, we see a large and fancy model home that was ripe for being trashed.

Model Home Barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! See the model home. It’s open for destruction and it’s all yours boys, it's all yours!

The kids here wasted no time tearing the home apart, knocking over potted plants, spatting paint everywhere, you know, classic acts of childish vandalism. And of course, Pinocchio and Lampwick were in on the destruction as well, with Pinocchio chopping a piano leg with an axe and Lampwick striking a match on the ruined Mona Lisa and lights a cigar he found.

Lampwick: What did I tell ya? Ain’t this a swell joint?

Pinocchio: Yeah! Being bad’s a lot of fun, ain’t it?

Lampwick: Yeah, uh-huh. Get a load of that strained-glass window.

Lampwick picks up a brick and with one hard throw, shatters a perfectly good stain-glass window into a million colored pieces. While all this was happening, the Coachman look on to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves, but a somewhat sinister aura came off him.

Coachman: All right now. Hop to it you blokes! (cracks whip) Come on! Come on! Shut the doors and lock ‘em tight.

He calls out to a bunch of shadow-like monsters at the entrance. These creatures were large in stature, had gorilla-like arms and a pair of yellow eyes. Following the Coachman’s orders, they pulled the large doors closed to make sure no one could leave.

Coachman: Now get below and get them crates ready. *to himself* Just like I always say; Give a bad boy enough rope and he’ll soon make a jackass of himself.

The Coachman laughed wickedly as the young boys enjoyed themselves, completely unaware of what horrible fate that Coachman has in store for them…


Sep 25, 2010
I like how Luffy does the unthinkable and offers everyone food to eat. lol. And uh oh. I do wonder if they'll all turn into donkeys for eating the food, or being on the island itself. I can't remember how Pinnoke turned into a donkey in the movie. Since it was years and years ago, when I last watched it. xD Overall, I enjoyed this chapter greatly.