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One of the last COVID free places on the planet discussion



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May 14, 2017
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(this might turn into a controversial topic, I'm not sure)
Okay, so during this global pandemic that we're going through, I can't help but think of places where COVID hasn't hit. Obviously islands that are uninhabited are pretty good places namely because we don't live there. But there is a place inhabited by people that's been guaranteed COVID free since it's discovery: North Sentinel Island.

You might be wondering why I brought this up, of all places. In all honesty, I just wanted to talk about it and kind of share my opinions on it? and during this pandemic there are few spots left that COVID hasn't touched, so why not talk about it?

For those who don't know, North Sentinel Island is an island in the Indian Ocean that is very small and inhabited by an indigenous tribe, the Sentinelese. This tribe has been isolated from society voluntarily, and the Indian government has placed bans on anyone from entering the island. Should an outsider trespass on the island, the Sentinelese are free to kill them, which has happened multiple times over the years. The most recent contact was with a missionary in 2018 who believed it was his duty to convert them to Christianity (it went about as well as you'd think it did). Because of the security around the island, the Sentinelese are free to do as they please (intentional rhyme right there) while the world suffers a global pandemic.

I might be overstepping my boundaries here as your average American, but something about this doesnt really seem.... fair? I mean, I'm not advocating turning their island into a resort or anything of the sort, but just the idea in principle. The Sentinelese have an existence that is comparable to early man (they hunt, they gather, etc.) with no technology beyond what washes up on their shore as flotsam. The closest they have to tools is the metal that they harvest from aforementioned flotsam. In other words, they have very little to worry about, but we have the aforementioned pandemic to be concerned with. I get why they're isolated, and making unreciprocated contact is not the way to go about it (because that's worked out so well before). But either way, whether we do anything on this matter doesn't really amount to anything. The way I see it, they're kind of orchestrating their own demise through isolation. Let's say there are at least, 500 individuals on the island. Successive generations among those 500 individuals (considering that most of them are already related, to some familiar extent) will likely only have them last until the end of the 21st century, as they'll likely begin to suffer from a severe lack of genetic diversity. It's probably not the best way to go out, but that's how it will probably go.

Do know that I didn't make this thread to start any wars/conflicts. Just wanted to talk about this, as it's semi relevant.