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Fanfiction ► :... Of Angels, Demons and Everything In Between...: (A Modern KH Fic)

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Aug 13, 2005
The other end of the leash.
Me? Suggestive? No! I'm as family orientated as... well, I am a good, decent, almost hardworking citizen. And it's not a gift, it's a highly developed skill. Took years of practice.

Well, not rly. But it's worth trying, no?


Vampire Fish
Jan 1, 2005
Fleet Street
Part One of an UBEEER Long Chapter. Conversions of 3 people in to darkness o_o

“Sora!” I screamed in distress as I witnessed him tumble over the railing of my balcony. My apartment was at least 15 stories high! No mortal could survive a fall from that height! Adrenaline coursed through my veins, and forced me to scamper over to the railing.

Sora was indeed free falling, and I could see that his bright cerulean eyes were wide with astonishment and maybe even disbelief. However, I was not able to look in to his eyes for much longer…

“Sora, look ou-,”


I was too slow in my warning, and the back of Sora’s head collided with the stone gargoyle perched on the balcony below. The sickening crack like a gunshot echoed in my ears as Sora’ s head snapped upward to collide with his chest, and flopped back with blood spurting from his mouth!

“Sora, hold on!” I called down to him before hastily, and stupidly springing over the edge like Megan in airplane glomp mode.

Aw crud, what have I gotten myself in to?”

The air rushed past my face and sent my crimson locks flying backwards as I tried to catch up with Sora’s plummeting form. “Come on…almost there…” I thought desperately as I neared Sora’s arm at an increasing speed.

Nevertheless, the ground too was coming closer by the second! Knowing this might just be the death of both of us, I clasped my hand around his wrist, and pulled with every atom of my body. Sora was already twice my size, and the air pressure around us sure wasn’t helping matters!

“I’ve got one shot…”

Kicking off against the building, so I dropped beneath Sora- and I’ll never take that out of context, I grasped his shoulders and tightly closed my eyes. I could feel pulses and tremors of pain route through me as I hastily forced my wings to form.

“Please, Cloud!” I prayed as I heard screams from below, and those alerted me that people could see us.

With a screech, and an almighty thrust of the newly formed wings I power stroked upward, and my toes brushed against the ground! Sora’s weight pulled me down like a cannonball, but with every particle of my being I began flapping like a canary trying to escape from a cat.

After about ten flutters I managed to get airborne, and was soon soaring up the side of the building. The gasps from the onlookers below told me that they had indeed seen my wings, and were witnessing this very spectacle.

Oh, Cloud…This isn’t good at all.

The good side to this situation, was that they couldn’t see me, but the bad side was that they could see Sora. Remember I said that humans can see angels, but Sora was mortal, and thus he was completely out in the open.

I glanced down at Sora who appeared to be unconscious, and blood was dripping from his lips giving the impression that he was a vampire. Vampires do exist, but Sora couldn’t be one. I suspected that he bit his tongue when he smashed his head against the gargoyle, and that was the reason for the blood.

Finally, I reached the crest of my balcony and quickly bounded over the railing and collapsed to the floor. Perspiration dripped down my forehead as I panted heavily in an attempt to catch my breath. My shoulders were shaking from the strain of the fast fluttering, and they felt like jell-o.

“I am going to be in deep, deep, DEEP trouble when Cloud or Riku-ku- OMICLOUD!”

My heart was struck with a lightning bolt of terror as I realized that Riku-kun was going to find out about this! “HOLY MOTHER OF TATER TOTS! Riku-kun is going to hate me now! My chances with him have been washed down the drain like a snotty ball of Kleenex!”

Curling in to a ball I bitterly thought, “Well, if I get booted out of heaven I can always write poetry…” as I pondered my disgusting simile. I had broken one of the most cardinal rules of heaven: Do not allow mortals to question the event of death.

If Sora didn’t smash against the pavement like a pancake others might think that the rules of death do not apply.

My mind was tortured with the possible punishments that I could endure for this crime. However, I did not have long to torture myself. I remembered that Sora was bleeding all over my balcony…

“Sora!” I gasped as I hastily spun around and crawled over to him. I pulled him up in to a sitting position with some difficulty and examined the wound in his mouth. Gulping down the possibility that Sora might have swallowed half of his tongue, I pried his bloody lips open and peered inside.

His mouth was a bloody mess, and I feared that he might die in his own fluids. Luckily, his tongue was not severed though there was a large gash across it.

“What I wouldn’t give to know Dr. House…”

I looked down at Sora, and came to a reasonable conclusion. Carefully ripping a part of my robe at the sleeve I rolled it up in to a ball. Placing my hand at the back of Sora’s head, I gingerly placed the cloth near his tongue and soaked up the blood.

I felt dirty and disgusted that I was even helping this moron after what he tried to do. I should have just let him fall to his doom…

Okay, I couldn’t do that since that would be negligence…

Well, I should have just left him lying here, and let him drown in his own blood…

Damn! That’s still negligence!

I mumbled random words to myself as I finished the deed of mopping up Sora’s blood. I stared down at him, trying to decide what to do with Sora’s ungrateful carcass. ‘Kairi-chan!” A voice from within the apartment rang like an irritating telephone.

Oh please Cloud, NO! NOT HER!

My heart pounded with anxiety as I realized that Selphie, the girl with impeccably annoying timing would see Sora lying here all bloodied up. I frantically seized Sora by the arms and dragged him across the balcony, but knocked over my glass table as I hurried.


Shoving Sora behind my potted palm tree I kicked him multiple times, so that his limbs wouldn’t be hanging out.


“WHAAT!?” I shrieked in surprise as I heard Selphie’s squeaky voice. Spinning around to come face to face with Selphie’s large emerald eyes and moose hairdo I twitched in frustration.

“Kairi-chan, what happened to your hand?!” Selphie demanded as her gaze locked upon my right palm.

Oh no…

I slowly looked down to see that my palm was caked with bright crimson liquid that had come from Sora’s head. I twitched a couple more times, and tried to find a way out of this predicament. I gradually looked up at the horrified moose known as Selphie, and remembered her short attention span.


Selphie’s eyes bulged and she gasped, “THE MUFFIN MAN!?”

I prompted her again with a wide smile, “THE MUFFIN MAN!”

Selphie clapped her hands to the side of her face and bounced on the balls of her feet like some kangaroo infused moose…a kangamoo…, “WHO LIVES ON DRULEY LANE!?”

I nodded and pointed behind her, but Selphie paused and gave me a calculating stare, “Wait a minute… Kairi, do you think I’m an idiot just because I like muffins?” I stared at her and slowly let my hand flop to my side, “No, that’s not the reason why I think you’re an idiot.”

Selphie was getting curious in the way only Selphie can. Curiosity didn’t kill the cat that was Selphie. She peered over my shoulder and blinked, “Kairi what is that….thingie behind the palm tree?”

Oh sweet vampire biscuits!

I swiftly stuffed my hands in to my pockets, and searched for Selphie’s one and only weakness. “THANK YOU JESUS! YOU ROCK!” I shrieked in success from within my mind. Pulling out a Double Bubble piece of gum I waved it in front of Selphie’s face like a chew toy.

“Ooh! Selphie look! Your favorite bubble gum!” I cooed as I teased her with the pink wad. Her eyes followed the ornately wrapped paper, and she jumped in an attempt to catch it. “GIMME!” She squealed like a stuck pig.

“GO GET IT GIRL!” I shouted as I threw the candy in to the house, and Selphie scampered after it. I sighed in relief now that the ordeal was over, but I remembered that Sora was sitting on my balcony unconscious.

I glanced at him, but decided that I would let him lie here. At least until I got Kaze, Amme, Megan, Selphie and the other three out of my hair. So, I tiptoed to the sliding glass door, and quietly locked it from the inside.


I hopped a few feet in the air, and bumped my forehead against the glass out of sheer surprise. “WHO GOES THERE!?” I shrieked as I whirled around. Amme stared down at me with one eyebrow inquired, and her misty grey eyes trying to decide what in Cloud’s name was wrong with me.

I smiled sheepishly up at her and laughed nervously, but Amme’s calculating stare seemed to see right through me. “Kairi-chan, have you been forgetting to wash the fruit off before you eat it?” She asked me as if I was a mental nutcase who believed that squirrels would gain superior intelligence and eventually come against us with a furry iron fist…

I scratched the back of my neck in an effort to explain myself, but luckily I didn’t have to. For Amme and I had to press ourselves against the wall since Aozora, Narusuke and the nameless raven haired girl can bowling through the hall holding cardboard weapons that looked like…oversized keys?

“You cannot escape the power of my KEYBLADE!” Aozora laughed maniacally as he chased Narusuke down the hallway. After the stampede of midgets, I looked over at Amme and rolled my eyes, “A Keyblade? Who in the heavens would create a weapon as stupid as that!?”

Amme smiled softly and agreed with a light chuckle, “Yeah, imagine if they made a video game with that kind of weapon.” I blinked at this impossible possibility, and began to stride down the hallway whilst saying, “That’s a game that wouldn’t get anywhere.”

I entered the living room, to find Kaze amazingly sitting up and looking much better. I almost stopped in my tracks at the sight of his recovery, but I remembered that Kaze had inhuman healing abilities. He still looked pale, but other than that he appeared to be healthy.

I thanked Cloud and another few individuals for his speedy recovery, but I was pulled out of my trance by Megan’s voice. “Kairi-chan, I left my Miroku plushie at Club Oblivion! So, now we’re going over there to get it back.”

From Kaze’s expression I could clearly see that he was being dragged in to this by Megan’s airplane glomp. I reluctantly agreed to follow the three back to that club since the fiasco I witnessed was still fresh in my mind.

Megan, Selphie, and Amme went in to my room to go through Megan’s spare clothes that she left here just in case a situation like this occurred. The little monsters were occupied with their…keyblades, so Kaze and I were very much alone.

I leisurely sat down beside him, but kept quiet since I could clearly tell that he was in one of his ‘emo moments’. I stared at him for a moment, but when he didn’t acknowledge my presence I became frustrated with him.

“Wanna get something to eat?” I asked him merrily. Silence was my only answer, and Kaze did not even look up at my inquiry. “Want a clean pair of clothes?” I prompted him again. Still silence spoke to me.

“Wanna go watch some nuns make out?”

Kaze’s cerulean eyes widened, but a serene, amused smile graced his handsome face. “Yeah, let’s do that.” He chuckled as he looked up at me with momentary laughter. I laughed along with him, but I soon stood up and remembered I had to get dressed.

“I’m gonna go get read-,”

Kaze’s uncompromising stoic expression was all that I received in return.

“You really don’t want to go with us do you?” I sighed in irritation at his childish behavior. Kaze sarcastically rolled his eyes with a reply of, “Gee, Kairi! You sure love to show off that college degree!” I pursed my lips at my blonde companion’s sarcasm, but simply added, “You don’t have to come if you really don’t want to…”

Kaze grunted in agreement, and sat back against the couch with a pleased expression.

“I suppose that it would be okay for Megan to be exposed to the many perverts and rapists at every street corner…” I mused aloud.

Even from behind I could see the sheer horror crossing Kaze’s face at this prospect, but he remained silent as the grave. “I’m sure it would be just fine with Megan’s parents if she got kidnapped, or possibly impregnate-,”

“I’LL GET THE CAR KEYS!” Kaze shouted and hurriedly ran from the room.

I laughed out loud at my own brilliance, and perched my hands on my hips. “I’ve still got it.” I smirked as I headed towards my room.


“Team Yami, and Team Kasai, you will be going up to the surface world to fulfill a mission.”

The four teenagers stared up at their superior who read from a slip of parchment. Leon’s eyes scanned the paper sternly as he sustained, “Your mission is to steal the hope of as many mortals as you can.”

Haruka kept his jade gaze locked on Leon, whilst Nyra kept flashing him flirtatious glances. Axel was whispering something in Noeru’s ear, but she was doing her best to listen to her older brother’s guidance. Leon’s eyes flashed upward coldly as he spoke in an even colder tone, “Axel, Nyra, do you find this amusing? Do my words bore you?”

Axel and Nyra’s emerald eyes locked on to the older demon, and Axel smirked slightly with an apology of, “Gomen, sensei.” Nyra, however smiled sweetly up at the brunette male and giggled, “Yeah, gomen Leon-chan…”

Noeru’s amber eyes widened and her hands curled in to fists at Nyra’s attempt to flirt with her older brother. Leon was not fazed by Nyra’s seductive ways, and continued to talk, “Your area will be Club Oblivion, and under no circumstances do you let your victims escape.”

The four nodded in understanding, and Axel saluted his comrade with a broad grin. After being dismissed, the four headed towards the entrance hall. Haruka walked beside Noeru, but kept quiet and determined to complete the mission.

Axel walked on the opposite side of the brunette with his arm loosely draped around her shoulders and he talked to her with a smile. Nyra’s boots clunked at Axel’s other side, and she kept gazing at Haruka with a wry smirk.

“Just a moment, Noeru come here.” Leon’s voice echoed from the throne room. Axel and Haruka looked over their shoulders to see Leon lounging against a stone pedestal with a severe expression. The brunette looked up at Axel, who prompted her to go with a gentle push.

She nodded at him in union before dashing over to her elder sibling. Haruka watched her for a moment, as she scampered up to Leon with a curious inquiry of the head. “Come on Haruka, sweetie.” Nyra encouraged as she wrapped herself around his arm with a flutter of her eyelashes.

Haruka nodded silently, and pulled his gaze away from the siblings as he followed Axel and Nyra out of the castle.


“What’s wrong nii-chan?” Noeru inquired as she stared up at her older sibling. Leon looked down upon her with dark, calculating, but concerned eyes. “Where were you last night?” He sternly demanded like a father scolding his daughter.

Noeru bit her lip nervously, and tried to sway her brother with a sweet, innocent smile. Of course, the false charm was not affecting the annoyed demon. “Noeru…” He said in an unyielding tone which clearly meant that he was not in the mood for her games.

The amber eyed Follower exhaled, and her shoulders slumped as she cast her brother an aggravated glance. “I was at the River of Fire.” She muttered in his direction. Leon crossed his arms unhappily, and demanded, “Alone?”

She solemnly shook her head, and garbled, “No.”

Leon seemed to be slightly relieved at this news, for he exhaled in reprieve. “You were with Axel-kun then?” He prodded further. Noeru nodded in a silent agreement, and she could feel Leon’s navy gaze upon her.

“…I know I can’t force you to do what I say, but be careful. You are still young, and no offence imouto-chan, but you aren’t the sturdiest Follower. I worry about you,”

Noeru looked up at her older sibling, but had heard these words from him over a thousand times. “I promised Otou-san, and Okaa-san that I would take care of you, and I don’t want to break that promise.” Leon told her, but struggled to hide the emotion building in his tone.

“I understand nii-chan.” Noeru shortly replied and wrapped her arms around her brother’s waist in a show of affection. Leon smiled ever so slightly and ruffled his sibling’s amber hair before saying, “All right chibi-suke get goin’.”

Noeru flared up at the insult to her height, and punched her brother’s well muscled arm with a sour expression plastered on her face. “Shaddup baka.” She grumbled as she spun around and disappeared in to a series of molecules.

Leon smiled as he watched his kin disappear in to a thousand molecules, and muttered, “A demon child. Stuck in that body, but growing up on the inside.”


The…eight of us treaded through the back alley towards the entrance where we previously entered a few days ago. Sadly, we had to drag the three children along with us, and they seemed very excited to be coming with us. Narusuke was wearing a pure white collared shirt, argent jeans which harmonized with his spiky hair, and a coffee, and fair hat whilst Aozora was wearing a white and cold shirt with golden cuffs very similar to the very hot clothing Krad wore.

Kaze, however was adorned in a black sleeveless leather shirt with a white stripe running down the front and around the collar. At his elbows were metal plated guards, and black and white fingerless gloves. We strayed in to the back door, where Megan pranced up on Kaze’s arm, “Barret-san?” She chimed at the figure in the dim streetlight.

“Hey, Barret who is she?” A sudden, familiar voice asked with the curiosity of a cat. Megan, and Amme hopped in surprise at the strange voice, but after hearing Barret’s deep, booming voice everything was clarified, “Don’t worry Reno, she and her little friends can go in.”

Reno chuckled as he stepped in to the light. The cat-like lime colored eyes reflected the light, and the shine on his flaming red, wild hair. Holding a pole over his shoulder which was clad in a deep blue jacket over an unbuttoned, untied white collared shirt, he flashed us a grin. “Hai, Kairi-chan, Selphie-chan, Megan-chan, pretty girl I don’t know, annoyed emo blonde, and three…kids?”

Aozora shook his fist at the confused redhead, and huffed, “We’re not kids, we’re midgets!” Megan and Amme exchanged inquiring glances in Aozora’s direction. Barret and Reno blinked in astonishment, but after Barret sharply whapped Reno in the back of the head with his tough mechanical arm. “Go on in kids.” Barret smiled as he pushed the door open for us.

“Arigatou, Barret-san.” We all chimed with the exception of Kaze who was still looking peeved. The familiar blares of the music began to course through my chest, and for whatever reason I felt excited. Perhaps it was the pounding of the sound waves, or the thought that Sora wouldn’t be here to bother me again…

“It’s loud…” Narusuke said as he covered his ears, but his voice only came out as a mere whisper over the pounding beats. “WHAT?!” Aozora shouted over the music in Narusuke’s face. “I SAID, IT’S LOUD!” Narusuke shrieked back at the shouting blonde.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU! IT’S LOUD!” Aozora screamed back at the argent haired boy obliviously. I mentally slapped the both of them, but I did not have long to mentally scold them. “Kids, don’t talk to strangers.” I told Shiza, Aozora, and Narsuke.

“Yeah, and don’t drink anything but water.” Megan informed them. “Stick together!” Amme ordered the minors. “…And don’t accept any pills from giddy teenagers...” Kaze added in a monotone. I half gawked at him and his blunt statement, but the three seemed to understand.

“Right-o! C’mon guys, let’s dance until we can’t feel feelings anymore!” Aozora cheered as he and the two angels took off in to the throng of people. We stared after them, feeling ominous tendrils creep over us. “…Dad is gonna kill me.” Kaze grumbled as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Don’t be stupid, Aozora! C’mon let’s go dance!” Megan smiled up at him as she clutched his hand and pulled him in the opposite direction. I prayed that Kaze would tolerate and look out for my friend, but I had my own share of thoughts too.

“You guys thirsty?” I asked Amme and Selphie who were staring after Kaze and Megan. “Actually I am…” Amme answered in surprise. Selphie jumped in the air as she squealed, “I want strawberry milk!” For a few seconds we stared at Ms. Moose Hairdo as if she were a sea urchin.

Amme and I turned around and headed over to the bar as Selphie ran around in circles screaming in delight about all the wonders of strawberry milk.

“I need a vacation…” I muttered to no one in particular.


“Is she the one?”

Haruka turned at Axel’s inquiry, and cast him a threatening jade glare as he replied emotionlessly, “Yes.” Axel’s emerald eyes locked on to the redheaded duo making their way to the bar, and a sly smirk crossed his pale face. “She’s a cute one.” He sniggered in Haruka’s direction.

Haruka halted Axel’s stride with the motion of his arm and warned, “We are to leave the angel to Sora. You know the orders.” Axel looked in to Haruka’s eyes which held the threat that if Axel tried to make a move, Haruka would stop him if he must.

“Who said I was talking about the angel?” Axel whispered with a tone almost as cold as the winter snow. Haruka glanced over at the girl at Kairi’s side, the one with the curly red hair which held the color of the deepest pool of crimson.

“Oh…it’s her.”

Axel snickered at Haruka’s stumped expression, and began to make his way towards Amme who was blissfully unaware of the demons staring at her. “No. That one is mine.” Haruka breathed as he vowed to finish the job he started.

Axel was silent as the grave, but stared at Haruka with surprise. However, that surprise turned into irritation, “Fine, do what you want.” He snapped before turning back around. Haruka stared at Amme for a few seconds, considering if he should really steal the hope of someone close to the angel.


Haruka flinched as Nyra wrapped her arms around him seductively, and giggled like a love struck little girl. He’d heard that sound too many times to be phased by it at this point in his eternal damnation. He turned around to face Axel and Noeru, and said, “Let’s go.”

He shrugged Nyra off emotionlessly and trudged in to the crowd searching for the proper victim. Noeru watched him go with a hint of concern building in her amber eyes. “Haruka-kun wasn’t acting like himself lately…so why the complete 180?”

Her concerns for her childhood friend were washed away as if by a wave when she spotted Axel flirting with a skimpily clad blonde girl. Astonishment gripped her eternal young form, and flames almost as fierce as the River of Fire flared up at Axel’s behavior.

As Axel was whispering sweet nothings into the blonde’s ear, she stomped up to him with eyes of fire and growled, “Axel-kun!” Axel turned around nonchalantly, and smiled, “Hey, what’s wrong?” The blonde girl cast Noeru a glare with her tan eyes in a sign that she was not appreciating Noeru’s meddling.

Grabbing Axel by the arm and pulling him away from the skank, she looked up at him with hurt eyes, “I’ll tell you what’s wrong! You flirting with that dumb blonde girl!” Axel looked down at her, surprised by her behavior and concerned as her eyes searched through his mind. “Noeru, it is not polite to read my thoughts. Why are you acting this way?”

The brunette girl bit her lip in an attempt to be strong, and not show Axel any weakness, but whispered over the blaring speakers, “You…and I…a-are-,” She was cut off as Axel held her chin up and chuckled, “I see. Look, I have to do this right? No one could take your place. Got it memorized?”

Noeru nodded in agreement, but secretly she wished Axel would just forget about her and stop flirting with every girl who came along. Nevertheless, he turned right back around and returned to hypnotizing the blonde with his empty promises.

So, she stood there staring after him for a moment, before the twisting of her heart became too much and she had to look away. “Looks like you can’t manage to keep your claws on even one boy.”

Noeru turned around swiftly at the wicked statement, and only rested her gaze upon a very smug Nyra. “Shut up!” Noeru hissed at the ebony haired beauty, who laughed in her face. “Take a lesson doll; you just bring bad luck…Ice Queen.”

“I told you to shut up!” Noeru repeated with the blood in her arms beginning to reach a boil. “Heh, what is a little girl like you going to do to me? Pull my hair? Scream in my face?” Nyra mocked the youngest demon with amusement.

Noeru stared at Nyra, and strode up to her with eyes beginning to transform in to phosphorus fire. “Leave. Me. Alone.” She hissed in Nyra’s face with a deadly tone. Nyra’s emerald eyes narrowed coolly, and she shoved Noeru back with a jeer of, “Make me, Icy.”


There was a crash of glass as pitchers fell to the floor, and the smash of chair legs against the floor as Nyra was thrown backwards with force. The ebony haired girl snarled as she got to her feet and glared at Noeru who mimicked her every move.

“You little witch!”

Nyra sprang forward and grabbed Noeru by the wrists, and thrust her towards the floor. After a series of skids, Noeru blew the hair from her eyes, and looked up at Nyra with a pout of, “Witch? Maybe there is a little evil in me.”

Taking Nyra’s advice, she stood up and took a fistful of Nyra’s hair and yanked it from left to right, and up and down. A crowd of people surrounded them in a tight circle, and many hoots and hollers egged the frustrated girls to fight even more.

The DJ also seemed in to this scene, for he flipped the CD and a new song began to start. Nyra tossed her jean jacket to a nearby table, and motioned for the brunette to bring it. “You know you can’t win…” Nyra whispered across Noeru’s mind.

Noeru pulled her earrings out and tucked them in to her pocket, and mentally growled back, “You know that shirt makes you look fat. Wait, you don’t need the shirt to accomplish that.” That was it. Nyra raced forward and brought her hand down across Noeru’s head with a loud smack.

A chorus of ‘oohs’ erupted from the crowd as Noeru staggered at the sudden blow. Nyra stepped back with a smug smile planted on her lips. “Gonna run crying to brother? Since mama can’t help you.”

In a flash of fury, and hurt Noeru stampeded forward and tackled Nyra against a table and pushed her sharp claws in to Nyra’s perfect skin. Her eyes held the fire of a demon, and the small fangs growing caused Noeru to appear more demonic than Nyra expected.

She had struck one of the girl’s central nerves, and she snapped in to a state where another personality began to peer out. Flailing her legs, and whacking Noeru repeatedly in the head Nyra shrieked, “Get off of me you little freak!”

Noeru however seized another fistful of Nyra’s hair and tore the ebony strands out by the roots. She also based Nyra’s head repeatedly against the wall, in sync with her own beating. Nyra’s eyes flashed in a murderous fashion and she entered Noeru’s mind with deadly intentions.

Take this.”

Nyra’s own powerful aura infiltrated Noeru’s mind and expanded the force within it like a balloon. The power began to swell, and expand, but like every balloon it reached its limit. The explosion of her mental energy caused Noeru to clutch the sides of her head with an agonized shriek. The pulses of the energy continued to flow through her aching head, and swell like a fusion bomb.

Nyra took this opportunity to stagger up to her feet, and start towards Noeru again, but someone halted her. “That’s enough girls.” Reno stepped between the two with his electrical rod in hand. Nyra glared at his interference, but flipped her hair before turning away.

Reno stared after her for a few moments, but soon looked down at Noeru who was still holding the sides of her head. “Hey, are you all right?” He inquired with concern. Noeru nodded ever so slightly and tried to get to her feet, but only to falter shakily.


Reno caught her as she began to crumple to the floor, and focused his emerald eyes on her, “Okay, shnoaky.” He muttered as he helped her into the nearby chair. The girl’s amber eyes began to clear, and things were beginning to come back into focus. “A-Axel-kun?” She mumbled as she caught sight of a pair of emerald eyes, and flaming red hair.

“Who? No, I’m Reno. Is Axel someone you were here with?” Reno answered her inquiry. Noeru opened her mouth to tell him that he was correct, but the memory of Axel flirting with the blonde made her reconsider. “No. You just look like someone I know.” She lied with a small smile.

Reno smirked at her and asked interestedly, “So what was that all about?” Noeru bit her lip and shrugged her shoulders, “Bad blood between us. We’ve been enemies since forever.” Reno smiled, and replied, “Ah, I know how that feels. So…how old are you?”

Noeru opened her mouth to say an insane number, but replied, “Fourteen…and a half.” Reno blinked and sighed, “Still a kid huh?” Noeru pouted at him, and retorted, “Teen! TEEN! FourTEEN! The teen at the end means TEENager!”

Reno laughed at her rant and the pout plastered on her face. “I suppose that is true.” Noeru smiled triumphantly, but caught Axel’s gaze from within the crowd. He was staring at her with a suspicious look in his sea foam eyes.

“So, NOW you’re looking at me? Well then, I better give you something to watch.”

She looked back at Reno, and her conscious dove into his head, and began to implant thoughts of desire, and wipe away all the indecision. Reno’s eyes dilated through the procedure, but all he would think was that he was getting a headache from the blaring music.

Noeru smirked in satisfaction as Reno cocked his head as he looked at her. This was a Follower’s number one conversion method. “Do you wanna dance?” Reno asked as he cleared his throat. Silently looking over at Axel who was gawking in astonishment, Noeru smiled and replied, “I have a better idea.”

She stood up, and pulled Reno along by his tie as if it were a leash. Reno followed almost eagerly, and his eyes became glazed over like he was on ecstasy. Pushing past the throng of dancers, Noeru came to a door marked ‘employees only’ and walked through.

Roughly driving
Reno against the grey wall, she looked in to his eyes as began to work the hypnosis Followers were famed for. On the hunt, Noeru might have the body of a fourteen year old girl, but possessed a mind with all the skill and intensity of a creature as old as time.

Trapped in that small body was a strain over the girl’s mind and morale, but it proved the perfect, innocent disguise. Slipping in to Reno’s mind again with drugging slowness, she whispered, “What are you thinking?”

Reno was too fazed by her hypnosis that he couldn’t distinguish between spoken words and the whispers in his head. Noeru knew his answer before he even spoke it, and the words were different from the thoughts lingering in Reno’s mind. He obviously knew how to get around. “What do you think?”

Noeru cocked her head innocently like a little porcelain doll, but this seemed to be the answer Reno was waiting for. He pulled her forward against his chest, and breathed in the scent of her hair. “What do you know about me?” He asked.

Noeru smiled into the fabric of his jacket and whispered, “I know that you are considering kissing me right now, that you are a bit of a player, and you are what my brother would call an oversexed punk.” Reno appeared to be taken aback by her direct answer, but chuckled in amusement.

“If you want to follow me in to the darkness…I will be your guide.” She informed him as his lips grazed her cheek. This statement had two meanings, but Reno was ecstatically unaware of her hidden intentions. Reno nodded and tugged at the string of her shirt, and placed his hands on her shoulders.

Noeru flinched at the contact, and was peeved momentarily. She didn’t enjoy anyone touching her. There were only a select few who she could be close to without feeling uncomfortable, but this was a masquerade after all…

“Is that a yes?” She murmured in his ear. The redhead breathed, “Yes….” He toyed with the hem of her shirt in impatience. “All right then.” With a sharp surge into Reno’s mind she implanted the devil’s empty promises, and Reno’s weak, seduced mind could do nothing but accept the darkness in to his body.

The deed was done, and the light within Reno’s heart flickered like a dying candle. Noeru shoved him off of her, and stood back to look down at him. “You shouldn’t say yes to every girl who comes along.” She said as she stroked his hair.

Reno would regain consciousness in a few minutes, and that gave Noeru time to plan out her plan to make Axel jealous. She was well aware that Reno would come after her, for her bare promise had been taken to his darkness infested heart.


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Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D


-suddenly feels very Sora-ish- ._.

That thing about Keyblades was so awesome. It's so ironic. XDDDDDD

Is Sora still bleeding on Kairi's balcony...? ... awesome. >:3

THAT WAS OF UBER PWNAGE. My Miroku plushie. ;~;~;


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Just so ya'll know I'm goin to a friend's party tonight, so don't expect an updart tonight, but possibly tommarow. I might be sleeping over there if Cloud doesn't plague me with abdomen torture >_> but I'll probably be up late, and if her comp allows internet acess I'll try to start workin' on one. ^_^


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HELLO?!This fanfic is about as dead as mine....and just so you no my fanfic is dead like hell!I better go wake it now*walks towards my fanfic*


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xD No worries. This isn't dead. I was on vacation since Friday, so I haven't gotten the chance to updart. I'm home now, and working on it as we speak. Hopefully, I will be able to get another chapter up soon. ^_^


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Fine, fine Silver. I'll post the shortness of this now. Be aware this is only part of an update, but I'm lacking inspiration to make a full one. So be happy, be healthy!

"That ugly, little witch!"
Nyra cursed as she stalked through the throng of dancing bodies. Her emerald eyes were agleam with anger and humiliation. Her normally goddess-like face was contorted into something gruesome and vengeful as she spat, "This isn't the end...not by a long shot..."

She knocked a blonde haired boy to the floor in her desperation for a alcoholic beverage, but didn't even so much as cast the boy an apologetic glance. Grabbing a stool with her left hand, Nyra sat down and propped her elbows up on the bar counter. Slapping the counter with her palm and looking over towards the bartender, she demmanded, "Martini, now."

Silver, the bartender which Kairi and her friends met the last time they were here, glanced up at Nyra with a suspicious gleam in his bright, silver eyes. A sly, perverted smirk crept across his lips as he poured the alcoholic beverage into a glass. Nyra, however, was keeping her furious gaze locked on to the crowd of dancers. Sliding the glass across the obsidian counter, Silver sat in front of her, waiting for the ebony haired beauty to notice him.

Nyra gave the boy a sidelong glance, but didn't have to be a mind reader to tell what was on his perverted mind. Delicately taking the glass in her right hand, she raised the brim to her dark lips and took a sip. "You sure look upset." Silver commented after noticing how flushed her face was. "What was your first clue, kid?" Nyra moodily retorted as she placed the glass back on to the counter.

Silver chuckled slightly at her moody behavior, but mused aloud, "You girls and your PMS..." Nyra rose one slender eyebrow at his statement as if she was surprised by his words. "This could be a good way to satisfy my anger..." She thought to herself as her eyes looked Silver up at down. She was required to make a conversion tonight, and since Haruka's little visit she had been feeling rather lusty. "I hate feeling so upset." She pouted at Silver as if he could help her.

"I know the perfect way to calm you down. I could kiss you passionately on the lips, then move up to your bellybutton." Silver seductively whispered as he brushed a stray strand of hair away from Nyra's porcelian face. Nyra was quite amused by his offer, so she decided that he would be the one to face the darkness.

"That is a generous offer..." She smiled whilst batting her long eyelashes flirtasiouly. Silver didn't know it, but he was falling headfirst in to Nyra's seductive trap. His mind, clouded by lust and desire was slowly being wiped clean of all doubts by Nyra's twisted powers, but it was his mistake for thinking every pretty girl equaled a good time.

Nyra gradually leaned forward, so that she could look in to Silver's argent eyes, but not only was she seducing him...she was infiltrating his mind. "Are you ready to uphold your offer?" She whispered in his ear with a intruiging tone. The teenage boy could only nod as the lump in his throat grew, and his knees began to shake with anticipation.

"Well then, lets see how truthful you are..."

Much similar to Noeru's own actions, Nyra fiddles with Silver's long blue tie and lead him like the dog he was. Almost stumbling over his stool, Silver struggled over the bar to follow Nyra through the throng of people. Hoomhaha, the silver hamster, leapt from the seduced Silver's pocket and scurried twoards Nyra.

Animals could sense evil more easily than humans, and everything about Nyra rang out: Evil. The hamster sped across Silver's suspended tie, and bit hard into Nyra's knuckle with his sharp teeth.

"What the-," Nyra gasped as she dropped Silver's tie to stare furiously at the rodent hanging from her skin. "Little rat!" She hissed with pure venom dripping from her voice. Swiftly entrapping the rodent within her hand, she thrust the pet in the oppisote direction, not caring if it smacked against the wall.

Silver, in his drugged state collided with Nyra's shoulder, thus knocking both of them to floor. As she hit the floor with Silver on top of her, she mentally noted to make the conversion slow and painful. "Jeez, take it outside you two." A snicker from above told Nyra. The enraged girl glanced up to see Axel with him arms wrapped around the blonde girl, looking quite smug indeed.

"You know, I think we should." She smirked wryly as she ran a hand through Silver's red eged hair. Sliding to her feet with a giggle, she winked at Axel before leading Silver away like a lapdog. Axel chuckled at the spectacle, knowing full well that Silver was in for a night of pain and lies.


Nyra let the bartender in to the back alley, where Reno should have been standing gaurd to fullfill his duty of bouncer. Since Reno was....unavailable, they were very much alone in the dark alley. "We can be alone out here." Nyra smiled secretively as her fingertips brushed against Silver's cheek.

The poor hormone crazed boy looked like he just ran a marathon. His eyes were cloudy as if he were on drugs, his palms were sweaty, and all the warning signs that told him to shove the deadly beauty off were shoved in to the farthest reigon of his mind. Skillfully un-knotting the dark satin tie, Nyra kept her haunting emerald orbs transfixed on Silver's misty grey ones.

This was the begining of the end for Silver, despite the sweet, painful pleasure this demon presented...Life would be a living hell from this point on. Trailing butterfly kisses down his collar and taking his hope inch by inch, Nyra grabbed him by the shoulders and asked in a hushed whisper, "Are you afraid of the dark?"

Silver, on the brink of losing all self control, shook his head slowly back and forth. Nyra's eyes flared phosphorus yellow as the moonbeams rained down on her face, "Well, you should be." She hissed as an unnaturally violent shadow streamed forth from the darkness and entrapped Silver in his evil vices.

Helplessley falling forward, Silver's eyes widened fearfully at the pain racking his rib cage. Nevertheless, it was too late to escape from Nyra's desirous clutches. The cruel smirk remained on her demonicly beautiful face as she strode forward and cupped Silver's terrified face in her palm. "Whatever is wrong? Are you frightened?" She cooed in a voice just dripping honey venom.

Unable to utter any words due to his crushed lungs, Silver could only stare up at her with disbelief dancing like flames across his face. Nyra chuckled to herself, but informed the hostage, " Dont worry, Silver. We're going to have fun..."


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