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Fanfiction ► Obsession - Sora x Naminé


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Jun 10, 2008
Wonderful chapter! More, ASAP! ^^
I voted for Axel... I have my reasons. :D
Nuu, Isabella is soooooooo mean! TT^TT

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May 22, 2007
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Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy does not belong to me.

A/N: I'm sooo sorry about the delay! You know, I was supposed to update my Riku x Tifa fic first but I'm very busy these days... so God knows when I'll update it!

Anyway... Enjoy!


Namine's POV


I am sitting alone up at the rooftop when I suddenly spot Isabella approaching me. I visibly tense, afraid.

“Hey there, Namine.” I shiver, inching away from her. “Don’t worry I won't harass you. I’m here for a favour!” I look up at her, worried.

“You see, yesterday, I saw you. Here. On the fight, and… nobody else saw it. So, here’s the deal. I’ll take you to the principle's office now. And you're going to tell them this:"

She leans in dangerously close to my face, I cringe, scared she'll hurt me...

"Sora attacked me first!”


Chapter 4

I shake my head vehemently, I can't lie, it's just something I can not do..

Isabella frowns, angry now. “I won't let you say no! You will do as I tell you, you hear me?! Now come on!” She pulls my arm and drags me along with her.

I try to struggle against her grip, “L-l-let go of me!!”

But Isabella grabs me tighter, glaring menacingly, “Shut up!” I stop struggling, and bow down my head in defeat.

She continues to drag me through the empty halls, class has already started, so the hallways are empty.

Before we enter the principle office, Isabella pulls me to one side “Now listen, if you dare to defend Sora and his friends, I will harass you for as long as I see your ugly face here! You will tell them what I told you, GOT IT!?” she tugs harshly at my arm, I wince in pain. I can feel my eyes start to water.

“O-okay!” I squeak out, ashamed, and scared of the threat.


General POV

Unknown to Isabella, Tifa, one of the teachers, hiding behind the corner, listened to the entire conversation.


At the principle's office...

Sora, Kairi, Riku, Isabella and her henchmen are present, they all turn to look at Namine, hope in their eyes.

“Namine Strife was the witness? One of the school's best and most reliable students, I would trust her answer any day.” The principle says, smiling. “So, you claim Namine saw Sora attack you first?”

Isabella nods frantically, “Yes! Namine saw it, didn’t you Namine?”

Namine opens her mouth but closes it again when she sees the defeated and sad faces of Riku, Kairi and Sora. Isabella glares at her, “RIGHT, Namine?”

“Please, Isabella, don’t pressure Namine too much, she is a sensitive and timid girl,” The principle says kindly, “Now, Namine, will you tell me what happened exactly?”

Nodding, she looks up at Isabella, who is glaring at her threatingly, and then at Sora's hopeful blue eyes.

She is torn in-between...

Isabella is getting impatient at the silence. “Sir, its obvious that she is too scared to talk in front of Sora. She is afraid that HE might hurt HER next time!”

Sora frowns, shaking his head vehemently, “I wouldn’t—“

“H-he wouldn’t!” Namine stutters out loud at the same time.

Everyone stares intently at Namine, who finally spoke. First time ever speaking in front of Sora.

Namine continues, “S-Sora is not th-that t-type of person!” First time Sora hears her say his name, he's literally dancing inside.

Isabella sends her a ‘What-are-you-saying’ look, but then she snorts, “HAH! Of course you would say that! YOU'RE ONE OF HIS FAN GIRLS!”


Then Kairi smiles victoriously, standing by his side, “Yeah! Last time I checked YOU were the HEAD of Sora's fan club, Isabella!”

Isabella grits her teeth, and crosses her arms haughtily, “NOT ANYMORE, I’M NOT!”

Riku steps a bit ahead, murder intent in his eyes, “SHUT UP BITCH! DON’T RAISE YOUR VOICE ON US!”

One of Isabella's henchmen steps in to shield her, glaring back at Riku, “You shut up--!”

“EVERYONE, SILENCE!” Tifa Lockhart busts in the room, glowering at everyone.

“Mrs. Lockhart...!” The boys blush instantly, while Kairi and Isabella roll their eyes at their reaction.

Tifa smiles warmly at Namine, edging closer to her side, “Namine, I believe you have something to say.”

Isabella visibly panics. “W-why would you trust her word? She might be lying!”

Kairi raises an eyebrow, suspicious, “You brought her here to testify against us!”

Sora nods forcefully, “Besides, Namine won’t lie!” He stands next to Namine, smiling playfully at her. “Right, Namine? You’re not the type to lie...right?”

Namine blushes a bit, and looks away. Sora's eye twitches, an annoyed expression on his face, but he decides to ignore it this time. She defended him a while back!

Tifa looks down at Namine with a smile, placing a hand on her shoulder to encourage her to say the truth.

Namine looks down, her expression worried, contemplating what to do...


"Um... Hi! I'm Sora!!”

“Um hey, mind if I sit next to you?”

“...Sora is one of the nicest boys I know in this school!”

"Why are you so weird like that!"

"Now that's the Kairi that we know, now SMILE!"

"The ball's not gonna hurt you, y'know..."

"W-would you play catch with me?"


Namine is starting to have quick flashbacks of the short time she spent knowing Sora little by little, for some reason.

So far, Namine notes, Sora is the only person who ever tried hard to get closer to her. Most people would simply dismiss her as a freak and leave her alone, but he is always honest around her. When he called her weird for instance, Namine thought it was mean. But it is the truth.Right now, the least she can do is return the favor, and be honest about this...


“I-I saw Sora push Isabella…”

Sora's head slumps sadly, and his friends shake their head in disappointment while Isabella and her henchmen smirk, brimming with glee, “SEE! I TOLD YOU!”

Kairi snorts in the background, “Just a minute ago you said that she might lie...”

But Namine continues, “B-b-but… she attacked Kairi first! S-Sora was trying to protect Kairi!”

Tifa smiles, proud, squeezing her shoulder gently. Kairi punches the air happily, while Riku simply stands coolly, smiling abit. Sora is in deep shock for a while, then he grins from ear to ear. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he attacks Namine with a bear hug. “NAMINEEE! THANK YOU!!”

Kairi sweat drops, “Let the girl go you pervert, you might choke her to death!”

He lets go of her in an instant, chuckling bashfully, “Sorry!”

Namine's face is, of course, tomato red so she inches away from Sora a bit, trying to make her escape.

“Sora, Kairi, Riku and Namine... you can leave.” The principle says firmly, then he turns at the other group and his expression turns dark, “You three will have to stay.”

Kairi sticks out her tongue at them, while Riku smirks triumphantly. Sora is too busy staring giddily at his savior, Namine.

Tifa follows Namine and the rest out but then stops and turns around, “Oh, and one more thing, Isabella tried to threaten Namine if she didn’t lie about what she saw. I heard the whole thing down in the hallway before coming here.”

Isabella tenses, receiving a hard glare from the principle. It looks like Isabella and her henchmen are going to get a very long suspension.

Meanwhile; Sora, his friends, Namine and Tifa sneak out of the scene and close the door behind them.


As soon as Tifa leaves, kindly asking them to take care of Namine, Sora turns around to her and invites her to hang out with them, Riku is not too happy about it though. So Kairi and Sora drag him to one side, and try to coax him by telling him about how amazing and pretty and cute Namine is and how lonely she appears.

"Come on Riku! Don't be like that! Namine is really smart!" Sora whines.

"And nice... plus she doesn’t have any friends!" Kairi adds with hopeful eyes.

Riku sighs deeply, thinking.

Sora and Kairi show him their best puppy-face.

"Can we keep her??” Sora asks pleadingly.

Kairi glares at him, "She's not a pet Sora! Treat her with more respect, will you!" She retorts, smacking the back of his head.

He winces from pain, and turns to pout at her, "I didn’t mean it like that!!"

"Uh, guys?" Riku decides to break yet another of their catfights.

They turn swiftly at him, frustrated, "Yeah!?"

Riku smirks, and tells them coolly, "I think your subject of interest just ran away.”

Sora and Kairi blink confusedly and turn around quickly to look at the empty space Namine was standing on a while back.

“Namineee!” Sora yells, stretching his hand toward the faraway figure of Namine hurriedly fleeing the scene.


Sora is still curious about Namine... and he still thinks she's weird. Because she STILL avoids them, well, HIM mainly.

Eventually, Sora gives up, or at least tries to. And convinces himself to ignore her again.


Kairi 'forgets' something in the girls locker after 'everyone' left it, so she sends Sora to get it for her.

Sora enters the girls locker. A fool's first step to the unknown and beyond, and sees a topless Namine, well, he sees her from behind, her bare back, she is holding her shirt on front. She doesn't notice him, though.

His face turns bright red, then he takes careful steps back and gently closes the door, heart beating so fast. He walks back like a zombie toward Kairi, who notices him, "HEY! Where's my stuff?! -- And why is your nose bleeding??"

"I... forgot... get it... yourself." He walks away, expression dead. "Not gonna go there again..."

Kairi has a question mark looming over her head, but shrugs carelessly and ignores it.


Then, he feels the attraction; he can't stop thinking about her for days!

'Get out of my head! Stop invading my mind!' He clutches his head tightly like a mad man, rocking it back and forth.

"NAMINE!" He screams out loud all of a sudden, causing the whole class to freeze and turn their heads to look at him, sweatdropping. Even Namine is startled about why he barked her name like that.

He chuckles nervously, and opens a random book to hide his embarassed face.


Everytime he sees Namine, his heart beats so fast and he feels his face heating up, to the point that it is unbearable.

So he decides to visit the Nurse's Office, hoping she'll be able to fix whatever is wrong with him.


“Sora Leonhart. What brings you here?” Tifa asks with a playful smile.

Sora, sitting on the chair in front of hers, sighs deeply, as if the weight of the world is placed on his shoulders. “I've been feeling very strange lately...”

Tifa raises a curious eyebrow, Sora seems to be very serious that it's unsettling. “Strange...?”

He nods slowly, “Well, yeah... There's this person...And whenever I'm around this person... I-I start feeling queasy, my hearts beats so fast that it hurts, and my face feels hot and--”

Tifa's smile stretches knowingly as he goes on, surpassing the urge to chuckle, “Hold on, is this person a girl...?”

Sora stops to shrug, “Well, yeah...”

Tifa nods slowly, smile almost expanding out of her face, “Okay, tell me more about her...”

“She... She doesn't like me very much. In fact, she never spoke to me! But, even with that, I still get this annoying need to talk to her! It's driving me CRAZY! I even lost my appetite!! DO YOU SEE HOW SERIOUS THIS IS?!” He exclaims hysterically.

Tifa sweatdrops and tries to calm him down, “I do, Sora, I do. Now please calm down!”

Sora calms down and sighs again.

Then the bell rings.

“I think you should go to your class now, Sora. We'll talk about this some other time. Take care!”

Sora's shoulders slump, but he complies. “Okay...” He mumbles dejectedly as he makes his way outside the infirmary.


During lunch time, Sora is hanging out with his best friends Kairi and Riku like usual. But he looks distant... and thoughtful. It creeps both Riku and Kairi out to see him like this. So Kairi decides to engage into a conversation with him, and find out what's bothering her friend this time...

“Sora, are...”

Sora appears to be distracted though, he's looking around at the place frantically, as if searching for someone. But when he hears Kairi speaking to him, he turns to her, a serious look on his face, “I can't see Namine anywhere. Where do you think she goes to at lunch break?”

Kairi and Riku turn to share an exasperated glance with each other, sighing.

“Sora...” Kairi begins, trying to look serious, and fighting off the urge to grin and squeal like the cupid she is.

“Does she even eat...? I mean, she looks really pale...” Sora rambles on, eyes looking over at the ceiling for some reason.

Kairi emits a small chuckle, “Of course she eats, she's a human being!!” For some reason, Sora doubts it.

“...Do you think she acts differently at her house? I wonder how her house is like...”

Riku has enough, he stops eating, shaking his head at him, “Sora, don't you think you're being too much obsessive?”

Sora snaps out of his thoughts to pout at Riku, “Not obsessive, curious! I'm being curious!!”

“Even curiosity has its limits,” Riku replies nonchalantly. Kairi silently agrees.

Sora puffs in a childish manner, and attacks his food aggressively.


It is PE, and Sora is watching Namine practicing volley ball with the rest of the girls at the other side of the gym. He can't stop looking at her!!

But then a random basket ball clashes with his head and sends him unconscious, so he gets sent to the infirmary. Again.

Riku and Kairi leave him there to attend their classes.

Then Sora wakes up and mistakes Tifa for an angel, he even imagines wings, she laughs when he asks out loud if she's really an angel.

Tifa rests back on her chair, a tired smile on her face, “Wow, two visits at the same day. This must be more serious than I thought.”

“Aw, my head hurts... What happened??” Sora asks, rubbing the back of his head where it hurts.

“They say you looked dazed for a while, and you didn't bother catching a ball coming your way. Something on your mind?” She asks the last bit teasingly.

Sora blushes a bit, that was embarassing, he thinks, since he is supposed to be a hard-core basket ball player.

“Was it because of that girl again?” Tifa asks after a moment of silence, a playful glint in her eyes.

At that, he wonders if he should confide her with his problem now, because she may be able to fix it. Determined, he tells her about Namine, everything he experienced with her, and how she refuses to speak to him...

Tifa understands, and chuckles as he rambles on and on, "Namine Strife?" She asks, hoping that she's the one.

"Yeah, yeah! The blonde who carries a sketchbook all the time. She's so weird." He says the last bit with a childish pout on his face.

Tifa nods quickly, smiling, "I know her! She's adorable, isn't she?" Sora finds himself nodding subconsciously in return, "Yea--WAIT A MINUTE! WAS THAT A TRAP!?” He catches himself, a funny half-angry, half-suspicious look on his face.

Tifa laughs sweetly, "I think I got my answer.”

Sora blushes abundantly, his eyes darting all over the room because of his nervousness, “Wh-what one earth are you talking about...” He manages to stutter out, turning redder by the moment. "...SEE, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN, FIX IT!!" He cries out in panic, cupping his face.

She merely laughs in response, and shakes her head. "Sora, didn't you say you had this overwhelming feeling of wanting to talk to her?"

Sora nods cautiously, a dumb expression on his face.

"Why don't you come with me after school, I'm going to her house. Her father is a very close friend of mine. Then you will get to spend some time with her and talk. Wouldn't you like that??" She asks eagerly, trying to coax him into it for the purpose of wanting Namine to open up and have more friends. She sees Sora as the key since he is so social and nice. Tifa cares about Namine so much, so she doesn't want her to be a loner like her father, who doesn't like to express his feelings.

Sora is torn inside, he wants to go, but he doesn't want to go for two different reasons. One, he really wants to get to know her better. Two, but he doesn't want to go because he promised himself that he'll ignore her.

"I don't think--" Sora mutters finally, looking at the ground, but Tifa cuts in, "That will help fix your problem, I think.” She adds quickly, hopeful that he will accept.

"OK,” Sora finds himself agreeing instantly.

“Great!” Tifa claps her hands together, smiling brightly. “I'll pick you up after school, then!”

Sora begins to wonder how Namine is like in her house, is she a weirdo there too? Does she talk? What's her family like?... etc

As for Tifa, although it seems like Sora has fallen completely head over heels for Namine, he is oblivious to it. But with time... surely, he will finally realize, or so she hopes...


After school, Tifa, as promised, picks up Sora in her car, and drives him with her to Namine's place. Supposedly, Namine's already there. Cloud picks her up as early as possible from school everyday.

Sora enters inside the house after Tifa, examining it like it's the home of aliens.

Cloud suddenly comes out from the ketchin. He nods at Tifa, "Tifa..." He mutters in his quiet depressing voice.

Tifa greets him with a smile, Cloud then glances over suspiciously at Sora.

Sora gulps hard, nervous, "Er.. hi..?" He squeaks out unsurely.

Tifa instantly introduces him, almost as nervous herself, "Oh, th-that's Namine's classmate, Sora Leonhart. Sora this Cloud, Namine's father."

Scary father... his eyes are baring holes into me! “Er, N-nice to m-meet you.” Sora manages to stutter out, eyes unable to meet up with the father's.

"Hn," Cloud studies Sora carefully, then turns to Tifa, "Why did you bring him here?"

Sora flinches, feeling unwanted and embarrassed. He's so mean, like his daughter!!

Tifa struggles with her smile a bit, "B-be more nice, Cloud! Sora wanted to spend some friendly time with Namine, isn't that right, Sora?"

Sora appears to be distracted for a second there, then he comes to focus and replies hastily, "Uhh.. Huh? Oh yeah. Yeah.." He keeps nodding his head like an idiot.

Cloud is still glaring at him. "Since when does Namine talk to boys??" He hisses protectively at Tifa.

Sora gulps harder, I SO wanna get out of here! Why did I say yes in the first place, WHYYY!

Tifa is angry now, "Oh come on, Cloud! You never let Namine get close to anyone! Don't you think you're being overprotective?? Let Namine have some friends! I bet the poor girl is lonely!"

Cloud listens to Tifa for some reason, he looks down for a bit and nods. "Alright. Just this once." Tifa smiles happily, "Thanks Cloud, I knew you'd listen!" He shrugs a bit, but he still looks annoyed though.

"I'm gonna prepare lunch, why don't you go hang out with Namine up in her room, Sora?" Tifa tells Sora, smile still on her face.

Sora opens his mouth to say something, but then, suddenly, Cloud barks a "No!” causing Sora's entire body to jump forward from the sudden fright, his eyes wide.

“I'll go and bring her down. Stay here!" Cloud points at the sofa.

Sora sits like a frightened puppy on the exact same sofa Cloud pointed at in zipping speed.

Tifa feels sorry for him, she shakes her head, but makes her way toward the kitchen, anyways.

Cloud goes up the stairs, while Sora scans the living room curiously. He notices one of the photos around; of a beautiful brunette with a baby Namine and Cloud.. and Cloud looks like he was actually LAUGHING! Hallelujah!

Sora wonders if the brunette is her mom. But then Cloud comes down after a while, with Namine right behind him.

When she spots Sora, she stops completely, and her eyes go wide, "W-what are you doing here??" She asks in a frightened voice.

NOW she speaks to me! So it's true, she does speak in her house!

"Uh.." Sora feels embarassed for some reason, "I just.." He is blushing hard, damn...that feeling again! He is seriously sick!

Cloud glares at his reaction.

"I-came-to-say-hello-and-now-am-leaving-bye!" He stutters out and leaves the living room in haste, then toward the exit, his heart beating fast.

Tifa springs out the kitchen, "Wait, Sora! Aren't you having lunch with us first??"

F-Food!? Sora stops abruptly on the way out, feeling his stomach growling, "O-okay.." He gives in, wondering how Ms. Tifa's cooking taste like.


They're all sitting around the lunch table, Tifa is her usual cheerful and smiling self, and the ONLY one at that. Cloud is still glaring at Sora. Namine is making those 'weird faces' again. Sora is fidgeting under the intense glare the father is sending him.

So Tifa tries to make Cloud busy, she chats with him about work and stuff. Sora is able to relax again, hes sighs out with relief, then his eyes falls on Namine, eating her meal timidly, at the other side of the table.

Then a question rises in Sora's head, and he is stupid enough to bring it out loud, "Erm, where's Namine's mom?" He asks bluntly.

He is responded by complete and utter silence.

Bad question, VERY bad question Sora! Tifa thinks frantically.

For Sora, he is simply curious why the mom isn't eating with them and Tifa's here instead, when she's clearly not the mom.

Cloud drops the spoon slowly, causing Sora to tense. Namine, too, stops eating as well, staring down at her plate in a depressed manner.

Tifa sweatdrops, smiling awkwardly at everyone.

Sora instantly feels that what he asked is WRONG. He shouldn't have spoken...

But the air here is too silent, too quiet, too boring.. too unfun! Tifa's trying so hard to cheer up the atomosphere but it doesn't seem to work. In Sora's house, it is LOUD! And fun... Here, it feels like someone died...

"Thanks for the food,” Cloud says quietly, and leaves the table, barely ate anything. Tifa frowns, looking up at him with concern, "Cloud, you have to eat! Cloud!!"

He already left, with Namine in toe, silently slipping away after her father. Tifa sits back slowly, frowning more. Sora feels extremely guilty, "I'm sorry.." He says quietly, looking down.

Tifa shakes her head, and smiles at Sora reassuringly, "No, it's OK Sora, I should have told you..." She looks sadly at the door Namine and Cloud left from, "Namine's mother passed away in an accident two years ago."

Sora feels a sudden pain stab through his heart, "I-I see.. I'm so sorry.. I shouldn't have come in the first place!!"

Tifa puts a hand on his, "No, don't say that! I WANTED you to come! You're the only one who ever tried so hard to become closer to Namine, the only one who cared so much about her. I've watched you, Sora. Namine needs some one like you to burst her bubble. Ever since Aerith died, Namine became distant from the world, it took her days to speak again. but she isn't fully healed yet. So, please, I want you to stay by her side!"

Sora stares at Tifa's serious face for a while, a sad expression on his face. “O-okay...” He finally nods, “I promise.”


All this time I thought she was some weird freaky girl...

Sora is thinking to himself after he left Namine's house, on his way toward his. Tifa offered to drive him home but he wanted to walk instead, feeling that he troubled them enough.

He reaches his house, walks up toward his room silently, and lets himself fall on his bed.

He gazes up at the ceiling for a very long time, just thinking, then he finally makes a decision. He hops up on top of his bed, punching the air with vigor determination.

"ALRIGHT! I'M GONNA HELP BURST NAMINE'S BUBBLE!!" He shouts to no one in particular.

"IF YOU DON'T KEEP IT DOWN SORA, I'LL BURST YOUR HEAD!" His father, Squall, yells at him from the other room.

It is 3 am.


BTW: ROXAS IS OFFICIALLY WINNING THE POLL :D Guess what that means?? He will join the story soon!!! Won't say when though XD Oh and, Axel will make it as well:3

Danica Syer

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Oh yay! I can't wait to see the addition of Roxas! I really can't wait for the next chapter as well! Oh no wonder Namine has been distant because her mom died. :( Oh well, hope Sora can help her and that Namine can get out of her usual anti-social behavior! Great chapter too! ^_^

Kitti-Kat x3

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May 22, 2007
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Oh yay! I can't wait to see the addition of Roxas! I really can't wait for the next chapter as well! Oh no wonder Namine has been distant because her mom died. :( Oh well, hope Sora can help her and that Namine can get out of her usual anti-social behavior! Great chapter too! ^_^

Thank you :) You've been with me all the way, me so grateful X3

Namine will get out of her usual anti-social behavior, and earlier than you think. After like, maybe, 2 to 3 chapters. And then Roxas will make an appearance.


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Another awesome chapter ^_^, I cant wait for the next one, and to see when Roxas comes into the story, great job :thumbsup:

Danica Syer

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Apr 7, 2005
Thank you :) You've been with me all the way, me so grateful X3

Namine will get out of her usual anti-social behavior, and earlier than you think. After like, maybe, 2 to 3 chapters. And then Roxas will make an appearance.

Of course. Nobody ever does that to me but yeah, it's nice to follow a story that's good.
No problem btw. lol. Ooh still can't wait for the Roxas part. Hope he doesn't take Namine away, lol. XD
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