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OH NOES PS3 HAS A Blue Screen of Death!!?

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Apr 16, 2007
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well of course it has a chance, but judging from how cool my 360 manages to stay, i can tell that it's only a slight chance. the chance would have to become more likely before anything bad happens, and if the chance became more likely, i would notice it, and fix the problem.

ya know there's a chance that i'll get run over every time i cross the street, but does that mean i should wear padding and a helmet each time i cross the street?

wow you are a girl all right taking everything i say out of context to use it on something else. I mean this is just about the ps3 heating and i was just saying there was a chance that it could happen i never said wear a helment walking across the street. :closedeyes: And so what if your xbox 360 stays cool i said there was a chance cause other do overheat. I never said yours would or anything. So miss fixit i dont care if you can find the problem i was JUST saying something about a system and hell it had nothing to with a street and i dont want to even go into how stupid that anaology of yours was

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Jun 10, 2006
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Still, I myself dont understand people are so uncareful with their hardware. I mean, my PS2 is always being treated with the most respect possible. I cant afford buying a new one, so Im gonna have to treat it with the respect it deserves. It's not like you're gonna go moving your HDTV and take it on vacation either, right? :toungesmile:

Why would I need to bring a HDTV when there is one that can do 720p in the headrest of the car seat? Granted, that's not 1080p but I can live with that easily.

Anyway that's kinda off topic, that's not what I meant. I mentioned the current state of my coating because according to the warranty it could be classified as misuse or abuse by me, therefore they wouldn't replace it.

However, according to the guy I talked to that's a bunch of bull. If you asked to get your PS3 replaced, 9 times out of 10 Sony will do it regardless of your reasoning. I could lie and say my PS3 got messed uo in a car accident, without any concrete proof mind you, and Sony would respond okay we'll send you a new one.

Yeah but anyway, customer service is working with me to get the PS3 working again. They want to see if they can fix it before trying to replace it. Plus that's a better route because I don't think I can get into HOME without a PS3.

Oh and BTW I'm surprised none of you mentioned the line where it tells you to press X. I'm glad you made the assumption that doesn't work. =D
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